Sometimes It Works

by Trog

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Desc: Sex Story: Ever seen a woman you would like to take home and bed? How many pick-up lines have you tried and found none of them worked? Read this little story and tell me what you think. Believe it or not it does work, sometimes.

Of all the pickup lines guys come up with to get a woman into bed I think I've found the best one of all. Of course most of the time I doesn't work. I can't tell you how many times I've had my face slapped or had an angry husband or boyfriend threatens to punch out my lights. Still it works well enough that I keep using it.

Have I got you attention yet? Are you interested enough to read on? It really doesn't matter because your eyes are glued to your screen seeking the next words I've typed. OK, enough with the tease and on with one of the stories and my method.

I don't look for the most beautiful woman around or the one with the sexiest body. You can simply walk into any mall and find a hundred women you'd like to take home and fuck but all but a few of them would even give you the time of day let alone their pussy. Nope, I tend to lean towards the more unattractive women but that's not to say ugly and/or offensive of body smells. I seek women that look nice but are a bit heftier if you get my drift. Seeing all those slim thin wasted long legged females are a joy to look at but trying to pick them up is for guys with something much more obvious to give. I think Sally is a very good example of what I'm talking about.

Sally wasn't what you could call sexy in the sense of being sexy. She wasn't thin with sexy legs and big tits. To tell the truth Sally was a bit on the heavy side with nice looking legs but more around her waist than most men like to see. The one thing about her most men would have liked had they taken the time to notice was she did have big tits. Well bit might be misleading. I mean huge. My first estimation was 44DD but I later found out she was 44EEE and man did she carry them well.

From behind Sally had the reason women are called broads. Her buttocks were broad but not to the point of being gross. No, her ass was wide yet when seeing her walk it looked firm. She had a bit of a thick waist but that didn't turn me off in the least. What most surprised me were her legs. They were short but very nicely shaped. All in all Sally looked extremely sexy in a very mature way.

In my mind and my crotch I wanted her. I wanted her in my bed, or her bed, with us naked and fucking. I didn't want love or affection; I simply wanted to ram my cock deep and hard into her cunt. She stopped in front of a store window and I came alongside her.

"Hello. Are you having a good time window shopping?" I asked to break the ice.

"Hi yourself. I was having a real good time until you came." Her voice dripped with sarcasm.

"I'm sorry. I just thought you looked so nice and could help but want to be next to you."

"Oh, well thank you I think," she said blushing slightly.

"You're very welcome. As long as I'm here I wanted to ask you something."

She looked at me with arched eyebrows.

"Why don't we go to your place and fuck?"

Her first expression was that of shock. That became anger and then she smiled.

"I've got to admit that is without doubt the best pick-up line of all time."

"Well I like to be original. So, wanna go home and let's slap bellies? You wanna feel my cock pounding your cunt?"

"You're serious aren't you," she exclaimed.

"If you care to look down and see my erection you'll know I want to fuck you."

"Why me and not some young bimbo with a skinny body?"

"I like woman with something besides skin and bones. You have meat on yours and I like that. Of course you having such huge tits makes that much more exciting. I would love to suck them, squeeze them and fuck them with my cock. Interested?"

"You think you've got what it would take? I mean if you're some kinda pencil dick it would be a waste of time and effort."

Whenever I'm out trolling for a woman I make sure there is easy and ready access to my manhood. Today I was wearing a pair of loose sweats. I gently took her hand and brought it to my belly. Slipping her fingers inside the waistband I pushed her hand down. I felt her touching my cock and let her do the rest. Her fingers circled around my half hard cock and then slipped lower finding my swollen balls. They were heavy and full as she fondled them. Moving back up she made a fist around my shaft and squeezed hard.

"Like what you've found?" I asked.

"What's it like when it gets hard?"

"Eight inches and thick enough you would choke if you tried to suck all of it."

"Since I don't know where you live let's go to my place. It will only take about five minutes."

I followed her from the mall to her car. She unlocked the door and was half way inside when I grabbed her huge left breast. My fingers squeezed and she gasped.

"You like it soft or hard?"

"How hard are you talking? If it's your cock I want it like solid steel. If it's your hands on my tits I like it rough."

I ran to my car and pulled up close honking my horn. She waved, back out and sped towards the exit. I followed close behind making sure she couldn't loose me. As it turned out I had nothing to fear in that department. We drove only a couple of blocks before I saw her turning into the driveway of her house. I parked behind her and quickly got out. Just as she opened her door I extended my hand offering assistance.

"Well, not only are you bold but a gentleman," she exclaimed with surprise.

"I was raised to always help a lady."

Sally led me into her house and I closed the door making sure it was locked. She moved well inside before stopping and turning to face me.

"I hope I'm making a mistake. You wouldn't be one of those serial rapists that preys on women and then kills them are you?"

"Nope. I'm just a common sort of guy with a good line when asking for sex."

Sally stood quietly for a moment. I took that time to really give her a good look. She was quite a bit shorter than my six feet, her face coming to about the middle of my chest. That was another thing I liked about her, she was short.

"You don't plan are doing anything kinky do you?"

"It's a little late to ask that don't you think? No, I'm not into the really nasty stuff. Tell me, do like your sex soft and tender or would you prefer rough and hard?"

"I want whatever you want as long as you don't cause me physical harm."

I smiled and stepped closer. Her body smelled exquisite and I drank in her smell. Leaning over I kissed her lips caressing them with my tongue. She responded by open her mouth and letting me explore inside. Our bodies melded together as we kissed. I felt her huge breasts pressing hard below my chest as she hugged me tightly. I ran my hands over her back and down below her waist. I touched her buttocks and my fingers began kneading her fleshy firm buns. Sally moaned into my mouth and began grinding her pelvis against me. After several minutes we parted and gasped for air. I gently pushed her away and just looked at her.

"Sally you are certainly one hot looking woman. Your lips are so soft and you kiss with delightful passion. Are you sure this is what you want?"

I was doing my best to give her every opportunity to back out.

"It I didn't want this you wouldn't be here in my house," she replied

"I like to give it rough. Are you really sure?"

"Rough is what I like best. Are you going to just stand there and talk or are you going to take and fuck me?"

I turned my hands so that the backs faced each other as I gripped the front of her blouse. Pulling her close I again pressed my mouth to hers shoving my tongue inside. Sally groaned and gripped my shoulders. I gently pushed her back and flexed my fingers. Without warning I yanked my hands apart and ripped the buttons from her blouse. Quickly I let go and grabbed her bra covered tits and squeezed.

"This only the beginning," I breathed into her ear.

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