Spanking Naughty Mary

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, MaleDom, Spanking, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mary needs a spanking. It drives her wild and turns her into a cock-sucking, begging slut. That makes her the perfect woman for me.

First Spanking

After the first two experiences with Mary's reaction to being swatted on the butt I looked forward to getting back to her apartment. We had enjoyed our dinner out and the movie afterwards. Sure enough, while we were having a drink at Joe's Bar before calling it a night, she picked a chance to make a small scene. The waitress had brought us our drinks and Mary bitched that there weren't two cherries. As the waitress went away, I told Mary that I would deal with her later. I left a big tip on the table in appreciation for the waitress unwitting effort on my behalf.

As soon as we entered Mary's apartment I turned on her "That was a very naughty thing you did tonight when you cussed out that poor waitress. She was only trying to do her job. You just made it harder on her. You clearly need to be punished for your naughty behavior." The look in her eyes and the squirm of her butt reassured me that my choice of the word "naughty" had just the right connotations for her. She was clearly turned on by the word and what my statement implied.

So before she could speak I planted myself on a chair and threw her over my knees. She made what was obviously token resistance and my cock began to respond accordingly. I held her down with one hand on her back and with the other lifted her skirt. She was wearing black bikini briefs. I slipped my hand in with my palm against her smooth round ass and slowly but firmly removed them from her. "What are you doing?," she asked.

I'm going to spank your bare bottom like a naughty girl like you deserves. I've spanked you through your pants and it doesn't help your behavior. We'll see if this does". I caressed her beautiful globes and then swatted her, firmly but not brutally. After all the object here was not to cause pain, but to give us both pleasure. Fondling and spanking her beautiful bare ass was giving me pleasure. We would soon see what it did for her.

"As soon as you have had enough, apologize for your naughty behavior". "I won't", she said in just the tone a defiant child would use. I took this as consent and continued spanking her, stopping every once in a while to fondle those ass cheeks before me. As I continued I slowly increased the firmness of my spanks. Soon I was swatting her so hard my hand was stinging and her ass cheeks were beginning to glow a bright pink.

She had begun to writhe and squirm on my lap, but made no real effort to escape my grasp. As my blows became harder she squealed as I hit her but she enjoyed my ministrations for quite a while before she finally gave the signal for me to stop. "Please, Please, I'm sorry that I was naughty. I'll be good". I gave her one last swat for good measure, fondled her bare ass one more time and let her off my lap.

She then went wild. She threw herself at me and kissed me passionately. Her tongue probed for my tonsils and her hands were all over me. She began feverishly unbuttoning and unzipping my pants while almost simultaneously pulling my shirt off. She stopped for only a moment and stripped herself naked in front of me and then was upon her knees between my legs. She pulled out my cock and inhaled it. Her tongue worked feverishly and effectively. Just before my balls burst she pulled away, threw herself on the floor and begged "Fuck me, please fuck me. I want your huge, hard cock in my hot wet pussy. Please, Please now."

I stood over her and removed the last of my clothing, towering over her. She stared at my cock, licking her lips and fingering her cunt. I slowly knelt over her head and lowered my 9-inch long two-inch diameter cock to her face. "Are you begging to be fucked by my cock?" "Yes, oh yes. Fuck me with your magnificent cock." "Then lap it". Her obedience was instant and thrilled me. I now knew that I had found the girl of my wildest and wettest fantasies.

My cock was throbbing. It was harder than it had ever been. I could feel the jizz boiling in my balls eager to erupt onto her and into her. But I knew that control was everything. I slowly moved my cock into position to plunge into her dripping cunt, but refrained. I started to suckle her magnificent tits whose nipples had become hard and erotically long-like the erasers on pencils. "Hold those tits up for my mouth to suck", I demanded. She complied but was moaning and thrashing with frustration. After a few more minutes of restraint I inserted my cock into her cunt and very slowly moved it into her centimeter by centimeter. She grabbed my ass and tried to thrust me totally in, but I resisted her and kept up the slow steady advance.

Her tight, wet cunt felt exquisite on my throbbing rod. I still don't understand how I could have maintained such self-control, but I knew that if I did, I would forever have her in thrall. I would be able to do with her as I wished. Able to use her to satisfy every fantasy I had ever had. If I could control myself for a little longer she would be mine forever.

When I finally buried my nine inches to the hilt in her juicy cunt I began to move slowly in and out making sure to rub its full, swollen length against her erect clitoris. It only took a few more strokes and she came. I then started plunging again, but this time with rapid hard strokes-all the way in and all the way out. Again she came. I then fucked her both ways-first fast strokes, then slow teasing ones. Again she came, even louder than before.

Her orgasms were totally consuming. Her face and chest were engorged with blood, she had trouble catching her breath and her body thrashed and convulsed under mine. I withdrew and she whimpered, and begged for more. I forced her to roll over and get on her knees. Again I entered her cunt and pounded in and out all the while fondling her tits and teasing her nipples. When she came this time she collapsed almost exhausted.

I rolled her over. Looming over her, I said "Not yet my pretty. There's one more thing for you to do? You have to make me cum. Do you want me to cum?" "Yes, oh Yes". "Then beg me to" "Please, oh please cum." "Where do you want me to cum?" "Oh, cum in my cunt, please cum in my cunt." "Does that mean you want me to pump my hot jizz into your juicy cunt? " Yes, oh Yes." "Then beg me to do it wench." "Oh please, Master, pump your hot jizz into my juicy cunt. Thrust your rock-hard cock deep into my twat and unload your cum into this worthless wench."

This was what I had been waiting to hear. There was no longer a need to refrain. I began banging her cunt with huge thrusts of my swollen, cunt-juice coated cock. My hands pawed her beautiful tits. I buried my tongue in her throat. In only a few seconds my balls erupted sending a geyser of jizz up through my pulsing cock into her waiting pussy. I came with a roar. She came for the last time that night in moans and screams and then a gasping for air as she desperately tried to catch her breath and return from the ecstasy of her orgasm.

We collapsed in each others arms totally spent. After a few minutes of gentle hugging and fondling she said, "Will I see you tomorrow?"

Ceremonial Spanking

Sure enough, at the end of our next night out Mary acted up. She clearly liked this spanking stuff. I had decided, though, that a simple 'over the knee and swat her butt' was not what was going to happen. I had a more ceremonial punishment in mind.

When we arrived at her house, I took a bag out of the trunk and started after her up the walk. "What's in that"? "You'll find out, you naughty girl." I swear I could see her squirm with anticipated pleasure. That word "naughty" really did it for her.

When we entered the house she immediately turned to embrace me. I pushed her away sternly. "None of that yet. You've been naughty again. Simple spanking doesn't seem to improve your behavior so a little more formality is called for. Go to your room, remove all your clothes and return here for punishment." Her eyes sparkled with anticipated pleasure as she obeyed me unquestioningly.

In the few minutes she was gone I too stripped, but donned a heavy regal robe that had overtones of judgeship. When she returned I commanded her to kneel, "On your knees before me naughty wench." I then stepped close to her face and opened my robe thrusting my huge throbbing cock towards her mouth. "You will suck while I describe your naughtiness."

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