The Entertainer

by DevilKitten

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Faye works on a rich singles cruise line. Her job is to entertain the guests, especially the men that aren't mingling well with the women. She takes a special intrest in one man, Daniel.

Faye can easily walk into a room and know she is beautiful. She works with an exclusive cruise service that often holds singles cruises for the wealthy. It's a way to keep money with money. Faye does not have an exact title, she's like a hired guest. If men don't seem interested in the company on the cruise, it is Faye's job to keep them entertained.

Tonight, Faye entered the ball room of the cruise ship in her favorite gown. It was black spaghetti strap that had a deep V-neck that accentuated her 38 C breasts perfectly. It clung to all the right curves yet left plenty to the imagination. Her copper tresses were swept into an up-do with small tendrils hanging around her face. Her blue eyes swept over the room, making sure she had every man's undivided attention.

Stewart, the ship's spy, came to her side to escort her down the stairs. "In the far left corner, the dark booth, there's a group of young gentlemen." He whispered to her. "They came in group, sent by their parents and have made it a point to stick together. Their parents want them to look for future brides, but they're not associating with many ladies. We want you to focus on them."

Faye laughed a little, as though her and Stewart were on intimate terms. She felt his hand slide across her rear and give it a little grab. She turned to face him. "If you ever touch me again you little worm I'll cut off what little that makes you male." She gave him a radiant smile and started to work the room.

She whispered intimate greetings to the men and made sure to small talk with the ladies. They were all spoiled brats, but that was the nature of her work, to please the yuppies. She made sure to keep an eye on the men in the back corner. They looked bored, although the one in the middle stared directly at her. He kept talking to his friends, but his gaze never left her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our fifth night on our singles cruise." Stewart had taken the stage and was beginning the evening's festivities. "We hope that you all enjoying your time with us and each other. Hosting tonight's events will be myself- no need to applaud- and the lovely Faye. I'm sure you've seen her lurking around the ship; getting a massage, a manicure, you know, working hard." The crowd laughed.

"Stewart, darling, you flatter me." Faye said, picking up an extra microphone. "You know I prefer someone, I mean something, a little harder than that." She gave out a sultry laugh, planting herself in one unsuspecting man's lap. He wrapped his arms around her as though to prevent her from leaving.

Stewart went on to tell the guests what activities would be available the next day while Faye managed to escape the young man's grasp. She decided to wander over to the far table. She accessed each man as she approached. All but the one in the middle were fairly good looking. The dark one was gorgeous. He looked to be about 6' to 6'2" and was extremely muscular. He was definitely the leader of the pack.

"And how are you boys enjoying everything?" she asked as she seated herself at their table. They stopped their conversations immediately to give her their full attention. They murmured their polite greetings to the woman who dared to join them.

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure of enjoying all you have to offer," the dark one murmured as he took her hand. "I'm Daniel. These young rouges are Jonathan, Allan, Jack, and the little one is Trey."

"A four-for-one deal? Lucky me." Faye winked at her new companions. They smiled, unanimously accepting her into their group.

The evening dragged on without much excitement. There was some idle chit-chat, but nothing too exciting. Except, of course, for the underlying sexual tone that went on between Faye and Daniel. The attraction was mutual. She wanted him as much as he seemed to want her.

He never took his eyes off her. She was in her element around a group of males. She knew how to captivate their attention and really wrap them around her finger. She didn't ignore any of them, but focused her attention solely on each of them in turn.

When the evening was drawing to a close Faye excused herself early. She gave Daniel one last, longing look. She slipped out of their chair and sauntered toward the bar. Daniel took her meaning immediately and excused himself from his pack of friends. He followed her slowly.

When he entered the bar, there was only a small number of people around. Faye had seated herself on the center stool and was having an intimate conversation with the bartender. She barely glanced his way. Daniel smiled and headed for the exit across the room. As he walked past Faye he said, barely audible, "Room 712."

Faye ignored him, finished her drink, and tipped the bartender. He smiled, knowingly. This is how she always worked her magic. Faye always had a way of attracting any male she set her sights on. She was just like that and couldn't help her sexuality. She was one of the few women who accepted and used her sexuality.

She stepped up to room 712. She took a deep breath, and raised her hand to tap on the door. Before her hand ever touched the door, it opened. Daniel leaned against the door frame, dressed only in black pants. He admired the woman standing in front of him; a woman brave enough to take what she wanted.

"Are you going to invite me in, or do you want to do this in the hall?" she asked. She looked over his broad chest and felt her body respond quickly. He held open the door for her. She stepped inside and admired the room. It was one of the more lavish rooms on the ship. Actually, it had several rooms. There was a sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, and private balcony.

Faye kicked of her heels and turned to face Daniel. Standing at only 5'2" he towered over her. It almost made her weak at the knees. He closed the space between them, her breath catching in her throat at their closeness. A gentle hand traced the deep V of her neckline, lingering between her breasts. Daniel's hand then went to her hair, letting it down expertly. It fell a few inches past her shoulders.

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