One Year Later

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bored husband looks online for a man to fuck his wife, but the man is not what is advertised.

© Copyright 2004

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Frank's penis. It wasn't scary or intimidating and it didn't look like it would hurt that much. It was a cute little thing, kind of strange looking, like he had a large thumb sticking out between his legs. Her boyfriend seemed just as nervous showing it to her.

Nicole pulled off her top and Frank's eyes grew wide. She'd worn her sexiest, lacy white bra for him. The bra thrust her proud D-cup breasts together and upward. She unhooked her bra and Frank became the first boy to see her bare breasts, though many had tried. Soon he was staring at her reddish brown pubic hair with as much awe as he had stared at her breasts.

"Oh god," cried Frank as she reached out for his penis. It jerked and cloudy, white semen shot from it about two inches. "I'm sorry, so sorry." His face turned red.

"It's ok, Frank."

"It's just you're so hot."

In the face, Nicole resembled an eighteen year old Debra Messing of Will and Grace, but her body was more Carmen Electra. Frank was tall and a little pudgy. He kept his hair shaved close in a crew cut and even at eighteen, a receding hairlne was visible.

Nicole reached out to touch his deflated penis. She found it fascinating. As she touched it, it quickly grew to it's thin five inch length. "Wow, it's ready to go already."

"Uh huh, let's go," said Frank, nervously. He rolled a condom over his penis. The rubber hung loosely on it, looking a bit too big.

Nicole laid back on her bed, pushing her stuffed animals out of the way. Her parents shouldn't be home for another hour and they should be safe. Frank climbed on top of her and they kissed passionately. His penis pushed against the opening to her vagina. He pushed forwards and Nicole braced herself. There was a moments pain, then Frank's penis was jerking inside her as he orgasmed again.

"Who hoo," he cried with joy, his face buried in her neck. "We're not virgins any more."

One Year Later

Frank bent down and kissed Nicole as the Preacher said, "You may kiss the bride."

The newlyweds turned and walked down the aisle. Dan, Frank's best man slapped him on the back as he passed. Though both families thought they were crazy getting married at nineteen, there was no doubt the two were deeply in love.

Later, they were in an inn on the beach for their honeymoon. Frank kissed Nicole's belly button then started kissing lower. "Frank stop."

"Why?" he asked sliding his tongue along the sides of her pubic hair.

"Why do you want to kiss me there?"

"I want you to orgasm. Dan told me this was the best way to get a woman off."

"Go ahead, but I think it's just me."

Frank had no idea what he was doing and to be truthful, he found it somewhat distateful. He looked at her folds, closed his eyes and stuck his tongue in. Nicole's reaction made it all worth it. She moaned and lifted her pussy up into his thrusting tongue. This was fantastic! He'd never seen her react this way to sex before. She usually just laid there, unmoving, but now she was writhing around and moaning. He thrust his tongue as deep as it would go, then licked up and over her clit. Nicole thurst her hips up, shoving her pussy into his face. She reached down and grabbed his hair trying to pull his tongue deeper inside her. Her whole body shuddered as she orgasmed for the first time in her life.

"Was it good, Honey?"

"It was awesome," replied Nicole gasping for air as she came down from her orgasmic high. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Nicole."

One Year Later

"Damn, Frank, what's got you so hot and bothered?"

Frank's dick was its full five inches and as hard as Nicole had ever seen it. He looked sheepish as he reached down beside the bed and pulled up a Penthouse magazine."

"Frank, you know I find those magazines demeaning. Why would you look at pictures of naked girls when you have me to look at?" Nicole was wearing a baby doll nighty with no bra. Her breasts and nipples were clearly visible through the material.

"I'm not, because you look better then any of those girls. This is Penthouse Letters."

"Why would letters to a magazine make you so hard?"

"They aren't letters. They're stories. Dirty stories."

"Can I read one?"

Frank handed his wife the magazine and she laid down beside him on the bed. He knew his wife well. She was an avid reader and always got deeply involved with the books she read. He squeezed his penis to keep it hard as he watched her read. She crinkled her nose at the first story and seemed disinterested in the second. He thought she might quit at that, but she went on to read the third. It was his favorite story in the whole magazine. Frank was delighted to see, Nicole's nipples rising to attention as she was drawn deep into the story. Her nipples were very dark, nearly burgundy and over half an inch long. Her areola were very puffy and when her nipples got hard, it looked like her breasts were topped with plastic twist off bottle caps with half inch pencil erasers centered in them. Normally, they only looked that big when she was cold or just after he'd gone down on her.

The story Nicole was reading was a long, very descriptive one containing intercourse as well as oral and anal sex. It was about a married woman who hired a photographer to take cheesecake pictures of her for her husband. The photographer turned out to be a hugely hung black man who talked the woman into stripping, then blackmailed her into sex. Frank wasn't turned on by the huge penis or that the stud was black. That the woman was betraying her husband was what had made his dick so hard. Frank slid down the bed and kneeled at Nicole's legs. He pushed the nighty up and she raised her hips to help him. Frank stuck his finger between her legs and found she was soaked.

"Jesus, Frank, fuck me now."

"Alright," said Frank as he moved between her legs, aiming his penis at her pussy.

"No, wait! Lets do it like they did in the story." Nicole rolled over on her stomach and climbed to all fours. The nighty slid up and she pulled it up over her breasts, but kept it hanging around her neck.

The excitement was too much for Frank. He pushed his penis into his wife. He could see her huge breasts in their mirror, swinging like udders as he pumped her once or twice. He came on the third pump.

"Nooo," moaned his wife.

"Sorry, honey." Frank wasn't the minute man he'd been at eighteen. He'd learned to pace himself, but sometimes he'd lose control. Unfortunately, this seemed to happen whenever his wife was really into sex.

"Kiss me down there."

"But I just came?"

"Please? I need it soo bad," she begged.

Nicole didn't move from the doggy position. Frank got down on all fours behind her. He looked at her freshly fucked pussy with disgust. He reached out and flicked off a strand of his semen before leaning down to stick his tongue in her pussy. Nicole's reaction was nearly the same as the first time he'd gone down on her. She thrust her pussy back into his tongue, like she was fucking it. She came hard and fell forwards on her face.

Frank woke up the next moring to a new and wonderful surprise. Nicole's wet mouth had swallowed his entire cock. She squeezed her lips tight around his thin shaft and bobbed her head. He groaned alerting her that he was awake and she looked up at him, winking. She paused with just the head of his dick in her mouth, letting her tongue circle the sensitive head. She bobbed her head a few more times and he shot his load into her mouth.

Nicole spit his wad out into a tissue. "That wasn't as hard as the stories make it sound," she commented. Frank could see the magazine open on her side of the bed. She'd woken up early and started reading. "Honey, I need to cum to." Nicole straddled his waist. Frank's tongue and jaw was still sore from last night, but he had to reward her for giving him his fist blow job. Frank grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her up so that she was sitting on his face. This was yet another new position for the couple and Frank loved it. He could watch her boobs jiggle as she bounced up and down on his upthrust tongue.

One Year Later.

Frank got home from work. He couldn't find his wife so he walked into his bedroom and did a double take. Nicole was kneeling on the bed with her face down in the pillow. Her arms reached behind her and were holding her ass cheeks spread apart.

"Oh, wow!" cried Frank, stripping off his clothes. He'd grown a larger paunch over the last year and was a little balder. Nicole had gained about ten pounds, but in all the right places. She was even sexier now, then she had been at eighteen.

There was a tube of KY jelly beside her and he coated his rock hard dick. He could also see her puckered asshole glistening with jelly. She'd started to get curious about anal sex after reading lots of stories about it. She hadn't been ready to try it until now. Frank lined his dick up and pushed.

"Ow ow ow," she cried tensing up. Her rosebud resisted his pressure a bit, but relented and his dick slowly pushed in. "Ow, ooo, oh god, it does hurt a little, but it's not that bad," she said pushing herself up so that she was on all fours.

"It's so tight," moaned Frank feeling like an idiot after saying it. But it was tight and it seemed to suck the sperm right out of his balls. Frank came after about five strokes.

"That wasn't so bad, kind of nice actually," said Nicole rolling to the side so that Frank could collapse beside her. "We can do it again once in awhile."

"What convinced you?"

Nicole grabbed the magazine. "Read this one. I'll go get dinner ready." She put on a tee shirt that left her pussy exposed and left him alone.

Frank read the story. It was about a married woman flirting with her neighbor. He managed to convince her that anal sex wasn't cheating and then later, oral sex, then even later intercourse if he didn't orgasm inside her. Of course, he lost control and filled her pussy with sperm. Of course, his big dick brought the woman to multiple orgasms. Of course, she was now hooked on the neighbors big dick. Frank reread the story. This time he pictured Nicole as the wife and their neighbor Ted as the man. Frank was surprised to find his dick had gotten hard again after rereading the story...

One Year Later.

"Sex tonight?"

"I'm not really in the mood," replied Nicole.

"The new Penthouse Letters is here." Frank held up the shrinkwrapped magazine he'd pulled from their mailbox.

Nicole shrugged. "To tell you the truth, they're starting to bore me. All the stories are the same after awhile." Her reading and subsequently her sex drive had fallen off this past year. She'd gained another fifteen pounds as had Frank. He now had a large beer gut. Nicole on the other hand had started excersizing and had lost five pounds. He could see the determination in her eyes and knew she'd lose the rest within months. "I'm going jogging," she said. "I'll make dinner when I get back."

"Hmm, I think I'll go get us a movie." Frank turned around and headed back to his car. They lived only about a five minute drive from a video store. Frank always drove. Nicole would of jogged or ridden her bike. He entered the store and looked around with little interest at the new releases. He'd walked past the curtain dozens of times, but today, Frank turned and entered the adult section. Nervous, and not wanting to be seen, he quickly grabbed a dvd that looked interesting and purchased it.

Later, Nicole slipped into cotton pajamas after taking a bath and sat by Frank on the couch. The pajamas had appeared over the last year when she started gaining weight. Two years ago, she would of been sitting there in a nighty, bra and panties, or a sexy teddy. He missed seeing her sexy body every night. "Put the movie in," she said.

"I thought we might watch it in bed."

"Alright." Nicole and Frank got up to retire to the bedroom. Frank popped the movie in the dvd player and started stripping. He always slept nude. "What did you get?" she asked.

"The Lonely Housewife."

"Never heard of it."

"Me neither." Frank climbed under the covers as the movie started.

"Frank! That woman's topless." Nicole furrowed her brows as the wife on screen carried a tray of breakfast in to her sleeping husband. The two exchanged the worst dialog, Nicole had ever heard. The husband said something like, "Do you want my sausage?" and the wife said, "Don't mind if I do." She then pulled down the covers and took the man's penis in her mouth. Nicole gasped in shock.

"I thought we might try a porno," said Frank.

"Whoa, I've never seen that before. He's so big and hard."

"He's only a little bigger then me," replied Frank. The porn star had a six incher, but it was real hard. The woman on screen had quit blowing the actor and mounted him. Frank jumped as he felt Nicole's hand close around his dick under the covers. He was rock hard watching the action.

The couple fucking on screen came and the husband quickly dressed throwing on a suit. "Don't go honey, I'm still horny," pleaded the wife. He kissed her and left. The sound of a lawnmower started up. The wife put on a skimpy bikini and left the room with a glass of water. She soon returned with a sweaty shirtless man thanking her for the water. He pretended to be surprised when she took her bikini off.

"Now that is a big one," said Nicole. Frank couldn't argue. The actor was easily seven or eight fat inches. Nicole stared at his big dick glistening as the woman on screen licked it. "Does size make a difference?" asked Nicole.

"Only pyschologically. Men have that bigger is better mentality."

The couple was fucking doggy style now. "She sure seems to be enjoying it. Fuck me like that, Frank." Nicole shucked off her pajamas and kneeled on the bed, head facing the screen so she could watch. Frank kneeled behind her and found her soaked. He looked down to line his dick up as he heard the word "plumber" on the screen. When he looked up, a gigantic black cock was being fed into the woman's mouth. The black man's penis must of been ten inches long. Nicole was nice enough not to mention the man's size. She remained silent, staring intently at the screen. Her pussy gripped Frank's penis tightly and he came quickly. Nicole didn't seem to notice, even when his dick plopped out. She remained on all fours and watched as the woman mounted the black man while the white guy pushed his cock into the woman's ass. "These guys sure last a long time," said Nicole after being completely silent for ten minutes.

"They're professionals."

Nicole went to clean herself up as a woman showed up and a lesbian scene started. The final sex scene was the husband and wife again. The wife complaining about her boring day.

Frank took the movie back and decided to stick with stories. Nicole seemed too into the big dicked studs and he hoped she'd forget what she saw.

One Year Later

"Oh, alright, I'll read it," said Nicole taking the magazine. Frank climbed between her legs and started rubbing his dick up and down her slit. The story was rather basic about a wife who slept with her husband's best friend. "What is so special about it?"

"Pretend it's Dan. Dan thinks you're really hot you know."

"Really?" Nicole's pussy started lubricating and opened up for Frank's prick. Her weight was under control now and she was back to wearing nighties.

"I bet he wishes he were here in my place right now. Pretend this is Dan's dick."

"Ooo Dan it feels so good. Fuck me Dan."

A couple nights later. "I'm cumming, Mr Richards," moaned Nicole.

Frank quit eatting her pussy. Nicole rarely let him anymore, but it was the only thing that would make her cum. "Time for dictation," said Frank.

"Yes, Mr Richards. I'll do anything to keep my job."

"And so you shall my little slut secretary."

One Year Later

"Oh Ted, what if my husband comes home?"

"We're just taking pictures." Frank aimed the camera at Nicole. She was wearing a tiny bikini and rubbing lotion over her breasts and belly. "Take your top off."

"No way," laughed Nicole.

Frank staddled the chair and pulled his dick out. "Suck me sexy neighbor lady."

"Not until you put the camera down."

Frank put it down, there would be no dirty shots, and Nicole started blowing him. It wouldn't of been much of a picture anyway. He could only make out the tip of his dick sticking past his paunch.

Their sex life continued to decline, with Nicole only interesed once a month, sometimes twice. Each time they role played different scenarios. Nicole liked showing off her sexy body so he bought her outfits like a genie and a French maid costume. The fantacies didn't go over too well and they always came back to people they knew. Frank couldn't imagine Nicole as another woman and none of the women he knew measured up to her in any way. It always came back to Frank pretending he was another man.

One Year Later

"What's on your mind?"

Frank quit shaving his head. There were so few wisps of hair anymore, he just shaved the whole thing. "Lets get another man for sex," he said, turning red as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

"You want another man to fuck me?" Nicole's expression was one of disgust.

Frank knew he'd just made a mistake. "Come on, we been fantasizing about it for a couple years now. You must be curious."

"Of course, I'm curious. You're the only man I've ever been with or ever will be with. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and married people should be monogamous. And if our fantacizng is what's putting these ideas in your head, then no more fantacizing. Plus, you just ruined my mood.

Frank left the bedroom as Nicole turned the light out.

One Year Later.

"Nicole, we're never going to get pregnant if we don't have sex." She'd gone off the pill that year and they'd had sex a total of five times.

"I'm just not horny, Frank."

"Frank? Where's Frank, it's me Dan."

"Shut up, Frank." I'm never going to sleep with another man so get that idea out of your head."

Frank left the bedroom a little pissed off at his wife. He went to get a beer out of the fridge. Sex had been duty bound that year. They had sex on his birthday, their aniversary, Chrismas, and New Years. The remaining time, he'd broken down and rented another porno. Nicole had pretended to ignore it, but had finally broken down and pulled him on top of her just after a hung black actor had fucked a light skinned black girl. Frank thought it was the same black guy from the last movie. It was their best fuck of the year, but Frank couldn't bring himself to rent more pornos of men with dicks all bigger then his.

Left alone with his hand for company, Frank decided to bring up some porn on his computer. He downed a second beer, still angry with Nicole. She'd started wearing her flannel pajamas again, mostly because Frank got too turned on seeing her dressed sexily. He stumbled upon a wifesharing site. Frank put his beer down and grinned. At least he might get some fantasy fodder for his masturbation sesions. He brought up the pictures of Nicole in her bikini that he'd taken two years ago. He started typing, looking to share my wife...

One Year Later

BM, giant cock wants her white pussy, BM knows how to please white bitches like your wife. I got the big black cock you're wife's looking for. Bi male wants fun loving couple, hoping you like men as much as your wife.

Hundreds of repsonses this last year and none clicked with Frank. He opened the last one and paused. Widower, 46, lonely, seeking female companionship, no dating, just sex. Your wife's out of my league, but please consider me.

The man included a picture which showed a slightly portly, balding man in a shirt and tie. He resembled a school teacher. His face was pale and freckled which led Frank to assume, he was a redhead with an Irish background.

Frank hadn't responded to many queries, but he wrote this man back and asked for more information. The man returned a response some ten hours later.

Thank you for considering me, wrote the man. My name is Ed. My wife died two years ago after a lengthy illness. I haves not been with a woman since, nor about a year before she died. My wife is the only woman I had ever been with and the only woman I will ever love. Your wife is so beautiful and I hads to write even though she is normally out of my league.

Frank replied, "Can you send a nude pic?"

The picture came two days later with the caption: "Sorry, I have never taken pictures of myself before. I'm not much to look at, but it's all me. I make up for it by being a nice guy. May I have a picture of you?" The man was overweight, but not as big as Frank. His pubic hair was also red and his chest was freckled. Best of all, the man had a small penis, no larger then Frank's. Definatly not threatening and no threat to Frank's masculinity.

Still, Frank wasn't sure how far he wanted this to go. He emailed a picture of Nicole and him on the beach during their honeymoon. He was a lot heavier, but she looked exactly the same except her hair was longer now. Frank explained his misgivings and that his wife wasn't interested in another man, but that it was Frank's fantasy.

They exchanged emails once a week. Ed was worried Frank was some kind of superstud since Nicole was so sexy. Frank felt smug since he'd never been called a stud before. He typed, "I'm no stud. I'm about the same size as you penis wise. Sex with Nicole is very rewarding though she can only orgasm with oral sex. Her sex drive has dropped dramatically over the last few years and I was hoping another man might spice things up."

Ed and Frank exchanged messages for several months before Frank chickened out.

One Year Later

"Still interested?"

"Is your wife still hot?"

Frank emailed off a new picture. This one showed Nicole looking in the bathroom mirror as she tied her hair up. She was wearing a tight two piece spandex jogging outfit. The position she was in showed off her huge breasts and tightened up her stomach so that her abs were visible.

Ed wrote back. "She's as hot as ever. I'd never turn down a chance for one night with that goddess. Haven't heard from you in awhile. How you been? I've had a few dates, but still haven't been with a woman since my wife died. What made you change your mind?"

"We're doing well. We're trying to start a family, but I don't know how that's gonna happen when we only have sex every other month. We need to try something to get Nicole's fires burning again. I'm hoping you might spice things up."

"Does she know yet?"

"No, I was thinking we'll just meet and see if anything happens. I doubt it will, so I don't want you to waist your time driving here."

"I'd drive to hell and back for a shot at a woman like Nicole."

"Because we're trying to have a baby, you'll need to wear a condom."

"No problem. I planned on it anyway. Take her out for dinner and get some drinks in her. I'll show up and pretend to be an old friend. We'll take it from there. Just let me know where and when."

Frank read, then reread the email. If he did this, there would be no turning back. Friday would be their anniversary. Nicole would dress up and be expecting sex. Frank typed in the restaraunt's name location and the time they would be there. He moved the mouse up to the send button on the screen. His finger poised above the clicker. Finally, he let the finger fall.

"Are you feeling ok? You seem distracted."

"I'm fine. You look incredible tonight." Frank held the door open and they entered the restaraunt.

"You're just saying that cause you want to get lucky tonight."

"Am I?"

"Yes, I think you will." Nicole smiled and winked at her husband. She hadn't told him, but tonight she had calculated she would be at her most fertile time of the month. It would be wonderful to make a baby on their anniversary. She'd worn a tight green dress which matched her green eyes and contrasted nicely with her reddish-brown har. The dress was low cut and showed off her impressive cleavage as well as slit up the side to show off her nicely toned legs. High heeled sandals completed the outfit.

Frank's eyes surveyed the room, but saw no sign of Ed. The restaraunt wasn't crowded. There was only a few couples at tables and a black guy sitting alone at the bar. Frank actually felt a bit relieved that Ed wasn't there. Maybe, the widower had chickened out or maybe he was coming later when Nicole had a few glasses of wine in her.

They were seated and Frank ordered a bottle of wine. "To the most beautiful wife in the world," he toasted.

"And to the nicest husband."

They clinked their glasses together. They were on their second glass when dinner arrived. Nicole drank a third glass during dinner and a fourth waiting for desert. She excused hereself to use the restroom and Frank noticed she seemed a little wobbly. He'd quit at three because he was driving. As soon as Nicole was out of sight a voice behind him said, "Hello, Frank."

The voice was deep and masculine. Frank felt the color drain from his face. Ed had shown up after all. Frank turned around and felt relieved, then confused. It wasn't Ed, it was the black guy from the bar. He was carrying two glasses of wine and he didn't look old enough to be drinking. "Yes?"

"I'm Ed." The black guy sat one glass of wine down before Frank and the next in Nicole's spot.


"I'm terribly sorry, sir, but I just had to meet your wife. It's been my dream to sleep with a white woman and your wife is the best looking woman I've ever seen."

"Jesus, get out of here!" It was too late.

"Frank, who's your friend?" Nicole looked very surprised to see a black teenager sitting with her husband.

"This is Ed. He works with me."

Nicole could tell by the way Frank looked nervous and that he had trouble getting the words out, that something wasn't quite right. She sat down. "Nice to meet you, Ed."

"Believe me, it's my pleasure and my name is Jerome." Jerome's hand engulfed hers as he shook it.

"Really, Frank, you don't know your own coworkers name? Oh, and you refilled my wine. I've had enough tonight."

"I bought that for you for your anniversary. To Frank and Nicole." Jerome held his drink up and the couple drank from the wine Jerome had brought them.

"So Ed or Jerome, what do you do at my husband's company?"

"Either name's fine. Ed's my nickname."

"How do they get Ed from Jerome?"

"My nickname's Mr Ed, it's a very long story. And to be honest, I don't work with Frank. I answered an ad, your husband placed looking for a sex partner for you."

Nicole spit out a sip of wine in her mouth, not noticing fragments of a half disolved pill fly out with the wine. "What? Jesus, Frank, how could you?" It is true isn't it? This has been your fantasy for years."

"Yes, honey, but..."

"But," finished Jerome, "I owe you both an apology. Frank did not know I was black. He thought I was an older widower..."

Jerome quit talking as the waitress brought Frank and Nicole their deserts. "I've lost my appetite," said Nicole pushing the plate away from her.

"Who was the man whose pics you posted?" asked Frank.

"A teacher, mentor and a man who was like a father to me. He kept me off the streets and away from drugs."

"You posted a nude picture!" Frank looked suspicious.

"Yes, I found it on his computer when I was doing homework. It seems he had an internet girlfriend he played around with."

"Why would you lie?" asked Nicole.

"For one shot at you, Nicole." Jerome stared deeply into her eyes. "Have you looked in the mirror? You're gorgeous, magnificent, the hottest and sexiest woman, I've ever seen. I've never been with a woman before and I really wanted my first to be with a woman I can never have. When I saw the pictures of you in that bikini..."

Nicole had been blushing and eatting the flattery up until that moment. "You saw pictures of me?" Nicole shot Frank an angry glare.

"Pictures that didn't do your beauty justice," said Jerome. "Now I think the time has come for you to decide, Nicole. Do you fulfill both mine and your husband's fantasy or do I get up and start the long drive home?"

"Is this really what you want, Frank?"

"Well, no, I mean yes." Frank was feeling light headed from the wine and couldn't think clearly.

Nicole was having trouble thinking clearly too. She was considering it just to get back at Frank. "Lets all go back to our house. No promises, Jerome. You can sleep on our couch till morning. If we do this, you'll need to wear a condom."

"I brought one."

"Lets go."

"Nicole, I'm sorry," said Frank in the car.

"Shut up, Frank."

"You don't have to do anything."

"Do you want me too?"

"I think so, but I don't want you to do anything you don't want to."

"Just this once, if it will get it out of your system."

"I'll never ask for anything from you again, Nicole."

"This is a strage thing to ask, Frank. He's so young and black, certainly not handsome." Jerome looked like an eighteen year old Snoop Dogg, but had a thin, muscular build. "I kind of feel sorry for him. Plus, he's a virgin and he can't last long."

Jerome pulled his car in behind theirs and got out. "Nice house."

"Thanks," muttered Frank. "Come on in to the living room." Frank was really having second thoughts and was hoping Nicole would suddenly develop cold feet.

The three people entered the house and basically stood around the living room saying nothing for a minute. Nicole broke the silence. "Well come on guys. We know why we're here. No since dilly dallying. Lets go up to the bedroom." She swayed drunkinly as she started climbing the stairs.

"Wait!" Surprisingly, it was Jerome that seemed to be having second thoughts. "I appreciate the opportunity, but I'm not sure I can go through with this."

Frank saw his salvation. "Ed... Jerome, that's perfectly understandable."

"Why?" asked Nicole.

"I'm too nervous. I just don't think I can do anything with him there watching me, criticizing me. You're both so experienced. Could Nicole and I just be alone?"

"No, the only reason we're doing this is because I wanted to see another man with my wife."

"Honestly," said Nicole, "I'd be more comfortable without you there too."

"Well, maybe we should call it off?" asked Frank hopefully.

"Wait a minute," said Jerome thinking. "Didn't you mention owning a video camera in one of your emails?" He continued after a nod from Frank. "We could set up the camera so that Frank could watch it afterwards."

"I'd be more comfortable with that," said Nicole.

Frank's brain wasn't working right. He tried to focus, not liking the idea, but both Jerome and Nicole were for it. "Alright," he gave in. "But, if you get used to it, give me a yell so I can watch. I'll set it up."

Nicole didn't want to look at her husband. She was angry and embarrassed. She was curious, having only been with Frank, but Jerome wasn't exactly her ideal man. "I'm going to go freshen up." She left the two men alone so that she could change.

Frank got out the video camera and aimed it at the bed. "This is off, press it when you're done. Otherwise, it'll run six hours."

"Frank," said Jerome, "I just want to thank you again. This will mean a lot to me." The black youth held out his hand and Frank took it. Frank winced as Jerome's strong hand squeezed his a bit tightly.

"Just remember to wear a condom."

"Right here, sir." Jerome held a packaged condom up."

Frank turned and left the room. He was drunker then he thought. The room was spinning and he held then the stairs tightly. He threw his body down on the couch. He wanted to listen to the action, but the room was spinning and he was quickly asleep. He did hear a loud exclamation from his wife before he drifted off.

Frank awoke well past dawn and caught Jerome going out the front door. Jerome noticed he was awake and said, "Thanks again, sir. Your wife was incredible."

It took Frank a moment to remember why there was a black guy in his house, then it all came rushing back to him. He was heading up the stairs as Jerome was pulling out of the driveway. The sight of Nicole horrified him.

His wife looked dead. She was splayed out on her stomach, legs spread wide. There were no covers on the bed and stains covered the sheet over the matress. Nicole's thighs were red and crusted with sperm. Her labia was spread apat and also crusted with dried sperm. Semen still in liquid form flowed out of her pussy. Dried sperm crusted her ass cheeks and the small of her back. More liquid sperm filled her asshole, no longer a puckered rosebud, but now a quarter-sized hole.

Frank shook her to make sure she was alright, but Nicole didn't respond. He rolled her over to see her front was just as sperm crusted. Flakes covered her belly, breasts, face, hair, and especially her chin. Even worse was the smile on her face as she slept.

Frank stepped back. "My god, she might be pregnant," he muttered. Frank looked down and saw what looked like one of the long balloons used to make animals with. He almost fell on his ass when he realized it was a huge condom. The wrapper was nearby and the brand name was "Black Stallion Condoms". Stallions. Horses. Hung like a horse. Mr Ed! Confronted with his worst nightmare come to life, Frank grabbed the video tape and fled the room.

He wrung his hands nervously as he rewound the tape from it's full six hours. He sat back on the couch and pressed play."

"Right here, sir," said Jerome holding up the condom just before Frank left the room. Jerome turned and looked at the camera as he ripped open the package holding the condom. The black teen was still smiling as he pulled out the condom and unrolled it. The thing was monstrously large. Jerome's next act sent a chill up Frank's spine. The black man looked around Nicole's vanity until he found her nail clippers. He dangled the overly long condom right in front of the camera and snipped off the sperm recepticle. He pulled the condom back and placed his fist right up to the screen. The middle finger slowly came up.

"Are you ready?" yelled Nicole from the bathroom.

Jerome's cold eyes and smile turned friendlier. "Ready as I'll ever be, I guess." He sneered quickly at the camera.

"Well, what do you think?" Nicole emerged from the bathroom. Nicole was wearing a pink nighty without her bra. The material was completely transparent. It was one of Frank's favorites and he hadn't seen it on his wife in two years.

"Good lord above," muttered Jerome. "You're even more beautiful then I imagined."

"You're sweet."

"What do we do now?" asked Jerome.

"Well, lets turn the lights off and then you can strip."

"W-we have to leave the lights on for the videocamera, maam."

"Ew, right." Nicole crinkled her nose. Jerome wasn't much to look at and she had hoped she wouldn't have to look at his ugly face as they did it. "And don't call me maam. I'm not even thirty yet."

"Sorry, Nicole. No ones ever seen me naked before."

"It'll be fine, sweety. Just do it. Here, I'll start." Nicole pulled her nighty off and stood before Jerome naked except for light green panties. "Besides, I must of drank more then I thought. I can't really see straight."

"Dems the biggest breasts I ever saw," said Jerome pulling his shirt off over his head. At this point, the black teen had moved so that the camera was centered on his crotch.

As weird as the situation was, Nicole felt good, real good. Her whole body felt alive and tingling. Just the material of her nighty rubbing against her nipples had her pussy dripping. Now that she was topless, the cold air in the room seemed to caress her body. Jerome's chest was rather impressive, actually. He had a medium build, but was very fit and muscular without an ounce of fat aound his belly or anywhere else. He removed his pants and it looked like all his fat was contained in a pair of tighty whiteys. The material was stretched around a series of lumps and bulges. "Here goes, nothing," muttered Jerome.

"OH!" gasped Nicole when Jerome's penis plopped out. She giggled.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, sorry. At first glance it lookd real... big. In fact it still does." She was frowning now and scrunching her eyes as if trying to focus. "It looks huge."

"Does it? Why don't you touch it?" Jerome reached out and took Nicole's hand, placing it right on his growing cock. It was Frank's worst nightmare come to life. His wife was holding a cock more then twice his size. He judged it to be twelve inches long when the monster finally quit growing. "Relax your grip," said Jerome. "Your squeezing it too tight."

"My fingers don't touch," said Nicole amazed. "I can cup Frank's entire penis in my fist and you can barely see it. "You have to be a lot bigger then him."

"Why don't you take a closer look?" Jerome placed two very strong hands on her shoulders and started pushing down. Nicole resisted for a second, then let him, guide her down so that his giant cock was bobbing right before her eyes. "Please tell me you like it, Nicole?"

"Don't worry, Jerome. Your penis is amazing. I've never seen anything like it. It's so big and black. Jesus, your balls are big too. They're as big as my fists.

Nicole cupped his large testicals and hefted them. She then gripped the base of his cock and brought her other hand up, measuring his length with her fists. The head was circumcized, large and knobby. Even the pee-slit seemed bigger then Frank's.

"Would it be too much to ask, maam, for you to show me how a blow job feels?"

Nicole smiled and leaned forward. She stuck her tongue out and let it curl around the head. She slid it over the pee-slit, then down the crown. Nicole licked up and down the first few inches before placing her lips on the head. She stretched her jaw, pushing forwards so that the head entered her mouth.

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