My Wife's Boyfriend

by katt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cuckold, Humiliation, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of my wife, her black boyfriend and how I encouraged them to cuckold and humiliate me

I stood waiting patently at the airport arrival gate, eagerly looking out for the couple returning from holiday. Amongst the crowd, I saw them hand in hand. They waved to me and I waved back. Any onlooker would have assumed I was meeting a happy couple back from their holiday. Little would they know this was my wife with her long standing boyfriend!

My wife, Sue looked radiant. She was wearing a cropped tee shirt. The movement of her breasts and the indentations her nipples made clearly showed to everyone she was not wearing a bra. Her tanned bear midriff was delightfully set off by her pierced belly button. Her piercing comprised a gold ring with the letter D hanging from it. The D stood for David, her boyfriend.

She was wearing a short red skirt, I mused whether she had anything on underneath. What I did know was her skirt hid the tattoo she had done a few weeks ago. This was of a red rose. The green stem curved down to the top of her pussy. On either side of the stem was one thorn. One the inner part of the stem the thorn was larger than that located, lower, on the outer side of the curved stem. She would not let me see her tattoo until she had shown David. "After all" she told me, "I had it done especially for David". When she eventually showed me, before she explained, I had worked out the thorns represented her boyfriend and me, her husband... the large thorn set higher being David as he has a much larger prick than me and the focus of her life. As they got nearer, I could just see the top of the rose petals peeking over the waistband of her skirt. I wondered what explanation she gave people when wearing her bikini on holiday.

Her outfit was finished off with a pair of red high heels. On her wedding finger I saw she now was wearing a diamond ring. This was obviously a holiday purchase. Since starting to date David a year ago, she had taken off her wedding rings on the grounds that David was the main man in her life and she did not want him to feel offended.

I shook hands with David and kissed my wife on the cheek. Kissing on the lips, like sex had been forbidden by David a long time ago. David stood several inches above me at just over 6 foot. His ebony black skin contrasted with my wife's long blond hair and petite 5 ft 4 inch frame. At 28 she kept herself in good shape visiting the gym at least twice a week. In fact this was where she had first met David.

You may wonder how the events I have described could happen. To explain, I need to take you back over a year ago:

Sue and I had been married for 6 years. Getting hitched when Sue was 22 and I was 30. The early years were wedded bliss. Then problems arose. Due to circulation problems, it started to affect my ability to maintain an erection. Not having a large prick at the best of times- only 5 inches when stiff, coupled to my new problem let to bedroom fights and tears. I found when licking Sue's pussy she did sometimes get her to an organism but it was not ideal and certainly not the answer to a satisfying sex life. In frustration I turned to the net and soon discovered the wonders of wives being satisfied by well endowed lovers. I found whilst surfing the net looking at these sites I had a little stiffy. In fact this led to me often tossing myself off whist alone in my study. Unfortunately, this arousal did not transfer itself to the bedroom with my wife.

Eventually, over a bottle of wine which loosened up our inhibitions we faced up to our problems. I explained that I loved Sue dearly but felt her seeing other men might help as this would give her an outlet for satisfactory sex. At first she was adamant this was not a solution. However when I got her to imagine a massive cock thrusting into her, she obviously started to get randy and I noticed her slip her fingers under the waist band of her shorts and start rubbing her fingers along her slit. I told her about my experiences whist on the net and reassured her I would not love her any less for seeing other men. Sue was still unsure but obviously a seed had been sown. That night in bed, Whilst Sue thought I was asleep; she played with herself until she came. I smiled in the dark knowing things were going to change.

Over the next couple of weeks, nothing of great note happened. Sue continued to go twice a week to the gym. She did go out on a hen night. Afterwards admitting she had flirted with a guy at the nightclub they were at but nothing beyond harmless fun.

One day she came home and said she had been asked out to a meal that night by Lance a sales rep that visited her office. Looking seriously at me she said, "I will stay home if you want. But if I go are you prepared for the possible consequences"? My reply was to give her a packet of condoms that I had previously purchased for just this occasion.

I discovered the thrill of watching my wife prepare for a date. After a luxurious soak in a heavenly scented bath, I stood at the bedroom door watching her slip into a pair of royal blue silk panties and matching bra. She then opened a new packet of matching self support stockings. Knowing I was watching, she sensuously slides them up her long shapely leg.

Before putting on a dress, she slipped a pair of black high heels on her feet. Standing up, Sue turned to me and with all innocence asked, "do you think my date will like this"? "Defiantly" I replied but a dress might be more respectable whilst in public. Laughing she slipped a knee length cocktail dress over her head. A quick kiss and she was gone into the night. Little did I realise how the outcome would affect our lives.

It was nearly midnight before she returned. I eagerly opened the front door wanting to know the details of her adventure. At first she was very quiet and reserved. It wasn't till we were in bed with the lights out that she relayed her story.

All had started well; Lance was very much the gentleman, paying Sue lots of complements. After a few drinks in the bar, they moved to the restaurant. Unfortunately things then started to go down hill. It turned out Lance had been drinking before Sue turned up. The pre dinner alcohol plus two bottles of wine with the meal proved too much. He became loud and argued with everyone. In the end having totally embarrassed Sue, she ran out from the restaurant crying.

She made for the nearby taxi rank only to find it empty. Sue sank onto a bench still sobbing to wait. This was where David found her as he passed driving home from a workout at the gym. She was only too happy to see a familiar face and ended up telling him everything that had happened and why she was out with a man who was not her husband. He then brought her safely home. Sue said she felt very tired, turned over and was quickly asleep. I lay their for some time thinking how fortunate David had happened to be passing for Sue's safety but also a little disappointed nothing sexual had happened.

The next morning, Sue was very quiet over breakfast. I put this down to the events of the previous evening. Little was I to realise there were things Sue had yet to tell me. As I started to clear the plates before getting ready to set off for work, Sue hesitantly said, "darling you know you told me you wanted me to see other men and have sex with them." "Yes" I replied, well she continued, "I have been asked out on a date by David. Would you mind if I started to see him on a regular basis". This threw me as we had only discussed the idea of one night stands. After thinking for a few moments I replied, I guess not but only if you tell me everything and it is purely a physical relationship. Sue came over wrapping her arms round my neck saying "I love you but you have started an itch you know where. To be blunt, I just need a good fuck which you must admit you haven't been able to give me".

Once this had sunk in I asked when she planned to see him next. "Well tonight, she replied, if you agree to what David has told me to say. He has no desire to enter into a permanent relationship; however the idea of taking control excites him. He wants you to agree that I go out on a date with him, helping me dress specially for my boyfriend, knowing that before the night, he will have removed those same clothes, that his big black cock will have entered your wife's pussy. Will have stretched my cunt like you have never been able to before. Then he intends to send me home with my pussy full of his seed. Don't worry darling, she went on, I'm still on the pill - well at least for now".

Whist Sue had been talking, she had slipped her hand into my trousers and has been stroking my penis, at the comment about the pill, I shuddered and shot my load into my pants. Smiling, my wife said I think I have my answer but I want to hear it from you. "Yes" I gasped; "I want you to go on your date. I want you to be fucked by your boyfriend and to enjoy his big black cock".

That night when I got home from work, Sue was in our bedroom. "Hurry" she said "or I will be late. I have been waiting for you to help me dress". Letting her dressing gown slip from her shoulders, she stood naked. Sue looked marvellous. Working out at the gym meant not an ounce of fat marred her 36-24-35 figure. I knelt down holding up her white, transparent thong for her to step into. As I slid it up her legs to cover but not hide her pussy, I thought in a few hours her boyfriends strong black hands would be sliding them back down revealing her treasure for him to ravish with his mighty tool. Matching white thigh highs completed her underwear. The low cut dress she slipped on did not lend itself to wearing a bra. A waft of perfume and she was gone.

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