Nurses are SOOO Stupid!

by Phoenix Arrow

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Lesbian, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dr Stacey Silverman thinks nurses are just the dumbest things in the world. So why is it that she's so willing to fall to her knees and...

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Look at the silly ditz. She really has no clue does she? How embarrassing it will be for her when she realizes everyone is laughing at her.

"Shannon sweetie, you know this is the 'Doctor's Lunch Room' don't you?"

We all laugh as she stares blankly at me, totally confused as usual.

"You knew that didn't you? Oh how silly you must feel! You see nursey girls like you eat down stairs in the hospital cafeteria with everybody else. Only big doctors like us get to eat up here!"

"I'm... I'm sorry...

Oh how cute, she looks like she's about to cry. Stupid, but cute.

"Its ok, your new to the hospital. Just don't let it happen again 'kay?."

Nodding her head like a child she quickly turns and darts out the double door, leaving us real professionals free to burst out in laughter.

How totally unrealistic she must have been to think she was important enough to eat here with us. Maybe when she and her other nursey's spend years and years in schooling with college payments, she too can join us in the big boys and girls room. Oh I'm sure she'll learn her place soon enough, just like the rest of her kind have. All nursey's think their special when they first get hired, but we put them in their place fast enough.

Listen, I don't want to sound all arrogant and self-centered, but patients and insurance companies aren't paying hospitals for how nice their nurse's look in their silly little white uniforms. Nope! The big bucks are paid to the well educated, intelligent doctors who only know what the hell their doing after many years of REAL medical school training. Maybe Shannon and the rest should have thought about that before bubble gum chewing their way through 'Nursery School'. Oh excuse me, 'Nursing School'! <giggles>

How incredibly demeaning it must be for Shannon and the other nurses to take all our crap day in and day out, and then have to eat lunch DOWN THERE! Patients coughing and sneezing all over their dry dull food while cursing us doctors. I smile warmly as I readjust my pampered bottom on one of the many plush chairs in the Doctor's Dinning Hall.

But those girls deserve it don't they? Just because they weren't born with brains enough to be doctors doesn't mean we should treat them as equals. Speaking of dim witted, I wonder which one of them will be assisting me on my rounds today? I bet it will be Marcy. Oh is she the ditz. I am so happy that big chested bitch has to work under my heel. I grew up with those cheerleader types in highschool. I knew I'd get my revenge one day, and now I certainly do. I just love making her dance on the balls of her feet to my demands. I can't wait for the day she'll completely crack and cry right there in front of a patient while I berate her.

Or what if it's Suzie? Little Suzie Tootsie! That's what the other doctors and I call her. You should just see her steam when we do. But she knows better than to say anything. Like a good submissive nursey girly she takes it, just like she takes my constant bitch like tone with her. As I said earlier, I didn't go through almost a decade of university schooling to talk 'nicely' to a bimbo with a white hat! No way!

Then again, the absolute best would be Beth. That old hag never amounted to anything did she? She's been a nurse here for longer that the bricks in the walls. All those years running errands for doctors and never once was she even considered for a promotion. Some gals just aren't smart enough to be elevated from nursey status!

Hmmm, now I actually do hope it'll be Beth. I really want to enjoy that look on her face when she sees me coming. Nothing must piss her off more than being given orders by a smarter woman half her age. But alas, she deserves every bit of it. I have no sympathy for dummies making bad career choices. Sure I spent most of my younger years locked away in a library studying, but at 29 I've got the lifestyle a smart girl like me deserves. I finally have what's coming to me. Oh I do hope its Beth!

Well I really would like to continue this lovely little chat deamening the hospital help, but some of us have work to get to. You honestly didn't think we docs got paid to eat lunch all day?

As I give my farewells to my fellow medical associates and rub my full belly with satisfaction, I leave the dinning hall and make my way to my office. It's really the only time I have all day to check my emails before heading back to check on all my patients. On my way, I still cant help but allow myself to imagine what it must be like for those girls down there, in the cafeteria, stuffing their mouths with week old food. They're probably dreaming together of what's its like upstairs. We'll that's all they can do is dream isn't it? Ha I love it!

I'm still half laughing to myself as I walk through my open office door and suddenly pause..."Oh Shannon, what a surprise. What are you doing in my office?"

Despite my annoyance at this intrusion, I still can't stop from giggling at the sight of her timid eyes avoiding mine.

"Um Miss Silverman... I... um...

"SAY IT GIRL! I have a ton of patients to see today, and DONT have time to stand here listening to you stutter!" Oh I so did want to see her bust out with tears!

"Yes Ma'am, we'll... you see... do you think you could... do that thing for me? Again?"

I let out a sigh and look at my watch. I really don't have time for this sort of thing. I've got like twenty patients to see.

None the less I turn around to lock the office door behind me as Shannon bounces up and down happy as a clam, practically skipping to my desk and sitting in my chair.

I just don't have time for this!

I walk up to her and huff impatiently for her to move. Such a dumb bimbo if I ever saw one! Like the airhead nursey she is, she profusely apologieses and pushes the chair back, giving me the room I need to crawl under the little boxed cubical under the desk.

Instantly she pushes the chair back up to the desk, trapping me on either side of her spreading knees. At least she's managed to remember to remove her panties this time.

I look down at my watch again, still shaking my head. I REALLY don't have time for this. I'll those patients...

"Hmmmm... Miss Silverman..."

I flick my tongue rapidly across her sex, her juices flowing excitedly from it. Boy this girl is a horny one.

"Ohhhh that feel soooo good Miss Silverman... UHHHH... YESSSS"

I really am amazed just how brain dead this cunt really is. OF COURSE it's going to feel good. That's the point, else why would she be asking me to do it! Honestly!

Her hands take hold of my head and force my tongue deeper into her steaming sex. Didn't I tell her last time not to do that? I can't have my hair looking all out of place!

Finally the pussy in my mouth splatters and spurts happily, and I smack my lips at every bit of it.

Suddenly there's a knock on my door and my eyes widen.

"Come on Shannon, open up, its me!" I can instantly tell its Marcy. What is that cheerleading whore doing here?

I remain wide-eyed, kneeling under my desk as Shannon stands up and runs to open the door. I can hear both dumb blonds giggle themselves silly as they relock the door and head back to me.

When Marcy bends slightly to look at me, I turn my blushing head away. Another round of giggles ensues as she gets into the chair vacated by Shannon and hikes up her nurse's skirt, followed by her panties to her ankles. I just kneel there and frown.

"Come on Marcy! I've got so many patients to tend to. PLEASE not now!"

"Oh shut up doc and examine my cunny with your tongue depressor!"

My eyes water looking down at my Rolex. This is totally unprofessional. How can I ignore my clients?

My mouth envelops Marcy's cunt and I get to work, with the usual "ooohhh's" and "ahhhh's" escaping her lips. Shannon finishes getting ready, watching like a curious child as I eat a fellow nurse, before heading out the door. Did she forget to lock the door behind her? Such a stupid cunt!

"Ohhhh so nice. Such a nice doc. All those years of Docky school REALLY does wonders for that tongue!"

"ITS MEDICAL SCHOOL YOU DITZ!", I curse at her between her thighs. Unfortunately it doesn't sound all that commanding when it's echoed off her vagina walls.

"Yes yes, gooood Docky... gooood Docky. Eat my nurse pussy like a good little professional!"

I would if she'd let me. All that condescending talk is distracting me. Back in highschool I really hated these cheerleader types. Always acting so much more superior, fucking all the best studs, getting all the best female friends. I beam with pride as I peer up from under the desk, past her shoulders, past her rolling eyes, to the diploma behind her on the wall. "Dr. Stacey Silverman, MD." Says it all doesn't it? I got my revenge!

My ears rings as her firm thighs squeeze against my head. Her orgasms are always so dame strong, it truly amazes me.

She keeps me locked in her thighs, insisting I scoop up every inch of her juiced sex as it spasms and clenches my extended tongue. I do of course.

As my face finally escapes her grasp, I look up with butterflies in my belly. I swear I didn't even hear Suzie come in. Fucking dumb ass Shannon cant even lock a door.

"Did SilverCunt-Licker do a good job on her patient's puss today?" Suzie spoke with glea.

Marcy warmly looked up and nodded with a smile "Oh she was a good Docky today. Very very good Docky!"

"doctor... I'm a doctor..." I lightly whispered in rebellion, only to their erupted laughter. I know I shouldn't blush at that, but I am.

"Is our long tongue depressor still in operation Docky?"

"But... but I cant. Please Suzie, my patients. I'm so late!"

But my pleas went on death ears as Suzie took her seat in my chair and rolled up to my waiting face, her sex already pantyless and nurse's skirt up around her waist.

"Come on Miss SilverCunt-Licker, stop yakking and get that pink stick waaaaaay inside my Tootzie!"

Her hands grip the top of my hair and lead me to task. I can't help giggle as I pleasure her pussy... Suzie Tootzie! Boy do us Doctors love calling her that!

I kneel there like a passive doll, letting her grind my wet face along her inner thighs. I might as well let her do her thing, least this whole nonsense take any longer than it has to. After all my knees are beginning to soar and I still have all those patients to get to.

"Mmmmmmm Fuck yeah! Dame that feels fantastic. This is much better than your first time... ohhhhhhh"

Well, I do pride myself on my learning ability. Didn't she see that diploma on the wall?

"We had a lovely conversation down in the cafeteria today. You remember don't you? That's where all us lowly nurse's go to eat?"

If my face wasn't wedged in her pussy, I'm sure a distinctive smirk would be visible.

"Well we were discussing how horribly ironic it seems that while we have to go down stairs, you get to eat with all your fellow stuck up assholes in the Docky room! Isn't that so unfair?"

I wiggle my tongue 'no' in her cunt! I've earned eating upstairs. All those years in school, I've earned it...

"Especially when you get all your eating done with us anyways!"

I feel her thighs squeeze my head for emphasis. What was she getting at?

"So we were thinking. Wouldn't it be so much more convenient for you to just eat with us, down stairs, in the cafeteria?"

I desperately wiggle my tongue 'no'...

"I think you'd really enjoy our 'All You Can Eat' buffet, under the table of course. Wouldn't you Doc?"

A tear rolls down my cheek at the thought. How totally undignified! Me, 'Dr. Stacey Silverman MD', years and YEARS of medical school and hard work. ME, lowering myself like that! How could I EVER live with eating with the nursey's down THERE?

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