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Sex Story: She had never been so frightened in her short life, the snatch from her own home was smooth, and all her struggles were handled calmly and efficiently. Now the car had stopped and the three large men had got out leaving her all alone, at least for now but she was still tied up on the back seat.

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She had never been so frightened in her short life, the snatch from her own home was smooth, and all her struggles were handled calmly and efficiently. Now the car had stopped and the three large men had got out leaving her all alone, at least for now but she was still tied up on the back seat.

She knew something terrible was going to happen to her for they hadn't even covered their faces, they knew she wasn't going to identify them later. The leader walked over to her, cut her bonds and then offered her his hand. She took it, there was no point in struggling now they had her where they wanted her.

"Now my pretty," he said in a low voice, "we can do this the hard way or the easy way, doesn't matter a jot to me."

He held up a small syringe and her blood ran cold.

"Oh God, please no," she cried, tears running down her face.

"Now this won't hurt you," he said, his smile brightening up his rugged face. "Nothing in here is habit forming, it will just loosen you up a bit."

"Oh no, please don't hurt me," she wailed, "I'll do anything you want, just don't stick that stuff in me."

"Now, now my pretty," he said soothingly, "as I said this stuff won't hurt you, ok, so be a good girl and hold out your arm."

There was nothing she could do, she could scream and struggling but in the end she knew that nothing was going to help her now. In fact it would probably result in hurting her more, the needle could break off in her arm for one thing. The was only one sensible thing left to do and that was to let them get on with it and hope against hope that they would let her go when they had finished with her. The needle hardly hurt at all but the drug's effects she could feel straight away. A warm sensation spread up her arm and continued until she felt a warm glow all over her body. She could still hear him talking, hearing his words she just couldn't for the life of her understand just what he was talking about.

"That was quick," said Bill the largest of the men.

"Yeah," agreed Jerry the leader of the gang, "it's a bit like that 'date rape drug' you hear about but this one's different. Not only will she do anything we want, but she'll remember every second and of course it'll change her completely, turn her into a complete slut."

"That sounds nice," said Toby the third member of the gang. "Can we get started now she looks like she's ready."

Jerry checked his watch.

"Yeah she should be ready by now," he said with a chuckle, "let's get her kit off and see if she looks as good stripped as she does with her clothes on."

"Yeah," enthused Bill, "time we had some fun."

"Right then guys let get cracking," Jerry said.

"Oh my will you look at her," said a stunned Bill, "look at those tits."

"Yeah she sure looks good stripped," confirmed Jerry, "how are you feeling love?"

"Mmm, lovely and woozy," she managed to utter.

"Feel like a bit of fun?" Jerry said slowly so she muddled brain could understand.

"Mmm," she whispered.

"Right lads are we all set to go?" he said to his two colleagues.

"Yeah, sure," said Bill, "the video camera is already recording and I've got fresh batteries in the digital camera too."

"Good, then I'll start then," Jerry chuckled. "Now baby lets get cosy shall we, let's open those legs of yours and see what you've got. That's right baby, all the way open."

"Jesus will you look at that," said Toby, "hurry up man we all want our go."

"No hurry lads," said Jerry with a smile, "we have all weekend with this fine young lady."

Jerry's hands were gently moving over her smooth skin, squeezing and kneading every bump and hollow.

"Mmm, please squeeze my tits some more," she mumbled, "just love having them squeezed."

"Don't you worry baby," soothed Jerry, "we'll make sure your fine tits are well handled."

"Mmm, just love having my tits squeezed," she repeated.

"Time to get on," said Jerry who unzipped his trousers and freed his seven inches of hardness.

He knelt between her spread legs and slowly fed himself into her already wet pussy.

"Mmm, that's nice," she mumbled, "squeeze my tits some more please."

"No problem baby," Jerry sighed, "you Toby, get round here and see to her tits for her."

"Sure Jerry," replied Toby with a huge grin.

"Don't get in the camera's way you wanker," shouted Bill.

"Sorry," said Toby who then move to the other side of the bed and started to fondle her tits.

"Oh yes," she sighed.

Slowly at first Jerry thrust between her wide spread legs her body moved with each thrust.

"Oh yes harder," she whispered and both men increased their efforts.

Jerry was banging into her now and wasn't going to last much longer when he suddenly became still and grunted as he pumped his spunk deep inside her.

"My turn, my turn," shouted Toby and he quickly moved to replace Jerry. He dropped his trousers and climbed between her legs.

"Fucking ace," he cooed as he thrust into her.

All the time Bill was moving around the bed taking picture after picture, but he was conscious of the movie camera on its tripod sitting in the corner and trying to keep out of it field of view.

Toby lasted all of a minute before he too came deep within her hot body.

"Right my turn," called Bill, "here take this," and he handed over the camera to Jerry.

Bill lasted a long time, every time he got near he stopped to cool off and fondle her body. At last he couldn't hold on any longer and let out a loud cry as he too came inside her.

She opened her eyes after a long sleep, seeing again that room where she was first taken to a long time ago now.

"Hi yeah baby," said Jerry who was the only one there with her.

"What day is it?" she asked.

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