Enslavement of Katrina

by b biddle

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, .

Desc: Sex Story: A boss corners his beautiful accountant into becoming his sex slave.

Chapter 1

I suppose there's a certain pleasure in seducing a woman into sucking your cock and spreading her legs so that you can shoot a load of jizz up her steamy cunt. Flowers and booze along with charm and effort can probably achieve this. Money helps of course.

But if you've got money, there's no pleasure like using it to corner a woman. There's nothing like putting a bitch in a position where she will do anything from fear of the alternatives. She will strip herself naked. She will kneel before your cock and suck it even though she hates you. But she will be sucking from fear and that makes it all the more thrilling. It can take more effort and money than mere seduction but the results are worth it.

Katrina was selected very carefully. She is a beautiful woman with a fantastic set of tits and a perfect ass. Her legs go on forever. She is beautiful of face with a mouth that you can only imagine wrapped around your cock. She is divorced with a year-old daughter. I selected her as the perfect target for reduction to involuntary slavery. My plan was to place her in a position where she would beg me to fuck her mouth, cunt and asshole rather than have to face the alternatives that I arranged.

I advertised for a bookkeeper, interviewed Katrina and hired her. I paid her a salary well in excess of what she had been making and what her business skills warranted. But it wasn't her business skills that I was interested in. It was her tits, cunt, mouth and asshole. She didn't know this yet. I bided my time for several months. I let her get used to her new level of income. I encouraged her to buy a house and a new car to get herself into debt.

Then I had my agents give her bits and pieces of gossip that were designed to convince her that her ex-husband was a danger to their child. These leaks were carefully arranged to assure that there could be no action from the authorities against the ex. But Katrina became frightened for her child's safety should her husband gain custody. My role was carefully hidden. She would not know how my cock hardened at the thought of forcing her to satisfy my lusts.

The next step in my campaign was to use several cutouts to suggest to the ex that he should fight for sole custody of his daughter. I also arranged financing so that he could hire the best lawyer available. When his lawyer filed, the trap began to spring. Katrina would soon be doing anything my cock desired. She would soon be my total slave. Not a mere sex-slave, lower than a cock slave. She would be a jizz slave and do anything I asked to make the jizz squirt from my cock.

Katrina was now in trouble. She was in debt for a new house and car. Fearing for her daughter's future, she was now forced to hire a lawyer. A good, hence expensive, one. She now needed her job desperately. She needed to keep me happy. She was not yet ready to fuck and suck, but she could not complain when I made a point of arrogantly examining her tits and ass whenever I saw her. I became short with her, nasty and generally obnoxious.

My purpose was to make her hate me so that when she was forced to be my slave the degradation she felt would be all the greater. Forcing her to suck a man's cock would be humiliating, but having to suck the cock of a man she despised would be even more debasing. Her debasement would give me an extra thrill as my cock probed her orifices.

As her lawsuit dragged on, her financial problems grew. My agents kept track. Just when she was about bankrupt I arranged for large quantities of cash to pass through her hands. By now she was desperate for money and she hated me. Her financial tribulations were so great and the temptation to siphon money so irresistible that it was only a matter of time before she began to embezzle. She held out longer than I had thought she would. She was clearly an honest person. Corrupting such a good woman added to my pleasure.

At first she took only small amounts. As her needs grew and as she began to think she was getting away with it she took more and more. I bided my time. The purpose here was not to save me a little money. I have plenty. The object was to put her beyond salvation. She eventually had taken an amount that she could not possibly repay and that warranted sending her to jail. Her body was about to become mine.

On a Friday morning I called her into my office. I didn't let her sit. I glared up at her from behind my desk. I'm leaving for the day and will be back at 4pm. I expect you to be here to explain to me why I shouldn't have you arrested for embezzling $123,567 of my company's money. If you aren't here when I return, I'll send the police after you." With that I arose, my cock hard in my pants, and strode out of the office leaving her collapsed with shock and shame on my office couch. I hoped that couch would soon have her naked body draped over it as she had my cock rammed up her cunt.

Chapter 2

I didn't return at 4, nor even at 5. At 6 I strode back in. As I had expected, I found a terrified and weeping Katrina waiting abjectly for me. The jizz boiled in my balls in anticipation of what was about to start. "Get into my office now, bitch!" I said as I swept into my office. She meekly followed and stood before my desk. I pointedly looked her up and down my eyes lingering on her tits and cunt.

"Well, cunt, what have you to say for yourself before I call the police and have them take you off to jail?" "Please, please don't call them. I'll repay you, every cent." I looked her arrogantly up and down, and after a pregnant pause said "And how the hell will you do that?" "I will pay you some from every paycheck." I stared at her maliciously. "And what paycheck is that, bitch. You certainly won't be working here, and no one else will hire you after they ask why I fired you."

She sobbed some more. I waited staring at her. When she calmed a little, I turned to the phone as though to pick it up. "So that's the best you can do, huh? I hope you enjoy jail. It's a good thing your ex-husband wants your daughter." My cock was throbbing in anticipation of reaming the juicy-cunted, full-titted bitch before me. She would soon be groveling naked on her knees with her mouth open ready to suck and lick.

Then she moved her pleading in the direction I wanted. "Please, Sir, please! I'll do anything. Just please don't send me to jail. I couldn't bear to lose my daughter and have her father get her." My cock was really throbbing now. "You'll do anything," I said in derision. "I doubt that. You just want to get out of paying the debt you owe for being a miserable, dishonest cunt!"

"But I will! I'll do anything you want, just tell me what it is." I snarled derisively, "Oh, sure, you'll do anything I want. You'll agree to be my slave. Sure you will!" I turned again to the phone and she quickly spoke again to forestall me. "What do you mean be your slave?" "You said you'd do whatever I wanted. That means you'd be my slave. Slaves, after all, do what their masters tell them. You say you'll do what I want, but you don't mean it. You won't agree to be my slave." Her, "No, that's not what I meant" didn't begin to soften my raging cock. I could already feel her wet pussy wrapped around it as I rammed in and out. My hands could already feel those wonderful tits. It was so close now.

"So," I said, "let's just call the police and get it over with." She wailed again. "There must be something I can do to make this up. I can't go to jail and lose my daughter. I'll get two jobs and pay you off." "Look, bitch," I roared, "when I'm through firing you and sending you to jail the only job you're going to be able to get is giving $5 blow jobs in some dark alley downtown." She quailed at my outburst, causing my cock to shudder. I nearly blew my load then.

"Okay, okay," she said desperately. "What will I have to do if I agree to be your, uh, slave?" "Anything I want, bitch, anything I want." As I said this I looked very pointedly at her tits and then moved my eyes down and stared at her cunt. "I will tell you one thing," I continued now staring at her tits before fixing on her face. "I'm not interested in maiming or scarring you. That's advantages you won't have in jail. I understand the guards and bull dikes are very hard on good looking sluts like you." Soon she would be naked and sucking.

She was silent, confused, but she was thinking hard. I continued to stare at her for about a full minute. Then I broke the silence, "Yup, just as I thought. You'd prefer jail." I again reached toward the phone. "Wait, wait!" she said quickly. She paused. "If I agree to be your slave, how long would it last?" The jizz in my balls was boiling as I thought of her stripped and trembling body standing before me ready to do whatever I demanded.

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