Dark Coercion #4

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, DomSub, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A stand alone story in my DC universe. A catholic wife is having a very bad day again.

I smacked the woman in front of me hard and sent her flying across the room.

"Strip slut, get those clothse off and suck my meat!" I growled at her.

"Please sir don't do this. Get the fuck off me, mother fucker!! Please just let me gooo--ow!" she shrieked and spit.

I grabbed her by the throat and forced her to lie flat on the bed. Then I squeezed until she opened her mouth gasping helplessly for air. She was a cute little thing, a real spitfire too. She was cursing and scratching, clawing at me. But she just wasn't strong enough. I enjoyed straddling her face and sliding my cock straight into her throat.

"Shh, shhh breathe little slut, br-ea-the, through your nose. Calm down, don't be scared I just want to rape you. You will survive this if you stay calm."

She was making these wet, sexy gurgling sounds. I wanted to piss on her then, I wanted to piss right down her throat... but I was not sure if she would get mad. I did not want her to be mad at me.

Wait, I'm not really explaining this very well. I guess it's a little complicated. I did something once and I guess I knew all along, that I would do it again. My name is John Pressman and I took advantage of my wife. I guess that is partially why she is no longer my wife. The first thing you have to understand is that I love her, I really do. I was faithful to Susan for six years, I tried to make our marriage work. Susan and I are both Catholics, so no abortions, no divorce. She is a true believer. Me... not so much anymore. When we were 19, she got pregnant while we were dating. I immediately proposed and she reluctantly accepted. We were married and I thought for a few months happy.

Then it happened.

She miscarried. Susan was happy about it. She could finish college and pursue her legal career unimpeeded. The only problem was me. She was stuck in a marriage she did not really want, to a man she did not really love.

Susan had never been sexually outgoing before. But after the pregnancy she was almost phobic about it. She insisted on me using a spermicidal condom, even though she was on the pill (Yes it was against church law, like many Catholics, she felt she had to). Susan would not blow her second chance at happiness by allowing me to impregnate her again. I had not really wanted a child at 19 but... I would have loved him. I would have loved my son and my wife and I would have been thankful, proud to have her bear my child.

Susan was a real beauty. The first time I saw Jessica Simpson, I thought I was looking at my Susan's twin. Not just sexy, but sweet, virginal, pure. I was in lust with her from they day we met, and I would have been proud to watch that taut little tummy grow, to see her breasts fill with sweet milk--to know that I had done that to her. But Susan was determined that would never happen. Our lives plodded along. As a good Catholic there was nothing she could do about our marriage. She did distance herself from me though. She became emotionally inaccesible. After 5 years of obvious disdain, I gave in and found someone who would treat me right.

Beth and I only had six months, but they were unbelievable. If Susan was a good girl, Beth was a randy slut. Every sexual urge I had she was determined to satisfy. She liked oral, enjoyed anal and absolutely craved rape.

In fact Beth was a rapeslut. She simply needed me to smack her around, push her, force her--to take sex from her. I grew to love rape too. My wife found out about the affair, and put an end to it. She still could not bring herself to leave me, but she stopped having sex with me. She forced me to wait over a year without sex. I guess I would still be wating if IT had not happened. I found naked pics of my wife.

We had gotten very drunk on New Year's Eve and she allowed me to take the slutty-whore pics I always wanted to. There were 23 in all. I realized that I could use them to rape my wife without REALLY raping her. I forced my sweet, Catholic wife to give me all the sex I could handle. I spanked her, talked to her like a cheap whore, sucked her cunt, came in her mouth, fucked her pussy and sweet, juicy ass. I got her to agree to have unprotected sex with me. She had little choice, it was the only way she might stop me from mailing her slutpics to her family, friends and law firm. It was the only chance to save her precious career. Susan did what she had to, and earned the first set of pictures back that night. I'm proud of her.

That's where we came Full Circle. Susan got pregnant that night. The cheating, virtual rape, unnatural sex acts and pregnacy was too much for Susan; she finally decided to divorce me. She was stunned to learn that I would receive half of everything she owned + would get alimony for 1 year. Finally she decided that it was worth it, anything to be rid of me. Poor Susan, it was not going to be that easy.


What she did not know was that I was waiting. I had taken additional pics and video of her when we had sex that night. Even though I had given one set back, I had another. During my affair with Beth, I had purchased several pinhole Video Cameras.

It's called a "Sugar Cube CMOS", and only costs about $90. I bought six. Three for my bedroom, 3 for the den. They would run for 50 hours on a 9 volt battery. It's about the size of a quarter. We liked to have fun in my room while Susan was working. I have dozens of rape movies. We enjoyed watching her ordeals together.

When Susan reluctantly agreed to have sex, she did not know I was filming her. There was one camera hidden at the head of my bed, one in the ceiling, and one in the wall just across from the foot of my bed. The picture wasn't perfect but it clearly showed Susan being fucked anally (willingly), giving and receiving head. It was enough. A law firm like Pierce, Whitman and Doyle, would never Partner with a woman who allowed naked slutpics of herself to get out--no matter what the circumstances. If Susan wanted to be considered for her huge promotion and potentially millions of dollars (over several years), she would have to play ball.


I have a casual friend who worked with Susan's Firm.

"So, Ron how's my girl doing? We may be divorced but I still care and like to keep tabs on her from time to time. She's not working too hard, I mean it is her eighth month. Gotta look out for my son."

"Well... you know she is a finalist for the last Partner slot. So I guess she's under a lot of stress. They do a deep background check, and you are on probation. I guess the firm does not like to be embarrassed."

Perfect, the time was perfect.

Right after I hung up with Ron, Beth rang my doorbell. Yes THAT Beth. When Susan left me, it was so easy to pick up where we left off. For the past 7 months she has been my woman.I did not love her or anything, but she made me so damn happy sexually. A part of me grew to need her, to look forward to seeing her--to raping her. That's where you came in.

Beth walked in my front door and started bitching about how I didn't treat her right, or give her enough money. She had just been to the hair dresser and her hair had this glossy shine and bounce it did not usually have. Before I had a chance to compliment her she started griping. Beth knew I hate to be bitched at by a woman. It's just this cute thing she did sometimes to let me know she wanted to be raped. Hard. Immediately. So I smacked her around a little, shoved her into my bedroom, and stripped her. The little slut was loving it. But... there was an arrogance in her eyes that I had never seen before. There is only so much you can do to a woman who likes to be raped, if you are not willing to hurt her. I guess I had been so grateful to her for the sex, I had forgotten her needs to be truly raped, to have her reality shattered. A part of me had begun to treat her like a regular girlfriend. Beth needed to be afraid, to be treated like a cheap piece of sex. It was just wrong of me to act any other way.

We'd see how she loved things in a minute. I kept looking at her thick mane of honey brown hair. It hung halfway down her back and pooled around her face.

I don't know why I did it, guess it was just something I needed to do. She just needed to be shown her place. I opened the drawer and put Beth's handcuffs on her. I left her legs free. I wanted her to fight me, to think she might have a chance.

"Oooh, put the Blindfold on me too,"she said as I slowly inserted the 4 inch vibrating dildo into her ass.

Beth was ready, she knew what came next. That my fat cock was going to ram her. She was a little worried because I had not lubed her. But, she trusted me not to hurt her too bad.


"No blindfold for you slut. I want you to see this coming." I reached in the drawer and pulled out the scissors. Beth's eyes got round and wide as she saw them.

"You are MINE whore. You need to learn your place. The only person you need to look good for is ME. "

I began to cut long, thick strips of Beth's hair. After the first cut she was bucking wildly trying to throw me off. But I stradled her firmly.

"John... stop, sssSTOP!! What are you doing, that's not funny. Don't cut my hair!"

"Schniip, snip, sknip, vain little rapeslut. You don't tell me what to do. You may beg, you can PLEAD, but I will do anything I want to you. Say it, say that it is ok for me to cut you bald. I want to hear you say the words. No? NO??! Fine then if you have nothing nice to say, you will say nothing at all!"

I took a thick strand of Beth's hair and slowly cut it away from her scalp. Then I held it up to her eyes, and shoved it in her mouth. Next I snipped another smaller chunk and shoved it in her pussy. There was hair all over the bed now and I spread her natural silk on her naked, very sensitive body.

"How does that feel cunt? I'm going to fuck you now, I'm gonna fuck your hair filled hole and cum inside of you. Then I'm gonna pull that stringy, cum covered hair out and make you lick it clean. "

Beth was gagging on the hair in her mouth so bad I was afraid she would throw up, so I removed it.

"Oh god, what are you doing to me, please, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Beter, better slut better. " I growled as I slid into her pussy. It felt amazing, her thick, rich hair caressed my cock lovingly. It's silky strands stimulated and tickled me. I felt it all around me as I banged into her hard and fast. Her tits were shaking wildly, and for the first time in a very long time she was sobbing.

"I don't have a choice do I? You have me, I can't stop you. Sniffle. Ok. Do it, DO IT shave me bald, cut it all of!! Anything you want to do," she whimpered as she wrapped her legs around my back. It was too much, I felt my cum errupt and splatter inside of her.

"Arrrghhh! You fucking cunthole, you made me cum. I wanted to wait longer," I accused her lovingly. Then I pulled out of her and several strands were wapped around my cock. Wet sticky strands. I reached inside and felt the thick plug of cummy hair and slowly stretched it down her leg. I wrapped her snug in my arms and said, "Such a good girl, such a very good slut."

Before kissing her gently for several minutes. "I was really scared John, you really scared me. I can't believe you did this." Her hair was a mess, A short, uneven jagged mess. Her hair would be much thinner, and a few patches were quite bald underneath... but with a good stylist... who knows?

"Beside she can always use extensions, or a wig until it grows back in." I did not usually cuddle with Beth. But tonight she needed the extra comforting. I thought of something that would make her happy.

"I'm going to rape my wife soon. I can use her pics tomake her agree to rough, raw, sex. You like being raped, don'tcha? You made me very happy with your obedience tonight. I'm going to give you a reward for being such a good slut. I'm going to let you help rape my wife." I looked down into Beth's lust filled eyes and smiled.

She had been raped hundreds of times in her life. But she had never been with another woman, and she had never been the rapist. She seemed truly touched, and tears welled in her eyes. "John don't take this the wrong way... would you mind if I sometimes call you Daddy J? Um or Master" she could not meet my eyes as she made her humble request.

She just nestled into me deeper, and held her breath. Beth was asking if I wanted to own her. She would be my property, my slave. Not my Girlfriend, or my lady--she wanted to be a thing that I abused and fuck. But I realized that I was committing myself to her--that I would have responsibilities. I would never love her in a romantic way, like I did my wife. But she pleased me, and made me smile.

"You are my property, I own you. It is your right to call me Master. I will take care of you. Always," my voice rumbled deeply as I claimed her as my Forever Slut.

I decided to call Susan the next day to work out the specifics of sex with my wife. I know she was my EX, but that's not how I thought of her. Susan would always be my wife.

"John why are you calling, I don't have time for you today. Well? Spit it out!" she barked.

" I need to see you. It's urgent. Can you stop by around 6? Oh and Susie... wear something nice."

That's what I had said just before I made love to her 8 months ago.

"Uh... ? Oh-k I'll be there."

My punctual wife rang the doorbell at 1 minute to six. She was big on 1 minute tills.

I had not seen her for several weeks. She looke like she was about to pop. Her large breasts were huge, and her tight flat belly was distended and round, and the perfect ass she was so proud of was layered in padded flab. She simply glowed, everywhere except her eyes. I invited her inside and sat her down in a chair.

"John... why am I here? I don't like being around you, YOU know that, "she bitched at me. I did not say a word. I simply handed her a large manilla envelope. She must have felt the Deja Vu. I certainly did. This is exactly how I negotiated last time.

Susan began to shake her head in disbelief. She KNEW what was in that envelope even before she looked.

"I have Video Cameras in my room and I never deleted the second set of pics," I said simply with the beginnings of a sheepish grin.

"John, please god what is wrong with you. Why are you doing this to me? What do you want this time? Money? What then... Oh my god NOOO! John NO! I'm pregnant, I'm fat and ugly why would you do this?" she cried in shock.

Why? the answer was simple.

"You have always been beautiful to me, you always WILL be. Do you think I would love you less because you are having my baby? I want you back. I want us to be married again. I want my son to be in a home with both of his parents. I've missed you. If I release these photos and video you will never make partner. You will lose millions of dollars in salary bonuses, stock options etc. Your dad has already had a heart attack. What do you think would happen if he got pics of you naked and slutty, or a video taking it up the ass? What would it do to your sweet, virginal, ultra religious mother?"

Beth looked frantic, trying desperately to find a way out, but there was none.

"John you can't be serious. Having sex again would be horrible, I think I'm gonna puke but... well... what can I do? But marriage? To You? I'd rather be dead." she declared.

"You've only considered one side of this. Beth what would it do to your career, if you were remarried to your husband of 6 years, a stay at home dad, who could care for the baby? You'd be stable, partner material, could devote full time to the firm. The sex is definitely going to happen, often, regular, wild kinky, rapey sex. Why not reap the rewards too?"

I know that Susan was close to her breaking point. If I pushed too hard too fast she might do something stupid like tell someone else what I was doing to her. I had to be smart about this. I neeed to seduce her. It wasn't like before. I was receiving regular, satisfying sex from Beth now. I could afford to be patient.

"Come here baby, I don't want to scare you. Susan you are the mother of my child. You belong with me. Stay it's a 3 day weekend. Let me take care of you. I still love you, I need to know that you are safe. I promise no sex until after the baby comes. Unless you ask me for it," I said as I pulled my wife up and into my lap, and just held her.

She was so tense at first, scared I guess. As the minutes ticked by and she realized I would not rape her tonight she slowly relaxed in my arms. "John... let me up, I have to go to the bathroom." I did and she went down the hall and closed the door. I followed her, couted to ten and walked in.

"What are you doing, please leave" she demanded as she blocked my view of her wet cunt.

"Why would I do that? I love seeing your pussy, you know that. I promised you no sex, but I still plan to enjoy your body, you still belong to me. "

I walked over to her sitting on the toilet and leaned down for a quick kiss. I smiled at her and said, "Leave your clothes in here when you are done. You won't need them for the rest of the weekend." Then I left the room. 5 minutes later she came out wearing a maternity bra and grannypanties.

Close, but no cigar.

"Susan, come here, I said in a stern, slightly pissed tone. Then I realized what her problem was-- she was embarrassed about her body. The way she was standing, the fact that she had her arms folded against her belly, instead of her breasts or pussy. She was ashamed to let me see how fat her tummy was. Susan had always been proud of her flat, taught, tight tummy and juicy round ass. The milk in her breasts made them spread, and sag slightly.

She was blushing.

When she came over to me, I positioned her in front of me. I grabbed her hands and made her feel my rock hard cock. I was so aroused, I wanted to make love to my wife right then. My sweet, shy, pregnant wife was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Her eyes got wide when she felt how hard I was for her, she seemed genuinely surprised. I got on my knees in front of her and grabbed her ass in both hands as I began to kiss and lick her sweet belly.

"Don't you move, stay right there and let me have you. Damn it stop moving, NOW! " I said as I hugged her to me hard.

After several minutes of belly worship, I stood up and looked down at her.

"Take my pants off Susan. DO it." She obeyed.

Then I spun her and removed her bra. She let out a loud gasp and tried to cover up. I let her for a second.

"Now I want those panties off, and you can come sit with me on the couch. Don't think about it, don't speak, just obey me." Susan knew from experience how much worse things could be, that I was being nice to her. She took a deep breath and removed her panties. I sat down on the couch and patted my lap for her to join me. She started crying then.

"What's wrong baby?"

"If I sit on your lap you're going to fuck me. If I don't you will rape me anyway. I can't even fight because I'm scared we'll hurt the baby."

"Your right Susan, you are helpless. I can do anything I want and you can't stop me. But I made you a promise and I will try to keep it. My cock will not enter your mouth, pussy or ass--unless you ask. I will fondle and cuddle you, and I don't see how I can help kissing you some. But I will try to control myself. I won't hurt you this time, I promise little baby. Susan sat in my lap after a few seconds, naked and plump and warm. I kissed her neck a little and held her close but that's all.

"So tell me about your life, how has the partner hunt been going?"

"Are you making fun of me John? Are you serious? You never wanted to know before?"

I gave my wife a little squeeze and said, "It's going to be different this time. I want to know everything about you. I missed having you in my life baby. I need you to know that I will never take you for granted again."

It's weird, but I realized that part of what I said was completely true. I wanted her back in my life. I would rape her if had to, coerce her, blackmail her if I must, but what I really wanted was to seduce her. To make her love me. I wanted Susan to willingly become my slut. I had loved this woman for close to a decade and by god I would have her.

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