Sandy Revisited

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom gets together with Sandy, a married woman that he'd had a torried 10-month affair with several years earlier. She's got a new addition to her family, a little girl, and Tom makes the most of an evening with Sandy while her husband's away.

Sandy. Just that name alone brings back some of the fondest and hottest sexual memories in my early adult life. If you haven't read about Sandy and my relationship with her, I invite you to go back and read those. Sandy was a wonderful woman, and I found her to be very sexy. But, when I'd first met her, Sandy was emotionally and mentally in bad shape because of the mental neglect and lack of attention that she'd been getting from her husband. I came into her life, or should I say she came into mine -- and neither of us was ever the same again.

Sandy and I had become hot lusty lovers for nearly a year until her hubby came back from where he'd been out of the country, and then they moved away and I hadn't seen her again. That was, until I found out that Sandy, her husband and their two boys and another younger child were living at an Air Force base that I was going to be traveling to. It had been about 6 years since Sandy and I had last been together, and when we had that chance one evening, we quickly rekindled a hot sexy flame that had only been dormant during our time apart. The base that I traveled to was where strategic missile operations were supported and Sandy's husband was one of the crewmen who served alert tours down in a missile silo. As it turned out, the evening I arrived at the base, Sandy and her husband invited me over to their base quarters for dinner and the evening, even though he was going to have to leave mid-evening and go on one of his routine alert cycles.

When I arrived at their house, Sandy was finishing up the last touches on the meal she'd prepared for all of us, and her hubby was sitting watching some sports updates. The two boys were out in the backroom and the youngest child, a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was sitting on the floor in the kitchen near her mother playing with a couple of her dolls.

I thought Sandy looked even sexier when I first saw that evening than when I'd last been with her and we'd fucked some six years earlier. I thought a lot of how she looked and how she seemed so much healthier physically and mentally was because of all that she and I had shared over the months we'd been horny sexy lovers. Sandy was wearing a nice pullover top and a pair of shorts that looked so nice on her much thinned figure over what she'd been those years earlier. I loved Sandy's other figure but she looked hot with a few less pounds too. I was sure that our affair had helped her fight the compulsive eating she'd done in response to the rejection by her husband, and even though I don't think she'd ever expected to see me again, she was looking so good.

My cock was hard nearly from the moment I walked into her home that evening. I made sure her husband didn't see my hardon in my pants before he left after supper. Then, I wanted Sandy to see that she turned me on as much as she ever had. One thing that hadn't gone down in size much about Sandy and something I really enjoyed seeing was the size of her full rounded breasts. Sandy's tits were so sexy and she was looking so fine with that rather snugly fitting top over her bra-encased tits, and she also had one nicely shaped ass. In the clothes Sandy was wearing, she looked good enough to eat.

After Sandy's husband left for his night shift at missile operations, and she'd put her boys and her little girl to bed, Sandy and I acted like we were going into the family room to watch some television together. After not seeing Sandy for nearly six years after the torrid love affair we'd enjoyed, watching TV was the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to see if the old flame I'd kindled inside Sandy's hot pussy was still alive. I quickly found out exactly where she and I stood with each other.

I walked over to where Sandy was standing, and rather than sit down beside her as she indicated, I took her into my arms, and pulled her shapely womanly body close up against mine. Her breasts were quickly pressed firmly against my chest, and I reached down behind her, cupping her rounded asscheeks in my hands, and pulled her pussy tight against the large full bulge of my hardon. I wanted Sandy to know that I had that same hard cock more than ready to fuck her only much better than I'd ever done it to her before when I was in my late teens. Now I'd put a bit more sexual experience underneath my belt, and I was prepared to take Sandy to the heights of mutual sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

I wanted to fuck Sandy again so bad I could hardly stand it. She and I had become very sexy and very caring lovers with each other. When your intimate relationship with a person is broken up because the situation no longer makes it possible to sustain, there remains that latent desire to renew the relationship where you left off. That was certainly true for me and I felt sure it was true for Sandy. I could hear Sandy moaning and cooing in my ears as I felt her body and held her close to the body that I knew she loved making love to.

"Sandy, I want you so much, baby," I said in her ear as my hands had already done the talking for me. I leaned back slightly from my close hot embrace with Sandy, and let my hand slide up over her sexy full breast. "Ohhhhhh, girl, you feel so sexy. I want you, baby, I want to make love to you."

"Tom, baby, I want you too. You've no idea how badly I've missed you all these years," Sandy said and she took my hand and led me over to the nearby couch. I'd intended to undress Sandy and seduce her but before I could say or do anything else, my sexy lover had my pants undone and both them and my briefs down around my ankles before I could realize it. She had my hard erection in her hand and she was stroking me and taking the head of my dick in her mouth and beginning to suck me although there was little need for her to give me any blowjob to get me ready for a fuck. I was so horny for Sandy that all I needed was for her to be naked with me and either climb on top or spread her legs and let me slide inside her hot pussy. That's how badly we both wanted to make love together once again.

Sometimes as a guy I lose sight of the fact that I'm not a woman, seems reasonable but sometimes it still happens, and what I quickly realized was that Sandy just wanted to feel and taste my horny aroused cock in her hand and mouth. She could easily see how horny I was for her, but she didn't want to be deprived of the hard piece of male fuck-flesh that she'd had inside of her pussy more times than she could count. I had to also remember the years earlier when Sandy and I had been very active lovers, and I'd been the one to re-initiate her to the experience of giving her lover a blowjob and Sandy had grown to really love sucking my dick. And I'd always relished the times when Sandy would have my hard cock bared and in her hands and eventually in her mouth. Well, she hadn't forgotten a single thing we'd learned together, and Sandy quickly had her mouth bobbing up and down over the head and several inches of my erection.

"OHhhhhhhhh, yeah, Sandy, oh baby," I moaned and I wanted to face fuck my sexy former lover, but I wanted to fuck her in another way even more. When I couldn't stand it any longer, I gently urged Sandy to take her moth off my cock and to let me undress her and take her right then and there only this time my hard cock would be sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

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