Pizza Delivery

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Female, Safe Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: a story of a pizza delivey boy delivering more than pizza. He brings the pizza but come back later that night to fulfill the fantasity of a husbands and wifes wishes and wants of him having sex with her

"well, do you want to order that pizza tonight" Andy asks? "and put our plan in motion if its the right delivery boy working tonight"?

"I would love to" Lena replys. "I could use some special delivered hot sex if our plan works". Lena thinking of the cute black boy that usually deliverys the pizza, and how strong and compact his body looks, with a huge bulge in his pants every time he comes to the door with the pizzas in his hand.

"What kind of toppings do you want on the pizza tonight"? Andy askes, with his own thoughts of watching his wife seduce the pizza boy, and him hidding and only watching. He can feel himself getting aroused, thinking of the contrast that their skin will make against each other and seeing his wife have sex with another man and the other man not knowing that he is being watched.

"Just pepperoni, tonight" Lena says. "If all goes right, I will have my own special toppings and it will not be the pizza, but the pizza boy himself", and Lena gives a soft laugh, getting a tingling sensation deep inside of her thinking of feeling his hard cock deep inside her. "I will order the pizza now and then go have a quick shower before the pizza arrives".

Lena makes the call for the pizza, and makes sure the right delivery boy is working. He is. So she goes upstairs and has a shower, knowing that she has a good 20 minutes before the pizza will arrive. Lena finishes her shower, combs her hair and puts a little make up on. She does not get dressed but leaves the towel wrapped around her. She comes back downstairs, and gives her husband a kiss.

"Mmmm... you look good enough to eat. Think you will let me have a little taste of you till the pizza boy get here" Andy asks. looking at her firm body, and her curves showing, even with the towel wrapped around her. He knows that she will have no trouble getting the pizza boy to come back for another special delivery later tonight.

The doorbell rings, and they both look at each other with sly smiles on their faces, knowing the time has come. Lena grabs the money sitting on the table and goes to the door.

She opens the door and sees the man she plans on seducing tonight. He looks sexy standing there with the pizza in hand, dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt. Lena tells him to come in and put the pizza on the table. He obliges, taking in her near naked body, her hair still damp from the shower. Lena goes to hand him the money for the pizza and lets the towel, that was wrapped around her body fall and land around her feet. The pizza boy just looks at her, his eyes traveling slowly up and down her body, he notices that she is a very true blonde with her little patch of public hair that is not shaved off. He noticies how her body curves, her slim waist, and small but perky breasts and hard nipples. He feels himself getting hard in his pants.

"Oh, she says, guess I didn't have the towel tucked in enough", and she turns her body slightly, so her ass is facing him, and then reaches down to get the towel from the floor. She stands up, not putting the towel back around her, only holding it in her hand, and asks him if he would like to come back to her place later and have a little fun with her. She can see him looking at her body and his eyes resting on her pussy. Lena also notices that he has a huge bulge in front of his pants, and would like to see it set free.

"what about your husband" he asks. "Is he around or will we be all alone"?

"He is out of town, and will not be back till tomorrow, and I would love to have a little roll in the hay with you tonight. I have always admired your body and wondered what you would feel like inside of me" Lena replys. She can see that he is going to say yes, and feels herself getting wet and her muscles contracting a bit, thinking of the fun they are going to have.

"I don't finish work till 11 tonight. Is that okay for you? I would love to come and cure your itch for some hard, dark cock" he replys. "And right now I am really hard looking at your body, and thinking of your wet hot pussy wrapped around it". and he reaches and grabs her hard nipple in his hand and rubs it. Lena moves closer and rubs his cock through his jeans, and feels it twitch, trying to get out of his pants.

"Sounds good to me" Lena replys, with a smile on her face. "I will be here ready and waiting for you to show" as she rubs his cock harder in his jeans. She knows that Andy is in the other room, listening and watching to what is happening and going to happen.

"Okay, I will come back to you and your hot pussy as soon as I can" he says and runs his hand down to Lena's moist pussy and slids his finger inside her, feeling her heat and tight muscles wrap around his finger. He thinks to himself that later tonight is going to be fun and feels his own precum wet his jeans thinking of slipping himself inside of her and feeling those muscles contract around his hard cock. He removes his hand relectantly and takes the money from her for the pizza and goes to the door.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Stephen". he says "and your name is"?

"My name is Lena, nice to meet you Stephen, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you and your body very soon" Lena replys with a small husky laugh, looking into his dark brown eyes, seeing the passion and desire in them. She can feel her body on fire, wanting to feel his body against her, his weight on top of her, his cock inside her, and knows that it will soon become reality.

Stephen leaves and Andy comes out from the bedroom with a huge grin on his face. "Well, that was easy to convince him. You didn't have to do much talking to get him to come back."

"Yes, that was easier than I thought it was going to be" Lena answers back, still with the towel in her hand, moving closer to Andy. "I guess I should put my robe on" as she reaches up to kiss Andy fully on the mouth, feeling his tall muscular body pressing against her own naked body.

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