Hungry For Susan

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Incompetent salesman sells his wife into white-slavery to keep his job. Wife is then sold from brothel to brothel until she is rescued by Hungry Guy. But has she really been rescued? Read the story to find out...

Photo By: Roman Girl

Foreword: This story was written at the request of a fan. This is a work of fiction. None of these events ever happened. This story is nothing more than words that came from my imagination. Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.

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Owen woke up with a boner. "Sue," he whispered as he woke his sleeping wife. "Let me fuck you in the ass before I leave on my trip." His wife never let him, but he never gave up hope. He knew he'll be away from home on business for the next 20 days, and he knew that she'd be over her anger at him by then, so it was worth a shot.

"Owen," she yawed. "No kiss? No snuggle? Just, 'Let me fuck you in the ass'?"

"Yeah!" he leered.

"You got a case! Can't you ever get me hot first? And then cool me down after? You always just bang me and then roll over and go to sleep."

"Yeah! What else is there?" he mocked.

She sighed and suggested, "Why don't you go down on me? That would heat me up so good!"

"Not that again!" he moaned. "That's perverted!"

She huffed and said, "Enjoy your business trip, Owen." Then she rolled back to sleep.

Owen dressed and left without another word to his wife. He arrived at the office and stopped into the boss's office to get any last-minute sales leads so as to be able to make a few cold calls before he left.

"Have a seat, Owen," the boss said in the voice of a big husky black man whom, somehow, looked out of place in a suit and tie.

"What's up, Duane?" Owen asked.

"You know your sales were way down last month?"

"Yeah, Duane. I know, but I can't help the way the economy is."

"You always say that, Owen. I get tired of hearing it." Duane slid a manila file folder across the desk to Owen. "Here's some sales leads. Go get 'em, tiger!"

Owen took the file and headed to his office where he spent the next few hours making cold calls.

At around noon, Owen checked his watch. "Time for lunch," he said absentmindedly. Owen walked back over to the boss's office and stopped in again.

"What's up Owen?"

"I was just about to go for lunch before I left on my route. Care to join me? I'm buying!"

Duane shrugged, "Sure, why not? Since you're buying."

They stopped in the bar down the street. They found and empty table and a waitress came up to them. "What you boys having?" she asked.

"I'll have you!" Owen said.

"Make that two!" Duane added.

"I'm not on the menu, boys," she giggled. "How about a beer?"

"Beer's fine," Duane said.

She headed back to the bar to get their beers.

"So, Duane," Owen said. "You still into that BDSM shit?"

"Yeah," Duane answered. "I just traded my old slave for a new one! Say, how's your wife?"

"I dunno. She's okay I guess. She was still sleeping when I left for work this morning. Why do you keep asking about my wife?" Owen asked.

"Man! I'd love to own your wife as my slave! Redheads really turn me on!"

"Ha! I'd give anything to watch you bang the shit out of Susan! Always nagging me to go down on her, but never gives me what I want. I wish I could sell her to you, man!" Owen glanced at a buxom woman sitting at the bar. "I'd go for a piece that that ass over there in a flash! But, you know Sue's a good mother to the kids and everything."

The waitress came by with their beers. "That'll be six dollars gents. Who's paying?"

"I am," Owen said, and slid his chair away from the table. "Here's a ten, but you gotta sit on my lap if you want it."

She turned her back to him and sat on his lap, putting her arm around his shoulder.

"Okay, where's my tip?"

"Here," Owen said and slid the ten down her cleavage.

"Now, before you leave," Owen said, "what's on the lunch menu today, honey?"

Duane and Owen gave the waitress their lunch order. She got up from Owen's lap and headed off to the kitchen.

Owen left on his regional sales route after lunch. His route kept him away from home about 20 days each month.

Three weeks later, Owen returned to the office late in the afternoon and stopped into Duane's office.

Duane looked up as Owen dropped his customer orders on Duane's desk.

Duane picked up the pack of orders and shuffled through them. "Sales still down again? What did I tell you three weeks ago?"

"C'mon Duane! You know I can't help the way the economy is!"

"Yeah, right..." Duane muttered and kept looking through the papers.

"What the fuck!" Duane sputtered.

"What?" Owen asked, timidly.

"You lost the Megatelco account?"

"They found a cheaper supplier."

"Why didn't you call me, Owen?"

"The buyer didn't want to start haggling between suppliers. And our margin was already pretty slim with them. What would a bidding war have gotten us? C'mon, Duane, it's almost five, let's stop for a drink. I'm buying!"

"Sure, Owen," Duane agreed.

They headed back down to their regular hangout.

"Look Owen," Duane began. "I gotta tell you. It's getting harder and harder to justify you to the boss upstairs, you know? He's going to hit the roof when he hears about Megatelco, if he hasn't already..."

"Hey Duane," Owen interrupted. "Feel like getting laid? Whad'ya say we stop at Lolita's Funhouse after dinner? Maybe you'll get that redhead again."

"Yeah, sounds good," Duane agreed.

When Owen arrived at the office the next morning, Duane called him into the office.

"What's up, Duane?" Owen asked.

"The big boss says I gotta drop some headcount. After losing Megatelco, the business is going to be hurting."

"But boss..." Owen stammered.

"Look, Owen. You want to keep your job?"

"Of course!"

"I want your wife!"

"You want Susan?"

"I want to own her, man! Make her my slave! For life!"

"Yeah, I know you do!" Owen laughed.

"I'm serious this time, man!"

"C'mon, Duane," Owen said, "She's my wife. She's got a great body. Nice tits, man! One of these days, I know she's going to let me fuck her in the ass."

Duane persisted, "You keep telling me how you wish you were free to fuck around, right?"

"Well, yeah!"

"I'll even send you the photos of me banging her eyes out!"

"Wow!" Owen gasped. "I mean, I don't know. She's my wife and all..."

"Your job?" Duane asked. "Or your wife?"

Owen thought for a moment. "Can I be there the first time you fuck her to watch? Man! She's so sexy! If only she wasn't so damn frigid! You know how much that'll turn me on to watch you bang the shit out of her? Maybe even make a video? You know, to remember her by?"

"Yeah, I know your fantasies too well, man!" Duane said with a grin. "You told me once how turned on you'd to see her gang-banged. Listen, man, we can both bang her together when you give her to me! So, c'mon! You want to keep your job, right?"

A big grin formed on Owen's face. "It's a deal!" he said.


Susan D'Antonio hadn't seen her husband for over 20 days. His sales job sent him across the country for weeks at a time. When she heard the door open and his familiar footfalls step across the floor, she set the wood spoon in the simmering pot of spaghetti and rushed out to give him a big bear hug. "I missed you, dear."

"I missed you to, honey. In fact, I have a special surprise for you. We're going out for dinner. C'mon! Get ready!"

"Owen!" Susan smiled. "This isn't like you, but let me tell the kids and I'll be ready in a minute."

Susan went into the living room. "Steven!" Susan called out. "Jennifer!"

The kids came tromping downstairs. "What, mom?" they asked together.

"Your dad and I are going out for dinner."

"Awww, we got to get a babysitter?" Steven whined.

"We didn't have time to get one," Susan said. "But you're a big boy now. We'll be gone for just a couple of hours. You watch your sister and be good, okay?"

"What?" Jennifer whined. "Steven is going to be my babysitter? That's not fair!"

"You be good, Jennifer, okay?" Susan insisted. "Listen to your brother. We'll be back soon."

"Oh, okay," they both whined together.

Later that evening, Owen and Susan walked into Le M'cher Et Avaler," the most exclusive French restaurant in the city.

The host escorted them to a table. There was a big black man and a tall, well-proportioned white woman already sitting there. Her shoulder-length, wavy, blonde hair was quite becoming. Susan recognized Owen's boss, Duane, but not the woman with him.

Owen and Susan took a seat at the table, and Susan was immediately self-conscious at the way Duane glared at her, scanning her body up and down slowly and lecherously, despite the presence of his date.

Susan found it odd that Duane didn't introduce his date. Her fashion sense seemed even odder to Susan. Susan had never seen a spiked dog collar used as a fashion statement before.

Dinner passed uneventfully, with the three of them, Susan, Owen, and Duane making light conversation. Duane's date was strangely silent the whole time.

Dinner ended soon enough and they left the restaurant and started to head home. Susan had been feeling queasy ever since she finished her first drink, and had to sit for a moment just outside.

"Are you okay, honey?" Owen asked his wife.

"I'll be fine, but can you drive the car around while I wait here?"

Owen and Duane walked out to the parking lot together, leaving Susan alone with Duane's date. Susan was about to ask her why she was so quiet when Owen and Duane pulled up in front of them in Duane's black van.

Susan was feeling queasy as Duane and Owen helped her into the back of the van and laid her down on the plush carpeted floor.

"Honey?" Susan asked. "Why are we going with Duane? Can't we just go home?"

Owen didn't answer. Instead, he gently caressed her arms and legs. But she sensed something odd when she heard clicking noises and felt something cold touching her wrists and ankles. She gasped when she tried to move, finding that she was bound, spread-eagle, on the floor of the van.

Trying to scream, the scream wouldn't come out over the queasy sensation in her gut. Eventually, the world became blurry and went black.

Susan awoke on her back in bed. Furthermore, she was completely nude. Looking around, she saw she was in a windowless basement room with a closed door on the far wall.

"Owen!" Susan called out. "Help! Please!"

A few minutes later, the door opened and the three of them entered: Owen, Duane, and that quiet woman from dinner.

The woman was carrying a video camera on a tripod. She set it up near the door and pointed the camera at the bed on which Susan was lying.

"Leave us, Cunt," Duane said to the girl.

"Yes, Master," she whispered and left the room.

Owen and Duane approached the bed. "Owen, which hole do you want to fuck? Her mouth or her pussy?" Duane asked.

"No!" Susan begged. "Please, Owen! Don't do this to me!"

"Shut up, Slut!" Duane scolded and slapped her across the face.

"I told you she's a goody two-shoes. No fun in bed at all! Never wants to let me fuck her ass. Well, I'm fucking her in the ass now! She's never been mouth-fucked either! I'd love to see her get it in the mouth too!"

"Both ends at once!" Duane bellowed. "You do her ass and I'll do her mouth."

Both men laughed and came up to Susan. Duane reconnected her ankle chains to two rings in the ceiling over the bed so that her legs were lifted straight up and apart with her ass cheeks spread from the tension.

The two men then began to undress. Sue had seen Owen naked many times, but the sight of Duane made her gasp. She never imagined a man's cock could be so huge. But this one was black, and ugly, and filthy looking. His hairy balls wiggled as his black cock grew even bigger as he walked closer to the bed on which she was strung up.

Owen, of course, grabbed her ass she maneuvered his cock toward her bottom.

Next, Duane swung a leg over her chest and straddled her head. His black thighs straddled her head with his smelly crotch hovering over her face. His huge black member dangled from his groin directly toward her face, pre-cum seeping from the slit at its tip.

"Open your fucking mouth, Slut!"

Susan clamped her mouth shut, refusing to admit that filthy thing into her mouth. Duane merely reached down and pinched her jaw open. Duane then lowered his bulk onto her body, sliding his cock into her mouth.

He hadn't even slid it in half way when her gagging reflex forced her to start choking and bucking under him. The pain was incredible when, a moment later, he fully settled his weight on her, forcing the full length of his cock past her throat and down her esophagus.

He immediately began fucking her mouth, pounding her jaw with his pelvis. The huge mass of flesh down her throat caused a burning and ripping sensation in her throat that felt like the muscle of her neck was about to tear open.

On top of that, Owen was pressing the head of his cock against her anus. She clamped the muscle as tightly as she could, but the brutal mouth fucking that she was receiving made it hard for her to concentrate.

Suddenly, pain shot through her bowels as Duane's cock slipped into her asshole. She had never known such excruciating pain before.

Her body bucked against her bonds, despite Duane's weight on her skull, as both men pounded her over and over.

The pain from being fucked in the mouth combines with the pain from being fucked in the ass was too much to bear. Never before, had Susan wished to die just so the pain of the moment would end.

Soon enough, Duane began to moan rhythmically, "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

A moment later, he slid his gigantic cock out of her mouth, dripping with cum. At once, the pungent, salty taste of the sticky goop that coated her mouth assailed her tongue.

Duane knelt there, straddling her head as she stared up unto his black hairy balls and ass crack. At that moment, Owen began coming, moaning as he slammed his hips against her ass.

Duane finally climbed off her and walked over to the camera buzzing on the side of the room, and waited.

Owen finally finished and pulled his cock out of her asshole.

Sue lay there panting at the wonderful relief of the absence of pain.

Duane fiddled with the camera for a second and removed a videocassette.

"Here, bro," Duane said as he handed the cassette to Owen. "To remember your slut wife by."

Both men dressed and left the room, plunging Susan into utter darkness.

Owen popped his had back into the door one last time as a slice of light from the outer room shone in through the door. "Sue, I'll make sure the kids go to college like we promised each other." Then he was gone.

Susan lay there, reeling at how her husband had just betrayed her.

Catching her wind, she began screaming, "Help me! Someone outside! Help me!"

A minute later, the door opened again and that strange woman entered the room.

"Shhhh," she whispered. "Don't scream or Master will punish you."

She began to clean up the mess on the bed under Susan's ass.

"What?" Susan gasped. "What master?"

"Master Duane! Your old master sold you to my master."

"What are you talking about?"

"You belong to Master Duane now, Slut"

"What? Quick, unlock these cuffs before he comes down! Please!"

"I can't unlock your cuffs, Slut," Cunt said. "And I wouldn't if I could."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Cunt."

"What?" Susan gasped.

"I'm Cunt," Cunt repeated.

"What do you mean? What's your name?"

"My name is 'Cunt'. That's what Master Duane changed my name to after he bought me."

"He bought you? Where?"

"At a BDSM club in New York. I think the name was 'Edge Play'."

"Do you have a real name?" Susan asked.

"But Slut, that is my real name," Cunt said.

"Please stop calling me 'Slut.' My name is Susan."

"Master Duane changed your name, too. Your name is 'Slut'."

"Shit!" Susan muttered.

"No, not shit," Cunt said innocently. "Slut!"

A moment later, Duane poked his head in the door. "Cunt, finish cleaning that mess and come upstairs and make my dinner! Now!"

"Don't worry, Slut," Cunt said. "I'll be back after dinner. Master will probably want to fuck you after dinner."

Again, Susan was plunged into darkness. She struggled against the steel shackles attached to her wrists and ankles. Hours passed before she was visited again.

The door opened and Duane entered the room, followed by Cunt. "Hi, Slut," he said. "I just need a good fuck before I go to bed."

Duane turned to Cunt and said, "Get her wet for me, Cunt."

Cunt knelt at the foot of the bed and leaned down placing her face between Susan's legs. Susan gasped when she realized that another woman was about to go down on her.

Susan felt Cunt's lips brush against her outer pussy lips. Then Cunt slid her tongue into Susan's vulva and began licking her most private parts. Cunt flicked Susan's clit with her tongue and began to suck gently on the little nub. Though Susan had never before experienced oral sex, it was obvious that Cunt was enjoying going down on Susan. Susan had become very wet quite quickly and was on the verge of orgasm when Duane said, "Stop, Cunt."

Cunt stepped away from Susan while Susan lay there panting on the verge of coming. Owen immediately climbed on top of Susan and plunged his hard member into her pre-wetted vagina.

As Duane pumped her, Susan could feel the tension growing inside her thighs where Cunt had left off. She desperately didn't want to orgasm for this man, but her body betrayed her, and she began quaking against her bounds almost immediately.

"Oh! You're a lusty one, Slut! I'm going to enjoy owning you!" Duane said with a laugh as he lay on top of her.

Duane then lowered his head onto her shoulder and relaxed his body on top of hers.

"Mmmm," he moaned. "This is so comfortable. I could just go to sleep right on top of you, Slut."

Susan struggled to breathe under the man's weight pressing down on her chest.

"Please." Susan gasped. "I can't breathe."

"I'll fix that," Duane said.

Duane climbed off Susan and sat on the edge of the bed. "Cunt! Come here!" he bellowed.

Cunt ran into the room. "Yes, master?"

"I just fucked Slut. Clean my cock!"

Susan watched as Cunt knelt in front of Duane and placed her head to his crotch and began sucking.

"Make me come again, Cunt!" he ordered.

After a few minutes, Duane began to quiver and moan, shaking the bed.

"You may stop, Cunt," Duane said.

Once again, Duane and Cunt left the room, plunging Susan into darkness.

Susan struggled against her shackles yet again, despite the obvious futility of the effort. Not only that, but she had to pee. If she wasn't released soon, she would be forced to pee onto the bed.

About an hour later, Duane returned again with Cunt. Cunt was carrying a pail that seemed to contain a number of items.

"Please!" Susan begged. "I have to pee! Please let me out of this bed!"

Duane slapped her again. "You speak only when spoken to, Slut! Do you understand?"

"Yes," Susan whimpered.

Duane reached for a chain attached to a rung embedded in the wall and dragged it over to the bed. Removing a padlock out of the pail, he locked the end of the chain to a D-ring on her collar. That done, he removed the shackles from her wrists and ankles.

Next, he dumped the remaining contents of the pail onto the bed. "Slut, you may do your business into the pail. Cunt will remove the pail when you're done."

Duane then left Susan alone with Cunt.

Susan eagerly relieved herself into the pail and then sat back on the bed next to Cunt.

"Is there any hope for escape?" Susan asked.

"I don't know. I don't think so. But I don't want to escape!"

Cunt took the pail and left the room. She returned a few moments later with the empty pail.

"Good night, Slut. Master may want to begin your endurance training tonight, or he might wait until tomorrow."

"What endurance training?" Susan asked. But Cunt left the room without answering.

Susan glanced at the few items on the bed. She recognized a dildo with a strap on one end, a speculum, and a jaw-spreader that dentists use on patients. She gasped when she looked closely at the one remaining item that looked like a speculum but was spring-loaded and had a wire leading from it to a small transformer that plugged into the wall.

About fifteen minutes later, Duane and Cunt returned. They were both carrying a large sack that seemed to be full of sand. From the way they were both struggling with it, it must have been quite heavy.

"Lie down on your stomach, Slut" Duane ordered.

Susan lay on the bed on her stomach.

"Hey!" Susan shrieked when Duane slid the speculum into her anus spreading it painfully open wide.

"Silence, Slut!" Duane commanded.

Susan struggled to reach down to remove the horrible thing from her bottom.

"Stop that!" Duane yelled and held her down. "Cunt, come here and help me!"

Cunt came over and also held Susan down.

"Roll over, Slut," Duane said.

Duane and Cunt rolled Susan onto her back, pushing the speculum a little deeper into her rectum.

Duane and Cunt then reconnected the shackles to her wrists and ankles, returning her to the spread-eagle position on the bed.

The next thing he did was to shove the dildo into Susan's mouth. Susan began bucking at the choking sensation as he buckled the strap around the back of her head.

"This is to train you to get over that gag reflex, Slut." Then to Cunt he said, "Help me with the sandman, Cunt."

Finally, Duane and Cunt lifted the heavy sack of sand and placed it on top of Susan. Man it was so heavy!

"Slut, this simulates a man sleeping on top of you. This one only weighs 100 pounds. You'll eventually get up to 200 pounds. Good night, Slut."

Again, Susan was plunged into darkness. The agony was indescribable. The speculum up her anus was so incredibly painful. She was struggling to fight back the gagging reflex of the dildo down her throat, while breathing through her nose. And the sack of sand on her chest was so heavy that she had to strain to breathe.

The night dragged on. She may have dozed briefly once or twice, but she knew that she spent virtually the whole night awake and in agony.

She was so relieved when the endless night of torture finally ended when Duane and Cunt came to her in the morning.

He and Cunt pulled the sandman off her and let it fall to the floor. He removed the dildo from her mouth, and pulled the speculum out of her ass.

"Sleep well, Slut?" he asked.

"Fuck you!" Susan spat at him.

"How dare you speak to your master that way, Slut!"

Duane and Cunt unshackled her wrists and ankles. Then he unlocked the end of the chain from the wall and yanked her through the room to the adjoining room.

Duane and Cunt manhandled her to a large cross that was built into the wall. They shackled her standing, spread-eagle, facing the wall.

Crack! Susan screamed louder than she thought humanly possible at the burning pain across her back.

Crack! Duane whipped her repeatedly until the pain was so intense that she could no longer feel it.

On the verge of passing out, Duane and Cunt dragged Susan back to the bed and shackled her spread-eagle again to the mattress.

Susan felt Duane slide something hard into her vagina, presumably another speculum.

"Slut!" Duane commanded. "Pay attention, now!"

"What?" Susan cried.

"You need to exercise your Kegel muscle. Inside your pussy is a muscle exerciser. It's just like those spring-loaded hand exercisers. Squeeze it with your pussy muscle, Slut."

Susan ignored the order.

"Do it, Slut!" Duane bellowed, and then Susan felt a bolt of electricity sting the inside her vagina.

"Yeeoooww!" Susan screamed.

"Squeeze it, Slut!" Duane ordered again.

Susan grimaced and squeezed her pussy muscles around the device, and the shock stopped.

"Now, pay attention, Slut." Duane repeated. "You have to use your pussy muscles to hold the clamp closed for 30 minutes. I have the spring set to its weakest setting, today. If you release it, you will get shocked. The transformer will beep after 30 minutes. You can relax your pussy muscle for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the transformer will beep again. You have 10 seconds to squeeze it closed and hold it for another 30 minutes. This cycle will repeat indefinitely. I'll return this evening to test your progress."

Duane and Cunt then left the room.

Susan cried as she clamped the device closed with her pussy muscles. The pain of holding the device closed was physically exhausting after just a few minutes into each 30-minute sequence, but the shock was worse.

Master Duane with Slave Susan

But by late evening, her pelvic area was in agony from muscle fatigue.

Duane and Cunt returned late in the evening. They removed the exerciser from her vagina. They let her pee in the pail. Cunt licked her wet. Duane fucked her. Then they set the nighttime implements in her anus and mouth and put the sandman on top of her.

This cycle of treatment continued for many days.

After about a week, Susan noticed a number of things.

She could breathe against the weight of the sandman on top of her and fall asleep through the night. Her gag reflex from the dildo jammed down her throat was non-existent. And she noticed that her Kegel muscle strength and endurance had improved. She could hold the clamp closed for the full 30 minutes with very little muscle fatigue.

After several weeks of the interminable routine, Duane came in one evening and announced, "It's time to put your training to the test, Slut."

"Now what are you going to do to me?" Susan cried.

"Over the past weeks, I've been gradually increasing the weight of the sandman to 200 pounds, and increasing the spring tension in the pussy muscle exerciser."

Duane commanded Cunt to get her wet, then he mounted her. He slid his cock between her legs and into her vagina.

"Milk my cock with your pussy muscle, Slut!" he ordered.

Susan squeezed her pussy muscle as tight as she could.

"Oh man!" Duane moaned. "That feels so good, Slut!"

Duane slid his cock in and out of her as she squeezed it slightly.

Then, having spent himself, Duane settled his weight on top of her.

"Cunt, throw a blanket on top of us," he ordered.

Cunt left and returned with a blanket, which she draped over Duane on top of Susan.

"Now shut the light and leave us."

Cunt left the room and plunged them into darkness.

Susan found Duane's weight on her to be tolerable and soon drifted off to sleep underneath his bulk.

Morning came too soon to the sound of Duane's voice. "Wake up, Slut."

Duane was still on top of her, but he climbed off and walked to the head of the bed. His hard cock quivered over her forehead as she looked up at him standing over her upside-down.

Duane climbed onto the bed from above her head and mounted her with his crotch over her face as he had done once before. He lowered his pelvis onto her face, forcing his big ugly black cock down her throat. Surprisingly, she didn't gag. Duane pounded her face with his hips, and soon his cock was throbbing as it spewed its load down her throat.

His cock dripped a last few drops of cum onto her forehead as he backed down off the bed.

Sue heard him call out as he left the room, "Cunt! Come and suck my cock clean!"

For the first time in weeks, Duane didn't insert any implements into any of Susan's orifices that morning. He merely left her chained to the bed.

Duane returned to Susan's basement room again that evening.

He ordered Susan to roll onto her stomach. Susan complied, then Duane climbed on top of her. She immediately felt his hard cock pressing against her anus. Her stretched and weakened sphincter muscle admitted his member without much resistance or pain. She lay there, not feeling much of anything as he slammed his pelvis against her ass cheeks and slid his cock in and out of her anus.

He came in due time, reveling, "Ohhhh! That felt real good, Slut! It slid right in and felt good and tight!"

Duane rolled off her and sat up on the bed next to her.

"Cunt," Duane called out once again. "I just fucked Slut in the asshole. Come suck her shit off my cock!"

Cunt came in and sucked Duane's cock as he sat on the edge of the bed; then Duane dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

"Slut, now that I've owned you for a few weeks now, and have trained you well, can I trust you not to try and escape if I remove your chains?"

"Not on your life, you bastard!" Sue screeched then gasped and lay silent.

"Very well," he sighed. "Cunt, come here again! And bring a four foot length of chain."

Cunt arrived in the room carrying the requested chain.

Duane attached the chain to Cunt's collar with a padlock, then attached the other end of the chain to Susan's collar with another padlock. Then he unlocked the shackled from Susan's wrists and ankles.

"Slut," Duane said, "I would trust Cunt with my life. And she's trained in martial arts. Don't make her give you a demonstration."

"Now," Duane continued, "why don't the two of you get to know each other better, tonight?"

Duane left the room, leaving Susan alone with Cunt, the two naked women chained together.

"Cunt," Susan said, "are you sure you don't want to escape from this lunatic?"

"How dare you call Master a 'lunatic, ' Slut!"

Susan grumbled and fell onto the bed facing the wall, jingling the chain that linked her to Duane's other slave.

Susan lay there brooding for, maybe, a half-hour. She heard the chain jingle and then Cunt lay in the narrow single bed pressing her chest to Susan's back and draping her arm around Susan's waist.

Susan suddenly tensed up. The near-intimate contact with another naked woman made her feel extremely self-conscious.

Cunt nuzzled Susan in the back of the neck and whispered, "You'll grow to love Master as much as I do, Slut. I know you will."

"Never!" Susan muttered a barely audible whisper. "I just want to see my babies again."

Susan gasped when she felt Cunt's hand explore her torso, caressing her gently.

"What are you doing?" Susan whispered sharply, almost adding the word "dyke" to the end of the sentence but holding her tongue.

Cunt didn't answer, but continued stroking Susan's body. Susan was about to elbow Cunt in the chest when Cunt brushed her fingertips against Susan's nipples -- and Susan felt a warmness flow through her body that she hadn't felt in weeks. Her nipples had also grown hard to the touch of the other woman.

Susan lay there, as if frozen, as Cunt caressed her breasts and nipples. Susan suddenly felt pangs of guilt, stemming from her strict Catholic upbringing, from accepting the touch of another woman. Nonetheless, Susan lay there enjoying the erotic sensations as Cunt stroked her chest and belly with her fingertips.

Susan gasped when she felt Cunt bury her fingertips in her muff. Susan reeled at the thought that another woman might actually touch her down there in an intimate way.

Cunt whispered into Susan's ear, "I can't reach. You need to roll over and face me."

Susan surprised herself when she found herself rolling over to face Cunt.

As she did, Cunt slid her fingers between Susan's thighs and into her feminine wetness.

"Oh, you are so wet, Slut," Cunt cooed.

Susan didn't know how to answer, being both aroused and ashamed that she had become wet at the touch of another woman.

"Don't hold back, Slut," Cunt cooed again as she gently took Susan's hand and slowly pulled it down, down, and down.

Susan knew where Cunt was leading her hand. She wanted to pull away, but somehow couldn't. Susan felt Cunt gently slide her hand between the other's thighs, and Susan felt the other's warm wetness on her fingertips.

On the narrow bed, their faces were a bare couple of inches apart. Without conscious thought, those inches disappeared as Susan's lips met Cunt's lips.

Susan felt her pressure building as their tongues broke through the other's lips. Susan had never known a kiss so sensual before -- her husband a clumsy philistine in comparison.

Cunt gently broke the kiss and started sliding down Susan's body. Cunt stopped at each of Susan's nipples, sucking each one in turn before moving ever lower. Susan gasped when Cunt tickled her pubic hairs with her lips. Cunt moved just a bit lower, and Susan instinctively spread her legs.

Susan gasped audibly when she felt Cunt use her tongue in places her own husband often refused to use his.

Having been weeks since Susan last had an orgasm, she came quickly and explosively.

Cunt flicked Susan's clit with her tongue over and over again, each time evoking a small quake in Susan's body.

Cunt then looked up into Susan's eyes and said, "This is your first experience of womanly love?"

"Yeah," Susan gasped.

"Then I won't expect you to do the same for me," Cunt sighed.

"I'll do it," Susan replied without thinking, shocking herself after she made the reciprocating offer.

Cunt swung her body around climbing onto the bed with her crotch to Susan's face. Of course, Susan had never peered directly into another woman's muff before. The prospect of what she was about to do both thrilled and horrified her.

Cunt lifted her leg to reveal the fleshy slit of reddish rubbery skin between her thighs.

Susan moved her face slowly forward, stopping bare molecules before her lips touched Cunt's cunt.

The aroma was strangely compelling. Different from what a man's crotch smelled like, not that she had a strong memory of the male smell either, for her husband declined her offer of blowjobs as well as refusing to eat her.

Susan steeled herself and pressed her mouth to Cunt's private flesh.

Susan knew exactly what to do when she masturbated herself, and so she knew what she had to do to give pleasure to Cunt, but from this perspective, it took a few moments to get her bearings.

Cunt's muff met her pussy at Susan's chin, so Susan moved her tongue down and found the tiny nub where the fleshy lips came together.

Susan took a breath, and sucked Cunt's clitoris between her lips and into her mouth. Having drawn it into her mouth, she began to flick it with her tongue.

How she wished that Owen had been more receptive to oral sex; she may have had a better idea what do to now.

Yet, her mouth music soon proved successful. Cunt began to orgasm, and Susan discovered that she had direct total control over Cunt's orgasms. Susan could evoke a powerful quake in Cunt's body merely by flicking Cunt's clit with her tongue. And Susan could withhold that quake by withholding that tongue.

"Stop teasing me, Slut!" Cunt moaned. "Make me come!"

The control Susan had just discovered she had over Cunt's body was intoxicating. With a man, all she had to do was suck until he started to ejaculate into her mouth; from that point on, she was powerless, and often helpless under his powerful hips -- her mouth may just as well have been his sperm sponge. But with a woman, Susan had total control over each quake, and how powerful each quake was. Susan loved having such power!

Cunt finally had to pull away and climb around to face Susan. "That was pretty good for your first time, Slut."

"Thanks, I think," Susan answered with a smile.

Cunt and Susan kissed again.

"You have babies," Cunt asked.

"Yeah, I have two children. God! Will I ever see them again?"

"Around here?" Cunt asked.

Susan explained how she used to be a plain ol' soccer mom in a nice little house.

"You're kidding!" Cunt gasped.

"I used to live on that street!" Cunt said.

"Really?" Susan asked.

"Yeah! We were practically neighbors. It's a wonder we never met each other."

"Yeah," Susan sighed and kissed Cunt again. "It would have been -- nice."

"Good night, Slut," Cunt said.

"Good night, Cunt," Susan answered.

The months passed slowly. Duane often kept Susan chained to Cunt. Sometimes he would bring both his slaves into his king-size bed with him up in his master bedroom. Other times, he would chain Susan to the tiny bed in the basement room and sleep on top of her, or leave her alone while he bedded Cunt in his bedroom. And other times, he would bed Susan in his bed while he allowed Cunt to do what she wanted around the house at night.

Of course, Susan never stopped looking for a chance to escape. But Duane was very careful to keep at least one anchored chain on her at all times, whether that anchor was a part of the house, or Cunt's collar. That chance never came.

One afternoon, about six months later, when Susan was sitting alone in the basement room chained to the wall, Cunt came downstairs crying.

"Cunt," Susan reached out and held her co-captive lover. "What's wrong?"

"Oh," Cunt cried. "Master has sold us."

"Sold us? How can he do that? To who?"

"He sold me to one of his friends from Europe. Some place called Montenerodomo, Chieti. I think it's somewhere in Italy."

"We're going to Italy? My parents immigrated from Italy."

"No!" Cunt cried still more. "He sold you to some pimp in New York."

"What!" Susan shrieked.

"We won't be together any more, Slut," and Cunt broke into hysterical crying.

"The bastard!" Susan muttered.

"Oh, Slut," Cunt cried still more.

Susan and Cunt sat on the bed for some time, holding each other and crying until Duane appeared in the door. Attached to a chain he held was a short Chinese woman, naked except for her collar. Her wrists were shackled behind her back, and she had a ball-gag in her mouth with a strap buckled behind her head.

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