Raped my Sister

by rina

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: It takes only one bold step to do the unthinkable...

Hi friends,

I am ramesh from bangalore and this is a story of how my friend and i, raped my elder sister. i am 21 and doing my engineering. My sis Kavya is 23.

Let me first describe her. She has fantastic tits.

They are 36c size. and her waist is of 28 size. She is 5"5, very fair and short pony tail hair. On the whole she looks extremely sexy and fuckable. Unfortunately for me, we are in the same family and she is my sister.

For the last 3 years, i have been noticing her huge tits. She wears all kinds of dresses -- salwar kameez, t-shirt and jeans. But my favourite is when she gets dressed in her white t-shirt and jeans. she looks provocative.

I have also developed a few dirty habits of peeping when she changes her clothes. Our parents go out quite frequently, and during those days i peep. Unfirtunately, I never saw her fully nude. the best i saw her was in her panties. But then, I saw her big boobs many times. After that i would rush into the bathroom and masturabate. And on those days, when i see her tits, i would masturbate 3-4 times.

Sunil is a good friend of mine. We were good good buddies from childhood.

He used to frequent my house. And my sister was always there on display.

But i never thought that he was ogling her and fantasying her.

One day, he told me that my sis has real big tits.( i dont know where he got the guts from). I got really angry with him, for passing such comments about my sis, and i slapped him real hard. We did not talk for another week or so. But then during that week, i realized that he was frank enough to say the truth. Later, after a week, we started talking again, and he said naughtily --

"So now u realize that i said the truth". I did not reply. It went on like that, and he became bolder, and would comment on my sister, especially when she wears tight clothes. After a few days, i would give a smile, or just nod. Go forward a few days, and I only would comment about her. One day, I confessed to him that I peep at her, when she changes. Now, Sunil was exxtremely thrilled, that I peep at My own sis. He became more and more demanding, and he also wanted to peep through the keyhole at my sis. I should have said a firm NO, but the devil in me allowed him to see. This became, more or less, a regualr habit when our parents would go out, or out of station. We would spend hours in his room, discussing her tits, and after some time, we would shamelessly, masturbate in front of each other, the object of our masturbation beeing the same!!!

We were no longer satisfied with our masturbation sessions, and we badly wanted to touch those huge mounds... press and squeeze them, and... put our dicks between them.

But we knew it was taboo and continued our masturbation sessions.

But after a while we could not, and we just wanted to do the real thing! and we decided that the only way to do it, was to rape her!!!

But how and where?

We wanted to do it with minimum effort, and when she was in minimum clothing. because it would save us the trouble of stripping her. And because we always peep at her, we knew how!! Our bedroom has an attached bathroom. When she goes into the bathroom, she would lock the bedrrom door also, and go in. And when she comes out, she would come in a towel, take clothes from closet, and wear them.

The next day morning, Sunil came to our house. We chatted normally.

And after some time, my sis went into the kitches. My friend told me bye, and left, and went to the bedroom instead. He hid under the bed.

After some time, Kavya went to her bath normally. I was shit scared. What if she see him under the bed?

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