Dark Coercion #3

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: Frigid Catholic wife has a very bad day.

I'm not a bad guy, really I'm not. Sometimes though, I have bad thoughts. It was like... if I saw an opportunity, if it just fell in my lap, then I couldn't pass it up. I still loved my wife then. Yes I know she treated me like crap, humiliated me in front of our friends, but I still loved her, I could not help it.

My name is John Pressman, I'm kind of an average guy. Ok looking, not too dumb, a hard worker but not rich--average. Somehow though I landed a beauty. Susan Miler was almost a cliche. She was a blonde, blue eyed, big titted, tight assed cheer leader, and the Home Coming Queen. She looked a little like Jessica Simpson but she was no bimbo. Susan was one of the smartest girls in our school, and still a virgin at 18. I guess she thought I was funny, which got me a date, which got me a kiss. We were made for each other and the sparks flew. One night we were both drunk and she let me fuck her.

The next morning she freaked out. She had always planned to save her virginity for the man she loved, for marriage. I told her that I loved her, and I guess she did not know what else to say, so she said, "I love you too John".

We dated for well over a year. I think she was looking for an excuse to break up with me, but I never gave her one.

Then it happened.

"John, I did not get my period. I took the test... I'm pregnant. What the fuck am I going to do now, she wailed in despair and started sobbing hysterically. We were 19 years old, sophmores in college. I was not 100% sure, but I was raised to do the right thing.

I held her in my arms and said "I love you very much, I want to take care of you and our Baby. Susan will you please marry me?"

She did not answer and kept right on crying. She looked miserable.

"How could this happen, I can't have a baby, I just can't." But she was. Susan and I are both Catholic. So no abortions, no divorce. She dragged her feet for about a month, but finally we told our parents we were pregnant and getting married. We had the ceremony right away, before Susan was showing.

I loved fucking my new wife. She was very conservative, but I did not care. For about three months I was very happy.

Then it happened again.

Susan had a miscarriage. I tried to be undestanding, and considerate. But honestly I felt we had just dodged a bullet and so did she. My sex life changed. Susan almost never allowed me to touch her. When she did she insisted that I wear a condom, even though she was on the pill.

"We need both John, condoms break sometimes, and the pill is only 98% effective. I'm not going through that again. I will graduate from college, and have a career."

Every six weeks or so she let me have vanilla missionary sex. Hop on, get the fuck off, don't muss my hair, missionary sex.

No oral, no anal, no doggie style I was not even allowed to lick her pussy or suck on those fat tits. Oh and she hated kissing me. That continued for almost 5 years. I loved her but... Puhleeeze.

I guess that is why when the opportunity to cheat came along, I did not pass it up. For six months I fucked the Asst Mgr where I worked. A cute little slut who enjoyed hardcore anal. She let me tie her up, blindfold her, talk to her like a whore--it was amazing. Beth especially enjoyed rape fantasies. Not this fagott roleplay stuff. She was hardcore serious about it. She scratched and clawed and fought back for real. You have not lived until you've grabbed a sexy litte slut and butt fucked her while she's kicking and screaming. She wantd me to make it as realistic as possible. Usually I wore a ski mask, and/or blindfolded her. I'd disguise my voice and be as brutal as I could without really hurting her, I'd push her to her limit.

Sometimes I'd tie her spread eagle and leave her there for 2 days with a vibrator shoved, snug up her cunt. I'd leave bread and water where she could reach it and wait until she pissed herself. Then I'd come in and fuck her in the piss puddle.

Sadly all good things come to an end.

"John I want to talk to you. A friend of mine saw you out with some brown haired little tramp. She said you were kissing her. Is it true, are you cheating on me?"

I was so stunned I could not think straight. I could not look my wife in the eye, and I took too long to answer.

My wife kicked me out of our bedrom and would barly talk to me. Sex was of course over. She would not listen to reason or apologies. She began telling our friends that I was a lousy lover with a small dick. I went a year without sex, I guess I felt guilty, and was hoping there was some way to save our marriage.

Susan had graduated with honors and was hired by a conservative law firm. Her starting salary was $72,000 a year. I was makng $28,000 managing a Dept store. I don't think she respected me very much, and it became clear she did not want or need me. I overheard her talkng on the phone one day.

"No I don't be believe in divorce... yes he did cheat on me... well I don't know, I guess you're right. Let me think about it." I was livid My wife was considering divorce, after she kept me waiting, walking on eggshells and apologizg for a YEAR! If she was going to divorce me she should have done so a year ago.

Then it happened once again.

I found the pictures and the plan came together. A friend asked to borrow my digital Camera. I noticed there were pictures in memory. I downloaded them and got the shock of my life. They were from our 2003 New Year's party. Susan and I had both gotten very drunk. I have very little recollection of what happened, I pretty much blacked out.

Susan must have also.

I vaugley remember saying she was pretty enough to be a fashion model. I had always wanted private photos of my beautiful wife, but she was too uptight and frigid for that. God bless 4 bottles of champagne and a six pack of beer!

I was looking on my digital camera and could not believe what I saw. Susan, my conservative, big titted wife was naked. Posing for the camera with a big old smile on her face. This was not playboy bullshit. It was graphic XXX Hustler. There were pics of her spread and pouting. Some were taken one handed while I tickled her cunt. She liked showing off her trimmed little pussy.

My favorite though was her on her hands and knees. Susan was airtight. She had one beer bottle in her pussy, one in her mouth and one in her ass.

Apparently when we ran out of memory, I had just shoved the camea in the drawer and blacked out.

This was an opportunity. I had hardcore, naked pictures of Susan. Sure most people would have just enjoyed them, gotten a good laugh. But I'm not most people. I wanted to use them.

Let's review.

1. Susan is a frigid bitch who has never satisfied me sexually.

2. She is conservative, religious and very private about sex.

3. Susan would lose her job if these photos got out, or at the very least hurt her precious career and be publically humiliated.

4. I still loved her, and lusted after her amazing, lucious body.

5. I like rape.

I realized these pictures gave me power--insurance. If she was divorcing me anyway... I might as well get one good long fuck from my wife before she goes.

It's really pretty easy to rape somebody if they happen to live with you. I slipped two sleeping pills in her wine at dinner. Then I went in the living room and watched "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee."

In about a half hour Susan announced that she was going to bed. Now here is the best part. She almost always takes two sleeping pills before going to sleep. She would not be suspicious when she woke up groggy--she always did.

The double dose + alcohol should ensure that Susan would sleep through her... I don't really know what to call it. After all I am her husband. No prosecutor in the world would try this as rape. I waited for 20 minutes and then went in to fuck-rape-make love to my wife.

She looked so beautiful, so peaceful. Susan was wearing a pink flannel gown. You know the sexy kind that makes you just wanna rip the fucker off and stick your cock into her? Well that's what I was going to do, that's just what I was going to do to my hot little frigid wife. There was nothing she could do to stop me.

I set up the camcorder, and had the digital camera nearby for later. I would always remember tonight. Then I took my clothes off and crawled into bed with Susan. I turned on all the lights, I wanted to see her clearly. For the first fuck, I decided to pound Susan, to be as cruel as I could--just to get it out of the way. I did not even take her gown off, I just pulled it up. Then I slid her granny-sears specials off and spread her legs apart.

"If you had been a better wife I would have lubed you, but you deserve it dry bitch," I said as I began forcing my cock into her pussy. It felt wonderful. One thrust, two fuck, three slams and I was in. It felt so good... until Susan woke up and started screaming.

"What the Fuck are you doing, JOHN! Get off of me, you're raping me?! That's it, that's the last straw, you sick bastard." My mind was spinning, how could she be awake after taking 4 sleeping pills? Then I looked at the nightstand. She had drank less than half a glass of the wine. (I later discovered that the drugged wine she did drink made her sleepy enough that she decided she did not need her regular pills. So instead of taking 4 pills she only took 1 with half of the alcohol I intended.

I was stunned, I pulled out of my wife and got out of bed. I nealy tripped over the camcorder. Then I remembered the pictures--my insurance. There was a way I could salvage this, a way I could WIN. I raced out of the room with her screaming and cursing at me and got the manilla envelope that had her pictures.

I came back into the room and hopped back into bed with my wife. I was still naked and gave her a long wet kiss. She was sputtering and stammering as she tried to back away.

"Susan I need a chance to explain. Please shut the fuck up and look at these pictures."

I just handed her the envelope. It was addressed to her law firm. At first she was just looking at me with pure loathing. Then her eyes dipped and she recognized the address. Slowly, finally she focused on the pictures. Susan's eyes glazed over in shock as she looked at 23, lewd and in some cases obscene pictures of herself.

"How, where did you get these... why is it addressed to my firm?! They can't be real, I would never do something like this." She knew she was in trouble, any dreams she had of becomig a partner would be over. You can't recover from something like this. Especially if you are a woman in an all boys club.

She was shaking, from anger yes, but also from fear. Susan is a smart girl and was beginning to figure things out.

"What are you going to do with these pictures John. What do you want?"

"Susan let me assure you the pictures are real. It should be quite easy to authenticate them. Frankly I'm quite disgusted and outraged that my wife, you still are my wife no matter what your plans are, could pose this way. Beer bottles up your ASS?. I plan to release them to the local paper, your parents, church, friends, and of course your law firm. I will post them on the web so everyone can see what a filthy little whore you really are. I believe it is my civic duty." Susan was seething, she is also a lawyer.

"This is Blackmail and Coercion, it is a crime--believe me I will prosecute you for this. I'll see you in Jail." I was ready for her.

"Susan I am not blackmaiing you, I am not trying to force you to do something. I'm not even going to tell you what I want, IF I want anything. All I am saying that the way I feel right now is that I will release this truthful information about you. I wanted to warn you, so it did not catch you by surprise that would be unfair. If you choose on your own to try to convince me not to do this... I'll listen. As far as Coercion, you know I would never threaten you with bodily harm, and you have every opportunity to walk out that door if you want. It's all up to you."

You could see Susan was trying to find a way out, a way to trick me. She was smarter than I was and we both knew it. Given time she might be able to get out of this.

"Tell you what honey, why don't you take some time to think it over. I plan to send the pictures out tomorrow. If you want to talk more come to my room tonight. Oh and Susie, wear something nice," I stood up, touseled her hair, and left.

She made me wait for 45 minutes (She'd pay for that). The last time I was at the Dr. I had asked for a free sample of Viagra. I had been hoping for a special night of reconciliation with my wife. It had been so long, I wanted it to last forever, I wanted to make sure I satisfied her, "Lousy lover my ass!" Turns out I had not needed the sample, until now.

She was wearing a black silk negligee that I bought on our honeymoon. It had a mesh pattern and you could see her nipples peeking through.

"Have a seat baby, no right here in my lap, I want to hold you for a little while. Let's talk."

I had never felt so clear headed, I was going to get everything I wanted. This was better than a drugged manikin fuck. It was even better than a rape. Susan was going to agree to have sex with her husband. There was no risk to me at all.

"John I did what you asked, I can't let you send those pictures out. What do I have to do to convince you not to send them? My sexy little lawyer was so smart. But tonight I was smarter.

"Susan I can't think of anything that you can do, I consider this my civic duty. I've missed you so much baby, it's been over a year. I want to make love to you, I want it to be better than it ever was before. We can talk about those nasty photos after we have made love a few times."

Susan had been trying to trick me into admitting to a sex for pictures arrangement. Hell for al I know she had the microrecorder she used for work on her(or IN her) somewhere.

That had failed. We both knew what it would take (ok I knew, she only thought she did. Heh.)

"Fine, I'll do it. You can have me. I hope you're happy. You disgust me."

The tears began to trickle down my wife's face. Susan's hands were shaking and to be honest so were mine. I planned to fuck my frigid little wife apart. I wanted to fuck her sure, but I really wanted to rape her. I wanted to dominate the slut, and teach her a lesson. I remember thinking, "Every man should feel this way at least once in his life. Powerful, in complete control. Secure in the knowledge that his cock will take the woman he wants completely."

I wrapped my arms around her tight and let her feel my erection. Then I wispered in her ear, "Strip bitch, I want to fuck you now."

I felt myself getting hard. Susan was too slow, so I decided to help her. I grabbed the flimsy material and simply ripped it apart. She was wearing matching panties..."RRRRIPP"

When those 36D were exposed and heaving I was in heaven. I hoped the pinhole video cameras I had secreted around the room were catching this! Every fucking thing she denied me when we were married, I would have. I looked down at poor, naked, crying Susan and smiled.

They say the only thing an experienced prostitute won't do is kiss you on the mouth. It is too invasive, too personal. I had always wanted the simple pleasure of licking this pussy. To spread my wife open and play with her, molest her until she screamed my name. But Nooo! My prudish, frigid, snow queen of a wife could never surrender herself to me like that. Well she would tonight, by god she would. I pushed her naked ass and sent her flying with a hard shove onto the bed. Then I pounced on top of her and forced her legs open. It was cute to see her struggle, to watch her sneer of revulsion as I began to kiss her. I covered my wife, pinned her to the bed beneath me and enjoyed a slow insistent kiss. I would not let her catch her breath as I sucked her tongue. I did not time it but It felt like about 20 minutes. The whole time my rock hard cock was bouncing around outside her cuntal gate, leaking precum, and asking permission to enter.

For the first few minutes she struggled. Her mouth and brain had said yes, but her body could not help screaming, "No!" I chuckled at that. It had been so long since I had been allowed to kiss my wife the way I wanted to.

"Tell me what you want to do next--oral, anal, or vaginal." Susan just groaned when she heard the choices I was giving her.

"Please John, I'm begging you PLEASE do not do this, don't rape me!"

I leaned in close and whispered, "I'm not raping you, you said yes to this. Right, oral it is."

I grabbed my wife's hips and butt and lifted them off the bed to my mouth. I could smell her from about a foot away. She wasn't wet but there was still a warm pussy scent wafting up to greet me. I simply went insane, I devoured her vagina. Attacking it with my mouth and tongue and lips, and teeth. I nibbled and sucked and tongued my wife. I had never tasted her cunt before, her sweet red pussy had always been off limits.

For the first time she knew, she absolutely knew that I was her master, that I could force her to cum--hard. She always had this smug, condescending superior look before, and I was some dirty sweaty thing who grunted and thrust and clutched at her.

But not that night. That night my wife was a wild little whore who was getting her fresh, clean pussy sucked--and loving it.

"What are you doing, please no I can't, I feel so funny. What's happening to me!"Oh god, oh god, oh goddy, god-god! Whu, huhff, pufff, KEEEP DOING THAT!"

So of course I stopped. It was too late. Susan wrapped her legs tight and grabbed the back of my head. Then she ground her pussy hard against my face and for about 20 seconds humped me until she came. She had a slick slime trail oozing out of her now.

"Jesus Susan, what a cheapslut you are.

I had a smug look and a feeling of pride as I kissed my way up Susan's lucious body. I wanted her to taste her own pussy juice. I looked her in the eye as I sucked on her lower lip and slipped my tongue inside. She did not realize what she was tasting at first, but when she did she started thrashing her head from side to side and beating on my chest. It was futile, it was amazing.

"OK we both know a whore like you needs cock. Take my cock and suck me hard. "

Susan had never done that. She always said Oral sex was too gross. She was shocked by the way I was talking to her. I did not give a shit.

"John, please it's bad enough that I am fucking you, that you put your mouth on me down there, don't make me do this too. Please I need the pictures but this is cruel. Please John, you loved me once. I'm your wife," she hissed.

I just laughed and presented my fat cock to her face. Susan looked at me, her eyes pleading for mercy. Heh, stupid little bitch.

"Suck it, you dirty slut!" I roared.

Susan meekly began to swallow my meat. She didn't like it but what choice did she have? If her boss, family friends, co-workers, enemies got naked slutpics of her life would be over. At first I was somewhat gentle... but then something snapped. I grabbed the back of her head and locked it in place, then I slowly forced her to swallow my entire cock. There is a point, when your cock pops into a woman's throat--that makes you feel totally dominant. Her life was in my hands. She was on her knees, crying, naked, her mouth full of my cock, unable to breathe--purrfect.

Susan lay there gasping and coughing, the way a good little slut is prone to do. She finally accepted the inescapable truth, and decided to jack me off while licking and sucking the head of my cock.

Silly bitch. Homey don't play that.

"No Susan, don't use your hands. Just that sexy mouth of yours. Nice and slow, suck it baby, make it good for your man, suck me all the way down. Keep looking up at me, I want to see my beautiful little slut's eyes the whole time I fuck your face. I own you, I own this wet, tasty, mouth." She was a natural, gulping and slurping, licking and sucking me from the tip of my dick to the back of my balls. I could have held out a little longer, but I did not want to. I wnted to cum in my wife's mouth. Shit I had waited long enough.

"Very good, here is your reward. DRINK MY SPUNK SLUT!" I bellowed as I grabbed her head and pulled her tight against my belly. I was fucking fratically down her throat as far and as fast, and as hard as I could. I shot load after fresh, ropey load of cream into my snobbish wife's mouth. Her eyes snapped open in disgust as she gulped my cum down. I made her clean me good.

Thanks to the Viagra I was still rock hard. I knew my balls needed a few minutes to reload. I wanted to dump a full deposit in her pussy. So I decided to rape her ass first--to allow time to recharge. I flipped Susan on her stomach. She looked so sexy and submissive. It just made me want to spank her. I know it was wrong but I didn't just want to give her a few light smacks. I wanted to whip my wife, to hurt her. I'm not proud of it, I know it is wrong to hit a woman. I'm just being honest, you can't fault me for that. The more I looked at her sweet, round ass, the more I wanted to spank it, to tear into her juicy butt.

I wanted to cup it, to maul her, to mark her as my slut.

Let's face it: How many times does a man get a chance like this? How many times do you get to rape your wife legally, to treat the woman you love like a filthy whore?

I just had to take full advantage.

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