Captain's Wife

by CapitansSlut

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A tale of the slut married to our CO. She cruised the bars looking to pick up sailors. In this story she picks up my brother and me.

My brother, Peter had dropped by the islands on a visit. As an Air Force pilot, he spent more time flying around it than at stopping at any one point. He is a year older than I, and when he gets into Hawaii we hit the bars. My sub was out for a five-day training run and I was behind to go to Advanced Electronics School.

Peter and I decided to head for Hotel Street to check out the action. In the seventies Hotel Street was the home of strip clubs, porno shops, and hookers. The sailors called the place "Shit Street." From live sex shows to topless and bottomless dancers to more transvestites than San Francisco, if you wanted it you could get it on Shit Street.

We walked into a dark bar, a block off Hotel Street. The place was almost empty. Decorated to attract upper class clientele in the 1940s, today it attracted the other end of the social class. We were looking for girls of easy virtue. They hung out in places like this.

It was still early, the sun was still shining, and the maggots were still sleeping. We stood at the bar trying to wake up the bartender to order a drink. I was telling Peter a sea story and had mentioned the name of by sub, when a woman sitting a few feet down the bar gave me a big smile and said, "You're on a submarine."

"Yes," I said. I looked at her, and was instantly hard. This woman took the definition of easy virtue to an extreme. She was older, maybe early forties, a hard face around the smile. A cigarette permanently grew from her left hand. She wore a thin white blouse with a black bra easily visible through it. Her black leather mini-skirt, shining in even the dim light of the bar, had ridden up to expose the tops of her black stockings, as I looked her over she shifted her ass on the stool and some white thigh and black garter came into view. Her blouse was unbuttoned to show off her breasts resting in a sheer black bra. I saw a flicker of gold on her ankle; she wore a gold chain with a simple charm with the word "SLUT" engraved on it.

She looked us over. I just wished the USDA inspected beef as closely as she did us. I almost felt the stamp hit my ass. "I would like to buy you boys a drink." Her voice was one long gravel road traveled by too many smokes and tokes.

Her held her cigarette loosely in her fingers in that relaxed way you only see in women who have smoked too many cigarettes after too much sex. She sucked on the cigarette hollowing her cheeks to get the maximum draw and the smoke came out in long twin plumes from her nose. The way her cheeks hollowed made me see my dick getting the same suction.

Peter said, "Sure." But then, I knew from previous barhopping, Peter liked sluts; he must have an enormous boner right now over this one, she was a slut role model. "I'm Peter and this is Joe."

She led out a hand with yellow-stained fingers to shake ours, "I'm Carla." When see reached out her blouse came open down to her skirt.

"Nice to meet you," I said. My dick was hard already.

She smiled at us and motioned us over the booths. "Come on lets sit down over here were it is more private and quieter." Quieter, I've heard noisier morgues than this place. She picked up her drink and led the way. Peter and I watched her ass, tightly packed into that shiny leather, piston its way back to a booth in the back of the bar. She wore five-inch high heels--the kind you always see on hookers. She walked on her 'fuck-me-pumps' with the sureness of Nikes.

She pointed to the last booth. "How's this." I slid in one side and Peter the other. She looked at us booth performing some mental calculation and slid it next to Peter--slid in close. The table in the booth was only about eighteen inches high. Carla put her feet on the table and crossed legs. I had a close-up view of those stocking tops and sliver of thigh. Peter and I followed suit and put our feet on the table.

The waitress appeared almost instantly. She was black. Her nametag read "Tanya." The nametag flew like a flag above a sea of tits. She had some huge tits; the cocktail waitress uniform barely contained them. You could dive a boat in that cleavage. You could titty-fuck those and never see your dick.

Carla looked at us staring at Tanya's tits and figured she was loosing her audience. "Tanya, honey, would you get us all a round of double vodkas." Tanya looked at us like cows being let somewhere they didn't understand to a fate they couldn't understand. She turned those tits into the wind and headed for the bar. Carla leaned down and pulled on the straps of her pumps and pulled them off. She wiggled her toes inside the black stockings. She knew we were watching every movement.

"So what do you do, Peter. Nice name... Peter." She strung out the sound of his name in a way that made it sound dirty.

"I am an Air Force Pilot." She had turned in the booth to face us. We each had a clear view of her tits in her tiny bra. This sideways pose allowed her to open her legs giving us a look up her dress into the darkness between her legs.

"I like pilots. Joe, you said you were on a submarine. What submarine would that be?"

"The Kingfish." She reached inside her blouse to adjust her bra. It didn't look any different after the adjustment, but her fingers disappeared far enough inside the cup to have excited her nipple and our cocks.

"I think I know someone on the Kingfish." Her toe was rubbing against my leg softly, teasing the skin under my slacks.

"Oh, yeah, who would that be?" Her hand settled in Peter's lap. Her hand covered some of the mountain his cock raised. She was rubbing the down slope while she talked to me. She was a cool customer you would never know from the sound of her voice that she was feeling up my brother.

"The Captain." Her toe was probing my knee and Peter was smiling softly. As I said, Peter liked them slutty. We had hooked up; it appeared, with a queen-bee slut. She was pouring honey on us and had a hungry look in her eye. She raised one knee from the table giving me a clear view of her stocking tops and black garters.

"No, shit." I was surprised. Our captain was a very straight-laced "no fuck around" sort of guy. I couldn't imagine her being a friend of the Capitan; she must be a relative.

Tanya was back in a snap. The bartender must have known how to make double vodkas. She set the drinks down in front of us showing us her version of the Promised Land. Carla never moved her hand from Peter's cock. I could see had climbed higher on the mountain.

"Yeah, I know him."

Putting her hand inside of her blouse and pulled it aside-she looks at me and says "What do you think of my tits-do you like them-or do you think they are too small?"

Peter and I gave each other a look and I said, "I think they look pretty small to me-take them out and show us-give us a better look."

She popped the clasp. Spreading the cups she showed us her tits as she pinched the nipples to get a rise out of them. "See, I think they're too small. I keep trying to get that cheap-assed-limp-dicked husband of mine to buy me some bigger ones, but the bastard is a fucking skin flint."

Peter and I agree her tits are small and there is no titty-fucking potential on that chest. Barely an A cup, she did have fantastic nipples-little poke-your-eye-out nips. She took Peter's hand and put it on her tit and said, "Pinch it-hard. I love my nipples pinched until they hurt." As Peter pinched her nipple her legs slowly opened. I was looking in the widening gap to for a bare pussy. I was sure she didn't wear panties.

"Black." She's looked at me. The single word from her mouth startled me.


"Black. I'm wearing black panties. Wanna see?" She spread fully displaying a small black, g-string panty covering her pussy. Peter's in hog-heaven, a slut sitting next to him with her legs spread and her tits hanging out while sipping a double shot of vodka. Sluts don't get any nastier than this.

"My pussy's shaved too. Wanna see that?"

Peter sprained a lip saying, "Sure."

She reached down and pulled the crotch aside. For a tiny woman, she had an ugly cunt, big loose lips, wet-looking, and well used. Many a cock had plowed this ground. She released the crotch and tossed back the last of her drink. She yelled, "Tanya."

Seconds later, it seemed, Tanya was there with three more double vodkas. Carla made no attempt to cover her tits.

Tanya looked at the bare tits and laughed, "Honey, I had tits that small once, but then I turned four." I almost blew my drink across the table. Carla didn't take it personally and laughed too.

"Tanya, show these boys a real set of tits." Tanya set down her serving try and pulled down the front of her outfit. Big, black and crowned by three-inch-across nipples.

"Holy, fuck." Peter gasped. Her tits billowed out like storm clouds rolling in. Tanya laughed heartily at our reaction and pulled up the top.

"Peter, here has a big dick." She pressed on Peter's pants to show the bulge off to Tanya.

"It sure does look like it? Are you going to snack on that cock?"

"Tanya, I think I will." She opened his pants and fished out his cock. "Shit, you've got a big dick. Just the size I like." She leaned down and swallowed about three inches.

"Oh, fuck yes, suck that cock you slut."

Tanya laughed again. "Well, Carla, he knows who he's dealing with."

Carla gave her the finger and sucked up another two inches. I could see her mouth working on his cock. He slumped back giving her more room. She bobbed her head and dropped further down on his dick.

Peter raised his head and put his hand on her head. "Take it all bitch, eat that cock."

Carla pulled off his cock and looked at me. "Joe, I really love to suck big dicks. I like to fuck big dicks too. I like them in my cunt and in my ass. Sometimes at the same time, does that interest you boys? Think about it, wouldn't you both love to fuck a whore like me. Peter, shove your kick down my throat and make me take it all." She bent over Peter's cock and spit on it and then swallowed the whole fucking thing while Peter shoved her head down. I thought his eyes were going to pop out. She raised her leg and pulled her panties aside.

Her head comes off again and she says, "Joe, get down there and eat some pussy. You make me cum in the bar, and I'll get us a hotel room and be your whore all night."

Ask me twice? I think not. My tongue was in her cunt in a second. Cunt, what a dirty sounding word, old broads like this just don't have pussies. Eighteen-year old virgins have pussies. I stuck my tongue in her cunt, her box, her twat, that's what I had my tongue in. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in tight. I knew what a slut like this would love. I moved my tongue down to her ass and rimmed her. She gurgled around Peter's cock.

She spit his cock out and reached down to the table for one of her 120mm slims; she tucked the cigarette in her mouth and lit it with her lighter. Taking a deep drag, the kind of drag only a heavy smoker's lungs could take, she took his cock back in her mouth and blew the smoke out her nose.

He was forcing her to keep breathing through her nose, as he kept his cock deep in her mouth. "Yes, bitch, we're going back to the hotel and fuck all your dirty holes. I'm going to leave at least one load in all your fuck holes. I'm going to fucking cum now in your fucking, dirty mouth. Eat my cum bitch, swallow it all."

I could see Peter's cock jerking as Carla had him tightly in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as he could pump. The cum ran down her throat so easily it made me want to see if she could handle the combined output of both our cocks.

I pumped two fingers into her cunt while assaulting that worn looking clit of hers. She gripped by hair and shoved me into her twat as she pissed her cum all over my face. Screaming into Peter's cock she shoved my face in front of the warm stream she was shooting. I was soaked when she ripped my head away form her cunt. She lay there a moment catching her breath. She then quickly stood up and said, "Tanya call us a fucking cab."

Carla reached down and with practiced ease pulled her panty crotch back into place. "Put your dick put away Peter, and let's go somewhere and fuck." She pulled us up and pushed us out the door.

We stood out front waiting for the cab. Carla had her arms around our waists making it apparent to all the sailors and tourists that she was with both of us. She would kiss one of us, visibly swapping tongues, and then the other. Tanya came out after a couple of minutes.

"Tanya, come with us. These boys have some nice cocks. They'll fuck you into next week"

"Carla, I got three more hours on my shift, and you're gonna have these boys fucking stubs by then. They gonna be worthless for poor old horny Tanya. I'll end up stickin' my fist in my cunt to get off while these poor limp-dicked boys watch."

"Yeah, you're right these boys got a lot of energy, but I don't think they have enough to fuck two sluts like us."

"Carla, you're damned right about that. We are two of the biggest sluts you'll look for, maybe some day boys, when you grow up." She walked back into the bar.

"Boys, that woman may have a huge fucking ass, but it's tight. I've seen more the one dick lose its load trying to get in."

We finally saw a cab coming down the street, when I remembered something, "Carla, you said that you know the captain of our boat."

The cab stopped, Carla opened the door and started to crawl in giving us a nice view of her ass. She looked back at me, stopping to pull up her skirt in the back, showing me what I was going to get tonight, "Oh, yeah, Milton Harrison. He's my husband."

If Carla had not been leaning into the cab, showing her slut ass off to the world, I would have run, run anywhere, but I looked at those pale cheeks and the little brown asshole cut by her g-string, and the fingers that she just slipped into her pussy, so I bent down and followed her into the cab, Peter was right behind me.

"Cabbie, Cruise down Shit Street for a bit. I need to pick up something."

The cab pulled around the corner and started driving past the strip clubs and porno shops. Carla leaned over me looking out the window. She was on her knees in the seat, her tits in my face. She knew what she wanted, but wasn't telling me. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "Peter's playing with my cunt. He's got two fingers in there, and he sure is stirring up the juices you made back in the bar."

"Stop!" The cabbie hit the brakes and wheeled over to the curb.

"Honey, you in the red dress. Come here." A bleach-blonde hooker in a micro-mini red skirt and a halter top walked over to the car. Her mini-skirt cleared her stocking tops by twelve inches; she had long legs-another slut.

She leaned down and set her elbows on the sill of the open window, her tits swayed and she looked at Carla with those hard blue eyes of hers. "You need a date sweetie?"

Carla decided she like what she saw. "Yeah, these two studs and I are going to get a room so we can fuck. I figure to need some amusement while I wait for their dicks to recover, so, how much for the rest of the night?"

"Well, the night's early, honey, how about $700?"

"How about $600?"


"Joe, honey, let her in."

The door opened and the hooker sat her broad ass on my lap. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder. "Hi, folks, I am Amber." She pushed my nose into her pleasure zone of tits. Carla sat back down and I saw Pete licking his fingers.

"I'm Carla, this guy sniffing his fingers is Peter. He was finger fucking me while I was negotiating with you."

"Oh, I like a fellow who takes advantage of opportunities."

"And your seat is named Joe. Joe eats a mean pussy. He sucked me off in the bar we were just in."

"Carla, it sounds to me like you folks know how to party."

"So, far these boys have been rather enthusiastic. I sucked off Peter here in the bar while Joe was eating my pussy. Peter knows how to talk to a slut when she's sucking his cock. When he came he rammed that cock deep in my mouth. I barely got a taste of his cum as he shot it straight down my fucking throat. He fucking made me drop my cigarette."

"Joe, I can feel you like this ride so far. That's a nice cock jamming into my ass. I can't wait for you to fuck me-to feel your hard cock buried in my cunt." She wiggled her ass into my hardening cock. She pulls my hand inside her halter, puts her tit in my hand and pinches my fingers on her nipple.

Carla looks at Peter like he's been enjoying the ride without working for it. She throws her leg over this and guides his hand down to her cunt. "You boys are going to stick your cocks in my ass and fuck my dirty shithole. You're going to make me your whore for the night." Peter fingered her cunt and knew this night would live in his mind forever.

Carla twisted in the seat toward Amber. She slipped her hand up Amber's dress. "Ohhh, just what I was looking for." She slowly moved her and under the dress. "Amber, you're going to come in handy after these boys are done with round one." Carla removed her hand with two shining fingers. She licked them up.

"We'll I can tell from your reaction that we're going to have a fucking good time tonight."

Carla saw me reaching for Amber's crotch. She grabbed my hand and pulled it up to Amber's tit. "No, No. No, this is for me after you guys are fucked out."

"Cabbie, take drop us off at that hotel on the next corner. We need some booze, Amber, take this twenty and get us as much vodka as you can. Get some plastic glasses too. This hotel isn't big on convenience in the rooms."

The cab pulled over in front of a façade predating WWII. A bright neon sign advertised the Molokai Hotel flickered over a dark doorway. Amber slid off my lap giving my cock a squeeze on the way by. I got out with a huge hard on, but in this neighborhood I may be the only guy with it in his pants. I pulled out Carla, and she gave me a sloppy kiss as Peter stuck his tongue in her ass to move her along.

Amber headed to the liquor store next door. Carla drug us through the dark door. The lobby of the Molokai Hotel was dank, gloomy, and the desk clerk was sitting behind a chipped stone counter watching a porno flick on a small black and white TV.

He glanced at us coming through the door. As we approached the counter I notice he was slowly removing his hand from a hole under the back counter. "Carla, you find some live one's tonight?"

"Yeah, Jack, they look pretty live to me. I need a room, big bed, and with a bathroom, like usual." They have rooms here without bathrooms?

"How long?"

Carla looked us over and said, "Six hours."

The clerk took the bill she passed to him. He passed her a key. Looking at us like he knew our fate, he said, "22 on the second floor."

"There's a hooker named Amber coming that will be looking for us. Send her up to the room. Thanks, Jack."

We followed Carla's black mini-skirt to the stairs. Up the stairs we followed her bare ass cheeks. Shit, we were going to spend the night fucking the captain's wife. Who would ever believe this?

Carla opened the door and threw her purse on a table. The room was about fifteen years overdue for a paint job. The bed was the dominant feature of the room. A small dresser sat by the door leading to the optional bathroom.

Carla turned her back to us and pulled up her skirt. "You boys never got a good look at my ass in the bar. Do you like it? It's fucking bigger than my tits that for sure."

The black string from her panties sliced the middle of a firm round white ass. "You boys get naked. After all that in the bar and Pete sticking his tongue up my ass in the cab, I'm ready to fuck."

She reached behind her skirt and the small piece of cloth fell to the floor. She posed for us, standing straight with her legs crossed, The black garter belt was clipped to the dark stockings. Standing there in her fuck-me pumps with her hands cupping her ass cheeks. I was fucking hard again and I could see Peter was in the same condition.

She bent over and pulled her cheeks apart showing us her asshole. She pulled the string aside and showed us her cunt. Peter and I were already naked, our clothes thrown aside. Carla walked over the bed and climbed on and walked on her hands and knees around the bed.

The captain's wife pulled us in close by wiggling her finger at us. We moved to the edge of the bed and she moved over to me. "I don't believe you had your cock sucked in the bar did you?" I shook my head watching the head of my dick wave in the air in front of her face. She reached out with her hand and pulld my cock into her mouth. Her left hand reached out to Peter, took his cock and started giving him a hand job.

Peter was watching my cock fuck Carla's mouth. "Suck that cock bitch. Fuck it with your slutty mouth. Suck his cock, you cunt, eat that prick. Deeper. Joe, fuck her throat, fuck the bitch's mouth." Carla pulled off me.

"That was fantastic. Peter, choke me with you cock, stick your cock down my throat. Fuck my mouth like the worthless whore that I am." She went down on Peter. He pulled her head so that she went all the way down to his balls. Shit, I had never seen a chick deep-throat him before. He kept up his abuse of the slut. "Suck me, slut. Fuck your mouth on that big dick of mine." Peter reached down and grabbed her panties and ripped them off of her. Her bare ass had small red lines where the strings dug in before they snapped. The panties were ruined. Pete looked at the scrap of material in his hand and brouht it to his face. He inhaled deeply drawing the smell of Carla's wet cunt into his mouth.

I took a cue from this and tore off her bra. I could see her little titties shake from the force of my action. Her nipples are hard pegs pointing downward. I reach for one and give it a hard twist. "Fuck me," Peter yelled and slapped the back of Carla's head. "What the fuck did you do, Joe? She fucking bit me."

"Sorry." Carla paused a second from sucking his cock. Though, I don't think she sounded too sorry.

Peter was about to drop load two into Carla's mouth when she pulled off and squeezed his cock so hard he went to his knees at the side of the bed.

Groaning, he said, "What the fuck are you doing?"

She looked at him and laughed, "Don't you want to fuck me? Is all you want fucking blowjobs? Don't you know how to use your cock? Don't you know you're supposed to want to fuck pussies and asses with that cock of yours?"

She had squeezed off his cum so hard it looked to me as if his balls really were blue. There was a knock at the door and Carla gets up naked and opens the door all the way. Amber was standing looking at her holding a brown bag.

"Amber, I'm fucking glad you're here. Let's have a drink."

Carla set up four of the plastic glasses and poured about three inches of vodka in each. She passed them out. "Chug 'em down. Too long time of drinking is too short of time fucking."

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