Cheerleaders Need New Uniforms

by Kenny N Gamera

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Desc: Sex Story: The cheerleading squad at Gil Thorp Junior High School need new uniforms, but they haven't been able to raise the money needed. They are forced to send their last two virgins, Shannon and Stacy, to the school board meeting in an attempt to get an appropriation.

© 2003

"What these kids need is more tofu and less murdered animals."

"Stacy," asked Shannon in a bored voice, "like, how many times has she said that so far this evening?"

Stacy rolled her eyes up and stuck out her tongue as she counted on her fingers. "About sixteen."

Stacy and Shannon fidgeted in their seats as Mrs. VanHoolan continued her tirade against the unnutritious, meat-filled lunches that the school system fed the student body. It had been a long night, with the last half-hour being devoted to the virtues of processed soybean and nothing else. In fact, of the group of people who had come to the school board meeting, only they had stuck it out.

Both young cheerleaders thought to herself that the board had arranged the schedule with Mrs. VanHoolan as the penultimate speaker to test the girls' desire to get new uniforms for their squad. Actually, it was more to drive them out, so that the board could safely ignore the request and end the meeting; the strategy had always worked before.

But not this night.

Finally, Mr. VanStuckenmud saw that the girls were not going to give up. "Mrs. VanHoolan, we thank you for your comments and rest assured we will give them all due consideration. Mrs. VanDorkan, what is the next order of business for the evening?" the chairman announced quickly before Mrs. VanHoolan could say her signature statement a seventeenth time.

"The Junior High School cheerleading squad is requesting new uniforms, Mr. Chairman," replied the board secretary just as quickly to prevent any protests from the crusading vegetarian.

The girls jumped up and rushed the podium, almost knocking down the flustered and retreating older woman. Mrs. VanHoolan took the closest chair in hopes of later getting a final word. Stacy, a tall and lanky blondee, pulled a sheet of paper from her left sleeve. Shannon, a petite and prematurely busty brunette, pulled a loose thread from hers.

"Mr. Chairman and ladies and gentlemen of the board, the Junior High Cheerleaders need new uniforms..."

"We thank you for your comments and rest assured we will give them all due consideration. I now call this meeting adjour-."

"Now wait a minute!" cried Shannon as her sleeve fell from her uniform exposing an athletically tone and tanned arm, "you haven't, like, even heard us out."

"Yeah," added Stacy, who started playing with a loose piece of yarn that had been bothering her almost as much as Mrs. VanHoolan all evening, "we really, like, need these new uniforms."

Mr. VanPruder looked up from a sheet of paper at the two girls. "But you just got new uniforms."

"Yeah," replied Stacy doubtfully, as the small piece of yarn became a large piece of yarn.

"Like, five years ago," continued Stacy.

"And they were hand me downs from the High School's Junior Varsity squad," finished Shannon.

"They still look good to me," asserted Mrs. VanLikkengud.

"Look good?" shouted the girls as one. Shannon then added as she lifted her skirt, "I had to, like, shave, because these panties are so thin the guys started teasing me about my bush."

"And this is, like, the third sweater to fall apart on me this week," added the now completely topless Stacy as she held up the loose yarn that had been her top. "We will do anything for new uniforms."

Mr. VanStuckenmud got up and stared at the two girls. "Exactly what is meant by anything?"

"You know, like, anything."

Mrs. VanGushinpuss finally spoke up, "Girls, you realize that anything could mean a lot of things."

"Like, duh!" answered Stacy in frustration.

"There are car washes and bake sales and door to door magazine subscriptions"

"Mrs. VanGushinpuss," cried Shannon, "we, like, tried all of that stuff and it, like totally, didn't work. We really, really need those uniforms. Like, why do you think the last two virgins on the cheerleading squad were sent to this meeting?"

"I don't think that we understand what you are suggesting, young ladies," stated Mr. VanPruder as he also stood up from his chair, leaning against the table.

The girls began to panic as they both thought that the board members were about to leave the meeting. Stacy quickly spoke out in a slightly smart tone, "Do we have to, like, spell it for you?"

"If you think that it would help clarify your position, feel free," answered the dour looking man.


"Let me understand this correctly, you two girls are offering to have sex with all of us?" came flatly and slowly from Mrs. VanDorkin. The girls nodded in unison. "In exchange for new cheerleading uniforms for your squad."

"Like, yeah!" Shannon didn't bother to hide the sarcasm in her voice.

"And you tried a car wash?"

"We didn't make enough to, like, pay for the bake sale."

"Well, ladies and gentlemen of the board, I think we have heard enough that we may be able to take a vote. All in favour." The room grew silent for a moment. Both Mr. VanStuckenmud and Mr. VanPruder lowered their zippers in a noisy yank. Mr. VanStuckenmud turned to look at the women, "and ladies?"

The girls suddenly had three pairs of panties at their feet.

As she went around the meeting table, Mrs. VanDorkin said, "Well girls, get on your hands and knees because it is time to do some muff diving."

Shannon and Stacy immediately assumed the assigned position. Mrs. VanGushinpuss and Mrs. VanLikkengud sat on the floor in front of the youngsters. The older beauties leaned back, facing the cute young cheerleaders with legs spread. Each girl lowered her head to the offered pussy and began to lick at the outer folds.

"Oh, Margrette," announced Mrs. VanLikkengud as she pushed aside Shannon's long locks to watch the teen's pink, pointed tongue dance at the very gates of her cunt, "this one may be new to cock, but she knows her way around a women's pussy."

"Oh!" agreed Margrette VanGushinpuss. She used both hands to pull the willing face of Stacy tight against her. "Oh sweet Jesus (Jesus being the name of her young Hispanic gardener)!"

From a vantage point behind and between the young lesbians, Mrs. VanDorkin watched her friends getting licked for maybe two seconds before she dove into Shannon's mound, having easily ripped the threadbare cloth of her panties away from the freshly shaved treasure. She licked first at the outer lips. Slowly, her tongue went from Shannon's ass to almost but not quite the clit. Finally, with just the tongue's tip, Mrs. VanDorkin teasingly brushed the girl's extended button, to suddenly move to the other girl.

As her mouth and tongue worked away at Shannon's wetness, Mrs.Dorkin's fingers felt their way into Stacy's already soaked gash. Blindly, first one, then a second digit found itself inside the tight tunnel to nirvana. Slowly, the experienced woman withdrew from the fresh virgin, before she suddenly pushed back in. As the act repeated itself, only Stacy's soon doomed hymen stopped the invasion of her fingers.

Learning quickly, Stacy moved her honey glazed face away from Mrs. VanGushinpuss and placed her weight on her elbows. Using her now freed hands, Stacy started to pump at the older women's pussy with her left hand and the fingers of her right began to play at her clit. In just a few short moments, these efforts rewarded Stacy with a wail. She looked up to see Mrs. VanGushinpuss's eyes roll back into her head as it lazily lolled to the side. Thus, she only felt the first splash of liquid strike her chin. She looked down in time to get the next squirt in her eyes. Though inexperienced with female ejaculation, Stacy knew enough to put her mouth in position to catch the last blast before the school board matron passed out.

Mr. VanPruder and Mr. VanStuckenmud, both already nude and with dicks waving proudly, moved the unconscious victim of Stacy's tongue play away as Mrs. VanDorkin took her place.

"Now eat me, bitch, like you ate her."

As she began and Shannon tried to keep her head from being crushed between the strong, shapely thighs of Mrs. VanLikkengud, the men moved behind the now prepped girls.

"The blondee or the brunette, Mr. Chairman?"

"You take the blondee, Mr. VanPruder. I know how they are your favourites."

Being of the getting it over with quickly school, the men drove their spikes into the girls in one synchronized motion, the girls' shouts of initial pain muffled by the muffs of the two older women. The men let the inexperienced passageways adjust to their granite intrusions before they began to rock back and forth. They coordinated their movements like a well-practiced team, working the girls' pussies into a pink froth of virginal blood and cunt juice. Each matched the thrusts of the other in both timing and length.

Mr. VanPruder's shorter dick withdrew almost to the cock head, yet never once did it come loose from Stacey's blonde furred vise. With hands holding tightly to her slim waist, he fought the teen's attempts to thrust back against his body and refill the emptiness inside her.

Mrs. VanDorkin locked her hands onto Stacey's head, holding her in place. She pushed the young girl's face hard against her sex. Attempting to resist the distraction coming from her own pussy, Stacey moved her tongue across the outer lips of the older woman's cunt. At least she was until she was shifted so close that her tongue was forced into the opening. Mrs. VanDorkin began to use Stacy's face to masturbate herself.

Mrs. VanLikkengud continued to squeeze against Shannon's grip. The teen's hands fought futilely to keep the older woman's thighs parted for her oral attack. As her victim hit another organism, Shannon's arms gave out. The matron's well-toned legs encased her head. Without recourse to do anything else, she continued to provide suction on the clit in front of her as the body attached to it shook and screamed.

Meanwhile, back at her cunt, Mr. VanStuckenmud pounded away at Shannon without mercy. Compared to his colleague, much more of his thinner cock remained in his lover when he withdrew. This extra allowed the full length of his larger shaft to enter the girl even as they matched their thrusts. The young cheerleader's belly extended out each time he pistoned forward into her.

Looking at his friend, Mr. VanStuckenmud could see him begin to tense in impending orgasm. He sped up his thrusting to catch up. Within seconds of each other, they shot their loads into the young cheerleaders. Shortly afterward, the women shoved the girls away from their worn and tired pussies. The frustrated girls tried to push back onto the softening shafts of the dicks in their drooling cunts. It was to no avail, and the men pulled their flaccid tools out from their spermy teen love nests.

"Finish us off, sirs," begged Shannon still on her hands and knees.

"Please," moaned Stacey. "We, like, need to come."

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