Killing Him with Kindness

by Lily May

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Don't shit in your own nest. Be grateful for what you have

Mark and Mary Adams were the ideally suited couple, just like Barbie and Ken used to be. They were in their mid twenties and also were a great looking couple, he being around 180 centimetres tall, had a good face, was dark haired and well built with the 2 games of squash a week and jogging at least 3 times a week obviously paying off.

Mary was gorgeous, just plain gorgeous, around 170 centimetres tall, hair jet black, beautiful face, lovely olive complexion and all her components being nicely sized and assembled. She and Mark jogged together at least 3 times a week, usually more, sometimes before work and sometimes after dinner.

The focal point of their jogging was the resultant sweaty steamy sex they had, usually on the kitchen table, when they returned from their jogging.

They often laughed about the alleged 350 calories that each sex bout burnt off, and their usual calorie loss attributed to sex was 3,500 calories in an average week dropping naturally when she had her period.

They accounted for the missing penile/vaginal sex calories loss when the flags were flying with his tonguing her, and her sucking him off, so there was not a huge calorie loss overall anyway.

Mark had a good job as a supervisor at an automotive factory where he was in charge of the section manufacturing vehicle dash mats, floor mats and boot mats.

Mary worked part time as a doctor's receptionist, from 9.00am until 4.00pm. They had been left money by his parents and owned 2 flats.

They lived in one and rented out the other.

Because their flat was situated about midway between the city and Mark's workplace, and was on a bus route, which took him right to his workplace door, he bussed to and from work every day, allowing Mary to drive the 15 minutes to and from the surgery in their car.

Some Friday nights straight after work, Mark and a few co-workers met at a nearby hotel for drinks and unwinding. More often than not, Mary would meet him and sometimes they would stay and on and have a meal at the hotel.

They were very friendly with another couple of similar age, Sue and Bill Masters, and whilst none of the 4 had never strayed from their respective spouses, a little fantasy occurred occasionally as to whether a little carnal exchange would not be so very horrible and hard to tolerate.

Bill was also in good nick, and was similar looking to Mark but with fair hair. Sue was amorphous until you looked a little closer. Her habit of dressing down, and her reluctance to embellish her pretty but not beautiful face with makeup did her no favours. She had a magnificent figure but neither realised it or exploited it. She was a lovely person, as was Mary. Mary was an extrovert, whereas Sue was not.

They visited each other's home fairly regularly for cards, barbecues and such and went to movies and shows together occasionally, and there had never been a harsh word between them in the 3 years of their friendship.

Several times they had tested the water with strip poker, and had even had weekends away at a clothing optional resort where they frolicked on the beach nude, and the 4 had had a couple of naked romps in the spas in their rooms. All this was perfectly above board, with nothing untoward occurring. The girls looked so good in skimpy bikinis, and they shaved each other's pussies absolutely bald, and even conned the guys to have their genitals shaved. Each woman shaved their husband, the guys being reluctant to handle another guys dangly and expandable bits or have his own handled by another guy.

Mark had occasion to meet with about 24 years old Helen, one of the accounts department women once a week for a budgeting session, and whilst she was extremely attractive, she did not ring his bell, but he noticed that she would wink at him whenever she was with him. They met in her office, as his office was noisy and had glass walls. She occupied a nice private office in an out of the way corner of the accounts section.

The company had an absolute zero tolerance sexual harassment policy, as well as having a zero tolerance policy on unauthorised Internet usage, especially porn and illicit emails within and without the plant.

He began to ponder on the winking and several times when he was slaving over his hot wife, he had a fleeting thought of Helen's eye actions and began to read sexual interpretations into it.

Mary's mother June lived with her husband Brian about an hour away, and often visited the couple and even made up a party of 4 or 6 for some socialising. Mark got on very well with his in-laws and he had sussed out that the attractive mature June was the blueprint for his darling Mary's appearance later in her life. He liked what he saw and was ever so happy that Mary had inherited June's genes.

June sagged a bit here and there, but still filled a swimsuit very well, with her saggy bits reminding him that some things, like wine and cheese, improve with age, and her mature figure added to her sexy appearance.

One Sunday morning he was at home alone, with Mary and Sue having gone to look at some display homes, when June knocked on the door and was on her own, without Brian. This was unusual, but not unheard of, and he wondered about the reason for her visit, as she always rang before making the hour trip to ensure someone was home.

Of course he invited her in and sat her down at the kitchen table whilst firing the coffee pot up, and when he looked down at her whilst handing her her coffee, noticed 2 things. One, she was very red faced, and two, she was wearing a loose top with a monk's collar, which bellied out from her chest so that he could see past her unfettered breasts, almost down to her navel.

Whilst he was more than adequate in the cock area, he was one of those lucky guys who knew how to use his cock, which made Mary very happy very often. As he gazed upon his mother-in-law's charms, he felt his cock lurch, and he rushed to sit down opposite her to conceal the result of what her display was doing to him.

June, to his knowledge and experience, had no vices and in fact Mary and he sometimes referred to her as Saint June. So you can imagine his face when she said to him, "I'm not going to fuck about, I want you to fuck me big time."

Mark picked his jaw up from the table top and started talking gibberish until she cut him short and told him that Brian had been having trouble getting it up for 5 or more years now and frigging herself was not the solution, although she got the solution on her fingers a lot, she was too well known where she lived to take a bit on the side.

They only recently found out that he needed to have a coronary bypass operation when he had lost about 15 kilos, as the surgeon said that carrying the extra weight allied to his sleep apnoea would endanger his coming out of the anaesthetic unless he got down to around 95 kilos.

Viagra was not an option due to his heart condition and it was estimated that it would take about 4 months to lose the weight and with the convalescence period it would be close to 6 months before she could have penile sex, which is what she craved. After all, this on top of the last 5 almost celibate years was too much for her to contemplate and accept.

Mark was between a shit and a shiver, wanting to fuck his mother-in-law, but not wanting to cruel his marriage.

As he pondered, June told him that Mary and Sue were not at a home displays, but at her house and some weeks ago when June broke down and told her daughter of her craving for heterosexual sex, Mary paused, thinking only for moments before telling her that she would be happy for her darling husband Mark to fuck her mother and she felt it that the greatest gift she could give her mother, was the loan occasionally of her husband.

June said that if he doubted her concerning her blessing, he should ring Mary at her parent's house and check with her.

He did not ring Mary, and soon led his 52 year old mother-un-law to the spare bedroom, stripped each other and spent the next 5 hours giving her an experience she would never forget, he licked her to climax, suckled on her breasts, fucked her missionary fashion with her legs pointing skyward, they napped a short while, then he fucked her doggy fashion whilst diddling her clit with one hand and palming her amazingly beautiful big breasts with the other. They napped a while again, then she used her mature hungry cunt muscles to drag his third and final ejaculation out of him whilst he was standing behind her fucking her as she leant over the back of the dressing table armchair.

They again rested while he gave her another huge orgasm by sucking on her breasts and they then showered.

In the shower together, she used every weapon in her arsenal, but could not get him erect. As much as his spirit was willing, his body was not capable. He then thought to ask her if she had taken any precautions to prevent a pregnancy. She smiled and said, "This old hen hasn't made any eggs for years, so you can fuck me till my nose bleeds and I still wont get pregnant."

He had discovered that Saint June was a very vocal lover, who screamed out some very unsaintly expletives each time she orgasmed. And she orgasmed a lot of times that day.

They were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, (he needed the caffeine), when Mary and Sue arrived and they discussed the experience, and Mary received an explicit report on the day's happenings, and it was unanimous that until Brian had the blood capacity to harden and lengthen his cock, Mark would feed her tiger regularly, with his keeping up the calorie depletion as before with Mary. Sue thought it was just great to have been taken into their confidence like this, and declared her silence on it.

Brian had told her that because her cunt was too high up to eat grass, but must be fed, as long as he did not know anything about how she was getting her relief, what he did not know would not hurt him.

June waddled out to her car with a beatific glow on her face, something not seen for some time. Mark looked absolutely fucked, as in fact he had been. He was too knackered to jog or fuck until the following night, let alone fuck his wife that night.

The next Friday at work, Mark and Helen had their meeting and he noticed her occasional winking and as he had by now increased the number of women he was now fucking by 100%, he started thinking very seriously about Helen, but knew that the old saying, "don't shit in your own nest", was very applicable in this workplace, but it does not hurt to dream.

A few Saturdays later, when Mary was shopping, Sue drove up and knocked on the door.

As she sat down on the same chair upon which June had sat when putting the words on him, he noticed that Sue had on the tightest tank top he had ever seen. Here was the usually asexual appearing Sue showing him her previously hidden braless 40D's complete with humungous nipples.

His chin hit that same spot on the table that June's declaration had caused, and he knew that something was up, as well as his growing cock.

After a bit of verbal sparring, she told him that as she had suspected for some time, that Bill was having it off with the girl in the next suburb and when he was finished satisfying her, there was nothing left for Sue. They both knew that the other knew, but neither wanted to be the one to precipitate the inevitable showdown, so she decided, with Mary's permission and connivance that Mark could spread himself a little thinner on the ground and fuck her when she could not hang out any longer with only her toys and fingers doing the nasty. He obliged and there were 2 very happy little Vegamities at the end of the day when Mary returned.

A few weeks later, another couple they knew very well were getting married and the night the hen's party was held, with Mary going to the rather staid party where sherry and savouries were served, Mark went to the buck's party at a local hotel in a private room.

The obligatory stripper had been engaged to appear about 11.00pm and Mark's bottom jaw got another caning when he found that the stripper was none other than the voluptuous Helen from work.

Her big burly protector gave the instructions,

no fucking under any circumstances,

no marking the goods,

no mouth on mouth kissing and

only the groom gets a blowjob.

They would get a close-up view of her cunt with her frigging it as a bonus.

Helen stayed there a half hour and whilst she and Mark pretended not to know each other, he noticed that what he had thought was a wink, was actually an involuntary twitch, and when they had to confront each other at their meeting next Friday, she explained that she was saving like crazy to put herself through school to become a CPA, and that was the only way she knew of to get a lot of money reasonably quickly without actually prostituting herself. Seeing that Bill Clinton had decreed that a blowjob was not sex, it eased her qualms.

Mark knew that he could blackmail her into fucking him, but that was not his style, besides, he had 3 very gorgeous, willing and fuckable women at his disposal as it was. Mary was a passionate lover, June was a desperate lover and Sue was an enthusiastic but vengeful lover, but each gave her all, whilst being fucked, either being under him, beside him, on top of him or kneeling in front of him.

As time went by, he and Helen became very close, with them meeting innocently outside work hours to talk and enjoy each others company without sex and gradually the tension became so great that whether he was at the time fucking Mary, June or Sue, it was Helen's cunt he was reaming, and it was her face that was in his sight.

It blew up one Friday afternoon when he went to her office for their meeting and he just could not help himself. As soon as he had entered and locked the door, he lifted her onto her desk, laid her back, raised her skirt hem, slit her panty hose with a letter opener, pushed her panty gusset to one side, dropped his daks and rammed his cock into her dripping cunt. They did not care about the company policy, his wife, his marriage, his mother-in-law or his friend's wife. He wanted this woman who was taking his cock without any preamble or foreplay. They just wanted to fuck.

Luckily they were not disturbed, heard or discovered. The bug had bitten them and the itch had to be scratched.

Their dalliances were restricted as neither could afford to be seen to be flouting the companies ruling, and Mark knew that if he was found out by Mary, she could and most likely would take him to the cleaners, thus separating him from half their cash and assets and he incurring the legal costs as the transgressor. Losing half the money left him by his deceased parents was the clincher.

So he decided to kill Mary.

He had seen enough episodes of CSI, Silent Witness, Jordan and so on to realise that he would have to be exceptionally clever and drew on his TV watching experiences to decide how to despatch her so as not to be caught.

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