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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, Swinging, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jan fullfills her husband's fantasy by giving her body to another man.

My wife, Jan, and I had been married for over five years before I got up enough courage to tell her my wildest sexual fantasy. While making love one night, I told her that I wanted to see her having sex with another man. Jan's response was very clear, "No way!" she said.

Over the next several months I begged, pleaded and reasoned with her, hoping to change her mind. My wife's argument was that she was virgin when we met and it would be wrong to be intimate with another man, especially since we were married. I tried my best to explain to her that it wouldn't be cheating if we planned it and this was something I really wanted her to do for me.

Even though Jan refused to seriously consider my fantasy she began to realize that it turned me on when other men looked at her so she began to dress more provocatively when we went out. If she danced with another man and his hand happened to slide across her ass or if she noticed that he had gotten hard while dancing with her, she would be sure to tell me about it when we returned home and we would have great sex.

My lucky break came when we were invited to a New Years Eve party at John and Melissa's house. John worked in the maintenance department where I worked and Melissa had worked in Jan's office for a short time. Since we were well acquainted with the host and hostess, we knew we could relax and have a good time. There were ten couples at the party and we all seemed to get along well.

Jan looked incredibly sexy that night in a short, black dress that hugged her every curve. Throughout the evening many of the men danced with my wife and I enjoyed dancing with the other wives at the party. The alcohol was flowing freely and the dancing became hotter as the evening wore on. Around 11:00 my wife pulled me to the dance floor to dance with her. As we danced a slow song together, I discretely ground my cock against her while I caught a quick feel of her firm 34B breasts.

When I pinched her nipple she moaned softly into my ear and whispered that I was the fifth man to do that tonight. I was surprised because I hadn't noticed any of the men at the party do more than hold her a little too tight or let their hands roam across her back. I had been doing the same thing with the other wives myself, enjoying the feel of their breasts against my chest.

Jan ground her pussy against my now hard cock and asked if I liked knowing that other men had been feeling her up. Before I could answer, she smiled and said, "I guess you do." I held her tight against me and told her that she had only another hour, before midnight, to see if she could make it ten out of ten. My wife grinned mischievously saying that she would give it a try and then told me that I should see how many of the wives wanted to be sampled before the evening was over.

As the song ended and another began, we separated to each find a willing partner. I asked the hostess, Melissa, to dance and noticed Jan moving to the back of the room with another of the men from the party. Melissa was rubbing herself against me in a slow seductive way while my hands moved over her backside to caress her ass. Before the first verse of the song was over I glanced over at my wife to see that her partner had one hand on her ass and the other covering her breast as they dirty danced in the corner of the room. Jan grinned over his shoulder and quickly held up six fingers.

I danced every dance during the next hour and found six willing partners who did not seem to mind when I cupped their breast. At midnight, the music was stopped and we all toasted the New Year. There were hugs and kisses all around when the clock struck midnight. John and Melissa invited everyone to continue dancing and Melissa put on a pot of coffee for anyone who wanted to sober up a bit before leaving.

Over the next hour we danced and couples slowly began to leave until the only ones left were John, Melissa, my wife and me. John wanted to dance a few more songs with Jan and I was enjoying the thought of having another sample of his wife, so he turned the lights down real low and put on a CD of slow sexy songs. Before the first song was over we were all dirty dancing. Jan was letting John put his hand inside the top of her dress to feel her breasts and I had my hands under Melissa's dress to feel her ass. Melissa was wearing pantyhose without panties under them and I could feel her heat on my fingertips.

The mood was right so I began to think that tonight may be the night I get to see my wife fucked by another man, but during the next song the telephone rang and we received news that a close friend of John's had been in a serious auto accident. The mood was ruined so my wife and I quickly gathered our things and left so that John and Melissa could go to the hospital to be with their friend.

When we got into our car, Jan was still very excited and when she is excited she talks incessantly. She told me about each man that had tried to feel her up and admitted that she had gotten very wet and excited allowing the men at the party to feel her body. When we got home, we ran to the bedroom and began to make love. Her pussy was wetter than I ever remember it being and my wife admitted that she had let one of her dance partners lead her into an open bedroom where he opened her dress and sucked her nipples.

I came hard when she told me that and we continued to make love and re-live the events of the evening until it was nearly dawn. We slept until noon and made love again when we woke up. We hadn't done that even when we were first dating. I thought that it was probably only a matter of time before I would get to see my wife with another man, but after we had showered and cooked breakfast I learned that she was still not interested.

We were sitting on the sofa together, watching the pre-game show for one of the upcoming bowl games when I asked her if she would have let John fuck her if we had not been interrupted by the telephone. Jan sat quietly next to me for several moments before she spoke. She told me that she had enjoyed letting her hair down for the evening, but she had hoped I had enough fun to last me till the next New Years Eve party. She said that as much as she had enjoyed acting slutty with John that she got a little hurt when she saw me fondling his wife. She also pointed out that John had almost lost his erection when he saw his wife giving me access to her body.

My wife said that she had also decided that there was no way she could ever do anything with another man if I was in the same room. She said that, just before the phone rang, she considered leading him into the open bedroom, but that she had chickened out. Jan could see that I was disappointed and tried to console me by saying that maybe we could try something similar in a few months, as long as we only fooled around. That is not what I wanted to hear, I wanted her to have sex with another man and I wanted her to do it now, but I reluctantly agreed with her.

The next day was Friday and we all had to work. I wasn't sure how it would feel to face John but since we had both gotten carried away, I didn't think it would be a big deal. John was working in another part of the plant so I did not see him till our lunch break. When I waved him into my office he was embarrassed and could not look at me. I assured him that there were no hard feelings and told him how much I had enjoyed the party. He seemed relieved and when I coaxed him he admitted that he enjoyed his last dance with my wife.

That afternoon I had an idea that I thought might work. As John was leaving the plant I called him aside and asked if he wanted to join me at a local bar for a beer or two. He agreed so we met at a bar not far from his home. After we had a beer and covered the usual topics related to work, I told him the real reason I had asked him to join me. Over a couple more beers I learned that he wanted to fuck my wife as much as I wanted to see her getting fucked, but like Jan, it bothered him to see anyone with his wife and he didn't think he could do anything with my wife if I was there. John told me that his wife had admitted being attracted to me so I suggested a plan that might let us both score.

I first asked him if he thought he could convince Jan to have sex with him if I wasn't around and he immediately responded with, "You Bet!" I then asked him if he was cool with me trying to get a little from Melissa if he knew about it but also wasn't around. Again he told me that it would be no problem. I suggested that we each go home and tell our wives that Saturday after noon at about three o'clock he would be going to my house to fix a drain and that I would be going to his house to visit with Melissa. Since I am not handy with tools, I had put off replacing the trap under the kitchen sink. John could easily complete that task and it gave him a good reason to be alone with my wife.

I instructed John to talk to his wife and see if she was receptive to having me visit while he was visiting my wife. He said he would talk to her tonight and that he thought she would jump at the chance to have sex with me. I pretended to be confident that Jan would want to go to bed with him, but I really wasn't sure how she would react.

When I got home we enjoyed a quiet dinner and then sat on the couch together to listen to some soft music. I began kissing her and then unhooked her bra. As I was massaging her breasts I asked her if it had felt different when John played with her tits. My wife blushed but admitted that his hands were a lot rougher than my hands and the coarse skin of his hands felt good as it played over her sensitive nipples. I reminded her of how hot she had been New Years Eve and then told her that John would be coming over tomorrow to fix the drain while I went to visit Melissa. She asked me if I was going to fuck Melissa, so I admitted that I was going to try. I told her that I wanted her to have sex with John but if she wouldn't do that, I wanted her to at least let him touch her breasts again.

Jan was silent and looked away from me for a long time. I thought I had upset her and she was going to refuse, but after what seemed like several minutes of silence, she asked, "Is this what you really want?" I told her that I could care less if I scored with Melissa but I wanted her to have a good time with John. I even offered to go someplace else so that she could be alone with John if she didn't want me to have sex with Melissa.

My wife is one of the many women who cannot be on the pill and she hates condoms almost as much as I do. She keeps track of her monthly cycle on a small calendar that hangs in our kitchen so she always knows when she is fertile and when she is safe. With a groan of frustration Jan got up went into the kitchen. She looked at her calendar and after a moment said, "Well, at least I am safe if something does happen."

I took that to be a "Yes" and hugged her tightly. She told me that she wasn't sure she could actually do anything with John, but she would let him come over and she was willing to see what happened. I asked if I should go do something other than visit Melissa while John was at our house and my wife told me that she definitely wanted me to be having sex with Melissa at the same time so that she wouldn't feel guilty if she did something.

The next day around noon, John called and asked if everything was set. I told him that Jan and I had talked and that she would be waiting for him to arrive. I asked him what Melissa thought of the idea and after some stammering he told me that she would not be home till almost 5:00, but she would be expecting me.

We agreed that he would call me on my cell phone just before he left his house so that I could leave and wait for his wife to return home. We also agreed that he would call me again when he left my house to be sure that I was gone. Jan had heard us on the telephone and stood waiting to see if he was coming over. When I told her that John would be at our house around three, she said that she had better go bathe and get ready. When I checked in on her at about 2:30 I could tell that my wife had tried on almost every outfit in her closet before deciding on a short wrap around dress that was held together with only a couple of small snaps and a belt around her waist.

When I asked her why she chose that dress she told me that she still wasn't sure she could go through with what I had asked her to do, but decided that if something did happen she didn't want to wrestle herself out of a tight fitting dress or jeans. There was bubble bath and a new razor left on the edge of the bathtub so I knew my wife had at least gotten herself prepared for sex.

At 2:45 my phone rang and John said that he was on his way over to my house. I kissed my wife goodbye and told her to enjoy herself while I was gone. When I was about half way to John's house I met him and we both waved, knowing that we were planning to have sex with the other's wife. I didn't have any other place to go so I drove past John's house. When I saw Melissa's car in the drive I knew that she was already home and wondered why John had told me she would not be home till five.

I parked on the street and walked to the door. Melissa greeted me at the door and asked me to come in. She said that I had just missed John and that he was on his way to my house to fix the kitchen sink. It dawned on me that John had pulled a fast one on me. I still had time to pick up the phone and call everything off, or I could tell his wife what he was doing and let her pick up the phone and put a stop to everything.

But I really didn't care that he had set me up. Sure, I am a normal guy and would have liked to have sex with Melissa, but what I really wanted was for my wife to have another man's cock. Melissa poured me a cup of coffee and we chatted about the party. When I told her how much I had enjoyed dancing with her, she blushed and proceeded to tell me that she had gotten a little too drunk and that she could never cheat on her husband.

Since I knew that I was not going to score I finished my coffee and made ready to leave. When I was almost to the door, Melissa pulled me close and kissed me passionately. I was confused, but returned the kiss and let my hands explore her body. When I began to feel her ass and squeeze her breasts she just kissed me harder and let me continue for what must have been a full five minutes. I was beginning to think she was going to let me do more, but she reluctantly pushed herself away from me and said that she sometimes wished that she wasn't married.

I left frustrated but the erection I had was mostly from thinking about what my wife might be doing. I had been gone for less than an hour so I knew John probably had already fixed the plumbing in the kitchen and I hoped he had started to work on my wife's plumbing. I drove around the neighborhood wondering what they were doing right now. I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I almost ran a stop sign so I decided that I had better park before I had a serious accident.

Jan kept heavy curtains over the windows and our bedroom was upstairs so I couldn't think of any way to spy on them. I parked down the street, away from the direction he would turn when he left my house, and watched Johns truck sit in my drive. At about a quarter till five my cell phone rang and John told me that his wife had called to tell him that she wouldn't be home till seven. He told me that he was sorry things did not work out for me this time. I didn't bother to mention to him that I had already seen his wife and she had gotten me hard, but instead I asked him how it was going for him. He stalled a bit and then said not much was happening, but he was going to try again and I could come home around six.

I already knew John was a liar, but I began to wonder if Jan had decided not to go through with the plan. I went through every possible scenario in my mind as the clock slowly moved toward six. At about 5:45 I noticed John hurrying out to his truck, carrying his tools. As soon as he was out of sight, I pulled into my drive and went inside to see my wife.

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