Hungry For Susan

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Incompetent salesman sells his wife into white-slavery to keep his job. Wife is then sold from brothel to brothel until she is rescued by Hungry Guy. But has she really been rescued? Read the story to find out...

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Foreword: This story was written at the request of a fan. This is a work of fiction. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.

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Owen woke up with a boner. "Sue," he whispered as he woke his sleeping wife. "Let me fuck you in the ass before I leave on my trip." His wife never let him, but he never gave up hope. He knew he'll be away from home on business for the next 20 days, and he knew that she'd be over her anger at him by then, so it was worth a shot.

"Owen," she yawed. "No kiss? No snuggle? Just, 'Let me fuck you in the ass'?"

"Yeah!" he leered.

"You got a case! Can't you ever get me hot first? And then cool me down after? You always just bang me and then roll over and go to sleep."

"Yeah! What else is there?" he mocked.

She sighed and suggested, "Why don't you go down on me? That would heat me up so good!"

"Not that again!" he moaned. "That's perverted!"

She huffed and said, "Enjoy your business trip, Owen." Then she rolled back to sleep.

Owen dressed and left without another word to his wife. He arrived at the office and stopped into the boss's office to get any last-minute sales leads so as to be able to make a few cold calls before he left.

"Have a seat, Owen," the boss said in the voice of a big husky black man whom, somehow, looked out of place in a suit and tie.

"What's up, Duane?" Owen asked.

"You know your sales were way down last month?"

"Yeah, Duane. I know, but I can't help the way the economy is."

"You always say that, Owen. I get tired of hearing it." Duane slid a manila file folder across the desk to Owen. "Here's some sales leads. Go get 'em, tiger!"

Owen took the file and headed to his office where he spent the next few hours making cold calls.

At around noon, Owen checked his watch. "Time for lunch," he said absentmindedly. Owen walked back over to the boss's office and stopped in again.

"What's up Owen?"

"I was just about to go for lunch before I left on my route. Care to join me? I'm buying!"

Duane shrugged, "Sure, why not? Since you're buying."

They stopped in the bar down the street. They found and empty table and a waitress came up to them. "What you boys having?" she asked.

"I'll have you!" Owen said.

"Make that two!" Duane added.

"I'm not on the menu, boys," she giggled. "How about a beer?"

"Beer's fine," Duane said.

She headed back to the bar to get their beers.

"So, Duane," Owen said. "You still into that BDSM shit?"

"Yeah," Duane answered. "I just traded my old slave for a new one! Say, how's your wife?"

"I dunno. She's okay I guess. She was still sleeping when I left for work this morning. Why do you keep asking about my wife?" Owen asked.

"Man! I'd love to own your wife as my slave! Redheads really turn me on!"

"Ha! I'd give anything to watch you bang the shit out of Susan! Always nagging me to go down on her, but never gives me what I want. I wish I could sell her to you, man!" Owen glanced at a buxom woman sitting at the bar. "I'd go for a piece that that ass over there in a flash! But, you know Sue's a good mother to the kids and everything."

The waitress came by with their beers. "That'll be six dollars gents. Who's paying?"

"I am," Owen said, and slid his chair away from the table. "Here's a ten, but you gotta sit on my lap if you want it."

She turned her back to him and sat on his lap, putting her arm around his shoulder.

"Okay, where's my tip?"

"Here," Owen said and slid the ten down her cleavage.

"Now, before you leave," Owen said, "what's on the lunch menu today, honey?"

Duane and Owen gave the waitress their lunch order. She got up from Owen's lap and headed off to the kitchen.

Owen left on his regional sales route after lunch. His route kept him away from home about 20 days each month.

Three weeks later, Owen returned to the office late in the afternoon and stopped into Duane's office.

Duane looked up as Owen dropped his customer orders on Duane's desk.

Duane picked up the pack of orders and shuffled through them. "Sales still down again? What did I tell you three weeks ago?"

"C'mon Duane! You know I can't help the way the economy is!"

"Yeah, right..." Duane muttered and kept looking through the papers.

"What the fuck!" Duane sputtered.

"What?" Owen asked, timidly.

"You lost the Megatelco account?"

"They found a cheaper supplier."

"Why didn't you call me, Owen?"

"The buyer didn't want to start haggling between suppliers. And our margin was already pretty slim with them. What would a bidding war have gotten us? C'mon, Duane, it's almost five, let's stop for a drink. I'm buying!"

"Sure, Owen," Duane agreed.

They headed back down to their regular hangout.

"Look Owen," Duane began. "I gotta tell you. It's getting harder and harder to justify you to the boss upstairs, you know? He's going to hit the roof when he hears about Megatelco, if he hasn't already..."

"Hey Duane," Owen interrupted. "Feel like getting laid? Whad'ya say we stop at Lolita's Funhouse after dinner? Maybe you'll get that redhead again."

"Yeah, sounds good," Duane agreed.

When Owen arrived at the office the next morning, Duane called him into the office.

"What's up, Duane?" Owen asked.

"The big boss says I gotta drop some headcount. After losing Megatelco, the business is going to be hurting."

"But boss..." Owen stammered.

"Look, Owen. You want to keep your job?"

"Of course!"

"I want your wife!"

"You want Susan?"

"I want to own her, man! Make her my slave! For life!"

"Yeah, I know you do!" Owen laughed.

"I'm serious this time, man!"

"C'mon, Duane," Owen said, "She's my wife. She's got a great body. Nice tits, man! One of these days, I know she's going to let me fuck her in the ass."

Duane persisted, "You keep telling me how you wish you were free to fuck around, right?"

"Well, yeah!"

"I'll even send you the photos of me banging her eyes out!"

"Wow!" Owen gasped. "I mean, I don't know. She's my wife and all..."

"Your job?" Duane asked. "Or your wife?"

Owen thought for a moment. "Can I be there the first time you fuck her to watch? Man! She's so sexy! If only she wasn't so damn frigid! You know how much that'll turn me on to watch you bang the shit out of her? Maybe even make a video? You know, to remember her by?"

"Yeah, I know your fantasies too well, man!" Duane said with a grin. "You told me once how turned on you'd to see her gang-banged. Listen, man, we can both bang her together when you give her to me! So, c'mon! You want to keep your job, right?"

A big grin formed on Owen's face. "It's a deal!" he said.


Susan D'Antonio hadn't seen her husband for over 20 days. His sales job sent him across the country for weeks at a time. When she heard the door open and his familiar footfalls step across the floor, she set the wood spoon in the simmering pot of spaghetti and rushed out to give him a big bear hug. "I missed you, dear."

"I missed you to, honey. In fact, I have a special surprise for you. We're going out for dinner. C'mon! Get ready!"

"Owen!" Susan smiled. "This isn't like you, but let me tell the kids and I'll be ready in a minute."

Susan went into the living room. "Steven!" Susan called out. "Jennifer!"

The kids came tromping downstairs. "What, mom?" they asked together.

"Your dad and I are going out for dinner."

"Awww, we got to get a babysitter?" Steven whined.

"We didn't have time to get one," Susan said. "But you're a big boy now. We'll be gone for just a couple of hours. You watch your sister and be good, okay?"

"What?" Jennifer whined. "Steven is going to be my babysitter? That's not fair!"

"You be good, Jennifer, okay?" Susan insisted. "Listen to your brother. We'll be back soon."

"Oh, okay," they both whined together.

Later that evening, Owen and Susan walked into Le M'cher Et Avaler," the most exclusive French restaurant in the city.

The host escorted them to a table. There was a big black man and a tall, well-proportioned white woman already sitting there. Her shoulder-length, wavy, blonde hair was quite becoming. Susan recognized Owen's boss, Duane, but not the woman with him.

Owen and Susan took a seat at the table, and Susan was immediately self-conscious at the way Duane glared at her, scanning her body up and down slowly and lecherously, despite the presence of his date.

Susan found it odd that Duane didn't introduce his date. Her fashion sense seemed even odder to Susan. Susan had never seen a spiked dog collar used as a fashion statement before.

Dinner passed uneventfully, with the three of them, Susan, Owen, and Duane making light conversation. Duane's date was strangely silent the whole time.

Dinner ended soon enough and they left the restaurant and started to head home. Susan had been feeling queasy ever since she finished her first drink, and had to sit for a moment just outside.

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