Spare the Rod

by PhoenixKiwi

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: A story in my usual format - Mother and Son.

Chapter 1

As I passed through the kitchen where Mom was standing at the sink preparing vegetables she flicked the water on her hands at me and giggled. I swatted her on the bum in retaliation and warned her,

"You're lucky I'm in a good mood or else I might have smacked your behind properly!"

"You wouldn't dare." She retaliated as she flicked more water at me.

I grabbed her wrist with one hand and pulled her towards me as I spun a chair and sat down, pushing her face down over my knee. I flipped the back of her dress up and gave her white cotton panty clad cheeks three or four firm smacks as she lay there, unprotesting.

Mom wasn't a small woman and she had ample buttocks that filled her chaste panties in a most becoming way. They weren't particularly 'sexy' but the fact that they were my mothers and forbidden made the view and the feeling of her lying over my lap highly exciting. I just sat there with my hand resting on one cheek enjoying the feel of it and the sight that was presented to me. The panties were totally opaque and there was not hint of being able to see bare flesh through the material but there was a distinct bulge at the junction of her thighs and my imagination was picturing her pussy that was causing this bulge.

We remained unmoving for some short time before I felt Mom's whole body quivering and I immediately thought she was crying.

"I'm sorry Mom! I didn't mean to hurt you! I thought we were just fooling around." I was quick to try to reassure Mom and when she replied I realised that she was in fact laughing not weeping.

"It's all right Son. I was just thinking what sort of a picture we presented and how we would explain it to your Father if he came in right now." I joined her in a short embarrassed laugh and heard her add,

"I think you'd better let me up now, Dear."

I pulled her dress down to cover her behind and helped her back to her feet as she said,

"I'll go and finish putting tea on while you go and freshen up or whatever." And she bent down and kissed me before going back to the sink.

I eased my erection into a more comfortable position and headed to the bathroom and wanked myself off before tea. While doing this I wondered, because of the 'Whatever', if Mom had guessed that this is what I would do but this thought didn't stop me and soon great spurts of cum were gushing, almost painfully, from the eye of my prick.

When I thought about the whole episode, after I had cooled down, it began to dawn on me that my mother had maybe enjoyed the whole thing and that perhaps today's happenings weren't the end of it. I had great difficulty in getting the picture of Mom's behind out of my mind and I went to sleep after masturbating again to a fantasy of her.

Next day when I arrived home I decided to test my theory about Mom's participation and, after I had given her a "Hello' kiss and hug, I stood close to her and chatted while letting my hand rest, in what could be taken as innocently, against her bum. Mom made no protest or attempt to move from my touch and it almost seemed to me that she pressed softly back against my cupped hand. My cock was rapidly expanding as I tried to decipher what all this meant.

Finally I moved away and intended going to my room but Mom again flipped water at me and, this time, she immediately took off, with me in hot pursuit. Mom allowed me to catch her in the lounge and we finished on the settee with her once again face down over my knee. When I lifted her dress I discovered that the innocent white panties were gone, replaced by a silky pale yellow pair that clung much more seductively to her, outlining each cheek and the split between them. I smacked each cheek about three times and then, even through her panties, I could make out the reddish hue that this brought to her skin. I then openly stroked and squeezed each buttock as Mom lay there making no effort to move and in fact it was almost as if she was purring with pleasure. My cock was, by now, rock hard and was digging, almost painfully, into Mom's tummy and she must have been aware of my condition but she also made no attempt to get away from my hard on either.

Reluctantly I pulled her dress back down and helped her up. Mom looked disappointed that it was all over but made no comment, just kissed me thoroughly, including running her tongue over my closed lips, before returning to the kitchen leaving me to repeat yesterday's exercise in the bathroom.

The next day I didn't muck around. I grabbed Mom's hand when I came in and led her to the lounge and, with hardly a word having been spoken, I quickly had her on my lap with her skirt up revealing lacy black panties. I had already decided to keep increasing the stakes and this time I wasn't content with smacking her through her panties so I slipped my fingers under the waistband at the back and pulled her panties down below her bum. Pink bare flesh wobbled gently under my avid gaze and my erection was so hard and excited that it was painful. Mom at first jumped a little and I thought she was going to protest and end our little game but she subsided back to stillness and I could feel her trembling with what I assumed was anticipation of the first smack, which I duly delivered.

God it was great to see her plump little cheek quiver under the force of my hand and then to watch the redness spread outlining the shape of my hand. I gave her the usual six smacks and then gently petted her, stroking each buttock in turn, revelling in the feel of naked, forbidden flesh. Eventually I commenced sliding my fingertips along the split as I stroked, finally coming to rest touching her butt-hole where I softly pressed and ran my finger in small circles.

Mom was not moving until I started this but as I stroked her arsehole she began to move softly and rhythmically against my hard-on and I knew that this time I was going to erupt all over the inside of my shorts. I don't what prompted me to do it but for some reason I pressed quite hard with my finger tip and my finger slid into Mom's anus up to almost the second knuckle. She seemed to like this and arched herself against my cock causing me to climax and Mom much have been aware of what was happening as she kept pressed hard against me until it was all over. When Mom was back on her feet she again kissed me before leaving and, this time, I opened my mouth and allowed her questing tongue to enter as I probed with mine and we sucked and licked and explored for what seemed a long time before breaking off our kiss and pulling apart. Mom was decidedly blushing and short of breath when she left me.

My next homecoming was to an empty kitchen and I was highly disappointed to think that Mom was out so it was with a lot of pleasure that I answered her call when I went upstairs.

"I'm in here, Johnny." Mom called from her bedroom, "I'm just getting changed as your Father is bringing home his new boss and his wife for dinner. Are you going to join us?"

I entered her room as she said this and found her sitting in front of her mirror, in a petticoat, brushing her hair. I stood behind her and took the brush from her and began to stroke her hair with it as I replied to her question.

"No. I think I might just duck out and grab a couple of burgers and have them in my room and chill out to some music. How long before they get here?"

"About ten minutes if they are on time."

"We'll have to be quick then!" I said as I put down the hairbrush and pulled Mom to her feet and then pushed her facedown onto the bed.

"No! No! Not today! We haven't got time!" Mom protested but I ignored her and pulled up her slip revealing that that was all she was wearing. As I gave her the usual treatment her legs slowly spread and I could smell a highly exciting odour coming from between them and, after only a couple of caresses, I pressed my hand down between her thighs and cupped her privates. I could feel heat coming from her flesh and it seemed to be getting quite distinctly moist 'down there' indicating that Mom was getting quite excited.

The slamming of a car door caused Mom a lot of panic. I bet she has never put a dress on as quickly at any time previously and I would also bet that she has never entertained anyone all but naked under her dress before. Sitting on the edge of my bed thinking about things I concluded that Mom liked and needed to be dominated and that I should be able to use this knowledge to my advantage.

Chapter 2

Later that evening I went downstairs and said hello to everyone before ducking down the street to pick up some fast food. Dad's new boss and his wife seemed to be very pleasant people, and they all appeared to be enjoying their evening together. I gave Mom a very knowing smirk as I left and had the pleasure of seeing her blush guiltily. I guess that her lack of underwear was embarrassing.

After I had been home for long enough to 'chow down' I heard someone coming upstairs and thought I recognised the sound of my mother. I peeped out, and sure enough I caught a glimpse of her entering the upstairs bathroom. I crept down the hall and pushed the door open and entered after her, giving her something of a fright. Mom barely stifled a squeal and whispered loudly,

"What are you doing? If someone should catch you in here! " She had been standing looking at herself in the mirror and was now quite flustered.

"We never got time for our kiss earlier, and I'm here for it now." I moved towards Mom and she tried to back away.

"Don't be so silly. I came up for a quick pee and I have to get back to our guests. Please go away and leave me in peace." Mom beseeched me, looking quite nervous.

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