New Year, New Beginning

by sexgoddess

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Sex Story: Emily and Alvin finally get a chance to start their New relationship off with hot sex and a night to remember!

"Emily..." Alvin said in a low toned voice. "... You know that you want to come over here and lay in my bed beside me."

Emily moaned at the thought of that. "That sounds so tempting..."

"It just sounds tempting... ? That's it... ? You know it is more than tempting Emily," Alvin replied.

Emily softly moaned. "Alvin, why do you tease me when you know what I'm going to say, baby?"

The phone fell silent for a few seconds before Mike spoke, "I tease you because I know you like it and I like hearing you tell me what you want and need. I like to hear you tell me things I already know... It gets me hard Emily - just like you like me huh?"

Emily moaned again at the thought of Alvin being hard. Emily was starting to get frustrated and finally spoke softly, "Alvin I want you now so bad baby... I'm wet and my body is begging for your touch. I want to come over and show you everything I want to do to your body now baby... Right this minute!"

Alvin smiled at Emily's response to him and then replied back, "Then come over here Emily... Come over here and set your white pussy on my hard black dick... Come over here now while I'm home alone and ride me all night girl. It can be both of our New Year's present to each other."

Thinking of all that she could do to Alvin... she said her goodbye over the phone and quickly got into her car to head over to his place. On her way to his place, all she could think about was all the places that they could make love in his house. She was hoping that by the end of the night she would have made love in almost every place in his house.

The drive seemed to take forever but finally Emily pulled up to his house and walked through the driveway. As soon as she got to the door, she was greeted by Alvin's arm, pulling her inside.

"It's about time you got here! I've been waiting for you for what seems like forever," Alvin said in a husky low voice.

Emily smiled. "Well I've been driving for what seems like forever. I wanted to get here as fast as I could baby... I want you so badly."

With that said, Alvin led her to his bedroom. Once they entered his room, Emily walked over to him and passionately kissed him... she slipped in her tongue between his lips and kissed him as if he was her world; their tongues mating in a passionate duel as the kiss deepened.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned, as this kiss grew hotter.

Emily never wanted the wonderful kiss to end. It felt sooooo good. It felt soooo right. After another minute the kiss was broken, but not their body contact. Alvin was holding her close and her arms were around his neck holding him close. Emily could feel his hard-on through his pants and she moaned with want.

"Mmmmm... Alvin I want you... I need you," Emily moaned, in a soft sexy voice.

Alvin started undoing Emily's shirt and slid it off her shoulders, slowly running his hands down her arms. He began unhooking her bra and watched it fall away exposing her already erect nipples. Then he admired her beautiful breasts as he began sliding her skirt down, exposing her thong underneath. Slowly, he pushed Emily onto his bed and started pulling down her thong while tracing his hand down the inside of her thigh, exploring her body with his fingers.

As soon as the thong fell to the floor he traced his hands back up her body, this time touching her nicely shaven pussy. Alvin dipped his pointed finger just a little ways inside Emily's pussy, teasing her and making a small moan escape her mouth. As his hands continued to move upward on her vibrant body, he ran his fingers on her left and right side... knowing that if he did that he would turn her on even more, and make her start to get wetter than she already was.

He repeatedly kept tracing his fingers along her sides, making Emily moan and softly say his name. She had never felt as much power in a man's touch as she was feeling now.

"Mmmmmm... Alvin... more... yessss... more... baby. I love your hands on my body," Emily moaned softly.

"You liking that Emily... you want more baby... I'll give you more... I'll give you my mouth on your body... I'll give you my tongue exploring your body," he said in his low toned voice, sending chills down Emily's spine as he spoke. With that said, big black hands traced over Emily's hard nipples, stroking them with his thumbs right before being replaced with his mouth, which settled over her hard left nipple.

He gentle stroked the hard bit of flesh with his tongue... flickering it over and over, making Emily moan even louder. He soon began sucking Emily's nipple harder and faster, driving her crazy with need.

He then moved over to her other breast and slowly began tonguing it before taking her nipple into his mouth. He sucked on that nipple hard and fast just as he did with the other, causing Emily to throw back her head in pleasure, moaning aloud.

After sucking and caressing her breasts, he moved downward on her quivering body, kissing down her stomach and teasing Emily by blowing lightly onto her pussy, making her jump and moan as more wetness flowed between her pussy lips. He had her squirming in heated passion as he spent tantalizing seconds blowing onto her pussy, only to stop and then move back up to her stomach, before moving down and blowing on her pussy again.

He did this a few more times before he finally took his tongue and dipped it into her soaking wet pussy. Slowly he moved his tongue in deeper tasting her sweet juices. Emily began to thrust forward, wanting him to go in deeper into her pussy... wanting to feel more of his tongue on her clit and deep inside her slit.

Alvin's tongue found Emily's clit and slowly began to flick it back and forth, making her cum hard for the first time. As she came, her body shook and her juices came flowing out. With the juice coming out, Alvin lapped it up with his tongue, burying his face deep within her sweet pussy, tasting every bit of her sweetness, as much as he could.

He then found her throbbing clit once again and this time began sucking it hard, making the her moan and buck forward with her hips wanting more of the wonderful pleasure she was getting. He sucked harder, flicking his tongue over her clit as he sucked, driving her crazy.

After Alvin gave her a good 5 or 6 orgasms, he stopped and moved from in between her thighs. He then rose and started taking off his clothes. Emily sat up on the bed and watched him as he stripped. She eagerly eyed his body, watching him remove his shirt and then his pants and underwear.

After he was completely undressed, she looked at his hard throbbing dick. She wanted that black cock deep inside her, tearing her apart as Alvin took her virginity.

Alvin then made his way back between her legs and pushed her down onto the bed, moving her up the bed, making sure she had enough room to spread her white legs for him. He then kissed Emily deeply on the mouth once again making her moan.

After kissing her, he looked into Emily's eyes... He could see the love she had in them for him. As he looked in her eyes, she softly spoke. "Alvin baby, please make love to me like never before. I want to make love to you with everything I am Alvin... Because I love you and I want to show you just how much I love you with everything I do tonight. I want to be yours in every way I can."

He then kissed her again as he spread her legs and guided his dick deep within her depths. Emily held back her screams and tears as her man thrust deep inside her.

Alvin asked softly, "You okay baby?"

Emily could only nod her head affirmatively because she could not find the strength to speak.

He began thrusting his dick into her, slowly at first, enjoying the feel of her tight pussy contracting around his hard dick as he moved in and out of her.

"Mmmm Emily you're so tight... Mmmmm it feels so good," he moaned as he thrust into her.

"Yessss... Alvin... you feel sooooo gooddd inside me baby! Harder baby... Faster baby... mmmmmm... ALVIN!!!"

He moved inside her faster and harder making sure he hit her clit with every thrust. He could feel every time that she came all over his dick. He loved the feeling of her hot sweet juices all over his dick as he thrust deep inside her tight pussy. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy contracting around his dick as she came again and again. Over and over he thrust all the way into Emily, making her scream his name over and over. He loved the way she moaned his name... The sound of her voice helped him near orgasm.

After what seems forever, he finally came hard deep inside her, moaning her name as he came. Emily came one last time as well...

At the feeling of his hot interracial juices her pussy starting contracting around his dick milking every last drop of his hot cum out of him. After their amazing climaxes, Alvin lay on top of Emily, catching his breath. "Damn girl, that was amazing, you were tight as hell!"

Emily moaned and smiled at him. "I told you I was really tight. You were wonderful. You have really blown my mind so far baby."

Emily then pushed him off her and got on top of him.

"Baby, now it's my turn to please you... I'm going to make love to you with my mouth baby... I'm going to blow your mind now!"

With that said, Emily then moved down Alvin's body, slowly kissing his neck the same way he did her and then moving down to flicker one of his nipples with her hot tongue; she gentle sucked on it making him moan.

She stopped and smiled before taking the other nipple into her mouth. After a few minutes of teasing both of his nipples, she continued moving down his beautiful brown body... Until she got to his once again hard dick. It was still wet and sticky with her juices.

She moved her hand up to grab his hard manhood and stroke him up and down, slowly teasing him... then massaging his balls and continuing to stroke him up and down before finally taking him into her mouth. She sucked her slick wet juices off his dick enjoying the taste of her own sex. She flicked her tongue over the head of his dick, making him groan deeply in his throat with pleasure. Emily did this a few times to tease him and to hear him groan; she loved hearing his reaction to her.

She took as much of his dick into her mouth as she could. She sucked hard as Alvin began to hold her head and fuck her face. Alvin thrust faster and harder into her working mouth as she began to deep throat him to prevent being choked to death. As she deep throated him, he began to cum right down her throat, while moaning her name loudly once again.

Once he finished coming, Emily released his dick from her mouth.

"Did you enjoy that baby?" she asked, as she crawled into the bed beside his now limp body. "Yes I did hun, you have a very skilled tongue, among other things. Where do you wanna make love now?"

Emily laughed at Alvin's comment before saying... "Why don't we go take a nice hot bath together and clean each other up?" Emily smiled, and ran into the bathroom and locked the door before Alvin could get up out of bed.

Alvin got to the bathroom and tried to open the door only to find that the door was locked.

"Emily..." he said in his low toned voice making Emily's pussy jump in response to his voice. "Baby open the door, you know you want to... because you need this hard dick." Alvin continued to talk while knocking on the door.

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