Corporate Closer For Hire

by Erotica Author

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Alexis can make the deal. When a friend is afraid she might not be able to handle the closing she invites Alexis along to do what is necessary.

This was going to be the biggest deal of Ashley's career. She wasn't sure she had the confidence to close a deal of this size. She knew I was a pro at bringing home the deal so I came along as her assistant. We dressed professionally on the surface, but underneath Ashley wore and identical black bra and a pair of black panties. I only wore the bra. The bras showed the top half of our nipples. Ashley's panties only covered her pussy. The rest was G-string. We wore garter belts and black stockings and blouses that were sheer and clearly showed our black bras. Our jackets covered the expose underwear and we looked like any other pair of professional business women.We arrived at Dulles and he had arranged an escort to take us to his plane. It was a Gulfstream III, full galley, comfortable individual seats and in the back two couches and a lavish bathroom.

The flight attendant showed us to our seats and brought us martinis. She said the Client would be along shortly and as soon as he arrived we would take off. The client was a retired NBA player who had taken his salary and endorsement money and invested it very wisely. He now ran a multinational media empire that allowed him to fly around the world in a 20 million dollar airplane.

The flight attendant was well dressed in a rather short red skirt and white blouse. It was obvious to Ashley and I that she wore no bra as her rather large breasts where free to move inside the blouse. I looked at Ashley and we exchanged a look that said we wish be could drop her into one of the lush seats and see if she were wearing panties. The Client obviously liked beautiful women around him.

Ashley pointed out a limo pulling up to the plane and a very tall black man exits and moves up the ladder into the plane. He spots Ashley and shakes her hand. Ashley introduces me as her personal assistant, and as we all sit down the plane starts to roll.

The plane taxied to the takeoff point as we passed the time discussing family and friends. The Gulfstream rocketed down the fun way and smoothly pulls from the ground. The nose pointed high up and we accelerated rapidly to our cruising altitude.

When we had leveled off the flight attendant provided the client with a large whiskey and refreshed our martinis. We learned her name was Allison and she had worked for the Client for three years. The client and Ashley sat across a table and I sat across the isle next to Ashley. I would pass her documents as she needed them and provide some eye candy for the Client.

I made sure that my dress was high enough so he could get a good look at my legs. At thirty eight I have great legs. Without appearing to visibly check I made sure the Client could see a little skin about the top of the stockings. I bent down to get Ashley's brief case causing a bit more skin to show. I handed her the first file folder.

To tease the Client I waited until he was taking a sip from his drink and did my leg cross slowly. He saw it and followed the course of my legs, Is eys on my pussy. He never clinched. Cooling sipping his drink he looked at me and smiled. I gave him a very welcome smile back. Ashley is continuing to show the Client the details of the project she needs him to sign on for.

I moved the briefcase to my lap and while moving folders with my left hand I unbutton two buttons on my blouse with the other. I removed the file folder and set the case back on the floor. I leaned over far more than required to simply pass the file, and allowed the Client a long look at my nearly bare right breast. He looked long as I leaned over. Giving me that smile again I smiled back. Our Client was a very bright fellow and figured out quickly what the rewards for closing would be. Some lawyers need a good long peek at my tits before they figure out the game (John!).

Ashley was intent on presenting the material and had not yet realized that this was a done deal. She went over figures and charts not noticing that the Client was watching me as I made of game of how slowly I could cross my legs. He could see that my pussy was soaking wet. The lips of my cunt had to be spread open and inviting. I excused myself and said I needed to visit the ladies room. Ashley looked a bit irritated at me about leaving, but had no choice. She still didn't understand we were through with business. She only had to go to the bottom of her stack of papers and have him sign the contract.

I went back to the lavish bathroom. The flight attendant Allison was there.

"May I show you how to operate the equipment?"

"It's different that a regular toilet?"

"I'll show you." She motioned for me to enter and she followed, shutting and locking the door.

"You lift the lid, like so, and sit down." She seemed to expect me to do this so I pulled up my dress and sat down on the tiolet. She noticed that I made no effort to pull down my panties.

"You don't wear panties?" I looked at her as she said this and noticed she was flushed; her color was pinker than I had noticed earlier. Trying to gage her reaction I started to piss loudly into the bowl. We didn't talk while I peed, but we did look each other in the eye. My stream came to a halt and I pulled a small square of tissue from a box and wiped myself. I flushed the toilet and it worked just like any other toilet.

I looked at the obviously aroused Allison and said, "Don't you have to go?"

Allison looked at me and gently nodded. She moved in front of the toilet, pulled up her dress and sat down.

I looked at her. "No panties, either." She shook her head. She pulled up her dress in the front so I could see her shaved pussy. She started to piss and her expression seemed to fade out. As her water streamed into the bowl I moved in front of her and slowly pulled up my dress. Her eyes followed the hem as it rose about my pussy. As she pissed she could see my bare pussy directly in front of her.

Her stream dribbled to a halt, but she made no reach for a tissue. She looked me in the eye in a direct manner. As if, telling me exactly what I should do. I lowered myself to my knees and leaned forward as she leaned back and slid forward. My mouth touched her damp pussy and I could smell the slight order of her piss as my tongue entered the folds of her cunt. She immediately spread her legs and arched her pussy up to my mouth. She whimpered, "Clean me up Alexis. Taste me and get it all."

I had never licked a pussy immediately after peeing. It was hardly noticeable. She had a sweet fragrant aroma that drew me in deep wanting to taste all her juices. She gently circled her hand about my neck careful not to disturb my hair and began riding my tongue to an orgasm. She came quickly and pulled my up for a soft kiss. "Thank You. Be sure I shall return the favor before the flight is over.

When I arrived back to the Client and Ashley was down to her last folder. I also noticed her blouse was now opened by two buttons and her skirt was up around the top of her stockings.

She knocked some papers to the floor reaching for a folder and I went down on my knees to pick them up. I looked under the table and saw a giant bulge extending down the client's leg. This man was hung. I set the papers on the floor, but didn't get up. I sat on my feet and leaned onto Ashley's chair. The client was getting a good view down my blouse. My right breast should have been visible to him. I placed my hand on Ashley's thigh and remained there as she finished the proposal.

The Client said, "Very impressive, and I am quite impressed the loyalty and obedience of..."

"Alexis. A lovely name, you seem quite attached to Ashley."

"Very much so, sir, we are very close."

"Are you in business together?"

Ashley continued to explain. "Alexis owns an accounting firm, while I am a counsel at a firm across the street."

"Still you seem quite attached to each other." He was looking at my hand resting on the top of her stocking. I softly rubbed her thigh to help set his mood.

Allison entered to refresh their drinks. She leaned over and displayed the inability of buttons to stay buttoned on this trip. All three of us at the table took in the sight of Allison's bare breast as she served the drinks.

The Client noticed the lustful looks at his flight attendant. "Ashley, have you ever seen the interior of a Gulfstream jet?"

"No. It does seem like a rather large airplane."

"It is. Allison, why don't you take Ashley on a short tour of the plane? I'll keep Alexis company."

"Yes, sir, follow me, Ashley."

After they exited into the rear area of the plan, the Client turned to me. "You're obviously not her to assist with the presentation."

The statement did not surprise me. I knew a smart man when I met one. "Simple, I am the closer."

"Ahhhh, I understand."

"So, do we have a deal?"

The Client looked me over with a long slow glance. "Does Ashley enjoy closing too?"

"She is not as experienced as I, but she has enthusiasm to offer."

"Should I tell her when she comes back you've closed the deal."

"I would think her enthusiasm would be rather great if you could tell her that."

"How would you begin to show this appreciation for a completed business arrangement?"

I didn't say anything but I reached between my tits and unbuttoned by blouse fully and pulled the tails from my skirt. I removed the blouse and laid it over the opposite chair. I sat back at took a drink. I looked as cool and professional as if fully dressed rather than exposing my breasts to the Clients stare.

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