Bored Housewife

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: My insides were churning with excitement, I knew I should ask him to take me home but I didn't want to go. He reached over and pulled me towards him and we kissed; it was like opening the floodgates.

It's not my husband fault that I'm bored, he works all hours to give us a good life but it does take its toll. We still make love, once or twice a week but sometimes I can see it in his eyes that he would rather just go straight to sleep.

I have my morning shower then after drying I look at myself in the full-length mirror. Not too bad but then I'm only 26, my boobs are still full and firm 'D' cup, always my best feature and they have always attracted the guys. I pulled on my boring underwear and dress and go out to do some shopping.

It's 2 in the afternoon and I could do with a cup of coffee when I bump into someone.

"Sorry," I said automatically.

"Hi Jen," he said back.

"What, oh hi Jonathan," I said with surprise, "it's been a while."

"Sure has," he grinned at me and my knees went weak.

Jonathan was an old boyfriend of mine from way back when we both at college and boy did we have some wild times together.

"I'm having Tea," he said, "would you like to join me."

"Sure, love to," I said for what harm would a hot drink do.

He held my hand over the tabletop and told me about this exciting life. He was a stockbroker working in the city and New York. He told me of all the big deals he was into and how much money could be made.

"Look Jen," he said, "god it's been good to see you and I love to stay longer but I have this meeting."

"That's ok," I said, but I was disappointed that he had to go.

"No really I must go," he said squeezing my hand, "can I see you again tomorrow over coffee and a chat, say 2."

"Well," I hesitated, and accidental meeting was one thing but to arrange to meet again was something else.

"Ok, for coffee then," I agreed.

I got home and my body was all a glow, how many years had it been. Well I have been married for 5 so it must be 6 or 7 at least. Oh we had some fun in those days. God I can remember him and his friend, god I forgotten his name, how could I forget someone's name who had fucked me. The three of us got high one night and ended up in bed together and they took turns between my spread legs and fucked my brains out. What was his name?

My husband came home very tired but I was up for some bedroom action. I could tell that he rather go to sleep but this time I insisted. While he pumped into me I re-lived that night with Jonathan and his un-named friend and I had a very nice come.

Next morning I showered and rummaged through my wardrobe looking for something a little sexier. That thong I bought the other month and have never had the bottle to wear. Ok what bra, god I remember now Jonathan never liked me to wear a bra, but I'm a respectable married woman now so I fished out a lacy uplift one and put it on. Ok what top, do I go for a thin knitted one that shows off my boobs or something that I can unbutton if I get lucky.

"Stop it," I said out loud, "it's just a cup of coffee, not a sexy date."

I put on a thin knitted button up top so I had the best of both worlds. A short black skirt and I was ready.

"You look great," he said, taking my hands and kissing me on the cheek.

"Thanks," I said and we ordered coffee.

We talked for about an hour and then he paid and led me outside to his car. It was a big black one with real leather seats and polished wooden dashboard, I don't know much about cars but this one looked and smelt expensive.

"Let me take you home," he offered and he drove off before I could say no.

We didn't go straight home but he stopped in a quiet parking area.

"God you look good," he said turning towards me.

My insides were churning with excitement, I knew I should ask him to take me home but I didn't want to go. He reached over and pulled me towards him and we kissed; it was like opening the floodgates. His hand found my boobs and he squeezed them so hard it caused a pain to shoot straight to my pussy.

"Fucking great tits," he said crudely and he fingers un-popped each button to expose my lacy bra.

I leaned forward so that could get at my bra strap and soon his hands were on my naked skin.

My mind was still saying no but my body was over ruling everything. I lifted my bum off the seat so that he could roll down my thong and as soon as it was hanging off one ankle I opened my legs wide. He slipped into me with great ease for I was as wet as I had ever been.

"Fucking great," he said as he pumped into me.

"Please harder," I heard myself beg.

"Yes my little slut," he said and banged into me with long hard strokes.

My orgasm was coming fast now and I pushed against him hard and then it washed over me like a raging torrent.

"You're my slut now," he whispered in my ear and then I felt his cock twitch and he came deep inside me.

As soon as the euphoria faded the guilt started, I had been unfaithful for the first time. I didn't matter that this wasn't my first time Jonathan for that was a long time ago before I was married or even met my husband. I was silent on the drive home and he dropped me off at the corner. I couldn't settle but just walked about the house for hours. My husband came home and I wanted to tell him but I knew it would break his heart, so I keep quiet.

I'm a slut, I knew I was a slut for I was waiting for Jonathan to pick me up and I wasn't wearing my bra today. His car came around the corner and I got in. he drove in silence until he parked in a slot outside his apartment. This was the second time I had been here, he had phoned me up a couple of days after I was unfaithful for the first time and I had agreed to meet him again. I knew I shouldn't but my body yearned for his touch. It was a large converted loft with big windows and minimal furniture, but he did have a big bed.

He didn't offer me anything but stripped me out of my little dress and thong and pushed me flat on his bed.

"What does my slut want?" he asked crudely.

"Please," I begged and I opened my legs wide.

"Does my slut want a good fucking?" he said with a big grin.

He knelt between my thighs and ran his fingers over my wet pussy.

"Say it," he said.

"Please," I begged again.

"Say want you want," he said, his fingers still moving over my sensitive bits.

"Fuck me please," I said.

"That's a good girl," he said and pushed his hard cock slowly into me.

"Is that nice my big titted slut?" he asked moving his cock in and out of me.

"Oh yes," I sighed holding on to him tight.

"Do you want me to stop?" he chuckled.

"No, no, please fuck me," I said.

"So what will my slut do for me?" he asked, "will she do anything I want?"

"Yes, yes, just fuck me," I said.

With my agreement he thrust into me hard.

"So my big titted slut will do anything I want," he said picking up the tempo.

"Yes, yes," I said grinding myself against him.

"Oh good, you and I are going to have so much fun," he said.

I didn't answer for my first orgasm was approaching fast.

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