Baby Pills

by Lokis Advisor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A susscesful young english couple are having a rocky time everytime childern are mentioned. It funny how providnce can hand a solution to you when you least expect it.

Lisa and Gavin had been married for three years now. Lisa had a very well paid job as a lawyer working for a big Japanese accounting firm based in London. Gavin was a successful IT professional working for a medical research firm based in West Sussex, but on call to everywhere

All their friends thought that they were a match made in heaven.

Lisa has long straight lustrous brown hair, big expressive green eyes, 5'8" tall, fine figure, and a fine enquiring mind. Nice 34C boobs, a small waist, generous hips and a fine rounded arse that flowed down to a really graceful pair of legs.

Gavin was a hunk. 6'2" the well built musculature of a serious athlete. University athletics and Rugby during the winter His sandy blond hair and good looks as well as a surprisingly caring personality made him an oddity in his chosen field of computing.

For the first two years of married life all was a picture of happiness. Sex sex sex and more sex; David, Gavin's best friend, was sure that both of them were going to wear it out, though a 7 1/2 cock takes a bit to wear down. A fine sensitive wet pussy like Lisa's is also something that needs constant attention as well, or so it seems and Gavin was determined to make sure that it got a lot of attention.

How did David know this? It was from the countless times that he called around to their apartment to collect David for their weekly football game or some other activity and found them screwing their brains out on the couch, kitchen table, hallway stand, laundry and even on the TV once as they didn't make it to the couch. David just shook his head and waited till they had finished.

It had gotten so bad at first that David had to shag his girlfriend till he had drained his balls before he went around, as after seeing Gavin and his hottie Lisa going hard at it he would have a hardon that kept him from being any use to anyone. Still some times seeing Lisa naked with Gav's fat cock pounding away in her wet tight pussy was more that he could stand and David would have a quick wank while the happily occupied couple finished. Lisa would always wail like a banshee for minutes before she orgasmed, so he always knew how long he had to get himself finished off before they would look up and find him there waiting. All of them had long got passed the embarrassed looks phase and Gavin was sure that both of them had a strong exhibisitionist streak in them.

Time passed and David noticed that he was catching "a show" less and less often. Now and then Lisa would occasionally seem cold and distant to Gavin while David was around instead of the hot sex fiend that she had been.

What's up? David asked of his best mate. "Not me" of late was his friend's reply. "Come on down the pub and burden me with your troubles" offered David.

As it transpired two months ago both Gavin and Lisa had started suffering work pressures real bad. Lisa as doing 12-14 hours days in her office in the city and Gavin was being sent around half the country to the firms research labs on a big network project and sometime was away for days at a time. "Mind you with the hours Lisa is working and the mood she comes home in I am sometimes grateful" said David.

"So aren't you getting it on like you used to?" asked David.

"No its not that, Lisa still has me trying to get my cock to come out of her mouth as often as possible but both of us are just to stuffed during the week and want some sort of life on the weekend so it has dropped off a fair bit." "Just before you came we were having a good cuddle and a chat talking about all sorts of things and for some reason I mentioned kids and you would have sworn that I put a frozen Popsicle up her pussy." "She practically jumped away from me like I was diseased leper and stared ranting about how she couldn't have kids as it would kill her career, and why did I want t tie her down with ankle biters"

David took a pull from his beer and said "hang on when you got married Lisa chewed my ear about how she wanted four kids and how she would be a baby factory real soon" "Yeah said Gavin, from the plans we made when we got hitched, it was supposed to be about now that Lisa was planning on us making our first and I was sure looking forward to helping that process along"

"Gav old mate" David said "It seems that Lisa has developed a problem there that you will have to work out with her or it will just cause bigger problems in the future"

Gavin took David's words quite seriously and over the next month tried to talk to Lisa about kids and her reaction to the subject. All that happened was that they would have an awful row and Lisa would flat refuse to discuss it.

Gavin brooded on the problem, as he loved the thought of kids and could not think of anyone that he would want to have them with but Lisa.

It was amazing how providence comes along to help some days. Gavin was sent to one of the labs that work mainly on contraception and fertility problems not that Gavin would have cared two bits about this normally. However the day that Gavin was diagnosing a network fault in the storage room (where else are the vital network switches in a company kept) the factory foreman came in with two large boxes.

"It's a bastard having to store this shit in here but I haven't anywhere else to put them he said to Gavin" "What are they?" asked Gavin. "Fake samples of the contraceptives we make" said the foreman "You know the one's you see in the doctor's surgery in a resin block so that they can show women what they look like and what to do with them"

"Isn't it expensive to waste that much product?" Gavin asked. "Nah they are just sugar pills coloured correctly" replied the foreman. "We have to keep these ones separate as the stupid printers forgot to put "sample only" on the packets and we really wouldn't want them mixed up with the real thing would we?" he smiled at Gavin and walked away.

You would swear that a 500watt light bulb went off above Gavin's head and in a few seconds Gavin had located 12 packets of the pills that Lisa used. Not exactly sure about what he was going to do with them he put them in a bag, taped it shut and hid it in his toolbox.

That evening Gavin tried again to talk to Lisa about these issues (after cooking dinner and drinking a bottle of wine) and got firmly rebuffed yet again. Lisa just said no. Gavin asked her about when her feeling about children changed so much. That hit home. Lisa got a small wistful look on her face and said that her feeling had not changed but that currently children would be a big career killer for her and he boss would relegate her to office girl work if she got pregnant.

Gavin was seriously pissed off now. What the hell does her boss have to do with how we run our lives, he thought. I will show him just what is what, and if he does anything to harm Lisa's career, well then we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

After Lisa had gone to bed and was snoring Gavin got up and went to his tool box. Out came the fake pills and a quick trip to the bathroom had Lisa's pills out and gone down the toilet. The fake ones with the right ones popped out to be the same point in her cycle were quickly replaced in the right spot. Gavin took out the next 5 months of real pills and after marking them with a small mark so he would know which were which put them in his toolbox. A quick substitution of fakes and Lisa would never know better till it was way to late.

Gavin using his access to company data found that most women would take three cycles to clear the effect of the contraceptives that Lisa had been taking. Ok Gavin thought I can be patient and threw himself into work with a view to making sure that in three months time he was going to be home on time a lot.

Lisa however was being swamped with work. The accounting firm that she worked for had links to Enron and Andersons and were working fast to stay out of trouble. Lisa found that she was even forced to stay some nights at the office as there was so much to do sleeping in the small flat that the senior executives had had installed. Gavin who himself was busy did not notice this as he was often elsewhere with his work.

Weekends were a godsend for both of them and both made sure to be home and as usual plenty of hot wet hard sex was on the menu. Gavin was sure that this part of their lives had brightened since he had switched the pills. Gavin was also taking careful note of when he thought that Lisa was ovulating so that he could be sure to maximise the chances of knocking her up. As well being the considerate soul he didn't mention kids again just to keep things quiet and comfortable in the home.

Finally the time was up this week was the first chance to knock Lisa up. Gavin figured that Wednesday was the day and to make sure that Lisa was home he got tickets for one of her favourite bands and arranged a dinner making sure that Lisa knew well in advance about it so she would be home on time.

The night went well food, wine and music and when they got home Lisa dragged Gavin through the door and pushed him onto the couch. Her little black dress was unzipped and slithered out of in seconds and Gavin could see that her sexy micro panties were dripping wet. In an effort of self preservation he quickly took off his pants and presented his rock hard cock to Lisa. Lust and a hunting predator look were all he could see in her face as she went down and took his cock in her mouth. Her green eyes flashing in mad lust and desire. Gavin knew that this was also being helped by her body pushing her now fertile state along trying to get her mate to help her fertilise the egg that was just now being released from her right ovary.

She spun around and jammed her crotch in his face and without having any mind reading abilities Gavin drew off her panties (she knew he loved to do that) and tossed them aside. He then buried his tongue as far up her fertile sopping wet pussy as far as possible. Lisa took her mouth from his dick to groan while Gavin tried to get his whole face into her pussy.

At this point Gavin was holding in his heavy load of baby making sperm by some miracle of willpower as he wanted it to go only where it would do the most good (or bad). As a last ditch effort Gavin started tongue fucking her back brown button which put Lisa over the top in to a bone shaking orgasm. Thank god she took her mouth off him just before it was too late and he went over the top.

Moving back over him with the lust burning in her eyes Lisa mounted him in a quick squishy movement that drove Gavin down into the couch. Gavin was worried that Lisa was so wet that even the massive load that he had stored up was going to be washed out of her by the almost fountain of wetness that was running down out of her frantically driving cunt and down over his balls.

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