Breeding for the Fatherland

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Helmut and Gretel are just one German couple who have been thrust together in the years just before World War II to try to make babies for the Third Reich. They've been tested, evaluated and now they're together to get Gretel knocked up with a baby just like the Fatherland wants for its future. This begins telling the story of what happens between this and other couples of German guys and girls given the task of making babies.

Author's Note: This story is based on factual realities that existed in Nazi Germany before and during World War II. It is simply intended as an erotic writing based on fact. If anything about the Nazis or Germany's Third Reich offends you, please do not read this story. It is not intended as an endorsement of anything that went on during those years, but it is intended to expound on a theme of genetic engineering that the Nazis actively pursued.

Chapter 1

Gretel Heinrich and Elsa Muller were both voluntary "breeding mothers" for the Center for Aryan Development and Furtherance in Oberammergau, Germany during the early years of the 1940s. They had both graduated from gymnasium and when the Third Reich offered the chance for sexy young German girls to serve the Fatherland by serving as "breeding mothers" for the elite men of the Third Reich, both Gretel and Elsa had stepped forward and offered their services gladly. They were only two among hundreds of sexy young German women who either voluntarily and perhaps under some coercion went to specially established homes where they could serve the Fatherland by producing babies to further the Reich in the years to come.

Both Gretel and Elsa had been subjected to an unbelievable battery of both written and physical exams. They had been required to document their entire family genealogy and history back for five generations, and then the final step had been a complete physical examination including having to strip totally naked for the consulting physician. Once each of the girls had been finally approved to serve in the breeding homes, they were given totally new and attractive wardrobes and then handed a ticket to travel to Oberammergau or one of the other homes where the Reich was working to assure racially pure and genetically strong young men for its military in the decades to come.

The plan was that the girls would be resident in the breeding homes and whenever a young German soldier or airman was sent there for a week or two, the girls would sleep with the men and every chance would be taken to ensure that they would get pregnant and then they would be sent to another location where they would have every luxury available to them while they waited out their pregnancy and then the delivery of their new baby.

Both Gretel and Elsa were very attractive and physically sexy young women. Little did they know how much of their physical attributes had been very closely considered in deeming them worthy of being "future mothers" for the Third Reich. They were both very blonde in keeping with their pure Germanic backgrounds and Gretel had a nice figure, a set of full rounded breasts and she had a very pretty face and long hair that came well below her shoulders. Elsa wasn't quite as well endowed in the chest, possessing a nice set of medium-sized rounded breasts and both girls were friendly and outgoing in their personalities. Both girls had also had previous sexual experience, each of them having lost their virginity in their late teen years while they'd still been in high school. Not being a virgin was a requirement of the program since the "breeding masters" didn't want to have to deal with virgin uninitiated girls who didn't have any idea what sexual intercourse was all about. They wanted girls who had already experienced a man's cock in their pussies and were ready to have sex in order to conceive a baby for the Fuhrer and for the future of Germany.

Gretel and Elsa were both given the young German officer who would be their sexual partners during the same week, but we'll deal with Gretel first and her experiences that ultimately led to her first pregnancy. She and Elsa had both been given the word that they'd been cleared as "young mothers for the Reich" and they were told to entertain themselves there at the home until they received their first partner.

Gretel met her partner, Helmut, one afternoon just before the evening meal was about to be served. She was taken to the sitting room and when she walked in, there sat a very attractive and well-built young German man, Helmut Mueller. Gretel and Helmut both fully knew what this was all about - they were to engage in totally unprotected sexual intercourse in hopes of Gretel conceiving a male baby in the next few days. A female would be acceptable but their German leaders really wanted to produce young men of very specific qualities for the future of the Fatherland.

Helmut and Gretel were given time to get acquainted and then they were paired off at a table by themselves for dinner that night. After they finished dinner, they knew they would have the entire evening and however many days they needed to accomplish the desired results of Gretel getting pregnant with Helmut's baby.

Gretel had dressed for her first meeting with Helmut in the typical young woman's costume that was typical of Bavaria. She actually liked that sort of clothing because the blouse and other parts of her dress accentuated her nice full rounded breasts and she felt sure it really set off her rounded tits to get Helmut ready for sex with her. Gretel was glad she'd finally gotten clearance to get pregnant because it had been several months since she'd been fucked and she was horny beyond description.

When Helmut sat at the dinner table with Gretel, he let his eyes devour her while he ate the delicious schnitzel he'd ordered from the waiter. His cock throbbed hard and thick in his crotch, and he could hardly wait to adjourn to their bedroom with Gretel. Finally, after both he and Gretel had enjoyed some dessert, Helmut rose and offered his hand to Gretel to walk with her back to their bedroom suite. Helmut's cock didn't go down one bit as he and Gretel walked down the hallway out of the dining room and then climbed two flights of stairs up to where they'd spend the next few days in bed together. Both Helmut and Gretel fully knew and agreed with what they had been paired together to do and they were both more than ready to get started in their effort to create a new baby for the Third Reich.

With both Helmut and Gretel being blondes and with nearly perfect Germany backgrounds, the authorities anticipated and hoped that any offspring they created would have blond hair and blue eyes as well. They'd just have to wait and see how their mutual genetics worked out. Gretel's blonde hair was long and very thick, and as soon as Helmut closed and fastened the door to their suite, he pulled Gretel into his arms and hugged her shapely young body close against his. He ran his fingers eagerly through her hair, pulling her lips close against his as they began to kiss and engage in the foreplay that would bring them both to the point where they were more than ready to fuck.

Helmut loved how hard his cock had already gotten and as he hugged Gretel against his chest, he hoped she could feel his hard arousal and know that he was that way all because of her. Helmut knew that he and Gretel had a duty here in the bedroom as much as he did on the field of battle when he was performing his soldierly duties, and he intended to succeed her just as much. He kissed Gretel hotly and then his hands moved down to cup Gretel's rounded ass and to pull her tightly against him so she couldn't miss how turned on she'd gotten him. His left hand then moved up from Gretel's firm rounded asscheek to her right breast and he squeezed the rounded mound firmly, feeling her nipple growing hard and rigid under his touch.

"Ohhh, Helmut," Gretel moaned in response to Helmut's stimulation. Her pussy was growing very wet inside her panties and she was rapidly reaching the point of wanting him to take her and fuck her good. Helmut continued to caress and feel Gretel's sexy full breasts through her clothes and her hand soon moved from Helmut's back down into his groin as she sought to feel his hard erection. Gretel's hand caressed her lover's hard cock through his pants and then Helmut began to undress Gretel to get her naked and ready to move to the bed with him. He had made love to many young women, and he was quite adept at getting a sexy babe out of her clothes. In no time at all, Helmut had Gretel down to her bra and panties and then he began removing his own clothes to join her in a mutual state of nakedness. His cock was pushing out hard against his underwear and Helmut hoped the sight of his thick large hardon was enough to help turn Gretel on and make her want him even more.

Then, Helmut unfastened Gretel's bra, taking the cups gingerly away from her sexy full breasts and he lowered his mouth to her left nipple, hotly licking across the firm little nub and making her moan in ecstasy. Gretel's hand was just as busy sliding down inside his briefs, and then Helmut have Gretel completely naked and he picked her up and carried her over to their bed. There, he laid her out on her back and then he leaned over, kissing both nipples and then he let his hand slide in between her legs, finding her wet pussy and the sexy bush of her blonde pussy hair there at the vee of her legs.

"Come join me and come inside me, Helmut," Gretel invited as she spread her legs for her lovers and she reached down, taking her pussy lips and spreading them for him to invite him to place his cockhead there and fill her pussy full of his hard thick manhood.

Helmut needed no encouragement. He was so horny. He knew he hadn't had any sex for nearly two months in preparation for this mating endeavor and he was so hot to cum he could hardly restrain himself. He moved onto the bed with Gretel, then he looked down at her pretty naked body lying there naked in front of him. Helmut's cock was jutting hotly out of his groin, and his nuts dangled heavy there between his legs. Then, Helmut moved up over Gretel, taking the shaft of his cock in his hand and he guided the full swollen head of his dick into her wet swollen pussy lips and then he bucked his ass forward, feeling the engorged cockhead spreading her sexy young pussy lips and he pushed firmly deep up inside her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssss," Gretel moaned as she loved the feeling of being fucked by a sexy virile young soldier like Helmut. She loved fucking and now she was doing it not only with a sexy guy but for her country's future as well. Gretel knew she was at her most fertile moments and she hoped that she'd get to enjoy her time with Helmut and still end up pregnant with a baby at the end of their time together. Helmut kept pushing his thick hardon deep into Gretel's tightly clasping pussy and then as he felt his cock growing wet from her natural pussy moistness, he began to smoothly drive his hard cock in and out of her pussy. Gretel knew how to fuck as well and she began to join him in their mutual fuck together. She moaned and sighed as Helmut really threw his cock into her for their first fuck together. In only five minutes, Gretel began to orgasm and Helmut continued to thrust his cock in and out as he heard and felt Gretel cumming underneath him. Then, he moved up over Gretel as she lay there impaled on his cock, and he began to fuck his cock nearly straight up and down into her pussy. Gretel's pussy was nice and tight and she felt so good as he buried his cock deeply inside her body over and over again. Finally, after about 30 minutes of their initial fuck, Helmut moaned to Gretel that he was going to cum and he drove his cock as deeply inside her pussy as he could shove it and held it firmly there as he felt his nuts spurt one thick glob of his virile hot thick cum into her pussy after another. Helmut had never impregnated a woman before but he felt sure his cum would do the job if he gave it the chance. He and Gretel were giving her the chance she needed to conceive and bring forth a child for the nation and their service to the Reich. Their time in trying to make a baby had only begun.

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