by Rod Ramsey

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Glenda has been a very naughty girl. Her psychology professor is more than willing to provide the discipline she needs. The only question is who's dominating who?

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Chapter 1: The Professor's Office

Glenda leaned against Professor John Walker's desk and raised her short skirt, her long red hair falling to touch the desktop. This was the fourth time in as many weeks the twenty year old sophomore had found herself in a position to be punished by the handsome Psychology Professor.

Professor Walker usually found one or two female students every semester that were willing to trade an occasional spanking for a better grade. These girls were normally just skating by. Glenda Ruth was the first time an Honor Roll student's psych profile indicated she would give in to his brand of discipline.

"Glenda Ruth McKinney, I do believe you are trying to seduce me," Professor Walker said, sliding his hand over the young woman's bare ass.

"No sir, Professor Walker, Sir. I wouldn't do something like that," Glenda replied, wiggling her ass against his hand.

"Yes, of course not. Let's see, three weeks ago you failed to turn in an assignment, earning a spanking. At that time you wore plain white cotton panties. Two weeks ago you came to class late, earning another spanking. You wore a pair of red silk panties. Last week, what was it?" Professor Walker asked, slapping her bottom gently, "Oh yes you kept snapping your bubble gum in class, like a schoolgirl. It was a black thong last week wasn't it?"

Walker paused to slide his finger over Glenda's asshole. Glenda made no attempt to move or reply.

"Today, you called Julie Taggart a slut in my classroom," he said in a mocking tone. "Now here you are not wearing any panties at all. Tisk tisk tisk."

"I'm sorry Sir," Glenda really did want to apologize, "but she was talking about giving the entire basketball team a blowjob. In my book that makes her a slut."

"Slut or not, I will not have you using that language in my classroom," Walker said sternly. "The punishment will be ten swats with the paddle. Now normally they would be applied over the underwear. However since you chose not to wear any, it will be on the bare."

"Yes Sir."

Glenda gasped, as Professor Walker applied the paddle, "One, thank you Sir.

"Did your parents raise you to talk that way in school?" Walker asked.

"No sir." Whack, "Two, thank you Sir."

Whack, "Oww, three, thank you Sir."

"Do you often use language like that, now that you're an adult?" he queried, with another swat.

Whack, "No Sir. I was just tired of her telling everyone about how good her blowjobs are."

"You forgot to count," he said. "What number were we on."

"Shit, three Sir."

"Shit?" Walker leaned over to whisper in her ear, "You just said you don't use language like that."

"I'm sorry Sir."

"Let's start over and make it twenty this time," Professor Walker said, sliding his hand between the girl's legs. "You're wet. I thought you said you weren't trying to seduce me?"

"I'm not Sir. Please Sir. Not twenty it's hard enough to take ten swats." Glenda Ruth was panting as the Professor played his hand over her wet pussy.

"Does getting punished make you all hot and horny?"

"Yes Sir, I don't want it to but I can't help myself," Glenda cried.

"Tell me horny girl. Do you go home and masturbate when I've finished punishing you?"

Glenda looked down at the desk and bit her lip. Professor Walker had slid his middle finger inside her wet pussy and was slowly moving it around.


"Yes Sir," Glenda replied in a whisper. Her whole body flushing red from embarrassment.

"Masturbation is a natural and normal human behavior," Professor Walker replied. "There's no need to be ashamed of yourself for doing it."

"No, it's naughty. My parent's raised me to be a good girl." Glenda paused for a couple of seconds before continuing, "It's just that what your doing feels so good."

"You like what I'm doing?" Walker asked.

Glenda could only nod her head as he continued, "What do you fantasize about, when you're at home masturbating?"

"Being fucked Sir," Glenda replied.

"Is there someone in particular that's fucking you?"

"Yes." Glenda was back to whispering, her face still flushed.

Walker pulled his finger almost all the way out as he asked, "Who's fucking you Glenda Ruth?"

Glenda Ruth swallowed hard before replying, "You are Sir."

"After I finish punishing you today, would you rather I fuck you instead of sending you home to masturbate?" Walker asked.

Glenda twisted her head to look at Professor Walker, "Will you? Please say you will."

"Of course I will." Walker loved it when they begged, "There is however a price for you to pay."

"Yes Sir," Glenda wiggled her hips as he slid his finger back inside, "Whatever you want."

"I think you should hear what the price is," Walker informed her. "You may not like the price."

"What is it?" Glenda asked.

"I have a student doing research on submissive females in the twenty-first century," Walker told the squirming girl. "I would like for you to assist on some research. You will be required to be SEXUALLY submissive to me and my student tonight."

"Yes Sir." Glenda was ready to cum. "Please fuck me. I'll do anything if you just fuck me now."

Professor Walker pulled his finger from the girl. Turning her around, he grabbed her sweater and pulled it up over her head. Glenda was working his pants loose as her bra followed the sweater. Walker's cock sprang straight out as Glenda pulled his pants down around his thighs. Pushing the girl onto her back he gripped his cock and slid it into her tight warm interior. She may have claimed to be a good girl, but she was no virgin. Walker's cock hit bottom, his balls slapping against the panting girl's ass. Glenda closed her eyes and sighed with passion as Walker rapidly pistoned his cock. Small shudders shook the girl as her climax neared. Professor Walker slowed his pace, wanting to postpone the young woman's orgasm. With his cock moving slowly in and out he reached forward and began playing with Glenda's large round tits. Rolling the nipples between his fingers, he soon had them hard. Walker pinched the hard little nubbins, as the young woman started humping her hips. Professor Walker closed his eyes and started pumping furiously as Glenda went over the edge, her moans audible to the few students walking by the Professor's office.

Glenda lay on the desk breathing hard as Professor Walker slid his cock from her still spasming cunt. Giving his cock a few strokes with his hand he came, spewing his cum on the girl's skirt, stomach and breasts. Walker pulled his student off the desk, pushing her to her knees on the floor in front of him.

"Suck it," he demanded. "Suck my cock clean, you little slut."

Glenda pulled his cock into her willing mouth, sucking out the last of his cum. She bathed his cock with her mouth, slowly licking her way down to his balls. As Glenda suck his balls into her mouth, Professor Walker started getting hard again. Glenda kissed and licked her way back up the stiffening shaft. The horny student soon had him fully erect, Letting the girl control the situation, Professor Walker closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations.

"Glenda may claim to be a good girl, but she gives head like a slut," Walker thought to himself. "Julie is so going to love this test subject."

Walker grabbed Glenda's hair and forced his cock all the way into her mouth. Glenda didn't miss a beat as she felt him grab her, she just kept sucking, knowing that he was ready to blow his wad down her throat. Walker shot his second load into the willing young woman's mouth, she dutifully sucked him dry before cleaning his cock off.

"Wow, I've never had a guy go two times so soon," Glenda said as she got her breathing under control.

"I'll be ready again this evening," he replied. "I expect you to be at my house at eight p.m. for the start of our research."

"Ok, I think I'll enjoy having two men fucking me all night," Glenda answered, she didn't realize that the student was another woman.

"It's not just fucking Glenda," Walker informed her. "It's total submission to whatever we want. You still have the rest of your punishment from this afternoon to finish as well."

"Ok, what ever you want," Glenda answered.

She straightened her skirt then pulled her sweater on over her cum stained tits and belly, not bothering with the bra. Kissing Professor Walker on the lips she stuffed her bra into her bookbag and left the office.

Chapter 2: The Study Begins

Julie Taggart was sitting on Professor John Walker's couch, legs tucked up under her, as she went over papers turned in by the freshman class. As she graded the assignments, Professor Walker watched the girl, her short blond hair contrasting with her deeply tanned skin. Julie loved to come over and lay naked in "Uncle" John's walled backyard. John Walker had known Julie since she was ten, the gangly girl had certainly grown up.

Julie looked up, "What?"

"Nothing, I was just admiring the view."

"No you weren't you were thinking of fucking me," she said matter of factly. "Only I want you to save everything you have for that bitch Glenda."

"I have plenty to go around," John replied. "Those vitamins your dad developed work wonders for an old guy like me."

"Just remember not to fuck the Dean's daughter," she mused. "Daddy should have known better, there's plenty of girls on campus that would have given it up with no complaint."

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