Older Woman

by Tim Mack

Copyright© 2004 by Tim Mack

Sex Story: Summer fun and frolick on Cape Cod.T

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   .

After I lost my virginity, I thought I knew it all, as far as sex was concerned, but I was wrong. I still really didn't have a clue about sex until I made it with the older woman. She wasn't older like, a lot, lot older, she was only three years older than I, but in terms of knowing about sex and how to really enjoy it, she was light years ahead of me. But, yes, I was eager, very eager, to learn from her and yes, she was a wonderful teacher.

It might be hard to call a woman thats only three years older than you, the older woman, but when your high school age, three years older, seems like a real long time. When you figure that the average girl thats the same age as you are, is two years ahead of a guy biologicly speaking in terms of knowing more. A woman thats three years older, is about 5 years ahead of a guy experience wise.

I didn't know it yet, but I was about to get some sex lessons from the older woman. It was Summertime and my friend Joe invited me over to spend a few days at his families Summer House in Cape Cod. His very sexy, cousin that was three years older than I, was also staying for a few days. She seemed very nice and extremly attractive, but I really didn't give her a thought, because to me at least, she was the older woman.

The first time I got a chance to talk to her alone, was when she was in the kitchen making some kind of sauce. She kept dipping her finger in the sauce and then putting her finger in her mouth and then sucking on it. After a while it was starting to turn me on and then she dipped her finger in the sauce and stuck her finger in my mouth and said, take a suck.

I don't know about the sauce, but that finger was sure finger licking good. She dipped her finger in the sauce again and put her finger in my mouth, but this time, I sucked her finger more slowly and deeply.

She gazed into my eyes while I slowly sucked her finger, and then she asked. "Your're not a virgin are you?"

I said. "No, I'm not."

She seemed pleased with that and dipped her finger in the sauce again for me to suck it.

But this time as I slowly sucked her finger, she placed her hand on the croutch of my jeans and asked. "Am I turning you on?"

Without giving her an answer I kissed her and drove my tongue deep inside her mouth as my hands slid under her skirt. Just then, my friend Joe walked in the kitchen and said. "Smeels good. Yeah, this is my favorite sauce."

Then things got quite normal again and I thought. "Just as well my friend walked in, because ah, she's three years older than me, and probably was just amusing herself with me in the kitchen."

But to my surprise, she seemed to flirting with me every chance she got. I was friendly to her of course, but I wasn't flirting with her at least as far as I was aware. Sure, when I saw her in her bikini on the beach, it was hard not to notice her fantastic body, but I certainly didn't do anything to encourage her.

But when she asked me to put Sun tan lotion on her back, thats when I started to think that she might be interested in me. She laid down on the beach blanket and removed the top of her bikini in a way, that I would have to get a glimpse of her fantastic looking breasts.

As I rubed the Sun tan lotion over her back, she kept telling me how wonderful my hands felt rubing her back. Then I could tell that she was shaking her body from side to side to give me a good look at her breasts.

Then she said. "My thighs, can you do the back of my thighs?"

Oh, did her thighs ever feel wonderful to touch. I gave her thighs quite a vigorous rub with that sun tan lotion and I knew she was enjoying it.

Then one day as chance would have it, we were all alone in the house. I heard her call me from the bedroom she was staying in.

I went by her door and asked. "Are you calling me?"

She said. "Yes. Please come in?"

I opened her door and she was laying on her bed with nothing on except for a sheet that was wrapped around her and held by her hands just covering her beautiful breasts.

I asked. "Whats wrong?"

She replied. There is a bee flying around in my room. Could you take care of it?"

I looked around, but I couldn't find any bee.

Then she said. "Let me help you look."

She then got up from the bed and stood there.

At first, she held the sheet over her breasts, but then as she started to talk to me, she allowed the sheet to slowly slide off her body. As the bed sheet slid down her body, a firm and beatiful pair of breasts became uncovered. And as it slid further down a beautiful pair of firm thighs were in view. And then I watched in surprise, as she allowed the sheet to then slide off her thighs and on to the floor.

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