Black Mistress Final Exam

by lizipicka

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Fiction, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My final exam and graduation as a white slave of my black mistress

My name use to be Larry, but my Ebony Mistress Shirley has changed it to Lorrie. Shirley had discovered that I was having an affair with one of our colleagues, who reported to me and the threat of exposure had gradually put me totally in her power. At first she had me coming to her house twice a week, then four times a week for training and finally she had me quit my job and move in to her basement in order that I might serve her at any time she desired. Mistress Shirley took great pride and joy in teaching me how to serve and please first her, then any woman, especially a black woman.

Mistress Shirley, and her girlfriends got together at least once every month for a special evening that lets them show off their latest slaves. This group of black women always finds pleasure in punishing and abusing white men.

The ladies use this opportunity to put their new slaves on display. It is, to all intents and purposes, their slaves 'graduation', being the culmination of several months' hard training. By now, any rebelliousness has been stamped out, and the ladies enjoy pushing their slaves to the limit by humiliating them in public, in a social situation, and in the presence of others.

I, Lorrie was the "star" attraction this evening. I was lead in to the room by Mistress Shirley and introduced to Mistress Faith, a full figured 41-year-old black woman with short, black hair and a beautiful face with high cheekbones and to Mistress Cindy, a 24-year-old raven-haired beauty with a round face and red succulent lips. I fell to the floor and kiss each of their feet, and then went behind them and kiss each of their Asses as Shirley had instructed and taught me to do. Both smiled and said we we've been looking forward to your graduation.

Now I'm standing before a pair of Mistresses as they talk, a short apron barely covering my aroused cock and wearing sheer black stockings and high heels. I have been kept busy serving drinks in a scanty French maid's uniform all night.

Mistress Cindy is testing me. She has her hand under my apron and is slowly rubbing my cock. I'm holding a full tray of drinks and obligingly standing still as Cindy strokes me. Although she noticed that my legs had been shaven smooth, she had just found out that I had been shaved all over.

"Don't spill a drop, slut," admonished Mistress Shirley, "My friends will be very angry if you spill their drinks."

Against my will, a thrill is being sent through my body, though I try very hard to concentrate on the tray of drinks, but Mistress Cindy is very good at what she was doing. "Spread your legs and get on your toes," orders Mistress Cindy, "Push your dick towards me, Lorrie. I'm going to make you cum, in front of your Mistress. I want you to cum all over my fingers and hand. Come on Lorrie, cum for me, cum for Mistress Shirley, make her proud of her new slave."

My legs began to shake uncontrollably, I was indeed going to cum all over Mistress Cindy's hand and fingers, and I also knew I would be unable to stop the drinks from spilling. I could feel Miss Shirley's eyes on me, and hoped she'd be pleased with her slave's obedience: I did not relish upsetting her. The shaking of my spread legs grew worse as I got closer to cumming, the glasses began to clang against each other. "Oh, Mistress Cindy," I moaned, "I'm going to cum, the glasses, oh... oh... please don't stop, don't stop." Cindy was amused to find I was now attempting to fuck her hand, and withdrew her hand slightly to frustrate me even more.

"Please... Mistress Cindy... please." I was now beyond resisting my degradation; my need of cumming now over rode all my other emotions. Tears began to trickle down my cheeks even as I tried for further stimulation from the young black mistress. Cindy enjoyed teasing me for a few moments, but eventually relented and began to once again stroke my cock. Finally, I began to cum. Try as I might, I was unable to hold the tray steady. The glasses shook and the drinks spilled over the sides and splashed on the tray and floor. Remarkably, none tipped over but the damage was done.

"Oh dear," Mistress Cindy sighed in mock disappointment, you have cum all over my hand, now you must clean it and she placed it front of my face. I slowly start licking it clean. Mistress Cindy said, as she was raising herself from the sofa to retrieve her crop, " You spilled our drinks and took too long to clean my hand. Now I'm going to have to punish you. Put the tray down, bend over and spread your ass cheeks." While I followed her instructions, Mistress Cindy took position behind me. Mistress Faith had been watching the performance with interest from a corner of the room while her slave, another white male with blonde hair, had been kneeling between her thick thighs pleasuring her with his tongue. She too held a vicious looking whip and came over to lend a hand.

"Twenty lashes on your asshole," announced Mistress Cindy as she raised the whip and let fly a stinging blow landing directly on my butt hole. Mistress Shirley, curled up on the sofa, giggled. "Don't forget to count the strokes, Lorrie."

My eyes widened as the first lash hit me. "Oh yes, Mistress," I responded, and counted out loud. "One, thank you Mistress Cindy, please give me another."

Mistress Faith approached and stood close behind Cindy. Reaching around and in front of her with the handle of her whip, Faith began to rub it up and down across Cindy's pussy.

Mistress Cindy continued whipping my asshole as her clit was manipulated with the whip handle. Already aroused, her pussy juice dampened the handle and her passion rose, and the blows to my asshole became correspondingly harder and faster.

I was crying for mercy as I lost count of how many blows my asshole had received. Mistress Cindy's cunt had taken control of the flogging and it would not stop until she came all over the whip handle.

"Whip the white slut's asshole while I make you cum on my whip," prodded Mistress Faith, "cum for me baby, cum for me, look at the slut's white ass turning red, when you've cum I'll let you shove this wet whip up his asshole," her voice getting harsher as she spoke.

That did it; Mistress Cindy gave one last lash of the whip, grabbed behind her for a handful of Faith's ass, hunched over slightly and stood motionless as the orgasm washed over her in waves. The amazing thing about Mistress Cindy was that when she came she wasted no energy on movement. Every bit of energy went to the feelings emanating from her pussy, she just stood there and moaned loudly, each one rising and falling as the orgasmic wave washed over her.

Mistress Cindy's breathless, sweaty body slowly recovered from the orgasm. When her senses returned to her control she grinned, and looked expectantly at her friend.

Mistress Faith sat down on the sofa next to a delighted Mistress Shirley. "Over my lap, sissy-boy." ordered Mistress Faith, eager to continue my degradation.

I obeyed without question. I lay myself in the now-familiar position over a Black Mistress's legs, feeling my inexplicably hard cock press down onto her strong thighs.

"I promised Mistress Cindy that she could fuck your ass with my whip. What would you like to say to her?" said Mistress Faith.

I was perceptive enough to know by now what a Mistress expected of me. Obediently, I asked, "Please, Mistress Cindy, please fuck my sissy asshole with your whip." My mistress had instructed me to lisp sweetly, and I did so despite feeling ridiculous.

"Would you like me to spank your sissy-white ass first, Lorrie?" asked Mistress Faith.

I knew what I'd like, but I was totally in the power of the group of black Mistress.

"Yes, please, Madame. My sissy ass deserves a good spanking."

Mistress Shirley was enjoying this.

"Faith, Cindy, Shirley do you mind if I have a little fun with sissy boy here" I heard a voice say. "I just bought me a nice new strap-on dildo last week, and I haven't used it yet. Mind if I try it out on him?" It was Melissa, a teenager who was Shirley's niece and had worked part time for me.

"You go right ahead, honey," replied Cindy, Shirley said "He's almost used to it by now, the sissy slut." And Faith added her agreement saying; " I'll just warm his ass up for you while you get ready."

The dildo was strong and thick, about 8 inches long and deepest black in color. Melissa strapped it around her crotch as Mistress Faith began to spank my white ass. Shirley smiled at how docile I was - at work I was always yelling, shouting and demanding. Here, I was obviously terrified of disobeying my Mistress. It was amazing how turned on she was, watching me dressed as a maid, laid over her friends lap getting my ass well and truly spanked. As she saw that I was being truly hurt, and fighting to hold back tears, she got even hotter.

"I'm ready for the sissy's ass now, Faith." Melissa said, moving towards the smiling forms of Cindy and Faith. Cindy took me by the ear and dragged me over to a chair, and drapping me over it as I frantically looked at the young teen I remembered from work. I also remembered my rudeness towards her, and now bitterly regretted it. She looked so sexy and feminine, yet with an 8" plastic dick rearing up before her. I knew there would be no escape, but dreaded the act to come.

Mistress Melissa took position behind me and ran her long fingernails over my red buttocks. It was excruciatingly painful, but only a taster of what was to come.

"You may ask Mistress Melissa now, slave." prodded Mistress Faith.

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