She Needed Money

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Things were tight and she needed money badly. the rent was due and the kids needed new clothes. the only person who could help her was Neil; but he worked in the sex industry. well her body was tight and she had been told she was petty, so why not give it a try.

"Please Neil, I need a job and badly," she begged, "the rents overdue and the kids need new clothes."

"Alice, Alice," I soothed, "how much do you need, you know I always help you."

"No, no, you've been too kind as it is and I can never repay you the money you've already lent me," she said, "no, I need a job."

"You know I'm the last person you should asked for a job," I explained, "you need a nice job like in an office."

"No I need a job that I can do," she persisted, "I've never worked in a office in my life and a waitress wages are way too low for me to live on."

"Look you know what sort of business I'm in and the jobs I can get for you," I said "and there's no way you'll want to do any of them."

"Look, my figure as good as it has ever been, even after two kids," she said, "so tell me what you have that I can do that pays good money."

"Ok, ok if you're sure," I said and she nodded at me, "I've can offer you some Lap Dancing or perhaps some Table Dancing and of course there's always photographic work if you prefer."

"I'm not much of a dancer," she said with a smiled, "so tell me about the photographic work?"

"This is not the sort of work that a young lady with two kids wants to get into," I said yet again, "but if you insist, you get your kit off and get dirty while some snotty nosed kid photographs it all."

"So how much does it pay?" she asked.

"Oh there's plenty of money if your pretty with a good body and are prepared to be really dirty," I said.

"Well I was always told I was pretty enough and my body's ok," she said, "so how much?"

"Ok, ok, I'll make a few phone call and see," I said, "but if you agree to do this you can't back out at the last minute, do you understand?"

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll won't back out."

"Ok have another drink," I said signalling the barman to refill her glass, "and I'll make some calls.

"Right if you are up for it, tomorrow night, 8 to late you are booked in with Terry," I offered, "shall I confirm or not?"

"Sure but how much?" she asked.

"Right for this session, that's a minimum of 4 hours you will get £250 tax free," I said, "but for that you will have to get down and dirty."

"Ok, but only on my own," she said, "no partner or anything, ok."

"Yeah that's the deal," I said, "250 quid for a solo shoot."

"Ok it's a deal," she said.

Dead on 7.30 I picked her up and she sat down on my passenger seat.

"Ok are we all right?" I asked.

"Sure, no problems," she smiled but it was a little nervous smile, "left my underwear off as requested though I don't know why."

"It's so there are no marks on your skin," I explained.

"Oh I see," she said.

The rest of the drive was made in silence. Terry's studio was on the top floor of a converted warehouse unit but at least it was lovely and warm.

"Ahh, so this is my model for tonight," said Terry, "very nice dear."

"Ok Alice, this is Terry, Terry, Alice, ok, I'll leave you now but I'll be back at midnight to pick you up, ok," I said.

"No please stay," she said looking like a little girl again.

"Ok sure if you want," I said for I was looking forward of seeing her stripped for the first time.

I have always lusted after her since we were kids but as yet we had never got it together. After her bastard of a husband left I've been helping her out with a hope that one day I may get lucky.

"Ok Alice this is costing me money," said Terry, "I've picked out your first outfit for the night so please put it on."

It was a pair of denim shorts and button up top, there was nowhere to change so she just shrugged her shoulders and stripped naked. She was just perfect, slim with a good size pair of tits, my cock was super hard in no time.

Terry called out his directions and before too long she was naked again in front of his cameras.

"Ok Alice," he called out, "time to get dirty, ok."

With that he made her sit down and he zoomed in on her expose pussy.

"Right, open your self up for me," he instructed.

With one hand she pulled her pussy lips open for him while he snapped away.

"Good, good, now use this," he said handing over a large dildo.

"Are you sure this is big enough," she said with a laugh.

"Yes, just shove it all the way in," he instructed without humour, "that's a good girl, now pull it out slowly."

The flash lamps fired off in quick succession while she used the dildo on herself.

"Ok time for a break while I re-load my camera's," said Terry.

"You ok?" I asked coming over to her.

"Sure, nothing to it really," she said, "what do you think then?"

"I think you are more beautiful than I could have possible imagined," I said truthfully.

"I'll bet that's you stiff cock talking," she giggled, her hand rubbing the front of my trousers.

"Come on we got a few minutes," she said taking my hand, "all this has made me a bit frisky too."

There was nowhere to go to be private so she just lay down on the studio floor and she opened her legs wide.

"Come on fuck me," she said, "you know you've always wanted too."

Fucking right too, so despite Terry watching I unzipped and lay down between her legs.

"Come on fuck me hard," she cooed her hips picking up my rhythm.

It was a fast and satisfying rut and all over within minutes.

"If you two have finished," called Terry.

"Sure, sorry," I called out feeling slightly embarrassed.

It all started over again, Terry dressed Alice up, then stripped her off while he photographed her every action.

"Ok you two, I've finished," said Terry, it was just after midnight.

"If you two want a another go at each other I can record it for you," he offered, holding up a small video camera.

"No, no that's fine," I said, "we be off now."

"Ok, perhaps next time, I could use you again sometime love," he said, "I'll give you a call right."

"Yeah fine," she said, pulling her top on over her naked tits.

"Your place," she said.

"Yeah," I agreed with a big smile.

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