Brother Mark Comes to Stay

by robidav

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, .

Desc: Sex Story: What Happens when My brother visits.

A few years ago, My brother Mark came for an extended visit and it resulted in a sexual awakening for my wife Brenda. Brenda and I always shared a satisfying but routine sex life; she enjoyed getting oral sex and loved to get roughly fucked from behind. She would suck my cock with some coaxing but would never allow me to cum in her mouth. She was not very adventurous. I had fantasies about watching her get fucked by another guy but would never reveal them to her. Mark's arrival started a series of changes in Brenda that had a profound effect on our sex life.

Brenda is an attractive woman; not stunningly beautiful but pleasing to the eyes with a sultry sexy look about her that once got her a lot of unwanted attention from other men. She has nice firm boobs and a great ass. Mark took to her right away and often complimented her on her looks and shape. He called her a rosebud ready to bloom. You could tell that she responded to him and enjoyed his attention. Brenda began to be a little more casual with her looks and took to wearing more revealing clothes whenever he was around the house. We had always been affectionate and so it was natural to include Mark in our casual touches, hugs and caresses. I noticed once or twice that his hands lingered on her thigh or ass after a greeting and Brenda was becoming more touchy feely with me as well.

One evening we were at a video store looking for a film we all could enjoy. We quickly rejected the current offerings as sick, lame or lazy and were about to give up when Mark suggested porn. I was hesitant and expected Brenda to be firmly against it. I was stunned when she casually said sure why not and offered Mark to pick anything that looked like fun. She wiggled her ass against my hip as she said that, causing me to blush in embarrassment. Mark came out of the adult section with two tapes and we headed for home.

We all sat together on the sofa, with Bren in the middle, and watched the first tape while we drank some beers and shared a joint. It was a straight twosome with an extremely well hung guy feeding his cock to a slutty blonde. The action was luke warm, but I noticed Bren was watching avidly as inch after inch disappeared down the girl's throat. Bren swallowed loudly as the blonde sucked and stroked the large cock. I sneaked a peek at Mark who had his hand on his lap covering his own erection and giving it a squeeze now and then, Bren noticed this too and I felt her squeeze her thighs together every time Mark rubbed himself.

The action onscreen switched to fucking and Brenda leaned forward a bit as the slutty blonde got on all fours and presented herself to her stud. I felt Brenda stiffen as that huge cock entered the girl's wet cunt. Brenda gasped when the guy suddenly rammed his cock deeply into his girl's cunt and proceeded to fuck her hard. This was what Brenda liked to do and I could see that she was getting highly aroused. I pressed my leg against hers and she responded in kind, spreading her legs as she pressed against me. I saw that her other leg was in contact with Mark's leg and he was pressing back. I casually put my arm around her and let my hand drop to her breast. Her nipple was stiff and she sighed as I openly squeezed her tit. By now, mark was rubbing himself rapidly. He suddenly excused him self and headed for the bathroom. Brenda giggled and made a remark about not spending too much time in there as the real action was on screen.

The moment Mark disappeared down the hall, Brenda grabbed me for a long kiss; her hand groped at my cock and she thrust her hips against my leg. She never noticed that the bathroom door didn't close. I went to work rubbing Brenda's tits as she watched the fucking on screen and rubbed her cunt through her jeans. When the guy onscreen removed his cock from the girl's cunt and forced her to suck him again, Brenda clamped her legs together and shuddered in a silent orgasm as she watched the cum pour into the slut's open mouth. I looked up and saw that Mark was peeking around the corner. I gave Brenda's tits a final squeeze and made her sit up. Just as Mark coughed and came into the room. Brenda complained that her jeans were too uncomfortable, asked me to get more beers and went upstairs to change. When she was gone, Mark commented that I was going to be one lucky guy tonight, that Brenda's passions were lit up and sadly, he was going to go without. I felt rather smug as I commiserated with him.

Brenda came downstairs wearing one of my old work shirts and a pair of panties. We whistled at her and she shrugged and said that she was at home and should be comfortable. We had another toke and settled down to watch more porn. Brenda leaned against me, with my arm around her and her legs tucked up beside her. I could reach her left breast and she had her hand on my leg. Mark leaned the other way with his feet resting beside Brenda's. The action resumed on screen.

This time, two guys led the slutty Blonde to a couch. Brenda squirmed as they held her down and tore her clothes off. They began by sucking her tits and taking turns rubbing her cunt. Brenda thrust her own hand between her legs as I massaged her tit. On the film one guy began eating the girl out while the other forced her to suck his cock. Brenda was secretly rubbing herself and Mark watched us more than the screen. I noticed that Brenda had begun to caress Mark's foot with her own as she rubbed herself. I was sure Mark could see her fingers at work on her cunt. I guided her hand to my cock and she rubbed me. I peeked over at Mark and saw that he was rubbing Brenda's ass with his foot and she was grooving on it. This was getting out of hand. I was really enjoying the action, but felt sure that Brenda would put a stop to it soon.

I chickened out first and made her sit up. She pouted a bit but complied. My mind was racing with the possibilities. Would my wife actually let me and my brother fuck her? I excused myself and headed to the john. After several minutes I crept up the hall listening eagerly for any sighs or moans. All I could hear was the film. When I peeked around the corner, just as Mark had done earlier, I saw that Brenda was lying against the arm of the couch with her legs spread. Her panties were pulled aside at the crotch and my brother was fingering her cunt as she massaged her tits. Mark made like he wanted to lick her pussy but she clamped her legs shut and refused him. She was on fire but propriety had taken over. I crept back and flushed the john, signaling my return. When I got back everything appeared normal and they were sipping beer and watching the final cumshot. Brenda announced that it was time for bed. We shut down the TV and headed upstairs, Mark to his room, we to ours.

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