Doing Twins - And Not Knowing It

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: This actually happened -- Ron, a college guy, was dating Susan who was the identical twin of her sister, Sharon. One evening the girls decide to see if they can switch out with Ron -- in the middle of the date -- without him knowing it. Whatever happens is fair play between identical twin sisters.

This is a true-life story that occurred to one of my friends in college just a few years ago. It was the most amazingly sexy and funny story I'd ever heard. My buddy, Ron, was dating one of a pair of beautiful identical twins. I mean, these two 19-year old babes were identical down to the smallest details of their gorgeous bodies. I don't think there's any way Ron could ever have known what they did to him that night until the twins admitted it and let him in on the little joke they'd played on him.

The twins names were Sharon and Susan -- and they were both sexy blondes, well stacked and both very sexually experienced. In high school, both girls normally had at least two boyfriends on the string at the same time, and Sharon had been known to be "seeing" three guys at the same time -- but not usually in a "foursome". She somehow managed to be with those three guys without them knowing that she was going out with each of them.

Ron was dating Susan and they'd been seeing each other for about six months when the girls both decided to share Ron for one evening.

"Sharon, I'll meet Ron for our date and when we come back to the dorm, I'll get him half undressed and all turned on and then I'll plead an urgent need to pee and I'll come inside and trade places with you, OK??"

"Great idea, Susie," Sharon said as the girls both picked out the same bra, panties, and other clothes so they matched identically. Sure enough at the agreed upon date time, Ron arrived and headed out with Susan. He loved how sexy she looked in her bust-emphasizing sweater that showed off her nice rounded C-cup tits and the nice pants she was wearing. She and Ron went out for dinner and a movie and then she told him she'd like to just go back and park by the dorm to make out. They'd done that numerous times before and it was common knowledge on campus that no one messed with the couples that were out in the parked cars in the dorm lots making out -- and much more usually.

Sure enough, no sooner had Ron and Susan gotten his car parked than they climbed over into the back seat and began going at it. Ron loved Susan dearly and he only had to think about her to get a hard cock and find himself wanting to fuck her. Sitting there in the backseat of his car, Susan quickly took Ron's hand and placed it on her right breast, wanting him to really get so horny that he could hardly wait to get naked and fuck her. They were both soon breathing hard and Susan felt her pussy get very wet as she let Ron play with her horny body and begin moving his hands up underneath her sweater to caress and fondle her tits through her bra and then he got it unfastened and began playing with her naked breasts. Ron loved Susan's sexy body and he soon had not only her sweater off and her bra removed but he got her pants unfastened and he had his hand "in her panties" and feeling up her sexy smoothly shaved hot pussy.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhh, Ron, you're so hot, baby, oh yeah, oh yeah, play with my pussy. Oh, Ron, that feels so hot, baby," Susan moaned as she felt herself starting to lose control, and yet she still wanted to pull off the joke with her and Sharon switching out on Ron. Ron got his fingers down along Susan's wet pussy and then he began to slide first one and then two fingers in and out of his girlfriend's horny pussy in an effort to bring her to orgasm. Just as Ron was about to bring Susan off, she moaned that she really needed to go into the dorm and pee bad.

"What did you say?" Ron asked as he couldn't believe his ears.

"Honey, I really need to go inside and pee before we go any further. Honestly. I drank way too much at dinner and I'm about to pop. You don't want me peeing on you, do you?" Susan asked as she hoped he wasn't going to frustrate her little scheme.

"OK, but how are you going into the dorm like that, baby?" Ron asked, looked at Susan sitting there next to him with no bra or sweater on and her pants lewdly unfastened.

"No problem," Susan said as she pulled her sweater on without her bra and quickly fastened her pants so she could slip into the dorm and go to the bathroom -- supposedly.

Ron sat there in the car, half-naked and so horny he could barely wait for Susan to come back and join him so he could take her all the way to another hot session of sexy fucking there in the backseat of his car. As he sat there, he wrapped his hand firmly around his aroused cock and stroked himself as he waited patiently for his girl to return.

Susan didn't go to the bathroom but she slipped up to the second floor where she knew Sharon was waiting eagerly to switch out with her and go back to deceive Ron into fucking her instead of his true girlfriend.

As she shut the door on her dorm room, Sharon was sitting there dressed just like Susan had been when she'd left on her date that evening. "OK, Sharon, lose your bra, lady, and you're going to have to get that pussy of yours worked up good and ready for sexy Ron to fuck you. He's nearly had me so far gone that I almost lost control and just went ahead with him. He had my bra off, my sweater off and he had two fingers sawing in and out of my pussy, nearly doing me," Susan explained.

Sharon pulled her sweater off, removed her bra -- the same size as Susan's since they were identical twins -- and then came the fun part. Sharon laid back briefly on the bed, she'd undone her pants and pulled her panties down as well and she began rubbing her fingers up and down over the horny slit of her pussy. Sharon did always seem to be the hornier of the two girls, so she quickly responded to the hotness of her own hand between her legs, and she soon had her pussy nearly as wet, swollen and aroused as Susan's was.

"OK, Susan, I'm ready," Sharon moaned as she stood, pulled her pants and panties up and pulled her sweater over her head with no bra on. There was no way Ron would ever be able to tell that he wasn't making out with the same girl he'd started the evening out with. As Sharon slipped back into the backseat with Ron, she wanted to convince him that she was Susan.

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