Dog Gets the Cherry

by Devil

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Consensual, First, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: a short story of a young girl experiencing sex with her best friend, her dog

Do you remember me telling you my first thought of a dog was around the age of 13? Well, this is when it happened. And at this age our hormones and bodies are telling us what to do. So many feelings and emotions going through our bodies, making us want something, we are just not sure what all it is.

I was home on the farm all by myself with my best friend, Pugs, my dog. I was enjoying the quiet and privacy of that day, enjoying the sunny warm weather, and the knowledge that I was on my own till later that coming night I had just gotten home from school, and decided to spend some time outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

I looked at my dog, Pugs, whom was laying beside me in the grass in the side of the yard. I began to have these thoughts that I would just like to feel his fur against my bare skin, my nipples and my pussy. I knew we were alone and no one was going to be coming around. I also thought the outside air and warm sun would feel great, especially if I got naked. So I got rid of my pants and panties, and the rest of my clothes and laid on the grass beside Pugs. I loved the feel of the cool grass, and my dogs fur tickling me on my bare skin, as we laid there side by side.

He got up and started to sniff and lick me all over. I let him, his tongue was rough and smooth all in one, raising goosebumps where ever he touched me. I moved over to my back, feeling the sun, and he stared to lick me. running his long tongue over my body and moving to my pussy. He ran his tongue all around and licked me all me feelings I have never felt before that time. I let him continue to do this and I enjoyed it, letting my mind go... I could feel his tongue wanting more, reaching more, seeking the inside of me. I could feel the roughness, as he licked and wiggled his tongue into me, feeling his cold nose against my naked body, hitting my pleasure spot as he reached in deeper, with his tongue, lapping as far as he could go, tasting my juices. His body was straddled over mine and his belly fur was tickling my nipples.

I could feel my body reaching and straining to get him into me deeper and harder, needing more, feeling my body throbbing with feelings that I had never felt before. So I went to stroke him and felt his member getting hard, but feeling him wanting to get harder and needing more. I continued to stroke his sheath, and rubbing between his hind legs, watching him get bigger and longer the more I continued this motion.

At this point I wanted more than only a tongue down there... I needed something inside of me. I needed something to fill me. Something to let my throbbing, aching muscles wrap around. My body ached with needing and wanting more. I wanted heat and hardness and throbbing in me and wanted to share my heat and moisture and pulsating also.

I continued playing with his member with my hands, continued to stroke it, felt it getting harder and bigger the more I did this, stroking up and down, feeling his sleekness, his dampness, and wiggling, enlarging member in my hands. I felt him coming out of his sheath more and now I knew what I wanted and thought we were both ready.

I wanted to feel this rod, this shaft, my best friends maleness inside of me, to feel him get bigger, and harder in me. I could feel my body, my desire, my pulsating moist pussy reacting with him, as my hands stroked his member harder and faster. I knew it best to get him inside me at this point as I was still a virgin and knew there would be some pain, and he was only going to get bigger in size yet.

So, as I kept stroking, I moved my body around and got onto my knees, he continued to use his tongue on my pussy and ass, licking me all around from behind, working his tongue inside my pussy and feeling his soft muzzle of fur and wet nose against my ass sending pleasurable goose bumps throughout my heated body.

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