Have Your Way with Me

by E J Sheeran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: A mature man meets the woman of his dreams and has the experience he has dreamed about.

I have always fantasized about a woman taking me captive and having her way with me. Now, at 50 years of age I still thought it was a wonderful dream but was very aware that it wasn't going to happen, until...

She ran by my house every afternoon somewhere between 4 and 5 PM. The first few times I noticed her I was working at the computer and saw her go by my front bedroom window. After a week or two, I finally determined that she was on some sort of a schedule so I started going out on the front porch, beer in hand, while I waited for her to jog by. I had first noticed her in the spring and now it was summer, very hot and sultry.

That day was exceptional, with the temperature in the '90s. I had brazenly moved from the porch swing to the front fence and was watching for her. Just as I had suspected, when she pulled into view, her face was streaked with sweat underneath the visor. Her sun-streaked blond ponytail was fastened high enough to give the back of her neck a little respite from the heat. Her spandex shorts didn't show any trace of perspiration, but her sports-bra type blouse had moisture rings under her neck and arms. Her golden tan midriff and arms were glistening from the dampness her body had produced.

She was the epitome of a female athlete, tall, slender, small waist and trim hips, with well-rounded, long and shapely arms and legs. Although her breasts were not large, they were certainly adequate. As she got a little closer I was a little taken aback to see that she was older than I had originally thought from a distance, perhaps 40ish or more. She was still an extremely attractive woman.

As she neared, I smiled at her and she smiled back but I was surprised when she stopped in front of me and, jogging in place, said, "Could I trouble you for some water? The heat has me dehydrated."

"Certainly. Come on up and get in the shade while I get the water for you."

I was pleased to have an opportunity to talk to her and was probably smiling smugly to myself when I got a bottle of 'designer' water out of the fridge. I turned around with the bottle in my hand and bumped into her standing just inches behind me in the kitchen. She was wiping her face with a paper towel from my kitchen rack.

She took the bottle of water from me and with a mumbled "thanks" cracked the cap and drained about one-third of it in a single gulp. She wiped her face again and said, "It's too hot, I think I'll give it up for the day. I usually try to run at least four miles but today I think I'll settle for three. Can I just relax here in your air-conditioning while I catch my breath?"

She flopped on my couch before I had a chance to say anything. She put her head back, closed her eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. I looked down at her and could see the perfect outline of her breasts under the tight fitting sports blouse. The stretchy shorts were molded to conform to every fold and crevice of her body. With her legs spread, I could readily see the outline of the lips of her vagina and the wondrous slit that divided them. In my imagination, it was beckoning, winking, calling to me. Fortunately, my shorts were not so tight that the growth of my penis was constricted.

She opened her eyes and caught me gaping at her and adjusting my dick. I quickly looked away and probably blushed a little. When she said, "May I use your bathroom?" I assumed she meant the toilet.

"Of course, right down at the end of that little hallway between the two bedrooms."

I really hadn't been expecting guests so the house was the normal mess a bachelor's pad gets into. While she was gone, I quickly moved around picking up empty dishes, newspapers and the other items of litter that were strewn about. I was surprised to hear water running but assumed she was washing her hands and perhaps her face.

After more than a few minutes I started down the hall to see if there was something wrong. Just as I got there, the bathroom door opened and she was standing there, completely nude, unashamed, with a towel wrapped around her head. "Would you have a toothbrush I could use?"

Fortunately I did and told her so. I tried not to look as I squeezed by to rummage in the medicine cabinet. She didn't back up at all as my arm brushed the nipple of her left breast. When I turned around to hand her the toothbrush, I could see her that both of her nipples were standing out a little prouder than they had been a moment ago.

She took the toothbrush and leaned over the basin, her ass only inches from the trouser snake that was coiled and poised, ready to attack her. She looked up and her beautiful pale blue eyes made contact with mine in the mirror. "Go take a bath. Now!"

I started to protest but her look in the mirror left no doubt she meant business. Since my little two-bedroom house only had one bathroom and she was in it, I was a little embarrassed to strip in front of her even though she was already completely nude. I kicked off my shoes and stepped into the tub fully dressed. I closed the shower curtain and took my clothes off, dropping them over the top of the curtain rod onto the floor.

I had just turned the water on and was adjusting the temperature when she suddenly drew the curtain back. She looked me up and down for a few seconds before she said, "Good. By the way, my name is Martha, and you are... ?"

"Er -- Ed."

"Okay, Ed, do a good job and be sure you don't miss anything. I'll wait for you in the bedroom."

I did a good job but I was dismayed that my flesh was not responding to what my mind was imagining. I got out of the shower to find she had taken my only clean towel. I had to plod down the hallway, nude, dripping water, to get another from the linen closet. With it wrapped around my waist, I timidly stepped into the bedroom. Although it was bright sunshine outside, she had drawn the drapes so that the room was dim with the filtered sunlight. She was sitting on top of the bedspread, tan legs crossed, leaning back, with a pillow against the headboard.

"OK Ed, come here and let me see what sort of a prize I have chosen." I stepped a little closer and her and her hand darted out and grabbed the towel. She ripped it away and we were both disappointed to see my proud manhood wasn't very proud, just hanging there like a wet washcloth. "What the hell is with you? Are you gay or something? Don't you want to make love to me?"

"Of course I do, it's just that I never met a woman with such a strong personality before. I think I am a little overwhelmed - er - intimidated by you."

She hopped out of bed and grabbed me by the arm. "Get your ass in bed, or I'll show you what real intimidation is! If you won't fuck me, I'll fuck you. I wish I had one of my toys here, I would stick it up your ass just to show you how it's done."

She was strong as an Ox. She twisted me around by the arm until I landed flat on my back in the bed. She quickly mounted me and sat on my mid-section, pinning my shoulders back with her hands. I could feel the hair from her pussy, tickling my stomach. I could also feel dampness but I wasn't sure if it was from her arousal or the shower.

Holding my shoulders down she inched forward until her knees replaced her hands. Another few inches and her pussy leaped forward to cover my mouth. I knew then that the dampness was arousal, delicious arousal. Tentatively, I probed at the source of this luscious nectar. She was sliding up and down my face so much that my nose was in her slit as often as my tongue was. Eventually, I was able to capture her proud little clit and suck this delectable piece of carnal flesh into my mouth and capture it between my lips. She quit moving and started groaning as I stabbed at it viciously with my tongue.

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