Three's a Crowd

by Ranefox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A relationship, a mutual friend comes back to town and a chance to share it all together... that's the idea, anyway...

I fell in love with Laurie because she was not available. She had made that clear from the very beginning.

"I'm not looking for a relationship."

Point blank, in your face, statement.

"Good, me either." I could play that game too.

We met at "The Hut". It was the only gay and lesbian bar in our small, college town. I was very persistent and before long, she let me into her heart. We hung out together. I slept at her house, usually on the couch, sometimes in her bed. We both slept in our clothes; there was no physical contact, no sex, for almost a month before she felt ready to commit to somebody.

Laurie told me one night how she got tired, fast, of people using her. Instead, she decided to wait for a woman who seemed to have the staying power, to be around longer than a few good fucks.

I should have seen the signs.

She decided that I would "work out". We moved in together a couple months later. Laurie and I found a nice three bedroom home, close enough to the university and just far enough from the city lights.

Life was good.

We both shared a passion; we drank until they kicked us out at two in the morning, only to find ourselves at an "after hours" party at somebody's house. Alcohol was a friend to both of us until Laurie would cross the line. Then, the bottle became her lover, her confidant.

So did any male who crossed her path.

Many straight guys came to the bar, for a variety of reasons. Some to pick fights to show how manly they were; some came to try to find true love, as if any real lesbian would cross back over. Then there was Laurie. She could be so fickle.

If a guy came around and offered to buy her a drink, she would act as though she was interested in them. There were a few times a guy would invite her to his apartment and she would go. I didn't let her go by herself. I followed her everywhere. I was her protector. Fortunately, this wasn't a common occurrence, but it happened enough to realize that she had other issues about being gay. I loved her even if she didn't know what she wanted.

We had our reasons for staying with each other. We stayed together for the sake of the dogs, and for the comfort of not being alone. For the most part, life was good enough.

A couple months after we moved in, Dori came back to town. She used to be the bartender at 'The Hut'. She had left about six months earlier for Arizona, with her new girlfriend, and now she had returned alone. Dori had appeared at a mutual friend's party, unannounced. A surprise guest, of sorts and many of us were glad to see her. She was quite popular and a good bartender, too.

Dori and I had a history. We spent many hours with each other, her tending bar and my dancing and pool playing. A few patrons thought we had something going on. I thought so, too. I guess I felt that way because, one night, we slept together. Although, I didn't find out until about a year later that she didn't even really remember. But, that was before Dori fell in love and left for Arizona.

It was at this party that Dori reconnected with Laurie. They hit it off so well that I got a little jealous. The funny thing is, they knew each other from the many nights Laurie had spent at the bar. But this time it seemed different. I'm thinking how great it is to see Dori. Here she was, eyes all over my girlfriend.

Over the next few weeks, it was apparent through various signs there was something between the two of them that couldn't be described with words. The eye contact, the soft whispers when they thought they were alone, the zoning in to each other's words.

Yeah, there was something going on between them.

Now, don't get me wrong, Laurie and I had great sex. We could love all night, without a care in the world except our own desires. I loved the taste of her, too. The rapture of all night sex, hearing the 'right' music, the thought of it brings it back to me now, but that is another story.

One night, the three of us were drinking when Laurie said she would like to have a threesome with Dori. She did not ask, she told me. So many questions came to mind. Part of me loved the idea for many different reasons. Reliving what could have been, trying to recapture some point of time that was never really there in the first place.

I also loved the idea of getting a chance to watch Laurie make love to another woman. To share our love with someone we both were attracted to, each in our own right, was exciting, thrilling, enough to make me come in my jeans.

I wondered, but never asked Laurie about her intentions. She had never mentioned any interest in having a three-way.

Dori drove with us to our home. Moments later, the three of us had undressed, our clothes strewn everywhere. I went for my girl first, as a matter of personal preference, and gave her quite the passionate kiss. I was excited to be involved with two women. A fantasy comes true. I felt two sets of hands roaming all over my body, touching in all of the right places, and some new ones, too.

Then there were none.

I glanced over and saw Laurie nuzzling Dori's breast. I was surprised at the eagerness of my lover. Watching Laurie got me wet. I figured I had better jump in because they were going to town as though nobody else was there at all.

That was such a great feeling.

For me to realize that she was more interested in making Dori come. To watch her and my friend love each other, tenderly. They sucked, licked, and dipped their fingers into orifices not yet explored by me.

Yeah, that felt good.

They orgasmed a couple times, not even aware that a third body shared the same bed. My body. I tried to participate; yet, my enthusiasm waned as it became clear that this threesome had become a twosome. The occasional swipe of a hand graced my back and thighs, as though it were a conscious reminder that I was still there.

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