Missy: Becoming a Mommy Again

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Missy and Will have just married. She has children from a previous marriage but on her wedding night to Will, she wants one thing -- a new baby with him.

Missy was one of those women who remained beautiful, sexy and very desirable even when she slipped into her late 30s and early 40s. She'd been married once before and had two children by her first marriage. That marriage had ended due to domestic abuse by her husband and Missy had gotten a divorce and taken herself and her two children out of the reach of her violent husband. She'd been a single mother for a few years and then she'd met Will, an attractive man a few years younger than her who just quickly fell in love with.

Missy had a very pretty face and her figure and her appearance belied her actual age. She took good care of herself and it was easy not only for Will to fall in love with her, but he had noticed her first when he'd seen her walking out of a movie theater one evening. It had been during the spring and he'd immediately noticed the nice size and shape of Missy's sexy breasts and her pretty honey blonde hair. Will had quickly made contact with her and they'd begun dating and in a matter of months they got married. Will had shown Missy that he loved her two children and he'd easily passed the "fatherhood test" that had been one of Missy's top prerequisites for any future man she would spend her life with.

When Missy and Will had become serious in their dating and then it had become obvious that they were seriously falling in love, Will made the necessary moves and one night he and Missy made love for their first time. It had been an experience that Missy hadn't had in a long time, and Will had never been to bed with a woman as sexy as Missy was with him.

The first time Missy and Will fucked, it was a spur-of-the-moment quickie that just seemed the thing to do one evening when Will had come over to take Missy to dinner. She'd gotten a neighbor to watch her kids and she was all dressed for their dinner date when Will took her in his arms and began kissing Missy so sexily and hotly that the next thing she knew, Will had her dress unzipped and pulled off of her upper body. He got her bra unfastened and was sucking on her sexy big breasts and then he threw her dress skirt up and before she knew what she was really doing, Missy had Will's hard cock in her hand and was guiding his cockhead up into her very horny and already wet pussy. Missy moaned and fucked back into Will's strong penetrating thrusts to let him know that she wanted his cock as badly as he obviously wanted her hot wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Will, ohhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss," moaned Missy as Will drove his hard thick cock in and out of her pussy until she began orgasming on his rampaging dick. He kept on shoving his cock inside her until he knew he was about to climax and then he pulled his cock out and struggled to keep from spurting his hot thick jism all over Missy's nice dress. He shot his cum load into his outstretched hand and when he'd finished shooting, Missy took Will's hand in hers and she licked up every single drop of his cum and licked his palm clean. Then, Will leaned over and looked Missy in the eyes, as he said, "Missy, baby, I love you so much." Will helped Missy get cleaned up and dressed again and they made it to their dinner date on time and enjoyed sitting there and whispering about what they'd done before coming to the restaurant.

Only a few months later, Will and Missy had married and he'd moved into her home while they planned and considered whether they wanted to remain there, buy another home or possibly build. One thing Missy definitely knew she wanted to do and she asked Will on their wedding night to see if he agreed with her. Missy wanted to get pregnant again and she wanted to start trying that very night.

"Baby, I want whatever you want," Will said as he stood there talking to Missy as she made his cock hard in the beautiful see-through negligee she'd bought just for their wedding night. Will could easily tell that Missy was totally naked underneath the negligee and he was standing there wearing only a pair of boxer shorts that might as well have been called "a tent for Will's hard cock" since his horny hardon was pushing out tightly against the fabric of his boxers and a huge wet pre-cum spot was already soaking through the material.

Will loved how Missy's sexy dark nipples were showing plainly through the translucent material of her negligee and he could see the outline of her shaved bald pussy lips there in between the vee of her thighs.

"Will, I want you to fuck me tonight and I want you to shoot your cum deep inside me and give us a baby together. I want that and I've been dreaming of that since the night I first met you," Missy said. "Honey, I love you more than I've ever loved any other man in my life, and I want your baby."

Will walked over and took Missy in a loving embrace, pulling her sexy body against his and letting her feel how hard and ready he was to make love to her. He loved the feel of her full sexy breasts pressed firmly against his body, and their lips met in a lovers' kiss that quickly kindled their mutual desire and sexual fire for each other. Will's hand slid up between their bodies, and he cupped Missy's right breast through the material of her negligee, but he reached down and pulled the negligee off over his new bride's head.

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