Her Special Place For Innocence

by Tim Mack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: Downtown guy meets an uptown girl and love and passion soon follow.

When you live in New York City, downtown represents, the up and comers, or the new money, as its called. Uptown represents the established and entrenched, the old money as its called.

Bob had always worked downtown, he loved the narrow and crowded streets of Wall Street. Loved to grab a kinish or a hot dog from a vendor as he rushed down the bustling streets, reading the latest financial news while speeding down the street.

A break from the hectic work day was a fresh ocean breeze at the downtown Sea Port. Boarding a boat there for dinner with the Calypso music playing was an enjoyable after work experience. You could throw off your tie and have a good drink with dinner and talk about everything and anything.

Wall Streeters are perhaps the most democratic of topic talkers in all of New York City, and yes, the noise, everyone is always talking loud and everyone is always opinionated, but it a nice sort of way, and the laughs are always rolling.

But uptown is a whole different world, its quite jogs in and around Central Park and reflective tranquilty at the Boat House. A thrill packed day for the uptowners is a romp through the European Art Galleries at the Met.

But for Bob, the all around downtown guy, life would take a strange turn. He left downtown, and took a job uptown. And he would meet his uptown girl in a very unusual way.

He was fairly new to his uptown job, and he was still trying to acclimate to his new surroundings. Bob had to see one of the woman he worked with about a project, he was working on. He headed toward where she was, and when he got into vision of her, just then, she put her leg up on a chair to tie her sneaker.

Bob knew she always switched to sneakers at a certain time of day to go jogging. She was really into fitness. But as she lifted her leg on to the chair to tie her sneaker, her skirt rode up her leg, revealing the most beautiful thigh.

It was toned and solid from all the jogging. He kept coming toward her, just about hypnotised by the vision of her ravaneous beauty, and then crash. He was so busy looking at Monica that he hadn't noticed that there was an obstruction on his path to her.

He tripped over the objects, that he would have normally noticed, and before he knew it, he was laying on the floor with a slight trickle of blood flowing from his chest and a small blood stain showing on his shirt.

Monica ran over to help him and said. "Let me get something to stop that bleeding."

To his surprise, she pulled a first aid kit out of her office. She said. "Don't move, you may have hurt your back." Then she unbottoned his shirt and applied gauze to stop the bleeding.

He said. "I think I'm okay, just a few scratches."

Bob got up and said. "See I'm fine, but thanks."

She said. "Wait, let me put some disinfectant on that cut. This is going to sting."

She rubed the disinfectant all over the cut, but rather then feeling a sting, all Bob could feel was her gentle caressing touch.

Bob knew that he should have been in pain, but he was so turned on by her, all he could think of was, wow, she's dynamite. The next day, he took Monica to lunch to repay her for her medicinal treatment, and they both really seemed to click.

At first Bob felt a natural and normal lust for such a beautiful and sexy woman that Monica was. But as he got to know her better, he felt an unusual comfort with her. He was more relaxed with her than any other woman he had ever known.

His feelings of lust were quickly being replaced by genuine feelings of affection. He felt something very different with her compared to other women. He couldn't even quite understand it himself. But he knew she made him laugh and he truely enjoyed her company.

She was different than any downtown girl that Bob had ever known. Bob liked her a lot, but had thought that she was out of his reach. He thought he just didn't have the kind of sophistication that she would expect from a guy. But after that chance meeting Bob was now more determined than ever.

He knew he was up against it, but she was too wonderful to pass up. And Bob wasn't a quiter. When he made up his mind about something, he went for it. In College, Bob had always been at the top of his class. Things didn't always come easy for him, but he had an incredible determination. He pined for her and he decided that he would do his darndest to win her over.

Bob thought. "Well for her, I can make a few adjustments."

Bob started to date her and went to a few places with her that he would never normaly go. Broadway plays, Opera's, Night Clubs, all places that never entered Bob's mind. He was an avid sports fan and pre Monica, it was hockey and basketball, but he went where she wanted to go, because he just wanted to be with her. Now the place was secondary in his mind, and she was foremost in his mind.

Monica invited Bob out to the Hamptons for the weekend, not really his kind of neighborhood. But how could he refuse? For the downtown people, weekends were spent at the New Jersey shore, or Joisey, as they liked to pronounce it. Bob knew the Hamptons were a whole different world for him. At the Hamptons, he met her friends and family and he tried to be as uptownish as he could be. But this was the world of the movers and shakers. This was a world that is much easier to be born into.

But he did his best to get along with everyone and the main thing was, he was there to be with her. They had dinner with her friends and family, and then took a walk on the beach together. The beach, the moonlight, everything was beautiful and quite romantic.

Monica took Bob to a place on the beach, that was special to her. She said. "Since I was a child, this had always been, my own special place and now I want to share it with you, Bob."

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