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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This story is a fantasy that involves a man and a woman, me. It is about the woman welcoming her man home from a trip.

I was sitting reading when I heard you pull up. I grinned and put up my book and went to the door opening it. I stand waiting for you. I even dressed up some. I had decided to wear a black short-sleeve dress top and a one of my long flowing skirts. Nevertheless, my hair is braided and I am bare foot and bare legged. I push open the door and let you in. I hug you tightly not letting go for a while then I step back and let you fully into the house. I shut the door locking it. I grin just because I am happy.

I turn back to you and step close as you take your hat off putting it on the side table. I tug you so that you are in front of the love seat. I push slightly telling you to sit. I move close and straddle you, wrapping my arms around your neck. I snuggle close to you as you wrap your arms around my waist and hug me tight. I just cuddle close as you start telling me about your trip. I do not really pay full attention since I am happy that you are here and I can snuggle close.

Then I hear you ask if I have done as you asked and teased myself not letting me have my orgasm. I tense slightly and bite my lip. I shake my head and tell you no I just could not make myself do that. I tell you that the first time I was really just going to tease myself but the orgasm was sudden and there was not anything that I could do. Also, after that orgasm I continued to play since it still felt so good. I had a feeling that I would have another orgasm if I continued. I did. It was not as strong as the first one but it still felt good. After that, I just laid in bed for a bit.

Then I again did not do as you asked. On Friday, I had been really tense. I knew that I needed an orgasm bad. After my dad had left to go out, I got up and went to get my vibrator. I laid back down on the couch and started to play and read my magazine. I was very aroused. I slowly built myself up. When I knew that I was close, I slipped the vibrator into my jeans and rubbed it tight against me. I had my orgasm but it was not strong enough. I continued to play pressing it against me tightly.

I rolled it back and forth against my clit. Another orgasm started to build. I knew that it was going to be good. I continued to press and roll it against me tightly. Then suddenly the orgasm hit and ohhh was it good. I just had to lay there and catch my breath. As I am telling you this, I start to slowly rock against you. As I continue to tell you about my orgasms, I rub harder and faster. My breath starts to get slightly heavy. I can feel myself being very aroused. It is as if I am continuously having a light orgasm.

I feel your hands stroking my thighs through my skirt. I stay silent after I tell you my story but I continue to rock against you. I kiss your neck lightly then flick it with my tongue. I then flick your ear with my tongue. I tug on your earlobe with my teeth then nip it hard. Your hands had settled at my hips moving me against you. I groan lightly and nip your neck hard. I move my hands down and grab yours bringing them to my breasts. I groan loudly as you tighten your fingers around them hard.

I rub harder and faster against you as you pinch and tug on my nipples. My right hand moves down between us to press against your cock. I tighten my fingers around you. You groan and arch into my hand. I move off you and stand. I undo your pants and let you help me till everything is at your ankles. I lick my lips and squeeze your cock tight. I kneel on the floor and lean forward to lick the head of your cock.

I wrap my mouth around you and suck hard. I run my tongue over the head of your cock again and again, as I suck. I groan feeling myself pulsing with need. I have what I so want and crave inside of my mouth. My hand strokes your cock as I suck and lick. I roll my tongue around you having so much fun. I move my mouth down to take as much of your cock as I can. I want it so much.

I want it deep inside of me. I continue to move my mouth on you taking as much as I can again and again. I can feel one of your hands on the base of my neck pressing and the other stroking my hair lightly. I continue to move my mouth on you. You are so hard. Mmmmm. I groan and lick at the head of your cock tasting your precum. I stand, still holding your cock in my right hand. I straddle you again moving my skirt out of my way. I press your cock against me. I slide it from my clit and down. I continue to do this. Oh, it feels so good. I am so close to orgasm.

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