Could He?

by Novice

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: An instant message, a lack of sex, could he have sex with a man? It was taboo, but he needed to cum so badly and he had no other prospects.

Dan was startled by the instant message on his computer. He had been online for hours and it was unexpected, especially when he checked the profile and it was guy. They chit chatted a little until the guy finally popped the question, "Ever had your cock sucked by another man?" The question had caught him at a depraved moment. Dan hadn't had sex in a couple of months and his cock was well overdue for a good orgasm and began to stir as he typed the answer, "No." His cock continued to grow as he awaited the next line, "Would you like to be sucked by a man?" There it was, an offer for a blow job, but not just a blow job, one from someone of the same sex, something socially taboo. He fought with his mind before he typed an answer, his mind reasoned that he was not gay, but his cock argued that a mouth was a mouth, he typed his reply, "I don't know." The silence was deafening, then," I can suck you better than any woman ever has, guaranteed!" Dan had read the stories about the lesbians and how they all said only a woman could truly eat pussy right and although he had never had any complaints, the statement had always plagued him.

"Look, I only want to suck you, you don't have to do anything you don't want and no one will know but us" his cock once again sprouted to life as his mind tried to stifle it, finally he sent his reply, "Ok, but only a blow job, no kissing and no fucking, and NO one knows but us." His mind was troubled but his cock began to pulse, Dan had enjoyed blow jobs his whole life and there was nothing better than shooting his load down a willing throat, he would just have to dismiss the thoughts that it was a male throat. They made arrangements to meet behind the rest area off the interstate, there was an access road behind it and not very traveled. Dan was very nervous as he drove to the rendezvous, his mind trying to win out over his sexual needs. He had said his name was Carl and had described himself as an average looking man driving a Ford Explorer, the vehicle was already there as he drove up. He sucked in a nervous breath as he turned off his lights and the engine and got out to walk over to the Explorer, "Get in," the man said and rolled his window back up as Dan got in the passenger's side. Dan was a nervous wreck, but Carl on the other hand was anxious and Dan jumped as Carl touched his leg.

"Look man, I just LOVE to suck cock. There's nothing better than swallowing a huge load of hot cum, to me anyway." Dan tried to relax, trying hard to fight the teachings of his parents as well as society, this was wrong, but his cock argued with him as Carl's hand found it and traced the outline through his jeans. "Damn, you're a good size. I love the long, fat ones, they really give my throat a workout." And Dan saw his gleaming smile as his fingers stopped tracing and tried to enclose his stiffening cock, he reasoned that the touch was exciting and it didn't matter whose touch it was, then he felt Carl working his zipper down and felt his fingers on his boxer encased shorts. He worked his fingers through the fly and it was like electricity when Carl's fingers touched his cock in the flesh and he jumped. "Easy, I won't hurt you. You do have a nice cock, Dan. Can I see it?" and he nervously nodded his head as Carl fished it out through the fly and stroked it up and down it's length.

The map light coming on made him jump, he was sure he had been caught, but Carl was only illuminating his prize, "It looks very nice, Dan. Very suckable. I will enjoy deep throating this one," and he leaned over and encased the head in his mouth, applying suction to the crown as his lips closed around it. Dan sucked in a deep breath, it did feel very good to have a hot mouth wrapped around his cock, he couldn't argue there. "Look, Carl, I'm very nervous about all of this. I'm afraid someone will come upon us here and it would ruin me to get caught." Carl pulled his mouth off, a slight 'pop' as the suction was broken, "Look, Dan, I have to have this cock, I NEED it. I'll tell you what, if you pay half, we'll get a room. No one will catch us in the room, right?" Dan's mind reeled, could he go through with this? His cock was still be jacked by Carl and his saliva was still coating him, he needed release badly, "Ok, I'll follow you." Carl gave his cock one last suck and then let go, Dan put himself away, not an easy task considering how hard he was and then got out and back into his car, following Carl up the service road. They pulled into the Red Roof Inn and Carl went in to register, Dan parked further down the lot, out of sight. He saw the worry on Carl's face when he came out, afraid Dan had changed his mind and left, but Dan flashed his headlights at him and he held up the room key.

Dan watched as Carl drove down and parked across from him, then he motioned for Dan to follow him and he walked up to the door in front of him, 106. Dan waited until Carl had the door open and he stood there, motioning for Dan to come on. Dan took a quick look around and then almost ran to the door, pushing Carl in and closing and locking it behind him. "My goodness, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were in a hurry," Carl said and laughed at him. Dan stood there, by the bed, nervous as hell as Carl walked to him and once again stroked his cock back to life through his jeans, "That's better." Once he was hard, Carl unzipped him again and this time didn't ask as he fished his cock out, "You were right, Dan. This is much better, you do have a magnificent cock." Dan watched as he dropped to his knees and once again engulfed the head of his hard cock in his mouth. The fact that he was another man was insignificant to Carl as this talented mouth moved up and down his shaft, he was very good. He sucked for a minute, stopping to forced his tongue into the piss hole at the end of Dan's cock before he withdrew his mouth and looked up, still jacking his stiff cock. "Since we do have the privacy of a room, I would prefer you naked, Dan. Like I said, you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with, but I have to be able to devour all of this magnificent cock and your clothes are in the way."

Dan hesitantly unbuttoned his shirt as Carl worked on getting his shoes, socks, jeans and boxers off, by the time he was pulling his tshirt over his head, Dan was totally nude before this stranger. He jumped as he felt the tongue on his ball sac, the hand working his stiff member, making it harder. Carl's hand pushed gently on Dan's belly until he felt himself fall back onto the bed and Carl pushed his legs apart with his shoulders and took him once again into his mouth, this time working all of him into his mouth until Dan felt the confines of Carl's throat, he was talented. Dan could no longer see him without raising up and he found that he could imagine that it was a sweet young girl that was sucking his cock and he felt himself stiffen more at that thought, this made Carl work even harder. All of the sudden, a man wasn't giving him a blow job, he could see you Kristin, from next door, taking him into her sweet mouth and throat and he arched his back as he felt his cum boil out of his balls and into her sweet, young mouth. He could almost hear young Kristin swallowing his torrents of cum that raced through his shaft, he hadn't come like this in such a long time. As his cock began to soften, her sweet mouth kept nursing him and when he opened his eyes, he really expected to see her angelic face between his legs, but Carl was who he saw.

He hadn't exaggerated, it was the best blow job he had ever had, bar none, but maybe it was just that it had been a while since he had cum, he wasn't sure. He raised up and watched Carl lovingly nurse his deflating cock, a smile on his face, "That was the best I've had in a long time, Dan," he said as he gently massaged the limp cock, then stood and sat next to Dan on the bed. His hand never left Dan's cock and Dan cringed slightly as he bent over and kissed his stomach, dipping his tongue in his navel, then trailed back don to his cock, licking the crown and watching as it regained some life. He couldn't explain it, but what Carl did made him feel good, even though he knew it was wrong. "Why don't you take off your clothes, Carl. I'm not promising you anything, but let's see what you really look like," he couldn't believe he said it and didn't think Carl could believe it either, but he let go of the half hard cock and stripped. Dan wondered what his cock would look like, he had never seen any cock other than his own and he didn't know why he would wonder that, but he did. As he slid his briefs off, Dan was mesmerized by Car's semi hard cock. It was much smaller than his own, not even 4 inches now and as Carl jacked it and it grew, it still didn't get much above 5 inches and was very slender. Carl jacked himself with one hand and his other returned to coax Dan back to hardness, as he regained his hardness, Carl moved beside him and got on his knees and engulfed him once more. Dan was mesmerized by Carl's cock, swinging between his legs, only a foot or so from his face, as Carl sucked on him.

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