Our Guest for the Afternoon

by Soldier Boy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: An older married couple, in their mid sixties, invites a young man in his 20's to enhance their sex lives. There are several stories in this series. In this story, the wife has a solo encounter with the young man, and she more than rises to the occasion.

"Are you sure it's alright with you?" I asked Phil over the telephone.

"It's more than alright. I want you to enjoy the company of Ken this afternoon, and I really want to hear all about it when I get home from work. Ken said he would be there at one, and I promise I will not come home before five. I trust you to make the best use of your time alone with him."

"I'm nervous, Phil. Do you really trust me so much that you are comfortable with my having a date? It amounts to that, you know. What if I find out I love him? Last Saturday was great with all three of us, but I won't know how to act by myself.""Betty, we have been married for 25 years and counting. I trust you completely. And anyway, what if you do love Ken? Love is for sharing. You can have Ken as an extra love and not diminish our love. Think of your afternoon with him as a project that we're both working on and will both benefit from. I promise that not a minute will go by when I am not thinking of you and imagining what you're doing."

"I'm just confused. When I say I liked the threesome sex, I'm really saying I liked the sex with Ken. His cock is large enough to stretch me in a most wonderful way. And he was so hard! I know it is just because he is so young, but, Phil, he stayed hard even after he came. I liked it when you ate me after he was done, but I liked the sex with Ken a lot more."

"Betty, the best thing about the threesome for me was watching you enjoying Ken. I saw how hard he was and I envied him. Remember, I was watching you up close the whole time, and I saw how big he was, too. I'm happy that you had the experience. I want you to have it again, as often as you like. Relax, and have a good time. It will make my day to hear your description of the fun. And my sweet li'l ole imagination will be working overtime while I sit here at work, imagining what you two are doing. I bet I imagine more than you do."

We exchanged "I love you" promises, and hung up. I felt better, but still was nervous. I tried to read a magazine, tried to clean the oven, and was trying to watch TV when the doorbell rang. I started at the sound, and ran to the door.

"Hi, Betty," Ken said, his eyes drilling into mine. He was even prettier by daylight than he had been at night. I marveled at how sexy this man made me feel. He was under 30, and I was over 60, yet I felt comfortable with him, and God knows, I was as attracted as I have ever felt to a man. The wonder of it was, he was attracted to me!

We closed the door and embraced. He pressed his erection on my belly as we kissed. Part of me wanted to undress him and fuck right there, but a larger part was still cautious, worried. He either sensed my feelings or had similar ones of his own. He held me a moment longer, and ground his hips against me, then we stepped apart.

He said, "I have been driving around in the summer heat all morning, and need a shower. Is that OK with you?"

"Sure." I thought a moment, then said, "Let's shower together!"


We undressed right there in the living room, then almost ran to the shower. He kept looking at my body, and I returned the gaze. When we got to the bathroom, we embraced again, and this time I captured his solid cock between my legs.

"I want to pee before the shower," he said, "you can stay if you like, or wait."

By now I was feeling very randy indeed. "I'd like to watch," I said. He smiled again, that boyish, attractive grin. He lifted the seat, and stood to one side of the toilet. After a few seconds, the stream started, slow at first, then rose to a lusty cascade of piss. I stood across the toilet from him and watched the flow. I knelt down to see it better, and I cold feel little droplets on my face. It seemed to go on a long time. I could smell the piss, and it turned me on. Somehow, I kept my hands to myself.

"Do you have to go?"

Some of the morning coffee was aching to get out, so I said yes. He watched intently as I went, and I spread my legs apart so he could see. I couldn't believe how bold I was being.

"You smell good," he said.

"So do you."

We adjusted the shower and got in. He got the soap, and lathered his hands, then washed me with his bare, soapy hands, back, front, breasts, and finally my crotch and even my anus. He played around there, even sticking his soapy finger part way in. I have never before felt erotic about my anus, but he made me feel it then. When he finished, I stood speechless, wishing he would continue.

"Now me," he said.

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