Furthur Adventures With Sweet Marilyn

by Brighton

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Having a husband with no interest in pleasing her, mind blowing sex has become a new experience for this mature, voluptuous woman. She's Moving Away and My Sweet Neighbor Marilyn, are the first two stories about this remarkable, married lady. You might read them first.

Other than writing about my neighbor Marilyn, I haven't told anyone in my personal life about her. I preferred to remain discreet.

Before we got together, I'd get hard just fantasizing about her but after two remarkable sexual encounters with this lady, I now get hard if I see her car in her driveway. Ever get an erection from looking at a Honda Civic? I have.

What I find tantalizing about this older, married hottie, who doesn't know she's a hottie is her wonderful curvy body. I have never fondled breasts that large. You could grasp one of them in both hands and the fingers on each hand wouldn't meet. Alright, I'm exaggerating a little.

The second time we were together was amazing because she held her hands tightly behind her back and pretended she was being raped while I held her head and savagely pumped her mouth. She explained later that it was perhaps, her subconscious effort to punish herself for being naughty.

Her house is still on the market. They're selling it on their own and aren't doing a very good job.

One afternoon I chatted with Marilyn and her husband about the lack of activity they were experiencing and suggested they speak to my brother William, who's had some experience in real estate. They were up for the idea and said they would be grateful for any help he could give them.

As I mentioned, I've been discreet regarding my involvement with Marilyn. I hadn't even told my brother, so when he stopped by one afternoon, all he knew was that he was helping out some elderly neighbors as a favor to me.

I walked him over to Marilyn's house and rang the doorbell. The door opened and both Marilyn and Mike welcomed us in. I introduced them to William then I excused myself and went home. An hour later, William returned and walked into the living room where I was sitting and plopped down on a chair.

'Well?' I asked.

"Well, I think they priced the place too high," he replied, "but I'll know for sure when I get into the MLS website." After a pause he said, "What do you know about them? Actually, I mean her, Marilyn."

'What do you want to know?'

"Well, she's a really sweet lady, quite proper and reserved but..."


"Well, after you left she took my arm and we began a tour of the house. Now, when I say she took my arm I mean she held it close to her breast so that as we walked, her breast was rubbing my arm or my arm was rubbing her breast. Either way it was really hard to concentrate on the house. I kept feeling that big melon rubbing against me. Have you ever noticed the size of that woman's breasts?"

'Marilyn is very well endowed.'

"She's huge. Anyway, while I was there, and this might be my imagination, she'd let go of my arm when we'd walk into a room to step away to point out some feature but then would turn and her eyes would zero in on my crotch. When I'd catch her starring she'd quickly look up and smile and listen intently to what I was saying. Her husband was right there but I don't think he had a clue."

'So you're saying this lady has the hots for you?'

"No, I'm saying I have the hots for this lady."

'William, shame on you.' I teased.

"I know, but It was like being in the same room with that friend of mom's."

'Ah yes, Mrs Mathews. We used to call her, Mrs. Mamaries. Remember how dad would catch us giggling and starring at her boobs when she came over and ask us if we shouldn't be outside playing?'

"Yeah, so he could stare at her boobs which always pissed mom off. Well, this Marilyn has that same thing going for her only bigger. Her husband's lucky. Can you imagine fuckin' around with a set of jugs like that anytime you want?"

I wanted so much to tell him all about my relationship with sweet Marilyn but held back and said, 'I suppose so. Though he is kind of a prude.'

"Well if I was alone with her I'd be a prude for about two seconds before I'd..."

'William, what exactly were you touring, the house or the lady?'

"Well, my pecker told me it was the lady."

'Your pecker? You got a woody while you were there?'

"Yeah. I think that's why, she kept checking out my crotch."

'And right in front of her husband? Double shame on you.'

"You're right. She's probably never seen anything like that. Do you think she might have been offended?"

Just then the phone rang. 'Hello'.

"Hello Brian." It was sweet Marilyn. "That was very nice of your brother to come over to look at our house."

'I hope it helped.'

"Oh my, I hope so too. He's a nice looking young man too, just like you."

'Well I don't know about that.'

"Oh yes, very nice looking. Anyway I would love to have you and William come over for some supper this evening so I can thank you both for your help. Will he be around?"

'Yes, I think so.'

"Oh good. My husband has choir practice so he won't be able to join us. Is six o'clock a good time for you two boys?"

'Perfect.' I replied and hung up the phone.

"So anyway," my brother said, "next time you talk to Marilyn, if she says she was offended or anything..."

'Relax. We'll find out this evening. That was Marilyn on the phone. She has invited the two of us over to have supper with them this evening.'

"Supper with them? If she gets me hard again her hubby will kick my ass."

'William, that's not what I meant when I said, "supper with THEM". I was referring to Marilyn's massive mamaries that one of your arms fell in love with this afternoon. No hubby tonight, he has choir practice.'

"Brian, I don't know if I can be in that house with her, without getting a hardon."

'Well, in about an hour, we'll find out, won't we? Come on, I'll give you one of my sport jackets and a shirt and tie to wear. You want to look nice for Mrs. Mathews, I mean Marilyn, don't you?'

When we arrived at Marilyn's she was at the front door waiting for us. "Oh boys, I'm so glad you could come. And look at you two in jackets and ties. How special. Come in, come in."

Marilyn looked absolutely wonderful in slacks and a beautiful, Satin blouse. You couldn't mistake the delicious movement of her breasts under that shiny blouse. As I began to apologize for not having enough time to get her a hostess gift she said, "Don't you worry about that you're here to relax and have a nice supper so come on in and let me take your jackets, tonight is very informal."

My brother and I couldn't keep our eyes off sweet Marilyn's big ass as she walked to the hall closet and hung our jackets on the rod. Then turning to face us, she put her hands on her hips and with a nervous smile asked, "Do you boys like my new blouse?"

"Ohhh yes!" we both said simultaneously.

Then losing her smile she said, as if to herself, "Mike hates it."

Walking back to us she took our arms and walked us into the living room where we each took a seat. I chose a beat up recliner, which I assumed was her husbands favorite chair and William chose the sofa across from me. So did Marilyn, seating herself about a foot away from my him.

As we made small talk, I noticed that Marilyn was a "toucher". One who emphasizes conversational points by laying a hand on the person nearest them. In this case it was my brother's thigh that she'd pat for emphasis. I'm sure he wished now that he had crossed his legs after he was seated because the more she touched him, the more he tried to adjust himself to compensate for the erection that I knew was growing in his shorts. I enjoyed watching him squirm on that sofa. I also enjoyed the arousal growing in me while sitting in her husbands favorite comfy chair watching them.

As Marilyn rambled on, her hand moved further up William's thigh until her patting was almost upon the big 'stiffy' he was sporting on the inside of his thigh. After a few more pats, my brother let out a quiet, "Omph!" which caused Marilyn to look at him and then down to her hand and exclaim, "Oh my goodness William. Did I touch you in a naughty place? I'm so sorry." Then, with a look of motherly concern, she lovingly rubbed his thigh, barely grazing the bulge in his pants and said, "There, there, did I hurt you?"

"No m'am." he grunted.

"Oh, I'm glad," she replied as she rubbed his thigh. Then, amazing even me, Marilyn placed her hand directly on William's erection, and while giving it a series of gentle squeezes said, "I know you men are sensitive down here, is this better?"

"Yes m'am... better." he grunted again.

As Marilyn squeezed and William grunted, the sound of a timer bell came from the kitchen. "Dinner!" Marilyn exclaimed and she hopped off the sofa and headed to the kitchen.

William placed his hand where Marilyn's had just been and sighed, "Whoa... what the hell was she was doing?"

Smiling, I whispered back, 'I think it's called a hand job William.'

"A hand job? Is she for real?"

'Marilyn is very real.'

"Boys?" Marilyn shouted from the kitchen, "Seat yourselves in the dining room, dinner's on the table."

We walked into the dining room as Marilyn entered from the kitchen, took our seats and commenced to eat a fine meal of good, old fashioned, home cookin'.

I'm sure William's erection didn't subside during dinner, even though the conversation turned to matters of real estate sales and out of state moves because as Marilyn spoke, she would lean forward so her breasts would rest on the edge of the table causing my brother and me to smile as, I'm sure, childhood memories of Mrs. Mathews flooded both our brains. Only this time, our dad wasn't around to chase us out of the house and deprive us of the pleasure of gazing upon a world class set of enormous, satin encased, tits.

"And now," sweet Marilyn announced, "some delicious desert. You boys sit right there while I clear the table and I'll be right back with something yummy."

"Something yummy?" my brother whispered, "I'd like some Marilyn ala mode. Did you see how she was resting her boobs on the table? I kept thinking of Mrs Mathews."

'Me too' I replied. 'Do you think we should go outside and play now like dad used to make us do or do you want to stay here with sweet Marilyn?'

"Sweet." he sighed, "She is that."

Just then, Marilyn re-entered the dining room with a big Apple pie and a pot of coffee and proceeded to serve us, what really was, a yummy treat. We ate our fill and sat back in our seats and sipped our coffee.

"Did you enjoy the meal boys?" she asked.

We both nodded and complimented her on the wonderful spread she put before us. Actually, it was William who used the word, "spread", a subtle reference, for my benefit I'm sure, to her fabulous, well, her fabulous everything.

"I'm so pleased." she beamed, "My husband never seems to like the meals I cook. I never get compliments from that man. And William, that's not the only thing I don't get from that man either. Right Brian? Oh never mind, Brian knows what I'm talking about."

As my brother's jaw dropped, he shot me a raised eyebrow glance as I replied, 'Yes Marilyn, I know what you're talking about?'

"Yes sir. But Brian certainly knows what a lady wants, yes he does." An eerie silence came over the room which was broken when Marilyn asked, "Have you told William what we've... uh... I mean, after all he is your brother."

'No Marilyn, I haven't.'

"Well okay," she replied, "but I know brothers do share things with each other and I would understand if you did share our secret with him."

'My lips have been sealed.'

"Oh, dear," Marilyn then said, looking at William, "listen to me talk about you as if you're not even in the room. How rude of me. You must think I'm a terrible person."

My brother, now having regained control of his jaw, smiled and said, "Marilyn, believe me, you're not terrible. You're lovely. You're a wonderful cook and a very pretty lady. Or perhaps I should say, a very pretty girl, because you have charms about you that any young girl would love to have. I love your twinkling eyes, and sweet Marilyn, your wonderful figure must be the envy of every woman that sees you."

Marilyn sat there for a few moments, with her mouth now agape, while she listened to William's tender words. Then turning to me she gushed, "Oh my goodness, he called me, 'sweet Marilyn' just like you do. Oh, William, I'm blushing. You're such a nice, thoughtful young man I could just kiss you."

"Marilyn," he softly replied, "I would consider a kiss from your pretty lips very special and if you weren't a married woman, I'd come over and let you give me that kiss right now."

"Really William?"

"Oh, yes Marilyn. A kiss from your lips would be an even better desert than that scrumptious Apple pie you made."

"Well... uh... William," she replied, "it's okay if I'm married and I kissed you. Right Brian? Isn't it okay?" I just nodded the 'okay' she was seeking and watched her slowly rise from her chair as my brother walked to her end of the table. As he drew nearer she leaned her head back and waited to give him his kiss. It was a peck, nothing more.

"Oh, Marilyn, thank you." my brother sighed, "your lips are so soft, may I have another?"

"Oh my goodness, yes William."

They kissed a little more passionately and when they broke their kiss my brother whispered, "Ohhh, sweet lady, may I have another?"

"Ohhhkay." Marilyn whispered back.

This kiss became a long, open mouthed adventure for both of them, and as I watched them kissing and slowly breathing their hot breaths in and out of each other's mouths, a little knot of jealously grew in the pit of my stomach. I had never felt this kind of excitement. I fantasized that I was Marilyn's husband, watching her with another man, a stranger in my house being so blatantly intimate with my lady. I wondered if her husband's cock would be growing as hard as mine was at this moment.

My brother lifted Marilyn's arms and placed them around his neck and drew her closer to him, firmly pressing his chest against her's. Then, slowly, he began to rub himself back and forth across Marilyn's enormous, as William would say, "mamaries".

William lowered his hands and placed them on Marilyn's hips and caressed them as they passionately kissed and licked each others tongues as if I wasn't even there.

As they continued, my brother moved his hands from Marilyn's hips slowly up her rib cage until they reached her breasts. He paused, perhaps waiting for a sign from her that he should stop. When it didn't come he slipped his thumbs under sweet Marilyn's huge tits and slowly moved them up and down. When Marilyn sighed and continued to show no sign that she wanted him to stop caressing her in such a naughty manner, he opened his fingers and took a big meaty tit in each hand and, ever so gently, squeezed. "Whoooooh..." he muttered under his breath.

"Whooooh..." she muttered back.

With their lips together, Marilyn exhaled a long sigh into Williams mouth. William inhaled Marilyn's hot breath and breathed it back into her mouth. Taking a moment to glance at me and slowly shake his head, he returned to Marilyn's open mouth for more tongue play and began to lightly massage circles around Marilyn's breasts with the palms of his hands as if he had just applied a coat of wax to her pretty blouse and was slowly buffing it out. She trembled a little with each circle that he made.

Approaching, what appeared to be, a state of euphoria as she became more and more aroused, Marilyn's arms dropped from around his neck and fell loosely to her sides. Then slowly breaking their kiss, she looked down to her breasts to watch as they were lovingly massaged.

Breathlessly, Marilyn whispered, "Brian likes... I mean... bounces my..."

With a quizzical look on his face, William turned his head toward me. I held out my hands as if I was holding two, for the want of a better word, melons, and pantomimed bouncing them.'

A silent "Ohhh, okay." left his lips.

Slowly lifting and lowering her breasts, Marilyn moaned, "Ohhhhh, that's right, that's right William, that's how he does it."

As my cock continued to harden, I left my chair and crept up behind Marilyn and pressed against her and rubbed her meaty ass with the bulge in my pants. "Ohhhhhh." she moaned. "Ohhh my sweet boys."

William gently pressed against her crotch as I did the same to her ass. We had Marilyn wonderfully sandwiched between us as we performed a quiet little, after dinner, dry fuck upon this sweet little lady.

"Ohhh... oh my goodness," she panted, "... you boys have..."

'What Marilyn... erections?'

"Yes... your so..."

'Hard, Marilyn? Are you saying you've gotten us hard?'


'Oh, Marilyn, ' I responded teasingly, 'that's very naughty of you.'

"Ohhh yes... it's naughty of me... I didn't mean..."

'Can you really feel us getting hard Marilyn?'

"Yes. Very hard."

'What's getting hard Marilyn?'

"Oh no... not in front of William."

'William? What about William? Is William's cock getting hard too Marilyn?'

"Yes... but... he'll think I'm..."

'He'll think you're wonderful sweetheart.'

"Can I say penis? Can I say penis instead?"

'No Marilyn... cock. If you say cock, maybe William will call you honey.'

"I like being called honey."

'Say cock honey.'

"Ohhkay... cock... your cocks... are hard."

My brother could hardly believe what was happening as he whispered, "Ohhh honey, you're making my cock harder and harder. You're such a sweet honey to make it so big and hard. Ohh, thank you honey, thank you."

Sweet Marilyn, whimpered a polite little, "Your welcome, honey."

William continued, "And honey, your breasts are so lovely, so firm, just like a young girls.

'Marilyn, tell William what we call your beautiful breasts. What do we say honey?'

"... My big jugs?"

'That's right. Would you like your big jugs to have a little treat?'

"... A little treat?"

'Yes. Would you like me and William to play with your jugs at the same time?'

"... ohhh the same time."

'Would you like that?'

"Ohhh my goodness yes."

'William, open Marilyn's blouse.' I don't believe my brother was ever as excited as he was at this moment as he unbuttoned sweet Marilyn's blouse, slowly revealing her cleavage that pushed out the top of her brassiere. I pulled her blouse out of her waist band as William draped it back over her shoulders. Then, cupping my hands under her tits, I lifted them as William eased her bra straps down her shoulders.

As I gently fondled the underside of her breasts, William pulled her bra away from her chest with one hand while, with the other, he reached down inside and gently brought out both of her tits to hang naked.

"Ohhhhh my God.", my brother sighed, "Oh, Marilyn honey, your jugs, your jugs are so beautiful... they're so big."

'William, doesn't Marilyn have pretty nipples?' William grasped her nipples and gently pinched, and rolled them between his fingers. I lifted and squeezed Marilyn's breasts together so her nipples almost touched each other. My brother leaned in and putting his lips on both, he slowly sucked them into his mouth and gently circled them with his tongue. I stopped fondling her from behind and stepped in front of her to join William.

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