I Spy On My Wife

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: In the back of my mind I had another agenda, one that I've keep secret from my beautiful wife. I was a secret wife watcher and loved nothing better than to watch her dress or undress without her knowing I was there.

I worked in the Home and Office security business, have done since I left college and even in those few years thing have move on tremulously. Thing have become small and more effective and the recording equipment better than ever before. Like most workman my house wasn't state of the art in fact there was no protection at all. My wife Sue was always on at me to install simple things like a smoke detector but you know how it is, never enough time.

It was Christmas and the boss gave me a good bonus for the company had met all it targets for the year and he also introduced a discount scheme for employee to buy equipment very cheaply. It was just the spur I needed so with my handful of cash I bought so really fine stuff. I.R. detectors that included very small colour cameras was one of the items I was keen to get my hands on. The most expensive items were the twin DVD recorders with the latest compression software that could record 24 hours of high quality video on one disk. So expensive that I could only afford to buy one so that limited the number of cameras I could have to two; I would have dearly loved to have one mounted in every room but I had to select the two most productive.

My young wife was delighted that at last our home would be fully protected from fire and theft. Over the Christmas holidays I spent my time wiring out the house and fixing the I.R. motion detector in all rooms and I used the two special ones that contained the cameras, in just two key places, the bedroom and the bathroom. I wired it all back to my basement den where I installed the twin recorders and small colour monitor.

In the back of my mind I had another agenda, one that I've keep secret from my beautiful wife. I was a secret wife watcher and loved nothing better than to watch her dress or undress without her knowing I was there. The cameras mounted in the two prime locations would help me not only to watch her live but I could record her as well. By New Year's Eve I was testing all the circuits and doing light level test on the two cameras. I was confident that she would never guess that they were there for even if you took the units apart you would never identify the cameras. It was all one circuit board with a small bubble lens mounted in front of a light sensitive chip.

We were going to a New Year's party that night so for the first time I could try my new system out on a live subject. Mandy, my pretty young wife went upstairs for her bath at about 4 and I watched her undress in the bedroom and then she lay soaking in the bath. Almost immediately I got my first hit, while soaking in the bath she cupped her fine tits, a good handful at 36D and started to give them a good mauling. Since we first met some four years ago I've always know she like her tits worked on and the fastest way of getting her off was to spend some time on them; not the most arduous task in the world. Then after many minute of squeezing them and pinching her nipples her hand descended down to between her legs and disappeared from sight under the dirty water. It didn't take a Rocket Scientist to work out what she was doing, for the water was lapping over the rim and her whole body shuddered as she came. I suddenly had a fear that I hadn't switched on the recorders but after checking I found that I had.

She entered our bedroom dry and still naked to start to get dressed for the evening out. First she put on a pair of light blue knickers and then sat at her dressing table to do her makeup and brush her short hair for what seemed like hours. Out of the closet she pulled a light blue party dress that I had never seen before and she pulled it on feet first. It had only one shoulder strap and was quite low at the front and I remembered that she didn't put a bra on first. I thought it time for me to put in an appearance.

"What do you think?" she asked giving me a twirl.

"Mmm, it's lovely, is it new?" I asked.

"Fairly," she admitted, "shall I wear it with or without a bra?"

"I don't know," I said "try both and I see."

I was then treated to a small strip show as her luscious tits came into and out of my vision.

"Without," I said coming to a decision, "shows off your great tits nicely."

"Stop it," she scolded but I could tell she like hearing me say things like that.

I must take a small time out to tell you about Sue my 24-year-old wife. She 5, 3 tall with blond hair that these days she keeps cut short. Her figure is a very nice 36D, 26, 37. In the last couple of years she may had added an inch or two to her waist and hips that only gives her more curvy and sexier body. She's not shy about herself but then again she wouldn't dream of walking about the house in any state of undress which isn't good news for an avid wife watcher like me.

The party went with out a hitch, I lost her for a few dances, but then I had a nice couple with Jane our hostess who I've had a yearn for, for many years.

Ok another time out to talk about me. I'm just less than 6 foot high with curly blond hair, cut slightly longer than my wife's. At 27 I'm three year older than Sue and in reasonable shape for my job can be quite strenuous at times. I'm not a jealous man, if I know she really loves me and will always come back to me, she can do almost anything she likes, in fact the naughtier she behaves the sexier she becomes in my eyes. I can remember feel so proud walking along side her bikini clad figure where every male eye on the beach was glued to her sexy body.

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