Good Book

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: The gift of a book takes a naive young couple in new directions.

It started with a book.

The company I worked for had arranged a holiday gift offer through one of those warehouse booksellers. We could order any book we wanted. The selected book would be gift-wrapped, mailed and ready for opening Christmas morning.

I decided on a gift for my wife, Melissa. We'd been married less than a year yet, being married was more than I'd ever hoped for. To share your life with someone else was wonderful, the intimacy, the devotion, the togetherness. Oh and the sex, man! At the time, I really thought I had the tiger by the tail.

Every Friday night we went to bed early to make love to each other. We would hug and cuddled for a few minutes, and then I'd kiss her gently on the lips. My hands would rub her soft breasts beneath her nightgown. When she was ready she'd move her legs apart. I would position myself between them and support my weight on my elbows. It usually took a few tries before I was able to push into her vagina. I would push slowly forward until completely inside her. It was really nice. When she was comfortable she would kiss me and say, "I love you." I would then begin to move back and forth. After a couple of minutes, I would ejaculate inside her. I would kiss her and say, "I love you." I would be asleep in just a couple of minutes.

The only area in our marriage where there was a little friction was our religious life. I was raised in a deeply religious family. Daily prayer was a part of all my families' activities and we prayed many times a day; at meals, whenever we were leaving the house, and pretty much anytime you felt an inner prompting to speak to or praise the Lord. Melissa's family was not as prayerful as mine and she was not comfortable with this approach.

So the book I selected was about integrating prayer into your daily life. It contained simple practices to help one discover and enjoy an active prayer life. The package from the bookseller arrived, already gift-wrapped, a few days before Christmas. I placed it beneath the tree.

Christmas Morning was wonderful. I arranged it so that the book would be the final gift she opened. To help her appreciate the intention behind my choice, I prepared a little speech about how important I thought this book could be for her and for our marriage.

Melissa carefully unwrapped the book holding it behind the wrapping paper so that I unable to see it. As she silently read the front dustcover I could see her eyes widen, first looking up to me then back to the book. She began to flip thoughtfully through the pages. She sighed a couple of times then looked back to me - her eyes crinkled in a smile.

This was exactly the response I was hoping for. "I knew you'd like it. Well, actually I wasn't sure but I prayed for guidance."

"I do like it. I guess I'm just surprised." A big smile spread slowly across her face. "It's not what I would have expected from you. This is really for both of us, isn't it? Are we going to read this together?" She had the cutest expression on her face.

"No, I think you should read it first. Try some of the different practices and techniques. Find the ones that you're comfortable with, the ones that work best for you. After that we can do it together as much as you want. Then, if you get comfortable enough, we can do it with others."

Her eyes widen dramatically and there was a catch in her voice. "You want us to do this with others? Other people? Other couples?"

I could tell that this was making her a little anxious. "Well, only if you're comfortable. I'll be happy if it's just you and me doing this every day."

"Every day?" Her eyes were beginning to tear.

"Sure, but only when you're ready."

"OK. When do you want me to get started?" She sounded so excited I couldn't help but smile.

"Well, let's take it slow and easy. Like I said, I think you should start reading it first, try the techniques that appeal to you, and then try them with me. You might want to try a couple of different times a day, find the time best for you"

She swallowed. "A couple of times a day?" Her eyebrows rose high. "You want me to do this a couple of times a day."

"Sure, if it works for you, why not. Why don't you try it for a couple of days then we can try it together - would Wednesday evening be too soon?"

"Wednesday night. OK. And you think I should practice on my own whenever I want? As often as I want?"

"Oh absolutely! There really is no wrong time. And I don't believe you can do too much."

Melissa clutched the book to her chest and gushed, "I love you."****

When I arrived home Wednesday, Melissa greeted me at the door with a very unexpected (although I thoroughly enjoyed it) and very passionate kiss. When I asked her what that was all about she said she loved me and wanted to be sure that I knew it. I told her I did and asked if she had been practicing. The smile on her face was incandescent.

"Yes! I've been practicing every day, sometimes twice a day. I've practiced twice today already."

"You have! That's great."

Her eyes became glassy and heavy-lidded. She chewed her bottom lip. "Would you like me to do it right now?"

"Right now?" She nodded. "Can we do it right here?" She nodded again and her eyes fluttered a bit.

"Except you can't watch me." She actually blushed. "I'm not ready for that - not yet."

She looked so cute and vulnerable. "OK. What do you want me to do?"

"Sit in the chair. And cover your eyes - use your tie."

"My tie? Why can't I just close my eyes?"

"NO! Not yet - maybe when I get more comfortable doing this you can watch me then."

"OK. But I'd really like to watch - soon." I smiled at her, and she swallowed nervously.

"I think I'd really like that." She kissed me again. "But not just yet - not today. Now I'm going to cover up those baby blues of yours."

Melissa wrapped my tie around my head, tied it securely, and sat me in the chair. I began to pray silently. The tie was partially over my ears so that sounds were somewhat muffled. I thought I heard Melissa sigh a couple of times. Soon an aroma filled my nostrils, earthy, musky, intoxicating. It was somewhat familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

I have heard that deep prayer can bring forth heavenly manifestations, i.e., visions, voices, speaking in tongue. Could this delightful smell be like that? Melissa seemed to be breathing loudly. It sounded somewhat like a dog panting after a run. Then I heard it. Melissa was calling out to the Lord. "Oh God... Oh God... Oh God." Over and over she repeated the Lord's Name. She cried out loudly. Then silence.

I felt hands untie my tie and I opened my eyes to see my beautiful wife glowing. A light sheen of perspiration covered her face. Her eyes were blazing with intensity as she looked at me. I was stunned.

"Wow. I've never seen you like this. You seem to really enjoy this?"

"That was the best one yet! It just keeps getting better and better, every time. I love you so much." She kissed me so passionately that it left me nearly breathless.

"I love you too."

Dinner that night was slow and relaxed. Melissa's gaze rarely left me. I found myself secretly wishing that Friday night would arrive early.

When Friday finally arrived, I was ready. By that, I mean that I was looking forward to spending the evening with Melissa. Dinner was fantastic; and quite uncharacteristically for us, we drank a whole bottle of wine. We flirted throughout the meal.

Usually after dinner we would watch some TV. You know, just relax a bit before going to bed. This night was different; Melissa put some quiet music on the stereo and stood in the middle of the floor.

"Come here Robert. Dance with me."

I held her close and we began to dance. Soon we were simply swaying casually, rubbing out bodies against each other. I was soon very erect; Melissa seemed to enjoy the feeling of my erection pressing into her abdomen. She lifted her head and we began to kiss. The kisses grew in intensity. Our hands roamed freely over each other. Then Melissa pushed away from me. We were both breathing heavily. She walked past me, toward our bedroom. She looked at me with a passion and a need that was captivating. She took hold of my hand and led me inside.

I started to undress when she stopped me. "Let me do that." She slowly unbuttoned my shirt one button after the other. As each button opened, she would kiss my newly exposed skin, and then drag her fingernails over the same area. The sensation was incredible. She pushed the shirt off my shoulders, down to my elbows and left it there. She then knelt before me, loosened my belt, and pulled in slowly out through the loops. She unzipped my pants. I struggled for a moment with the shirt but Melissa looked up and told me not to move - I didn't.

My pants slid to my feet. Melissa knelt and stroked lightly up and down my legs; I was shaking with excitement. I wanted to reach down and touch her but my arms were entangled preventing any direct participation on my part. Melissa began to take great liberties with my situation.

My erection was clearly in need of release from confinement. But Melissa wouldn't remove my briefs no matter how much I asked. She held my thighs and rubbed her face back and forth across my cotton-covered penis. As I began to shake she finally stripped me of my briefs and removed my shirt. She pushed me back onto the bed. I opened my mouth to speak. Her finger on my lips quieted me.

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