How Did I Get Here?

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A gentleman muses on how he got into this particular sexual situation.

I remember exactly how I got here, but that's not important at this moment.

The important thing is, I am here, lying between her legs, her slit only inches from my face. If I leaned forward just a little, my nose would be in it. It is a place I have wanted to be since I first met her. Her legs are bent and spread wide, giving me wonderful view and complete access to her pussy. The battery-powered vibrator in my hand slides easily in and out of her while I massage her clitoris with the thumb of my other hand. Every now and then I move my thumb out of the way and lick the delicious little piece of protruding flesh with my tongue. When I do that she gasps and moans just a little. Her head is thrashing from side to side, her hand is beating against the bed and I think she has already had at least one orgasm.

My hand aches to stroke my own cock, to relieve my overwhelming need to cum but I don't want to use my first one that way. I need to save it until I can put it in her, slid it in and out of her sweet box just like I am doing with that big dildo now. She bragged she could keep cumming as long as I kept fucking her with the big, fake dick and ate her pussy. Well, I am going to see just how many times she can do it. Unfortunately, I don't think I can cum more than twice and I want to save them up and use the first one when I fuck her and the other one when she sucks me.

She is really moving around a lot now; I think she is going to have another climax. Her clit is sticking up almost like a little tiny cock, begging to be sucked. MMM God it is sweet. She is almost wailing and every time I suck on it she clamps her legs on my head, holding my mouth prisoner against her snatch. MMM, there, I am sure she had an orgasm right then. She let my head go and twitches every time I touch her. Look at the syrupy juice running out of her. I wonder if she is ready for me to stick my dick in her pussy yet? I better not; I want her to be almost in a stupor with the exaltation of carnal rapture when I do. I can still feel her clit, standing up proud, begging me to suck it again. She jerks every time I lick it, even when I just slurp up the liquid. What the hell, a couple of more sucks and a lick or two won't hurt.

I am not sure I can take it any more, I want to turn her over, get her up on her knees and stick my cock into her cunt from behind, doggy style, but she is so lethargic I'm not sure she can handle it. Anyway, I'm so hot, I know I will cum almost as soon as I jam it in her.

I better let both of us rest for a moment and regain our strength. I will just lie close to her side and suckle on her breasts. They are so soft, its strange how hard the nipples get when I circle them with my tongue. This is heaven, lying here beside her with her tit in my mouth, my whole face pushed tight against her yielding breast. MMM...

I do remember exactly how I got here. She greeted me from next door when I moved in last week and brought me over a welcoming casserole. When I took the empty dish back I reciprocated and asked her to go out to dinner with me. Nothing happened that night but a couple of nights later (which was last night) we went to dinner again only this time followed by a very sexy, scary movie. At some point through the movie, during a very terrifying scene, she grabbed me by the leg and, inadvertently, (I think) my cock, which was still hard from the love scene. She let go right away and appeared to be a little embarrassed but didn't say anything at the time.

On the way home, we were discussing the movie when she said, "I am sorry about grabbing you like that, but I was frightened. I must say, I was shocked to find you were excited."

"Well, the movie was very erotic and sitting close to you and smelling your perfume had that effect on me."

She laughed a little and said, "I have almost the same problem. Every since I grabbed you I have wanted to do it again. The movie didn't have much effect on me up until I knew you were excited and then I got aroused myself. Would you be upset if I touched it again?"

I was going to tell her it was ok but hadn't even opened my mouth when her hand found its way into my crotch. She unzipped my fly, reached in and pulled my soft penis out. Without another word she dipped her head into my lap. My entire cock disappeared into her mouth on the very first gulp. It is extremely difficult to drive when an expert is sucking your dick, even late at night when there is hardly any traffic. She finally stopped, looked up at me, winked, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said, "Why don't we go to my house so I can do this properly."

On the way there was when she told me that she was multiple orgasmic and loved to have someone fuck her with a vibrator and eat her pussy. One thing she didn't have to tell me was that she was an expert at blowjobs. I had already found that out. I don't remember what else...

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