My Visit

by Irishrose1215

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Woman visits her friend and his wife.


"But she's right there!"

"It's okay. I'll be quiet."

"Jess... I really don't..."

"Hush now! You keep talking and you'll wake her up!"

I smile evilly down at Pete, while I slowly pull up my nightshirt and sit down on his cock. I know he's happy to see me, a cock that hard doesn't lie. He looks over nervously at his sleeping wife, as I slowly begin to insert his cock into my pussy. I turn my head to look at her too, quirking my eyebrow as I watch his pretty wife sleeping not an arms length away...

I should probably give some insight as to how this all occurred. I'm Jessi; my friend that I'm sitting atop of is Peter. We meet years ago on the internet and as our friendship grew so did the passion between the both of us.

About a week ago Pete e-mailed me asking if there'd ever be a chance that we could meet. At first it seemed damn near impossible, I live in the States, he in New Zealand, but as an optimist I told him I'd look into, there had to be a way. I found the way, writing the trip off as a business expense.

I can feel his breathing, he's scared of waking his wife, and I know his heart is pounding ninety to nothing, which makes this whole situation even better for me. I move my hips slightly, going in small circles, and he can't help but let out a small moan as my hot pussy engulfs his throbbing cock.

"You need to be quiet, Pete, no moaning."

I giggle as I move a little faster, he keeps up his protests, and I've had enough of listening to them. I reach my hand over to his wife and place my fingers on her leg softly. She wiggles a bit but doesn't wake. I move my fingers up, slowly and watch as her legs involuntarily spread. Pete's head is shaking, his mouth open in a mute scream of protest. I move my hips, back and forth, and the look of terror is replaced by one of pleasure.

My fingers move again, finding the lips to her pussy, I smile when I feel that her lips are moist. I wonder if she's been awake this whole time. I move my forefinger into the folds of her pussy, easily finding her clit; I begin to rub it softly. A small moan issues from her lips, but her eyes still don't open.

I begin to softly bounce on Pete's cock, as I move my fingers a little harder and a little faster on his wife's pussy. I see her eyes flutter, and move my hand down to her opening. I place two of my long slender fingers into the wet hole, and place my thumb on her clit. Her eyes pop open as a loud moan escapes between her lips. I'm the first one she sees, a look of confusion at first, and then she turns her head toward her husband. She realizes what's going on; she knows that his cock his securely buried in my cunt as my fingers work on hers. She says nothing, but spreads her legs just a little wider. I smile, and laugh as I look at Pete.

"And you thought she was going to be mad."

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