Dawn on the Third Day

by Big Ed Magusson

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dawn breaks. Dave contemplates the upcoming road trip to Santa Fe--three days over Easter weekend with his lover Jennifer and his close friends Will and Jen. He'll soon see just how close they are. This is the fourth story in the "Holiday Series."

Day One, Morning

Dawn broke.

More precisely, it shattered. The sun tried to climb above the horizon and there were a few reddish rays. Then the scattered clouds moved in, pummeling them to pieces. Occasionally a shaft of light escaped, but eventually the grey won, ensuring the overcast weather so confidently predicted by forecasters the night before.

Dave sipped his coffee on the porch, silently watching. He was rarely up this early, but it felt good. He'd soon return to the slumbering house behind him and join Jennifer in bed, but this was contemplative time. Alone time. Something he'd not get much of in the next three days. Road tripping to Santa Fe—him, Will, Jen, and Jennifer. Dave was forced to smile at the irony. Such a road trip would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.

They were now so significant in his life. Two redheaded women with similar figures and the same first name. At least he'd never called Jennifer "Jen", though he'd had some tongue fumbles on occasion. True, he'd known Jen since she'd started dating Will two years ago, but they'd never really hung out as much until Jennifer joined them. He had been Will's "guys night out," not part of a second couple. Even when he was married to Claire.

Claire. Somewhere she was getting re-married soon, if she hadn't done so already. It didn't hurt the way it used to. While his stomach still tightened as the thought of her infidelity flittered through his mind, he was now able to dismiss it and his gut relaxed in turn. That was the past and this was now. Jennifer was a much better fit for him, and he was an order of magnitude happier.

Happiness. What a strange, elusive, indefinable concept. Had he been happy with Claire? Yes, as best he knew how, he supposed. They'd had fun at times and lacked friction in the little interactions of daily life. The sex had been pleasurable and regular with the occasional variant thrown in for spice. Then she'd left him and it felt like he'd died. He'd spent most of a year realizing that no matter how smart he was and how successful in business he was and how nice he'd been, it hadn't been enough. She'd still grown distant, and then turned for comfort somewhere else. He'd been like a turn of the century pedestrian, trying to describe the horseless carriage that had run him down. That year had been hard.

But Will and Jen had been there for him, in his darkness. And then Jennifer, who lit up his world every time she smiled. Was this happiness? It was deeper than anything he'd felt before. More open, with all the accompanying vulnerability. More pleasurable, in both the simple ways and the fantastic. More passionate, both in the lovemaking with Jennifer and in all sensuous activity. Like sipping coffee. And watching the sun try to rise.

Speaking of coffee, his mug was empty. With a last deep inhale of the morning air, Dave went back inside.

He found Jen in the kitchen, sitting on a barstool, idly swinging one leg, reading a book. She was wearing her short green silk robe, which had ridden up exposing most of her thigh and just barely covering her more womanly charms. Dave grinned to himself. It wasn't as much fun to look when Jen wasn't deliberately showing off, but it was still a delightful sight.

Jen looked up and smiled at Dave as he refilled his mug. She pushed hers towards him and he refreshed it as well.

"You're up early," she said, setting her book aside and then grasping her mug with both hands, taking small sips.

Dave shrugged. "Sometimes I just wake up for no apparent reason. If I feel rested, I get up. I kind of like it when it's quiet."

Jen nodded. "I'm usually up early too. If it's a lot earlier than when Will usually gets up, I read. If not, I wake him up." She had a salacious grin with that last comment and Dave had no problems imagining how she woke Will up.

"So what are you reading?"

"Callahan's Lady, by Spider Robinson. Will loaned it to me. It's set in the best brothel in New York City. Will says that if Lady Sally's really existed, he'd never leave."

"That's pretty high praise. What do you think of it?"

"I like it. I find the characters a little too perfect, but that's what makes it fiction. I really like the central tenet though."

"Which is... ?"

"Sex as Art. The brothel employees are referred to as 'Artists' with 'studios' where they entertain 'clients.'"

Dave chuckled. "You'd probably make a great artist!"

"Yes, I would!" Jen looked insufferably smug with herself, leading Dave to laugh even harder. Jen broke into a broad smile in response and they settled into a warm silence. It was interrupted by sounds of motion from the guest room.

"Will's awake!" Jen exclaimed, eyes twinkling. "Time for some Art!" She slid off the stool and scampered towards the hall.

Dave just chuckled at her eagerness. Slowly, he drained the last of his coffee, savoring the last drops, and then headed upstairs.

Jennifer was sleeping softly on her side, the sheets having dropped below her breasts. Dave just paused, admiring. Her slow breath was peaceful, almost serene. She seemed to be dreaming, and the rolled a little, shifting partially onto her back.

That offered opportunities.

Slowly, Dave tugged the sheets lower. Then he gently climbed on the bed and rolled them all the way off, revealing Jennifer's nude figure. He caught his breath at the sight. She was so beautiful. Careful not to disturb the mattress much, he positioned himself at her feet. She stirred as he rolled her hips so that she was fully supine.

Edging forward, he leaned and lightly kissed the top of her mound. Then the inside of each thigh. Jennifer stirred some more and Dave began to scatter kisses throughout her nether region. Sometime in the midst of it, Jennifer awoke enough to reach her hands down, touching his head, though not opening her eyes. Dave took that as a sign that he could begin in earnest. He paused, and then began one long wet lick, up between her labia and ending at her clit. Jennifer shuddered. Dave grinned and began to dine.

There was little finesse, this time. He alternated between sliding his tongue along her inner lips, occasionally probing inside, and wrapping his lips and tongue around her clit, flicking it and sucking lightly. As her juices began to flow, he brought his hands into play, firmly caressing and spreading her labia, then sliding one finger in. He had to shift forward so that he could rotate his hand to caress her g-spot while he continued to suckle her clit.

Jennifer moaned, obviously now fully awake. He looked up, hoping to catch her eyes, but her head was tilted back as she just enjoyed the sensations. Dave paused, taking a quick opportunity to cover her mons and thighs with wet kisses, before returning to her treasures. Jennifer seemed to catch her breath too, before settling into her familiar pattern of aroused openness. Dave knew she was ready for him to take her all the way to climax.

So he began. Gently and steadily—licking, caressing, lightly kissing. Slowly, very slowly, increasing the speed and pressure. No faster than her breathing increased, really. This time, Jennifer seemed to gasp loudest to his up-licks, against the underside of her clit. He kept at it. She began to flush and moan and Dave increased a tempo. Her moans turned to gasps and he licked and caressed and slid his finger in and out. She was starting to shudder and Dave's pace increased again—tongue moving fast, sometimes sliding askew but always quick to return. Finger, now fingers, pumping, sliding, caressing. He gave long licks and quicker flicks and suction and again went a step faster. She was starting to breathe harder and so Dave began to lick more, kiss more, stroke more and...

Jennifer gasped, arched her back, and then collapsed back on the bed. The flush began to spread across her chest and the lopsided grin appeared. Dave's own goofy smile joined hers. He rested, basking in her afterglow.

After floating down, Jennifer murmured, "my turn" and Dave pulled himself up into position. Jennifer held his shaft lightly as he got his balance. Then he was inside.

She wrapped her arms around him, and then hooked her ankles around his legs, pulling him in tight to her. Since it gave him less room for thrusting, he started a slow gentle rhythm. Jennifer's lips found his own and they began to kiss—warm rather than hot. Affectionate rather than raw passion. There was no time passing. Just the caress and constant touch of skin upon skin with the slow and steady motion of his body within hers.

Sounds at the periphery intruded into their interlocked little bubble of a world. Slowly they filtered though and became recognizable. From downstairs—Jen's passionate cries. Dave paused in the kissing, smiling. Hadn't they done this before? Both couples enjoying a morning's passion? Jennifer smiled, apparently sharing the thought.

"I want to feel you come," she whispered, before kissing him again.

He speeded up and she rolled her hips to give him deeper penetration. Soon they both began to breathe raggedly and she got her wish. A few last powerful thrusts and then spurts, and Dave collapsed on top of her. Jennifer hugged him tight, and then they lay still. He slowly shrank inside her and then slipped out while they listened to Jen's sounds peak, and then fade.

Jennifer slid her arms behind Dave's shoulders and gave him a big kiss. "Shower?" she asked.

Dave murmured agreement and they began moving towards the bathroom. The day had begun.

Day One, Afternoon

Walsenburg had been a bust.

That wasn't really fair, Dave mused. Walsenburg was probably a very nice town. It was just set off the highway far enough that they couldn't spot any restaurants other than a Pizza Hut. Will had asked if they wanted to stop there for lunch or push on for Trinidad—another 35 miles. They'd decided to push on, but the conversation had turned to food and by the time they'd actually hit Trinidad, Dave's stomach was rumbling and Jen and Jennifer had both remarked on being hungry.

Of course the drive had been longer than expected. By the time both couples had finished their morning ... activities ... and breakfast and gotten everything packed and loaded, they'd run smack into the Denver rush hour, surprisingly heavy for Good Friday. I-25 had been a parking lot, edging along, through most of the city. Will had grumbled that they should have taken the E-470 toll road, but since it had been Will's choice as driver, his passengers just let it slide. Fortunately, the highway through Colorado Springs and Pueblo hadn't been too busy by the time they got to them, but it was well after noon by the time they got to Trinidad.

Will pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of a Taco Bell.

"Taco Bell?" Dave questioned.

Will caught the challenging tone in his voice and responded defensively. "Everyone's hungry and this is fast. I'm not going to waste time driving around looking for something better when we have no idea what would be better in this town. Besides, we'll eat well in Santa Fe. It won't hurt us to eat cheap now."

Before Dave could reply, Jen and Jennifer had already gotten out of the car. He shrugged at Will and clambered out himself.

Jen had stopped to adjust her sandal strap, bending mostly at the waist of course. The pose pushed her ass towards the men, though her sundress was too loose to really reveal her contours. Jennifer stood patiently nearby. She'd chosen to wear jeans for comfort, with a blouse that was scooped reasonably low in front. It highlighted the emerald dangling just above her cleavage.

There were only a few other patrons present and no line. The food was, well, Taco Bell. No expectations meant no disappointments. They settled at a table and began to eat, reviving the casual conversation from the car. It didn't take long before the food was reduced to a pile of empty wrappers and crumpled napkins on the table. Dave just sat back and watched his companions talk.

Jen's eyes kept darting to something over Dave's shoulder. He realized Will had noticed too. He tilted his head to catch her attention. Jen just smiled at him.

"She's got some admirers," Jennifer whispered, leaning in. "Two teenaged boys who can't stop staring at her."

"At both of us," Jen murmured.

Jennifer smirked, obviously having deduced the same thing, though less willing to admit it. Jen had a devilish grin as well. She continued taking surreptitious glances towards the teens.

"Can I?" Jen asked Will.

He smiled. "Okay. How far are you thinking?"

"The panty trick?" she asked.

Will chuckled. Dave was now completely lost.

"Sure. They're obviously in high school. It would probably be a big thrill for them," Will said, clearly tickled at the idea.

"Join me?" Jen asked Jennifer.

Jennifer looked at Dave for his permission. She seemed eager for the game, whatever it was.

"Sure" he said, earning an appreciative smile in return. What was he agreeing to?

The girls slid out of their seats and sauntered towards the restrooms. Will started cleaning up the table and then motioned for Dave to follow him towards the restaurant door.

"C'mon," Will impatiently called, when Dave balked a little in his confusion. "The view will be better and it'll be easier to get out of here quickly."

Dave joined Will loitering at the door. They were facing, but not staring at, what must have been the girls' admirers. The two boys looked about sixteen and were engaged in some animated conversation, low enough to not be heard at this distance, when Jen and Jennifer strutted back from the restrooms and over to the teens' table.

Jen took the lead, bending at the waist and saying something to the boys. Their eyes moved between her chest and her face, with looks of confusion appearing on their own. Dave could easily imagine the undone buttons they were enjoying. The Jennifer bent over next to Jen, not quite doubling their view due to the higher cut of her top, but still leading to eyes darting back and forth. After a few more words, Jen proffered her hand to one of the boys, something wadded up inside her fist. Jennifer mimicked the move with the other boy. With dazed expressions, the teens took the offerings, now clearly colored fabric, and whipped them into hiding under the table. Jen and Jennifer stood and turned, walking towards the exit where Dave and Will stood. Jen looked insufferably pleased with herself—the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Jennifer was on the verge of giggling at some unspoken joke.

Will nudged Dave. "Let's get the car started."

It was only a few minutes before they were pulling out of the parking lot, Will at the wheel, two giddy laughing women in the back seat. Dave tried to twist around from the passenger's seat and watch it all.

"What did you say to them?" Dave asked. "What just happened?"

Jen giggled, then dropped into her Mae West voice. "I told them that we'd seen them admiring us. And that we thought they were cute. And that the thought of two cute guys admiring us had turned us on and gotten us all hot and bothered and wet." Jennifer was laughing again while Jen continued. "Which was too bad because we had to leave soon and we couldn't possibly get back on the road wearing wet panties. So since they were the ones that were responsible for getting them wet in the first place, would they be so kind as to take them off our hands?"

"So you gave them your panties?" Dave was incredulous.

"Sure did! See?"

Jen flipped her skirt up and back down far too fast for Dave to actually confirm the lack of panties, but he'd take her word for it. The girls were still laughing. Dave looked at Jennifer. She calmed down with some effort.

"Dave, my love," Jennifer said. "It's just fun. The looks on their faces were priceless."

"Actually, it was about ten dollars!" Jen interrupted. "The cost of the panties!" She was still giggling.

Dave forced a smile over his confusion. Jennifer reached out and gently touched his arm, reassuring. Their eyes met and his smile became genuine. They'd talk later. He twisted back around in his seat, facing the road, just as Will dropped a new CD into the stereo. The laughter died and after a long pause, listening to the music, the conversation turned to other things.

'Later' arrived at a gas stop in Raton. Will said he wanted to stretch his legs for a few minutes and he and Jen wandered into the convenience store. Dave and Jennifer walked towards an outdoor bench.

"Dave," Jennifer began, "what's going on?"

Dave shrugged a little and then stared out at the horizon. Jennifer slid her arm around his waist.

"I guess I was caught off guard." he said, turning towards her. "I didn't know what to expect back in the Taco Bell."

"Jen's never done the panty trick around you before?" Jennifer asked, tightening her hug.

"No. She's done a lot of other exhibitionistic things, but not that one. I was surprised. I was also surprised you joined her." He kept his tone light.

Jennifer pulled back and looked at him, questioningly.

"Dave, you do know that I'm just as exhibitionistic as Jen is?" It was a rhetorical question. They had, after all, reconnected in a Victoria's Secret dressing room.

"And you did give permission."

Dave sighed. "Yes, I did. Next time I'll make sure I know what I'm saying yes to first. I'm sorry." He smiled sheepishly at her.

She met his eyes, and then softened into her own smile when it was clear he was truly apologetic. He bent and kissed her lightly.

"I like the fact that you're an exhibitionist. Like Will, I'm a voyeur that enjoys looking at incredibly attractive sexy women." That drew a small blush.

"I noticed you never let Will see the Valentine's DVD," Jennifer teased.

The memory of her stripping and masturbating on that DVD brought a reminiscing smile to the corners of Dave's mouth.

"He never asked," Dave replied. Which was technically true. Will had hinted about seeing the DVD but never directly asked.

"Well, it was your present, not his." Jennifer snuggled into him.

"And I am so lucky to have an incredible girlfriend who gives me presents like that!" Dave exclaimed. Jennifer squeezed him tighter in response.

Dave glanced over towards the convenience store in time to see Will and Jen emerge with drinks and snacks. Still arm in arm, he and Jennifer walked back to the car to continue their journey.

Day One, Evening

They arrived in Santa Fe by late afternoon and spent a lazy couple of hours wandering the Plaza and the nearby shops. Dinner was early at a Mexican dive that Jen had heard an acquaintance say had excellent green chilé. It did, Dave was delighted to discover. Dusk had arrived as they drove to their destination in the nearby mountains.

It turned out that Jen had wanted to go to Santa Fe because of a Japanese Spa just a few minutes outside of town. It was beautiful, nestled in among the pines on the side of the hill. They'd managed to rent a cabin on-site for two nights, and had private hot tub reservations both evenings, with massages scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Dave wouldn't have been surprised if Jen and Will took advantage of the common pool as well, which in the traditional Japanese way, was clothing optional. Of course, in the Western way of being concerned about impropriety, that was only before dark.

Their cabin felt truly luxurious. It was actually the second floor of a cabin, with a living room, bedroom and balcony, but no one currently occupied the room below. The fireplace was inviting, all ready to be lit, though it wasn't quite cool enough. By prior arrangement, Dave and Jennifer claimed the bedroom, leaving Will and Jen to figure out how to unfold the living room futon from couch to bed. They did the usual unpacking and settling in with a little haste, for their tub time was near.

"We are going nude?" Jennifer asked Dave, as they hunted for towels in the bedroom closet.

He paused a moment. "Sure." There was no trace of the confusion or uncertainty from earlier in the day.

Jennifer smiled at him. "I'll tell Jen and get the kimonos."

She danced out of the room and Dave started shucking his clothes. Jennifer returned just as he'd gotten his pants and underwear off. She grinned and closed for a kiss, sneaking the opportunity to run her fingers along his cock. Dave stifled a moan. However, it was just a tease, as Jennifer broke the kiss, handed Dave a kimono, and began stripping herself.

It had been, what, five months together? He never tired of watching her body come into view. Legs of a runner, firm and tight. Pale skin with rosy pink areola and nipples. And of course her red hair falling and bouncing across her shoulders and chest as she moved. Conscious of his gaze, Jennifer paused when she was fully nude. Then, smiling, she did a slow 360 turn before grabbing her kimono. She still took his breath away.

Finally, all gathered together and ready, they headed up to the main spa. Check-in went smoothly and they were soon escorted to the Ichiban tub—a small sunken hot tub on a redwood deck, surrounded by trees on two sides and privacy walls on the other two. Dave noted the thinness of the tree branches—the actual ground must be several feet below, keeping them above any potentially spying eyes. He spotted the private sauna entrance and how one wall was movable, potentially expanding the private space to include somewhere else.

Of course, in noting all the details of the space, he almost missed the women disrobing and stepping into the tub. He did get to watch from behind as Jennifer descended, Jen ahead of her and nearly in the water. Great view nonetheless. He and Will were soon within the warm water and each couple drifted to their own side, facing the other. They just soaked—enjoying the warmth of the water, the crispness of the air, the stars, the companionship.

Jen let her legs float up, not quite to the surface, as she admired the sky. The effect was to have her breasts bob at the water line—nipples and areola peeking out and then dropping back in. Her movements were tantalizingly erratic. Sometimes she pulled out of the water to the curve below her breasts. Sometimes not at all. In the shadowed evening, Dave strained to see what he could.

Jennifer playfully poked him in the stomach.

"Jen, you're distracting Dave!" she called out.

Will chuckled while Jen giggled and dropped fully into the water. Dave turned to Jennifer, smiling.

"Jennifer, my love, nothing could ever distract me from you." He held her cheek gently with his hand and kissed her. She beamed, slightly blushing, when the kiss was done. Dave turned back to Jen and Will.

"Just trying to see what I could see," he joked.

Will laughed. "I thought you'd pretty much seen it all by now, my friend."

"Not true! I've never seen enough to know if Jen's a true redhead or not."

General laughter ensued from the others. Jen whispered something in Will's ear. His grin grew broader.

"Go ahead," Will murmured. He was nearly beaming.

Jen turned back to Dave. "Do you really want to know?"

Dave nodded, still going along with the joking. Jen then looked at Jennifer, and got a nod of permission as well.

Jen brought her legs under her into a crouch, and then raised up so that her torso was completely above the surface. Her breasts were indeed a delight, though he had seen most of them before. Full and smooth with nipples now erect from the breeze. She held her position until Dave's eyes traveled up to meet hers. She was breathing a bit more shallowly now.

Then Jen pulled herself up onto the edge of the tub, placed her hands on her knees, and slowly spread her legs wide. Dave's eyes ran from knee to inner thigh to Jen's labia—dark, swollen, and extended. He stifled his laughter.

Jen was completely shaved.

"I guess there is no way to tell," he remarked, never taking his eyes from Jen's treasures.

Will and Jennifer laughed hard. Jen just smiled proudly, holding her pose.

Dave felt Jennifer's hand caress his thigh, then slowly travel to his cock. She ran her fingers over him before taking a firmer grasp. He gasped.

"Jennifer, are you playing with Dave's cock?" Jen asked.

Jennifer responded with a broad grin and the slow nod of her head. She continued gently caressing his shaft.

"He enjoying it?" Jen asked.

Jennifer nodded her head again.

"Well, then we'd better give him the full show!" Jen exclaimed. She began slowly sliding her hands along her thighs, in from her knees. When they got just outside her torso, Jen put her left hand behind her for support, and then used the fingers of her right hand to part her lower lips. She spread them wide for a moment, though at the distance it was too difficult to make out any detail. Then, in an agonizingly slow move, she slid a finger up and onto her clit. She held it there for a heartbeat, then pulled her hand away and slid back into the water.

Dave was rock hard.

Jennifer continued to slide her hand up and down his length, as they watched Will pull Jen onto his lap. One of Will's hands disappeared under the water and they began kissing passionately. Dave turned to Jennifer and her eyes flicked from his eyes to his lips and back. He got the hint. Pulling her close, they began some passionate kissing of their own.

As always, Jennifer's kisses were hot and wet. Dave soon broke from her mouth and began kissing her cheek, then the line of her jaw. He worked his way, tantalizingly slowly, to just behind her ear, where he brushed her skin with his lips feather light. Jennifer shuddered and moaned.

And so did Jen. Dave's eyes flicked up to the other couple. Jen's head was buried in Will's shoulder, with Will gazing back towards him and Jennifer. More Jennifer, really. He met Will's eyes. There was a hunger there—deep desire. Jen just moaned, reacting to whatever Will's hands were doing. Dave broke the eye contact with Will, flicking his eyes away as if conceding a staring contest.

Jennifer had felt his distraction. He could feel her body tense a little, then cool. Dave turned back and kissed her gently. Tenderly. Their eyes met before another kiss. Then they cuddled together.

Across the tub, the motion had stopped as well. Jen was trembling a little, but was not flushed. Will had his arm around her back, holding her as she continued to rest her forehead on his shoulder. Will smiled sheepishly at Jennifer and Dave. Jen slowly turned around, eyes still unfocused yet smoldering. She held a tenseness in her shoulders, unreleased. After a moment, she relaxed and focused, smiling wistfully at Dave and Jennifer.

"I guess I can wait until we get back to the room," she panted.

That drew a round of chuckles.

The conversation was more muted after that. A nervous edge lurked just below topics of other vacations, spas, and whether Will should get his own hot tub or not. They floated and soaked, occasionally pulling partially out of the heat of the water to let the night breeze cool them off. Dave openly admired the ladies' breasts when so exposed, which drew small smiles when he was caught. Since 'lecherous' was absent from his gaze, both Jen and Jennifer took his admiration for what it was. Will's gaze was received the same way as well. Soon the intercom sounded that their time was up and enrobed again, they returned to their cabin.

Dave had just shut the bedroom door behind them when Jennifer bounded onto the bed, her kimono a pile on the floor. She spread her legs and crooked a finger, beckoning. Dave knelt and began kissing her inner thighs. He licked her lower lips and began to run circles around her clit when she touched his shoulders, urging him up.

A mischievous thought struck him.

Dave moved up, but instead of positioning his cock at her entrance, he straddled her torso and placed his cock between her breasts. Jennifer pushed them together, creating a valley, but there was too much friction for meaningful motion. Dave reached down and pulled her hands away, above her head. She held them there, as if tied. They'd played these mild dominance games before. He returned to a full straddle, sliding his cock closer to her mouth.

"You liked teasing me in the hot tub, didn't you?" he leered.

"Yessss. I loved playing with your cock while you looked at Jen."

"You thought it was fun, teasing me?" He brushed her lips with the tip of his cock but pulled back when her tongue snaked out.

"Yessss." She was on the edge of panting.

"Like I'm teasing you now?" Dave slid his shaft closer to her face.

Jennifer met his eyes, smoldering.

Then she winked.

Bringing her hands down to grab his ass, she pulled Dave's erection forward and between her lips. Dave just gasped and then steadied his balance, as Jennifer proceeded to suck and lick. Her eyes danced as she returned the tease.

Eventually the sensation was too much. Dave couldn't remain steady, kneeling above her head. Reluctantly, Jennifer released him. He shifted back and let his cock once again lay between her breasts, still gleaming with her saliva.

Jennifer smiled and pressed her flesh around him once again. This time, there was enough moisture, so he began to move forward and back. Sliding quickly changed to thrusting—Dave already being on the edge. He began to breathe heavier. The image of Jen's open thighs flashed before his eyes and he was spurting—coating Jennifer's breasts and neck with whiteness.

Jennifer grinned. She scooped up a little of his come with her fingers, then licked them clean.

Dave slid down her body to once again nestle his head between Jennifer's thighs. She was very wet and hot. He slid a finger inside, then two, hooking them to caress even deeper. Jennifer moaned. Dave lightly pressed his tongue against the top of her slit, then licked up, parting her labia and then pressing directly against her clit. Jennifer shuddered in response. Dave placed his lips around her clit to provide a little suction and then began to lick her clit in earnest.

Jennifer had been as primed as he was. In just a few moments she began to gasp and moan, then shuddered as her orgasm rolled through her.

Dave cuddled up against her side as she came down, breathing deeply. He idly played with one nipple, still erect. Jennifer just grinned, too content to comment. They lightly kissed, murmuring "I love you's." Dave continued to caress her breast as Jennifer's hand slid over and across his arm and stomach. They drifted in the warmth.

At some point though, the warmth sparked. The kisses shifted from tender to desirous. Dave felt himself hardening and Jennifer began to lightly undulate. He languidly moved his hand south. She was still very wet. Still kissing her, he slowly slid on top of her and then inside.

They rested, barely moving, once his cock was deeply ensheathed. The edge gone, this was about the kissing and about meeting each other, eye to eye, soul to soul. Dave began a very slow, steady motion, with Jennifer rocking her hips to meet his rhythm. She pulled him tight, wrapping her arms around him. He cupped his fingers behind her neck, running them lightly through her hair. And they kissed.

They kissed. Lightly on the lips, then long and deep. Trailed wetness across her cheek to behind her ear, then back to her mouth with a hint of pressure. Deep, full French kisses, Eskimo nose rub kisses, fluttering eyelashes against skin. They kissed, all the while slowly sliding their bodies apart and then merging together again.

Just when it seemed be lost in timelessness, "I want you to come," was whispered in Dave's ear. He grinned at Jennifer, who merely grinned back. Speeding up, Dave began thrusting hard and deep. A few moments later, he was shooting inside her.

"I love you," Jennifer whispered, as he gasped for breath.

"I love you too." Dave pulled out and lay down next to her. Jennifer curled against him, head on his shoulder, one leg draped across. He kissed her forehead and then they slowly drifted off to sleep.

Day Two, Morning

Dawn arrived.

The light slowly oozed around the edges of the blinds, highlighting the dust, gently brightening the room. Dave tossed again. He still couldn't get back to sleep. He gently turned to look at Jennifer. She lay facing him, breathing softly, chest slowly rising and falling. She looked angelic. Slowly, he edged away to the side of the bed and out from under the blankets. Finding the kimono was no problem and he quietly crept out the door, through the darker living room where someone obviously still slumbered on the extended futon, and to the balcony.

He found Jen there, also in a house kimono, sitting back and gazing out over the rail. She smiled at him, but didn't speak. He slid the empty chair close to hers, then joined her in the near empty silence. They listened as the first birds began to call and the sky slowly brightened from greys to blue.

"That was some show last night," Dave casually commented, not quite daring to look Jen in the eye as he spoke.

"It was fun," she replied. "Besides, I've teased you long enough. You deserved to see everything."

Hearing the lightness in her voice, her turned at met her eyes, nodding his head in acknowledgement and appreciation. The silence settled pleasantly and they turned to watch a bird flutter into a nearby tree.

"For a while there, I thought things might go further than just looking," Dave continued. There, he'd raised the subject. He hoped he was keeping the nervousness out of his voice.

"At one point in my life, it might have," she replied. "I like playing sexually with friends. If they are people I like and trust enough to be friends with, I often also find them attractive. It can be a lot of playful fun."

"Playful fun?"

"Sure." Jen let that hang, not explaining.

Dave watched the bird a little longer before turning to face Jen again.

"I noticed you said 'people' and not 'men'."

Jen blushed. "Very observant. Yes, one of my friends was a woman. Two men and one woman." Dave raised his eyebrows, waiting, and Jen plunged on.

"It's not that I was a slut. I wasn't picking up strangers. Each of my friends was—is—someone I cared about and would have wanted in my life even if we weren't playing together. In fact they still are in my life, even though I'm not having sex with anyone but Will. In each case, my friends knew I was seeing and being sexual with other people. And vice versa. We also had agreements that the sexual part of our friendship could be ended by either person at any time for any reason. Like me getting involved with Will.

"Will's a one woman man and he gets jealous," she continued. Oh, he loves it when other guys get turned on looking at me. But he'd freak if it went beyond teasing."

Dave nodded in understanding. He'd never seen Jen be exhibitionistic or flirtatious when Will wasn't around. The guys she teased weren't the real audience.

"Do you want things to go beyond teasing?"

"Well, I'm not sure. I really don't know. I mean, I love Will, and I can't imagine me being with anyone else romantically. We have a deeper connection than anyone else I've dated. But..." she trailed off, searching for words. Dave just sat silently, patiently holding the space.

"There are times," Jen continued, "when a guy will be looking at me, and I can tell he's getting turned on. And I start to get turned on. Sometimes really turned on. And I want to do more than let him look. But then I think of how much that would hurt Will and it kills things.

"I also have fantasies about inviting another person into our bed. I've had a couple of threesomes and they were a lot of fun. But again, I think it would devastate Will."

"Have you talked with him about it?"

"I've tried. But it's hard. We had some discussions early on that didn't go well. Since then, he tenses up whenever I mention that I find another guy hot."

"Maybe you should tell him when you find a girl hot."

Jen chuckled. "Maybe I should."

"I saw Will looking at Jennifer last night," Dave continued. "He does find other women attractive. And most men fantasize about being with two women at the same time. Especially if they're also into each other."

Jen blushed a little again.

"Maybe you should invite another woman into your bed. How could Will object to you fulfilling a fantasy of his?"

"Hmmm. I'll have to think about it."

They drifted back into a comfortable shared silence. The day had continued to brighten with few clouds in sight. A squirrel scampered across some nearby boughs. The crunch of gravel identified a car pulling into an unseen parking lot. A breeze lightly shook the nearby trees.

The balcony door opened behind them and Will came out. He didn't look quite alert and was just wearing sweatpants. He kissed Jen on the cheek and then nuzzled her neck.

"You distracting Dave again? Making his morning hard?" Will was smiling at his own joke but Dave tensed.

Jen just smiled and pulled Will in for a kiss on the lips. "We're just enjoying the morning," she said, parting from the kiss, still smiling at Will. "But now that you're up, how about we take a shower?"

Will helped pull her to her feet and they headed back inside holding hands. They nodded at Dave and he gave them a little wave as an okay gesture and then turned back to watch the birds. The sound of water through pipes soon joined the ambience.

The door behind him opened again. Jennifer slid her hands past his shoulders and down his chest a little, then squeezed. He took her hands in his and returned the squeeze, then turned and pulled her into his lap. She kissed him affectionately, and then cuddled in, her head on his shoulder. Dave caressed her hair as they just sat, enjoying.

Eventually the sound of running water stopped. They headed inside to take their own turn at the shower.

Day Two, Afternoon

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