The Touch
Chapter 1: The bedroom

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Group Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: The bedroom - A man finds himself suddenly lucky with women, what could the cause be?

I sat relaxed on the couch, drinking a Rolling Rock. I had come to Angela's party as a favor to her. At least, it was more as a favor than for any other reason. There were some other people from work there, but they were hammered. Talking to them was pretty boring. Making fun of them was interesting, but limited since they didn't get it. It was about one in the morning and I had to work the next day, so I decided to leave. I stood up, and walked over to where Angela was talking to a dopey looking jock, whose name - I think - was Todd.

"Angie, I'm going home," I said softly.

"What?" Angie nearly screamed.

I leaned over and said into her ear, "I am going home."

"Oh, okay. Let's get your coat."

As she walked down the short hallway, I admired her body. She was wearing faded jeans that were snug, but not tight and hung a little low on her slim hips. The white tee that she wore did not quite reach the tops of her jeans, and every time she raised her arms at all her belly played peek a boo. She wore nothing else that was visible, from her slender bare feet, to her brown, shoulder-length hair.

Her room was a mess. Coats lay all over, draped over furniture and floor. We started searching and I casually closed the door, because the music was so loud. She stood facing away from me with her hands on her hips looking for the next possible location for my green army jacket.

I stepped up behind her and placed my hand on her side just under her shirt. "How do you sleep in here? There's no bed," Angie flirted with me all the time and though I knew it would never go past that stage, I decided to push it to the limit. Maybe I could get away with touching her - she was quite drunk after all. The warm feel of her skin under my hand was wonderful. It was silky and warm, it made me think about how much I wanted her and how horny I was.

Angie turned suddenly and I tried to pull my hand away. It got caught under her shirt and completely by accident my hand ended up cupping her small, but perfectly formed breast. I was too stunned to move it, and apparently so was she. Neither of us moved away, but standing so close she could hardly miss my sudden erection making a tent in my loose sweat pants. I felt like now was the only chance I would ever get. Moving only my head, I leaned towards her and kissed her soft mouth. Her breath smelled of beer, vodka, and million other heady scents. She stood stock still, making it clear that I had misjudged the moment. Maybe I had hesitated too long.

Suddenly, she reached behind me and grabbed my ass. At the same time her tongue broke between my lips and pried open my teeth. My hand was still on her breast and I squeezed gently. She moaned into my mouth. I reached up and cupped the back of her neck. Our tongues stroked in and out of each other's mouths. She still held my ass in one hand, gently kneading my muscular butt. She reached up under my shirt with her other hand and stroked my back and around to my chest, touching my nipples. I broke our kiss, and tilted her head back, kissing down her neck. I reached both my hands up her shirt and dragged the soft material upwards, baring her breasts.

Angie moaned and pulled my mouth to her breast, her hands moving through my hair. I sucked on her stiffening nipples. Then I bit one gently, I was rewarded with a long, low groan. My hands felt down to her ass, as she guided my mouth from side to side. I caressed her denim-covered butt. I reached around to the front and ripped open her button fly. She reached down suddenly and grabbed the sides of her jeans. I thought she was going to stop everything, but she yanked her jeans and panties to her ankles in one motion.

She kicked her clothes into a pile and knelt at my feet. She began biting at my cock through the material of my sweats. She was moaning and I thought she might be playing with her cunt, but I did not want to open my eyes. I braced my self against the wall so I would not fall over, accidentally hitting the light switch. In the sudden darkness, I reached down and pulled my sweats down far enough to let my straining cock out. It fit very nicely into Angie's mouth and I let out a deep moan. She seemed to know what she was doing, so I just held still, and pumped my hips a little.

It had been almost a year since my last fuck and I was quickly at the verge of coming. I held the back of Angie's head as she slowly slid my dick in and out of her mouth. No one had ever deep-throated me -- I had thought it was just a story that got tossed around between guys. Angie - with one of her delicate hands on my butt and the other stroking my dick and balls - leaned farther forward and took my whole cock down her throat. I almost lost control. Come burst from my balls and shot from my cock down her throat. I could feel her throat muscles swallowing my dick. I have no idea how I managed to remain standing. I felt like I was screaming, but all that came out my mouth was a croak.

She licked the last drop from my cock and stood. She kissed me, her tongue in my mouth and her hands in my hair. I could taste my come in her mouth. I ran my hand down her body, reaching for her sex. I found her pussy steaming and wet. As I curled a finger around and in between her lips, Angie moaned and bit my tongue gently. She pulled away and grabbed my wrist. She led me across the floor, and I discovered there was a futon under all the coats. We lay down and I bent over her belly and kissed her navel. She shivered. Crawling down, I kissed my way down to her pussy, and past it. A soft cry of frustration escaped her lips. I kissed her thigh, her knee, her calf, and her delicate sweet smelling foot.

I knelt between her legs and leaned over and kissed her mouth. I bit her lip gently. She seemed to like that. I kissed her throat and nipped there, too. I kissed her small breasts and held her nipples in my teeth, twisting them. I trailed kisses down her ribcage. She jumped as I gently bit her there. Finally, my mouth was at the fragrant lips of her pussy. I kissed once right above her clit, and again she shivered. I looked up and by the light of a streetlight through the window gazed at her perfect body arced in pleasure. I licked the outer edges of her. I ran my tongue down to her asshole and probed there. Her thighs tensed when I did that, but she moaned ardently. I slipped my tongue past her lips and into her cunt. I tongue-fucked her, avoiding her clit. I licked, twisted, probed, lashed and fucked her with my tongue. She was breathing hard now, and her abdomen was tense and trembling. At length, I zeroed in on her clit and its little hood. She screamed as she came and I was glad for the loud music. The last thing I wanted was someone interrupting us. Angie's thighs sprang wide and she pressed her cunt against my mouth. Her body arced and held that position for as long as her orgasm lasted. I continued to lash her clitoris with my tongue, prolonging her climax.

She relaxed and I clambered up next to her and lay down. I was exhausted and almost fell asleep. Then I realized we were lying on coats from all the people at the party. Soon people would probably start coming in to get them. I started to get up, when Angie's hand curled tightly around my softening dick.

"Not so fast," she said softly, the first words she had spoken since this started. "I want to fuck."

Her mouth swooped down onto my quickly re-hardening dick. All thoughts of other people fled for the moment. She pressed me back and slipped my now rock-hard boner into her. She rode me - while I stroked her sides, back, and breasts. I toyed with her sensitive nipples and she arched her back. I sat up and licked her nipples. She came then. Once right away and a second time when I reached up and pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her savagely. Her internal spasms gripping my cock hard each time.

I sat up and lifted her off of me. I had planned on laying her on her back, but she flipped over and got her hands and knees, growling, "Do me hard."

After positioning my hips behind hers, I slammed my cock into her from behind bottoming out on the first stroke. Her cunt gripped my cock like a fist, then let up and then tightened again as Angie groaned, "I'm coming," she arched her back, "Fuck me." I drew out and hesitated with just the head inside. Then jumped forward again. With her moans spurring me on, I fucked her hard. Soon my breath was coming in gasps, and sweat covered me. I was really having a difficult time coming, although I did not really mind. It seemed like we fucked for a really long time, and I alternated my furious pace with a few hesitations, which seemed to drive Angie even crazier. Finally, I felt my climax coming. My orgasm was very intense again. I could feel each rope of semen leave my cock and enter her. I came to a stop and held that position for a bit. My cock, still hard, nestled up inside her hot pussy. I reached around and pressed her clit. Angie yelped and came harder than ever before, her cunt spasming wildly around my cock. I stroked in and out for a little longer while she rode out that orgasm. I slowly slipped out and she sighed.

I heard a noise, sounding like the door opening. We both jumped, but when I looked, the door was still closed, a small sliver of light shining beneath it. Then someone knocked at the door. Angie scrambled to the door and pushed the locking button.

"Hello? I need to get my coat. Angie?" a voice called through the door. The knocking continued.

Angie flipped on the light. My eyes stung for a bit and then adjusted. She stood there, more beautiful that ever, smirking. "Just a minute," she called. She bent over and picked up our clothes, handing them to me. She kissed me quickly and pointed to the closet. She grabbed her robe from a hook on the door and slipped it on. As soon as I was in the closet, she opened the door.

"Did you fall asleep or something? I was knocking forever," It was Mike - one of our plastered co-workers.

"Something," Angie said. "Is this yours?" she asked holding a blue coat, with what looked like our sweat on one side.

Mike took the coat, not noticing the stain, "Yeah, thanks. See ya later."

Angie guided him out the door and came to the closet. She opened the door, and we both laughed. I kissed her, softly. Neither of us spoke. We both dressed. Angie lit some incense to get rid of the raunchy smell, and we went to rejoin the party.

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