Susan: A Mother and a Hottie

by Tom Land

Copyright© 2004 by Tom Land

Sex Story: Tom has been admiring a woman he's been around for several years. He visits the school one day and finds Susan on the verge of a breakdown from a rough day of teaching. He helps her through a very tough period in her life.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Masturbation   Petting   Pregnancy   .

I don't know about anyone else but a woman with a nice figure and a nice set of big tits gets me going every time. Susan is one of those kinds of women. She's cute. She's probably in her early 30s and I know she's the mother of a teenage boy, but Susan drives me wild every single time I see her. She's the kind of woman that you don't know what's in her mind until you get close to her, but she's one fucking hottie.

If you see Susan from behind, no matter what she's wearing, you love her nice ass, her trim legs, and then when she turns around, you get the treat of your life. Susan's got the nicest pair of big breasts I've ever seen. She never fails to make me drool in sexual desire every time I see her. I'll say that Susan's tits are at least a full large C-cup but they may even D-cup in size. I know this -- her tits are the most noteworthy part of Susan's entire body. She's got a very cute face and sexy shoulder-length brown hair, but whatever she's wearing, her titties stand out above everything else.

One thing very hot about Susan is that she always wears sweaters, tops and blouses that accentuate her nice well-endowed chest. She has a wardrobe that almost seems picked out on purpose to show off her nice bust. What am I thinking about?? Of course they are -- Susan knows she's got nice tits and she's like any woman with a good self-image -- she's going to showcase her best assets. And Susan does that job well.

I finally had an opportunity to get to know Susan much better one day after school when I was visiting with a childhood friend of mine who was the principal. Susan had been substituting and I noticed her in one of the classrooms as I was walking to leave the building.

"Hi, Susan, I didn't know you teach her," I said as I noticed how nice and, yes, how sexy Susan was looking. I fought to keep my eyes on Susan's face instead of her tits, but it was really hard. I wanted to just stare at her chest like a young hormonal-driven teenage boy but I managed to disguise the main object of my curiosity as much as possible. Susan had on a button-up blouse and it was actually one of the more loosely fitting things I'd seen her wearing lately. But, with a nice rack of tits like Susan has, there's no disguising those beauties.

"Yeah, and I've had a rough day, too, Tom," Susan said and as I looked into her eyes, I could see that she was nearly in tears. I really thought Susan was sexy but I sort of found myself not knowing what to do as I realized that Susan had experienced such a rough day of school that she was about to break down in tears. I stood there looking at Susan and then I walked over and took her into my arms. I hoped no one came down the hallway and saw us embracing but I really didn't care if they did. I held Susan close to my chest and she suddenly started to sob as she allowed my intimate embrace to give her permission to let her emotions go. She cried like her heart was broken and I knew whatever had occurred there at school must have been very rough on her.

After several minutes of sobbing onto my chest, Susan began to get control of herself again and then she began to share with me what had torn her up so badly. Before I knew it, Susan had told me that she really didn't want to go home right then and asked if I'd join her for dinner. I readily agreed and I began to realize that I had an ulterior motive in agreeing to eat a meal with Susan besides just being a friend to her. We drove to a nearby restaurant and after ordering, Susan sat and told me more about how stressful her day had been and all that had led up to her crying on my shoulder. I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to be sitting there talking to Susan, and I took full advantage of enjoying her physical beauty and maturity as we sat there eating. I couldn't help noticing from time to time that Susan's nipples would get hard and poke out against her blouse, and I found myself wondering what was the cause of her nipples growing hard. I wished that it had been because she was with me, but I wasn't bold enough to assume that was the cause of her nipples being hard.

I finally started the thread of conversation that led us down a pathway to sexual intimacy. I made a very innocuous comment about how nice her blouse looked on her, and before I knew it I was making some other complimentary comments to Susan and I could see that it was really hitting home with her. I guess she didn't get this kind of positive feedback from her husband because it was obvious that Susan was hungry for some nice words about herself. Before I knew it, Susan looked me straight in the eyes, and then she said, "Tom, I'm still not ready to go home right now. Would you go somewhere with me and make love to me? Please say yes or I'll be devastated if you turn me down," Susan said and I felt my cock grow so hard from such a blatantly open sexual invitation from this woman that I couldn't believe she'd said it.

My cock was throbbing in hardness against my pants in response to Susan's open request for me to fuck her. "Yes, Susan, I will take you from here right now and gladly make love to you," I said in response.

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