The Visit

by John Dent

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Scatology, .

Desc: Sex Story: This previously unpublished stand-alone spin-off from the Shameful Day series gives further insight into the world of Jenny "Panties" Patterson. Timeline-wise it fits between Chapters 5 and 6 of 'A Shameful Day'.

Author's Note:

Originally, The Visit was meant to be an ongoing story written in collaboration between myself and Holly Dolben utilising the main characters of my Shameful Day saga (Jenny) and her Schoolhouse Stretch (Cecily) which both exist in the same fictional universe. In the end, Holly lost interest in the project and never submitted a word, preferring to document Cecily's adventures herself. All that remains is the opening scenario that I wrote. To fit in with the timeline of A Shameful Day, this tale should be read between Chapters 5 & 6 of the main story.

Jenny opened one eye and looked at the bedside clock - 6.48 am. "Not worth trying to get back to sleep," she thought to herself before levering her naked body out from under her father's arm and sliding out of the king-size bed that dominated her parent's room. Stretching once, she headed towards the bathroom and an invigorating shower. She needed to wash off the dried cum and blood left over from the previous night's exertions with her well endowed sire. "Friday," she mused, "last day I have to wear those panties in public. Thank fuck!" The week had been a truly awful one thanks to the punishment her father had handed to her after she'd been caught pandering to her secret depravity by wearing knickers in her bedroom. The name-calling she'd had to go through and the mistreatment from her fellow students (not to mention the general public whom she'd passed in the streets) as they'd spotted her had been grossly humiliating. She'd even earned a new nickname around the school - Panties Patterson! Still, this Friday was a rather special one and she hoped that she might be able to persuade her daddy to reconsider his words...

By the time that Jenny entered the kitchen, dried and dressed in her school uniform, mom was already cooking breakfast. "Morning, honey," the older woman called out gaily. "Tea or coffee?"

"Tea please, mom." Jenny picked up the knickers from where they'd spent the night drying on a radiator and slipped them on. Oddly enough, for all they now represented to her, she still enjoyed the feel of them and a tingle of forbidden pleasure slipped through her.

"Big day for you, isn't it, pet?" mom commented.

"Yeah... the school visit to the Kinky Contraptions toy factory - the biggest place of its type in the state! I've been looking forward to this for a long time." Jenny had been lucky to gain a place on the trip as only six students were going in all. She'd worked hard, it had to be admitted, but she still counted herself lucky. The competition had been fierce. Of course, going round to Mr William's flat and spending several hours tidying it twice a week for the past six weeks had probably scored her a few brownie points with the widower. And he was one of the school's senior sex-ed teachers, who had a great input as to the student selection for this type of thing, so it certainly hadn't *hurt* her chances! "Poor Mister Williams," Jenny thought, "helping him wasn't so bad, really. Apart from having to wear that French maid's outfit all the time. Well, maybe not all the time! One has to admit that for a man of his age, he's certainly vigorous enough!"

Mom's next question intruded into Jenny's thoughts, "Isn't that Cecily girl going too?"

Jenny's mood darkened as she replied in the affirmative.

"She's a cheerleader, isn't she?" questioned little brother Charlie as he bounded into the room. "And you're not - are you?"

"You know full well that the little slut made the team... and that she's the one who beat me for the only place that came up this term!" Jenny replied sharply as she cast her mind back several weeks...

Cecily and Jenny had never actually been friends - they lived too far apart and just didn't seem to get on together. They were classmates but that was about all. Which wasn't to say that they were enemies either... they just moved in their own circles, that was all. Until the trials for the Cheerleader Team started. Both Cecily and Jenny had put their names down, along with several of the other more attractive and athletic girls in the school. The list of hopefuls had been whittled down bit by bit over the course of the week until only the two classmates remained. The final selection was to be made after a head-to-head confrontation four days later. Jenny knew in her heart that Cecily was better than her and that the other girl would win... given a level playing field. But Jenny wasn't the type to play fair when so much as at stake. So, as she left school that day, she'd called into the local butchers where she'd purchased a rabbit. That evening, Jenny had cut the liver out of the bunny's corpse and had carefully placed it into the oven where she'd left it overnight on a very low setting. Come the next morning, the liver had dried out and was rock hard; Jenny had then taken one of her father's rasps and had filed the meat down into a fine powder which she'd very carefully placed into a twist of paper. An evil, joyful smile had flitted across Jenny's face at that point for her success was now assured - all she had to do was to get Cecily to ingest some of the power and, within moments, the girl would be incapacitated with a very bad case of the trots!

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