Last of the Moe Peek-ins

by Kenny N Gamera

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Coercion, Lesbian, Incest, Father, Daughter, FemaleDom, Orgy, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: It isn't easy being the star quarterback when your tease of a girlfriend forgets to set you up with one of her slut friends. Sigh! All you can do is try to catch a quick show in the neighborhood. And get caught by the feared Officer Sherry.

© 2002 Kenny N Gamera

Moe was having a hard night. A very hard night. A ten-inch long, wrist-thick, and throbbing hard night. A night so fucking hard that it ached as bad as he did after a tough game. And his fuckin' 'nades hurt, too. All in all, a miserable, fuckin' time.

It was the price to be paid, he realized, in dating the hottest girl in Judge Parker High, Jenny Pierce. The red- headed junior was head of the cheerleading squads for both the football and basketball seasons and the captain of the tennis team in the spring. As the star quarterback, Moe almost had to date her to keep his status in school, with that 'had' being in bold, extra-large, underlined print modified in a half dozen other ways that you can't show using plain ASCII text.

Jenny could have any guy she wanted because of her natural good looks, her social position, and her huge chest. Unfortunately, she knew it all too well. She dated Moe only for the added status it gained for her, and that extra respect was all she wanted out of their relationship.

As for the more physical aspects of dating, well how had she put it... something like... "If I let some slobbering teen-age boy touch me, he had better have plans of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or a senator. And that's not you, Moe."

Oh, she was kind enough to turn her back as he gave the old forward pass to the rest of the cheerleading squad, the flag squad, their geometry teacher, and the French horn section of the marching band (just the girls, not Tommy Goldberg). During the weekend bashes she held when her parents were out of town, she kept a carton of the correct sized condoms on her nightstand. She even helped him bag a few of the more innocent girls.

It was all okay with her; as long as "he kept his clammy paws to himself" when they were together, he could do what pleased with any other girl.

He did not have such a chance with anyone tonight, however. Jenny had wanted to just hang out and be seen at MacBurgerSlut's. Moe didn't even get his semi-regular blow job because Jenny's mom had gone to bed early. That was how he ended up at home with a balls-aching hard-on.

As he undressed to go to sleep, Moe reflected on how much he couldn't wait to start at State U where they had promised him not only a pair of cute, blonde, bi- cheerleaders for his dorm room, but also his own sorority for the weekends. He looked down at the tent in his boxers as he undressed. Nope, he couldn't wait at all, but he had to find something to do with his problem in the mean time.

Realistically, he knew that he would need to take matters into his own hands, but he wanted some entertainment if he were going to do that. He dismissed the idea of re-watching the tape of the team's gang rape of Polly "Purebred." Even if the scene where that made her fuck Jimmy's mutt, Under, was the hottest thing he'd seen on tape, he wanted something a little more real to enjoy himself with.

Moe grabbed his pants and started to put them back on. He was going peeping again tonight! As he did up his zipper, he thought about who would be busy at this time at night. The Blue's were out of town. That blonde lezzie writer was at one of her girlfriends' place and...

Then, it dawned on him; the junior high girl's golf team was having a slumber party at Stacey Isaac's house just two houses down. If it were like one of his sister's parties, he knew he would catch an eyeball or two of skin, and it should be because his little sister was on the team and at the party.

He sneaked down the alley to the one story home that Stacey shared with her widower father and found a good window to look into their family room. Again if this party were like his little sister's, that would be where the girls would be. Looking into the large window, Moe found, much to his delight, that it was not in the least like one of his sister's parties.

His sister's parties always stopped at strip poker; Stacey's party had already broken into an orgy. The first thing that he saw was his cute fourteen year-old sister between the legs of Barbara O'Malley, the girl with the hugest set of knockers in the district despite the fact that she wasn't a freshman yet. Little sister seemed to know what she was doing as those knockers, freed of any hindrance bounced like a pair of run away rubber balls.

Moe's concentration moved back and forth from his sister's hot little bare ass and Barbara's udders, until another sight caught his eye; Stacey was on her knees in front of her own father! If the sight of his own sister munching box lunch was enough to get him hard, the image of Mr. Isaac's dick disappearing and reappearing in Stacey's cute face was enough to inspire him to pull it out and do what comes naturally to a teenage boy.

Everywhere in the room, young girls did things to young girls, so that Moe had a hard time deciding where to turn his attention. Slowly, he stroked his rock hard cock, first watching Anne, Diane, and Rayanne in a daisy chain, then watching Jo feeding a twelve-inch, black, rubber dong into Amber's cunt, and even staring in wide-eyed wonder as Judy licked Dee's asshole.

But he always went back to look at his sister licking her best friend and Stacey swallowing her dad. With every few strokes of his dick, he turned his gaze to each vision, thinking of the unknowing invitation of his sister requested into his fantasies or wondering if Stacey could swallow his johnson as easily as she did her father's much smaller dick. After a few minutes, his eyes quit even straying away to the other girls and their play. His hand pumped faster and faster over his shaft.

Just as he began to feel that special feeling of coming bliss, Barbara threw her head back and screamed loud enough for Moe to hear his sister's name from his hiding spot. He turned to see that Mr. Isaac had also thrown his head back and pushed his daughter away so he could send his first blast of cum across her face. She didn't even try to get it in her mouth, pointing the throbbing member right at her nose.

With that Moe felt his own orgasm start. He splashed his seed all over the Isaac's lawn. With the third squirt, a light found, him making Moe throw his free arm up over his eyes.

"Hello, hello?" came a firm female voice. "What's all this then?"

Blinded and blinking, Moe turned towards the source of both the beam of light and the voice, staring right into the mouth of an electric torch.


"I'll ask the questions here, young man. So just limit yourself to the answers." The person belonging to the voice directed the highly focused beam into his eyes. The light inched closer to him. "It looks like I've caught the neighbor hood peeping tom. Or should I say the neighborhood peeping moe, Mr. Star Quarterback."

Moe began to say something in his defense when he felt a warm, soft hand wrapped around his wilted and spent sex stick.

"Tsk, tsk," went the voice still hidden behind the light as the hand began to stroke gently at his dangling meat. "I haven't read you your rights, so I want you to be very, very silent.

"Not that it'll matter having caught you rosy palmed," the hand gave his renewing stiffness a squeeze, "so to speak."

The light went off with a sharp metallic click. The hand left his dick a moment later. For a moment, Moe stood in the dark, unable to see. His vision only slowly returned as his abused eyes adjusted to the dim moon glow. As they did, they focused on the beautifully sculpted, Norwegian features of a woman's face almost level with and slightly below a police office's cap.

"Uh, Officer Sherry."

Moe felt an unpleasant tug at his scrotum that cut short any speech that he may have been prepared to give at the moment.

"Remember, you have the right to remain silent." The blonde police officer gave him another firm tug. "So, I suggest that you remain," she yanked his ball sack one more time, "silent, little man."

They stood silently for a moment in the side yard of the Isaac's home. Moe would occasionally wince from the sensations sent by the nerves of his scrotum, pinched between Sherry's long, painted nails. His dick would also twitch form the sensations it received when Sherry's hand would occasionally touch the underside of his shaft. Sherry shifted her stance as she hummed in concentration.

Finally, she announced, "we have ourselves a problem, Mr. Moe Star-Quarterback." Moe cautiously grunted his agreement. "You have been caught in an embarrassing position in a neighbor's yard, and I am now in the position of needing to take your tight, hunky, perverted ass into the station house. Then, I would miss my date with Mr. Isaac and the golf team because of all the paper work I would need to fill out.

"Of course, you'd spend the night in the hooscow. Being the star quarterback, you'd get a private cell, so you'd have no worries about your losing anal cherry. Still, it'd be embarrassing to say the least to have your parents show up and bail you out for... um, let's see... criminal trespass, invasion of privacy, public exposure, third degree sexual assault..."

"Sexual assault?"

"Oh, yes." Sherry shook her head. "Masturbation in front of a poor, innocent woman such as myself is a serious matter, Moe. We couldn't allow perverts like you to get away with such horrible acts now could we?"

"Officer Sherry, I... owwie!" Moe cried in pain as Sherry tugged down again.

"Right to remain silent means right to remain silent. If you don't shush, I'll run you in for heresy."

Moe exercised his rights as Sherry continued to rant, "but that'll only make a bad situation worse for the both of us. What we need is a little something that will turn this into a win/win situation. I mean, I could just turn a look the other way so to speak, with your promise not to do this again, but what would I get in the transaction for my trouble. After all, I could get into a lot of hot water for just letting you go, even if you are the star quarterback and all."

Wisely, Moe shook his head up and down as the sadistic policewoman, finished and began to think again. He pondered things out himself, both for a solution and a way to communicate it without endangering his Fifth Amendment rights and his testicles. He decided in the end to gently thrust his dick forward a few times to maybe get his idea across to her.

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