Geeks Never Get Any: Julianne

by Hungry Guy

Tags: Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: : Frustrated because both her husband and boyfriend are away for the weekend, a horny slut rapes a male co-worker while working late one night.

Julianne was totally pissed. It was 6:15 on a Friday night. Everybody else had left at five, but she was stuck in the office waiting for the financial reports to FTP down to her PC from the mainframe so that she could paste them into an Excel spreadsheet and email it to all the department managers. The stupid geeks were having a problem getting the mainframe job to run, something about a misplaced "DD" statement, whatever that meant.

She nibbled on her salad and sipped on her coffee while she tapped her fingers on her desk. The office was empty except for her and one of those computer geeks. She wasn't sure what his name was but she didn't care for him anyway.

She knew that she was hot; every other guy in the office had come on to her more than once. And she enjoyed it immensely to reply with a stinging put-down. However, that guy had never given her the pleasure. He never even seemed to notice her. Even today, when she was wearing her short denim skirt and sheer white blouse that you cold almost make out her nipples through, he always looked right past her whenever they passed in the corridor. She had begun to think he was gay or something, but she had seen him plenty of times in the company cafeteria having lunch with different women-- plain, average, ordinary looking women at that! That galled her that he had no interest in her!

On top of all that, her husband was away on business for the weekend and it would have been a perfect time to spend the weekend with her boyfriend. But he was away on business too.

She was feeling so horny, especially knowing that she wasn't going to get any this weekend. She briefly considered asking her boss for another raise, simply as an excuse to get laid again, but Joe had left soon after five.

Julianne checked her PC. Damn, the FTP still hadn't downloaded yet! She took a pack of cigarettes out of her purse and walked outside to have a smoke while she waited.

She leaned against the wall just outside the employee's entrance under the "No Smoking" sign as she tried, unsuccessfully, to puff away her sexual frustration.

Her pussy was aching for some action, and all the smokes in the world couldn't fuck her. She tossed the butt on the sidewalk and headed back inside.

As she approached her cubicle, she heard a yawn from down the corridor. She shrugged and took a slight detour through the cubicle jungle.

She passed that geek's cubicle and saw him stretching. He was leaning far back in his chair with his arms outstretched in the middle of a huge yawn.

Acting impulsively, she reached down under her skirt and slid the crotch of her panty to one side. She walked up behind him, but not so close that he could see up her skirt, and said, "Can I show you something?"

"What?" he asked as he started to sit up.

"No, don't sit up!" she said as she leaned forward, removed his glasses and set them on his desk, and placed her hands on his shoulders.

She pushed him down a little more in his chair, stood up on her tiptoes, and stepped forward.

"Hey!" he gasped as she stepped over his face, squeezing his head between her thighs.

He tried to wheel his chair in toward his desk, but she stepped forward as he rolled in. When she had him pinned, she lowered herself off her tiptoes, standing normally, while pushing his head down with her crotch.

"What are you doing?" he asked into her naked pussy.

"I'm making you eat me, that's what," she answered back.

"No way! Get off me!" he gasped.

"Not until you eat me," she insisted.

"I'm not going to eat you," he said.

She bent her knees slightly, pressing her pussy more tightly against his face. "I'll just stand here until you do," she said.

"You can't stand there all night," he said.

"Sure I can," she said.

"It's a long night. You're going to have to eat or go to the restroom eventually."

"I just ate a salad while waiting for the financial report to FTP from the mainframe. But, since you mention it, I do have to pee."

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