My Sister's Rapist

by Phoenix Arrow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young woman confronts the man who raped her sister to ask the question 'WHY?' Will she allow him to show her?

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If a guard had looked down from his perch upon the prison watchtower, he would have seen the shiny green car now pulling into the prison's visitor parking lot. Still watching, the car would have come to a stop in a haze of dirt and gravel, allowing him to see the long auburn hair visible through the driver side window.

This, clearly getting his attention, would have allowed him to then see the long pair of legs emerging from it's opening. Never failing to give his approval of beautiful young women, the male guard would have certainly whistled her way. Yet it would have done him no good to do so, for she was not here to be flattered for her good looks. As a matter of fact she had rather important matters to attend to, one in which she took very seriously.

Taking a moment to gauge her surroundings, the woman gave a slight shiver at the sight of the main building of this prison. The very evil seething through it's walls more than enough excuse for the out of place woman to clutch her purse tighter to her body while making her way towards the visitor center.

How odd she must have thought, for a prison to have a 'Visitor Center', as if this were some sort of amusement park. Clearly this was no such place. Only the most wicked of men could call this place home.

Walking along the concrete walkway she soon found herself at the door to the center, through which she passed. Instantly she was greeting by the rough looking guard positioned at its entrance. Despite looking over weight and very unhappy about his job, the man perked up at the sight of the lovely young lady.

Taking the time to show him her license, the guard soon found her name listed on the clipboard in his hands, confirming her appointment for the day. Placing a check by her name he gave her a plastic visitor ID card and, with longing regret, pointed her towards the main guest receptionist. He looked on with typical male lust at her backside as she moved on her way.

Sitting behind a glass window in the wall, also looking rather pathetic was a middle-aged woman. Despite her boredom she to came to life at the sight of a visitor. Both women were soon involved in a brief, monotone discussion mostly pertaining to the visitation request of prisoner 7438.

Prisoner 7438 was one of the prison's newest residences, having arrived within only the past week. According to the clerk behind the counter, this was his first and only visitor to date.

Within another moment, another guard led the young woman to the visitation room. On her first impressions the room appeared rather cold and uninviting, being devoid of any decoration aside from the two guards standing in either corner. The only noticeable features besides the round white clock on the back wall was the large, thick glass window covering the front of the room. On the other side of it, thousands upon thousands of human filth were undoubtedly kept. On both sides of the glass were two long tables, each containing about eight empty chairs. Having her pick of the lot, she chooses a seat in the middle of the table.

And there she sat waiting, staring impatiently at the closed door on the other side. It was somewhat frustrating that she had to remain in suspense for his arrival. She had gone over this meeting so many times in her head. About what she would say to him, how she would look into his eyes, how she would act when he opened his fowl mouth.

She quickly lost track of the time, finding her ears focusing too hard on each and every tick of that clock. Occasionally she would look around to see the two guards, both of whom flashed shy smiles towards her every time. Simply having the guards there in the same room gave her the extra bit of confidence she otherwise wouldn't have.

Suddenly far off in the distance she could here the cold clicking sounds of multiple footsteps approaching. It came from the door in front of her. A vision of a long echoing hallway filled her mind as the steps grew louder and louder. With each mysterious step her fingers shook more and more until she made fists to hold them steady.

By now the sounds were just on the other side of the door. Her heart pounded inside her chest as she heard the metallic sound of locks and levers being released. There was a pause, and then the door was opened.

There he was. Total evil himself. The robber of the mind, of the body, of the soul. The man she had come to see.

Led by a guard holding his left arm, the man crossed through the door and brought into the room. His hands and feet were shackled and his orange prison suit glowed brightly against his gloomy face.

Instantly he noticed her, roving his eyes through the glass to focus at the unexpected visitor apparently here to see him. Like the guard in the tower, her beauty had not escape his attention either.

A curious smirk formed over his stiff jaw as he was brought to the chair before her and made to sit upon it.

Until now she had yet to look him in the eyes. She tried when he first came in, but her nervousness overcame her. This visit had been a long time coming. She had been both anxious and determined about this meeting the very last time she had seen him in court.

That day she watched with mixed emotions as the verdict was read allowed. "GUILTY" were the words that she and her family had hoped for and she remembered watching him be led unceremoniously out the courtroom and off to prison for many many years. That day she knew she'd eventually be sitting right here full of questions. Questions that needed answers.

He was now sitting directly in front of her. She had resisted the whole time, but now she had to look at him... in the eyes. Raising her brow, for the first time since the trial she was looking into the soul of the Devil. At least the devil in her family's life.

Both stared at each other in silence. He had no clue who she was, but she knew very well who he was. He was the man who had raped her sister.

Another moment went by before she finally picked up the phone. He stared for a second longer before picking up the receiver himself.

"Do I know you?" The prisoner asked with a scruff voice.

The young woman opened her mouth to speak, but first only managed an inaudible sound. Quickly clearing the nervousness she began.

"You may not know who I am, but you should." He reacts by raising an eyebrow, thrown off by the statement. "Do you not recognize something in my face? The familiarity of it? The torment that it must surely be in? The absolute anger it has towards you?

The raised brow lowered as he studied the woman across from him. A blank face was all he could offer for a moment before shaking his head. "Lady, I haven't got a clue who you are."


Everybody in the room jumped at the sudden outburst from the female visitor. The guard quickly followed with a grunt, letting her know she needed to tone it down. The only other reaction to her outburst was the new, evil grin on the prisoner's face.

"Well well well, so you're the twits sister!" Her eyes narrowed at the insult. "Now that I think of it, you do sort of look like her."


"Calm down girly. I admit you do look prettier than she does, but from where I'm sitting I think she got the better breasts of the family."

The woman held her breath for a few moments, too shocked by the crude way this man has started the conversation. She knew he wouldn't be too kind to her, but none the less she wasn't fully prepared.

"How can you talk like that? Have you any remorse? Have you any humanity? Did you know she spent almost a week in the hospital recovering from your brutal assault?"

"A whole week? Such a wimp. A real woman would have taken it with a smile."

Her jaw dropped as she shook her head slowly from side to side. This man was as abnormal as she had guessed. This man had raped her sister and been thrown into prison for it. Yet all he could do was gloat before her.

"YOU RAPED HER! Doesn't that mean anything to you?" Another grunt from the guard.

"No not really. In fact I don't even consider what we did rape."

"Than what would you consider it then?"

"Sex, pure and simple. That's all it really was. If you had been there you would have agreed. She was a Class A bimbo that night. She couldn't have begged harder for my cock.

The woman felt that awful feeling deep in the pit of her stomach as she listened to him describe her sister in such a fashion, and it was making her sick.

"Keep talking like that and I'm out of here asshole!"

For the first time, he appeared to actually take offence to something, "Go on then, get! Why are you even here?"

"I came to confront the man that defiled my older sister. To look into his eyes and demand he tell me why he did it. Why he had to take such a wonderful human being and fill her life with such terror. That is why I am here sir, to question YOU!

For the first time he wasn't happy and was now looking at her very seriously, "And what do you see now that you are here, staring into my eyes?"

"Evil. Inhuman evil."

A burst of laughter erupted from his face, "HAH! I take that as a complement."

She knew that would be his reaction. A man like this would take satisfaction in being seen in such a light. Again she shook her head sadly.

"Have you no pity? No remorse for what you did to her?"

"As I said, not really. We both had a lot of fun that night and I personally took great pleasure in having that beauty in bed. It's not every day a hot piece of ass like her throws herself at a guy like me. I know she acted all tormented and pathetic in the courts, but babe I was there. I saw just how 'tormented' she really was on my cock."

"She told me she begged and begged for you to stop. Screamed for your mercy and you never once let up your brutality."

"If you would have been there that night, you would have understood why. She was wetter than a mule even before I laid my hands on her. I saw it in her eyes. The lust all girls get when they're being taken like a woman."

"What kind of a man are you?"

"Don't kid yourself. You would have been just as excited as her that night. Being sisters I'm sure you can relate. It would not surprise me if you've gone to bed a number of times since dreaming it was you in my apartment that night instead of her."


"Its ok if you don't want to admit it. I understand the need for women to appear dignified and pure. Having wet dreams of getting taken by the same man who 'raped' your sister would completely undermine that. It would completely shame you and your family if they learned your thoughts. But your secret is safe with me."

She wasn't sure if she wanted to cry or reach through the glass and rip his face off. Perhaps both. "You really are sadistic?"

"That I am doll, that I am. I simply cannot deny it. I thoroughly loved hearing that beauty moan as my cock pierced her moist cunt. It was music to my ears. And her breasts, my goodness her breasts. So large, so soft, so lovely. I just knew I had to make them red and tender. Squeezing and needing. Ah yes..."

"You BASTARD!" She was breathing fire as she yelled, "Don't you EVER talk about my sister like that. You tormented her body with pain and humiliation. Don't you DARE make it out to anything it wasn't. She STILL cant even put on a bra with out..."

"Take it easy Bitch! She was practically thrusting those titties into my face begging for me to abuse them. I gave her EXACTLY what she fuck'en wanted. And I'll say what ever the hell I want to say. They at least haven't taken that away from me in here."

The man was now just as heated as she was, his voice steadily rising as he spoke to the pretty woman sitting just two feet away from him, separated only by a thick wall of glass.

"Did you not hear a thing she said in court about you? How she couldn't do enough begging to make you stop? How she cried and cried for you to stop violating her?"

"Yes yes, I heard all about it. Her performance for the jury was quite convincing. Its a shame so many of them were women, or I don't think I'd be sitting where I am today."

"Your exactly where you belong. You ruined an innocent person's life!"

"She was not so innocent my dear. If you had been at the bar that night, you would have said the same thing. She was flirting and dancing with almost every guy in the place. Rubbing her barely dressed body up against theirs, teasing their cocks like the whore she was. She should consider herself lucky that I just happened to walk in there when I did, or she'd had a whole gangbang on her hands."

"Your plain sick. All she was doing in there was getting a drink. Sitting there by herself, lonely, hoping a nice guy would notice her. She thought you were such a guy when you walked up introducing yourself. She told me how charming you acted, like a real gentlemen. Boy was she ever wrong."

"I tried to act all chivalrous for her, but she wanted no part of it. By only the third drink, all she wanted from me was my cock between her legs!"

"You slipped something into her drink. We all know it. Just because the police couldn't proven it..."

"She didn't need pills when her hand slipped onto my thighs and squeezed my cock through my pants."

"No means NO!"

"Excuse me?"

"All she wanted to do after you drugged her was to go home. But you didn't did you? Instead you dragged her back to your apartment and..."

"I didn't drag anybody. Sure she was a bit drunk, but when a girl puts her hands on a man's package, there's only one way the night is going to end."

"She said NO! Over and over she said it! Even when you pushed her through the front door to your apartment. Even while you removed her cloths from her numb body. She said NO!"

"Sorry to have to tell you, but I heard differently. She was doing an awful lot of moaning and mumbling as I unclasped her bra and rolled her panties down her thighs. You see all you pretty little ladies play the virtuous bitches all the time. No way you'd ever admit to being the wonton sex sluts you really are. Never wanting to admit you want to get fucked every waking moment of your lives. So when a fella finally shows up and TAKES you like a MAN should take a woman, the only resistance you can put up is a pathetic no. And of course all the while your face is flushed, your nipples are hard, your love box is wet, and your panting like a bitch in heat! As was she as I tugged her panties off her feet!"

The female visitor tried her best not to follow along with his mental images. But the sight of her sister's vulnerable body on the verge of being raped inevitably popped into her mind. This did nothing to quell her high tempers.

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